Essays Volume 8 Part 3

Essay Volume 8 Part 3 Topic 252-EV8P2T252

An increasing number of people change their career and place of residence several times during their life time. Is this a positive or negative development?

The world is changing rapidly. People today face numerous challenges in achieving a meaningful and fulfilling life. One job for life is over. Old methods of career development no longer apply. No wonder, many people to change their careers and places of residence many times during their lifetime. This situation is largely a positive one.

There are some strong benefits that can come from a career change. One of the major reasons for changing careers is money; which can help to lessen the financial burden of an individual or family. Secondly, this general education that is formed through a career change will be beneficial in the future. Individuals with a wider range of job experiences and skill sets will be seriously considered for new job openings. Moreover, those who have a wide range of careers under their belt will also have more job security. If they lose their job, they can seek out jobs in different career fields, as opposed to one career field.

What is more, a change in career can be a liberating experience, for it frees people to consider a variety of professional and personal avenues that were previously closed to them because of their work attachments. Some choose to return to school to pursue courses of study that can lead into whole new careers, while others use their skills and experience to take a position similar to their previous one, but in a fresh environment. Many others choose to open their own small business. A person may finally discover a career which gives him the maximum job satisfaction.

There are also many advantages associated with the change of residence which comes along with a career change. Change of surroundings and new exciting experiences are useful for self-education and development of a person. Besides, these changes usually bring positive emotions, which help to fight stresses and have overall good effect on health. It is also very beneficial for the person’s family as this change gives them the opportunity to make new friends, enjoy new cultures and experience new climates. In other words, it adds spice to life.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, changing careers and place of residence several times during a lifetime may bring some challenges in life but overall it is a positive development.


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