Essays Volume 8 part 1

IELTS Essay 36 Volume 8 Part 1: Do you think children should be given freedom to do whatever they want or parents should impose restrictions on them.

Do you think children should be given freedom to do whatever they want or parents  should impose restrictions on them.

Young children are beginners. They have lots to learn and one of the biggest lessons they must learn is to behave or act in a responsible manner. So, it is a debatable issue whether there should be rules on children or whether they should be given total freedom.

Firstly, restrictions create responsible and respectful children who, in turn, mature into respectful adults. They know the value of respect for others. They know the importance of relationships. They know their cultural values as well. They know their boundaries.

However, if too strict restrictions are imposed on them, they may become rebels. They may start doing just the opposite of what is told them to do. What is more, they may show abnormal behavior. They may fall into bad company or start taking drugs. Finally, imposing too strict rules destroys the individuality of children. They may withdraw into a shell and become introverts.

What is important is that parents should learn where restrictions are needed and where it is important to give room to children. Having absolutely no restrictions and letting children do whatever they feel like would be very wrong. They are not mature enough to solve all problems and they have to be taught their limits.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, parents should impose restrictions but should also know where to draw the line. They should be flexible and modify the rules according to circumstances.


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