IELTS Cue Card 17 : Talk about a person whose job is important to the society

IELTS Cue Card: Talk about a person whose job is important to the society
The society has many educated
people who contribute a lot to the welfare of the society- like farmers,
engineers, doctors, army-man, and scientists. Here, I would like to talk about
a particular person whose job is very important to the society. His name is
Baldev Singh. He is a school teacher. He is our neighbor as well as my uncle,
and he teaches in our High school. He is in his late fifties. I also studied in
his class in school. He is an excellent teacher. He has more refined ways of
teaching and he treats every student as his own child. He doesn’t give
punishment to any student. Instead, he gave them inspirational speeches and
sometimes assignments. Thus in this way, he makes sure that no student remains
behind in the class. He also gives free classes to the children of poor people
and gives them free stationary. Moreover, recently, he started tuitions for
elder people to make them informed about new technology, politics and news.
A teacher’s job is very important
because he brings out the potential qualities of children and transforms their
personalities to make them beneficial for the society. No doubt, it is a
teacher who finds the talent in a child and makes them ready for the future. So
he is the person in my life whose job is very important for the society.


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