Graphs Volume 3 Part 1

IELTS Writing task 1-Volume 3 Part 1 ( Bar graph: V3G23)

Bar Graph 23

The bar charts below provide information about honey production and honey producing colonies in the five American states in 2006. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

IELTS Bar Graphs V3G23
IELTS Bar Graphs V3G23

The diagrams delineate how many bee hives were there in five US states in 2006 and how much honey these states assembled in the same year. As a general trend, the higher the number of honey-yielding bee colonies in a state, the higher honey it produced and North Dakota was on the top of the list while Wisconsin on the bottom.

It is conspicuous that North Dakota had the highest bee colonies in 2006 which accounted for 350 thousand. From these swarm hives, this state collected the highest amount of honey, over 25 million pounds. Interestingly, South Dakota had the second largest number of bee colonies, roughly 225 thousand but its honey production was somewhat similar to that of Montana and Minnesota, each of which had approximately 130 thousand beehives. Wisconsin state had just over 50 thousand bee colonies, the lowest among the given states, and its honey production was the least as well, somewhat more than 5 million pounds.

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