Specially designed IELTS training course for Beginners & Weak Students

This is a course of ENGLISH learning + IELTS training together in one package, suitable for beginners in English language or who are weak in English and do not have enough level of English Language to achieve desired bands in IELTS.

We understand your requirements & training needs, and thus offer a rigorous, intelligently designed course package for training the students who are weak or beginners in English Language or Who are near to European CFFR level of A1/A2/B1. This course contains full range of English learning including grammar, sentence making, Vocabulary learning, Paragraph writing, smaller comprehensions for learning, listenings of A1, A2, B1 levels, speaking sessions,Question-Answer sessions , worksheets and many more. There are books specifically prepared at City Coaching Centre for these students with the aim of developing them from basic level of English to above 6.5 band level or European CFFR B2 level.

In this course, the advising standards prescribed by Cambridge University are mostly followed along with our own researched out teaching methods , unique type of tailor made books suitable for local non English speaking native students. Each day class of 5 hours minimum.We assure you that we can help you learn English and develop to the level of 6.5 band more than anyone else.While most other rivals just focus on IELTS testing and checking answer keys, and old school methods and rules of learning English , we are much better in making you learn more English to fulfill your dreams of cracking IELTS. 3 days

Demo classes free. Students can pay for 10 days (Rs. 1200/-) and can check our study culture and course structure, our efforts, commitment in teaching , books and study material offered. If students are satisfied with the course and our efforts, then they can join regularly by paying monthly fee.


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