IELTS Cue Card 44 :A person who taught you something important

Learning is a life-long process and inevitable part of our life. Through learning, we expand our capabilities. We learn about new things and try to improve our lives. We learn from our parents, friends, teachers, books and other sources. I consider myself a learner and I am always ready to know about new things.

Three months back, I was travelling to Chandigarh. I boarded the bus from my hometown. On the way a person got into the bus and he sat next to me. After sometime, we talked casually and he informed me that he was a yoga trainer and he had a Yoga training centre in Chandigarh. His name was Baldev. He was looking healthy, calm and has glow on face. I got curious to know more about yoga because in those days, i was having bad health. I had been having muscle pain for around a month. So I paid attention to what he said.

He told me that yoga is a very beneficial form of exercise. It reduces the stress and it helps in maintaining our health. He also advised me to follow the balanced diet schedule. Then he gave me a booklet, which he had in his bag. In this booklet there were various yoga postures well explained along with diet plans. It was a knowledge giving book. I was impressed with his knowledge in health fitness.

From that time I spared at least 30 minutes daily in the morning for doing yoga and other meditation exercises. I also called him many times to get his advice sometimes. And in this way, I improved my health and focus. This person helped me to learn something new and I Could make exercise a part of my daily routine and my health improved.

I can say that it was a life changing learning for me. And I would always remain thankful to that person for making me learn the importance of health and also for physical workouts. So this was the interesting conversation which I had recently.


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