Essays Volume 8 Part 3

Essay Volume 8 Part 3 Topic 293-EV8P2T293

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Children should begin learning a foreign language as soon as they start school.Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Language is the best means of communication. In the modern globalisation era, it is not enough to be able to speak one language to communicate with the outside world. I strongly support the idea that children should begin learning a foreign language as soon as they start school. They faster become familiar with a strange language, improve their hearing ability to understand new words as time goes by and learn new words. In the following paragraphs, I will list some reasons to support my position.

First of all, if one wants to see outcome soon, one must start sooner. So, the early children begin to learn a new language the better will be the result. Scientists say that a child does not confuse two different languages but learns them more effectively. If children learn a foreign language at an early age, then he/she can cope with the different cultures and enjoy a better position to read more books written in foreign language.

Second, adults are often afraid to make mistakes when they are speaking in a new language. This fear is one of the biggest barriers for a person in his efforts to speak freely. Otherwise, children do not afraid of making grammatical mistakes because basically they just repeat words and sentences in the way they hear them. Also, children have a better chance to get rid of an accent. They faster get used to the right pronunciation and better feel the melody of a language.

To sum up, I think that it is essential for children to begin learning a foreign language in their early ages. It brings many benefits such as great pronunciation. Also, it helps a child develop and gain more knowledge which is good for a long run.

Alternate Answer:

Today, learning foreign languages is a great beneficial skill because we live in a communicated era and knowing different languages makes communication easier, therefore I personally agree that foreign language should be taught to children as early as possible.

Firstly, human brain ability will decrease when they grow up. Several recent researches indicate that children can memorise and understand new languages automatically after they are born until 4 years, and afterwards, this ability will decrease. So adults need more efforts to learn such things. As a result, it is better that somebody trains them as soon as they start school.

Furthermore, in this age children do not have any involvement in important tasks or problems, because they do not have any responsibility to worry about and can concentrate on their study, they can learn new things quickly and more efficiently. On the contrary, adults concern about jobs, earning, future, personal and social life and many other things.  Also, they can learn another language more easily in their childhood than in adolescence period.

Finally, some people disagree with this matter and claim that the other subjects are more important than learning foreign languages and it is better that teachers allocated the time of this subject to another field such as mathematics and science, however, researchers believe that learning a foreign language help to improve other skills, since it is very challenging and enhance the brain’s abilities.

In conclusion, I personally think, children should learn another language as soon as possible because their brains are more ready to understand new information and also they have less distraction when they study.


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