Essays Volume 8 Part 3

Essay Volume 8 Part 3 Topic 283-EV8P2T283

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Children should be required to help with household tasks as soon as they are able to do so.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Learning and education is an important part of a child’s life. Children learn a lot from their surroundings. The parents are the first guides and mentors of their children.

Involving the children in household tasks is a vital part of their learning. When the kids are old enough to be able to help in such tasks, they should be made to do so. Children can be asked to help their mother in cooking, cleaning the house, organising their wardrobes, setting the dining table for lunch and dinner, putting the things in order at home. These are small tasks, but in doing so, the children learn a lot.

These small chores inculcate a feeling of responsibility in children. For example, my two-year-old is always instructed to put her toys back in the bucket whenever she is done playing. Now, she does not need to be told that either, because she knows that it’s her responsibility to put her things back in order when she is done with them. This sense of responsibility also makes a child more confident. The child also learns to help people around. It develops a caring attitude towards other people. It also helps children to develop a habit of doing things together with their peers. The child gets disciplined when he is used to organising his room and wardrobe. However, exclusively involving children in household activities would leave them with fatigue and less time and they may not then focus on their studies and exercise or games. A balanced approach should be adopted while deciding the schedule for various activities of the child.

In short, in order to make the children a useful part of a community, we should involve them in such activities. This will not only groom their personalities but also set an example for others to follow.


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