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IELTS Writing task 1-Volume 3 Part 1 ( Line graph: 2)

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Line Graph 2

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. Eating sweet foods produces acid in the mouth, which can cause tooth decay. (High acid levels are measured by low pH values).Describe the information below and discuss the implications for dental health. Write at least 150 words.
Line Graph

The provided line graph illustrates the acid level in the mouth which is created by consuming sweet foods specifically sugar and honey and the possibility of tooth decay because of this acid level. As is presented in the line-graph, the higher the acid level the lower the pH value and a pH level less than 5.5 is detrimental to the tooth and causes the tooth decay.

The given graph shows that the initial pH level of our mouth is 7 which begins to fall after consuming sweet foods. When we eat sweet item like cane sugar, the pH level drops to 3.5 after 5 minutes and remain in danger level (below pH level 5.5) for more than 30 minutes. Consuming fruit sugar drops the pH level nearly to 4 and remains at danger level for about 20 minutes. And finally, when we eat honey, the pH level falls below 5 and it remains under risk level for about 13 minutes. As the low pH level means higher acidity and causes tooth decay, cane sugar among the mentioned three food items is the most harmful to our tooth.

Tips for answering this Writing Task 1 Question:

1. Please note that the question asks you to “describe the information presented in the graph and also discuss the implications for dental health”. So you have to mention which food item creates the highest acid level for a longer time and are comparatively injurious to our teeth. You must classify which food items are comparatively safe as well. First, compare the three food items in terms of the acid level they create in our mouth and how long this acid level remains at danger level. Then suggest which food items among cane sugar, fruit sugar and honey are comparatively safer and which item/ items are not.

2. Notice the following trends from the given line graphs:

    a) Higher the acid level, the lower the pH level.

    b) pH level below 5.5 is dangerous for the tooth as the tooth decay occurs below 5.5 pH level.

    c) Honey is comparatively safer than other two food items as it decreases the pH level of the mouth slowly and the acid level goes to the safe level very quickly. On the other hand, after consuming cane sugar the pH level falls under danger level quickly and remains there for the longest time among the three food items.

3. To answer this question first mention the acid / pH level which occurs the tooth decay and the level when it is safe. Now take the three given food items and mention them individually: how long it takes to reach the pH level of mouth below 5.5 after consuming this food item and then how long this level remains under 5.5. Finally, suggest which food items are comparatively safer and which are not. 

Summary of the Line Graph:

After consuming different sweet food items, the acid level of our mouth increases. The higher acid level is presented by the lower pH value. When the pH value gets under 5.5, the tooth decay occurs. Among the given three food items i.e. cane sugar, fruit sugar and honey, the third item (honey) is comparatively safer for our dental health. This is because after consuming all the honey the pH level remains at danger level for about 12 minutes compared to the 20 minutes for the fruit sugar and 31 minutes for cane sugar. This also indicates that the cane sugar is more likely to damage our tooth among the provided three sweet food items.


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