Essays Volume 8 Part 3

Essay Volume 8 Part 3 Topic 280-EV8P2T280

According to those in the travel business, the nature of the average ‘holiday’ is changing. Rather than seeking a relaxing break in a far-away place, people now want excitement on their holidays and are keen to participate in unusual and challenging activities.Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, people live very hectic lives. They want to break the monotonousness of life. By means of holidays, they get temporary escape from the routine and busy life. Thus, holidays play an important role in everyone`s life. According to those who are in travel business, nature of the holiday is changing. I completely agree with it.

On holidays people prefer to do some unusual activities which they usually don`t do. In past people went to a distinct place with family and friends. They visited places near farm house or hill station for relaxation only. Even they used to visit historical places, at various cuisines. To the previous generation mean of holidays was to go to different places and have rest for body and mind.

Now the era has changed and the idea of holiday activities has also changed. There are so many activities available for refreshments. People go with family and friends for the holidays. They even plan international holidays too for great adventures. People go to beaches, they prefer surfing, boating and swimming. In recent times, various adventurous activities like scuba diving, paragliding, tracking, river rafting are on demand. People want to experience the peak of the excitement. By attempting adventurous activities some people fulfil their dreams also.

In addition, now people want more excitement and different things to do which they usually don’t do in their daily life. With unusual activities, they get not only physical exercise but also get mental refreshment. These types of activities boost up their brains. This activity energises their body and mind and refreshes them for better performance. Apart from that, it also prepares the body and mind to work more efficiently.

In the end, changing are taking places of attitudes of people towards the holidays, they are keen to participate in unusual and challenging activities which I totally support as great ways of refreshment.


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