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IELTS Cue card 22: Talk about an interesting old person you met or you know

IELTS Cue card 22: Talk about an interesting old person you met or you know

Talk about an interesting old person you met or you know

I like to be in the company of elders
as they inspire us, give us knowledge. They often tell us their life stories which
are very interesting. Here, I will talk about an old person whom I find interesting
and I never miss opportunity to talk to him.
His name is Baldev Singh. He is 70
years old. He is our relative also. He has grey hair, he is fit and fine. He
goes for a morning walk daily and also inspires others to take exercise. He is
the eldest in his family now. His has grandchildren living with him. His one
son is in Canada. He is retired from army. After serving in the army for 25
years, he worked as a farmer in his own fields.
As expected from an army man, he is
disciplined. He gives his time for the welfare of village. Last month, he
gathered 15 people for the mission to clean public places in and around the
village. While no one was coming forward, he alone took the initiative to
collect the plastic from the parks and village roads. Villagers were impressed
and many have stopped using plastic now.
His personality inspires us to speak
truth, to be honest and to do hard work to support the family. The best thing
about him is that he gives guidance and training to youngsters for making
career in Indian army free of cost. In last two years, he prepared more than 10
youngsters who have passed the Army entrance exam. He instills the sense of
love, respect and duty in youngsters towards the nation. He can speak English
and gives free tuition to the children of Village. He is truly a selfless
person. I sometimes wonder what makes him so active and noble.
I have met him many times. I usually
visit him daily. He is our neighbor and relative also. I like to listen to his
life stories of army days.
So, he is the old person which, I
think, is interesting.


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