Essays Volume 8 part 1

IELTS Essay 14 Volume 8 Part 1: History tells that people have often thought about creating an ideal society

History tells that people have often thought about creating an ideal society, but most of the times fail in making this happen. What is your opinion about an ideal society? How can we create an ideal society?

If we look at history, it is clear that since time immemorial, people have always wanted to create an ideal society but have been unsuccessful. In the following essay, I intend to discuss what makes an ideal society and how we can create one.

An ideal society is a society where needs of the people regardless of their race, religion or wealth would be met. Many great thinkers, such as Plato, Thomas More and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have offered their opinions on this to the public over the years. However, these dreams failed because different people have different ideals about a perfect society. To make it happen, either the ideals of all the people have to be fulfilled, or all the people would have to have the same ones.

Imagine a society with no crime, no terrorism, no warfare, no conflicts of cultures, no racism, no gender discrimination, no poisoned tongues, no killing, no lying, no stealing, no adultery and no excuses. Such a society can never exist. It would be wrong even to think of one. A perfect society needs some kind of social inequality, or as I call it, a distinction in ability. Those in the higher strata of society would be there because of their superior abilities and have greater responsibilities and, therefore, a higher social standing. An ideal society should have some struggle. If you had no struggle in life would you be happy? No, because that takes all the fun and enjoyment out of the difficulty, the losing, the failures, and the overcoming, the victory, the success.

There are many ways in which we can make an ideal society. First of all, there must be democracy and a strong government which has the ability to rule over the country. It should try to make the citizens life better by making better social and financial conditions to live. There should be no corruption in the government. Finally, I believe, one of the most necessary things of ideal society is freedom. No people and no society are happy and ideal when they are not free. However, we must remember that – ‘One’s freedom ends there where other’s starts’. If we will feel free and do not disturb others freedom we will have ideal society. An ideal society would allow complete freedom to everybody and complete individuality.

To sum up, I pen down saying that, a perfect society is difficult to attain as everyone has different concepts of an ideal society. However, if we all respect our freedom and in doing so know our limitations, so that others can enjoy their freedom then it can be called an ideal society.


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