speaking part 3 (follow up questions)

IELTS Speaking part 3-follow up questions-Volume 1- (Page 41-50)


1. Part 2

Describe a time that you looked for information from the Internet.

You should say:

  • When it happened
  • What you were looking for
  • Where you were searching on the Internet
  • And how you felt about the information.

To begin with, I’d like to say that I’m always using the internet, but if I have to mention a specific time I used it, there is one piece of info that I can remember searching for. It was when I was starting to learn how to do some basic coding a couple of months ago.

At the time, I was desperately trying to find a structured course where I could learn how to code. The course had to not only be free or of little cost, but also up to date with the trends of 2019.

I used my brain and my trusty Google Chrome browser alongside for this task. Thankfully, in the end, after looking at over a dozen articles, I ended up finding what I was looking for.

I felt pretty satisfied after that because as I mentioned, I checked over loads of articles and I was ready to give up. Had it not been for an article on, I wouldn’t have found anything. One more thing is that the article was written by an industry expert and has helped me out a lot since and I hope I’ll be able to learn how to code better in the future as well.


  1. Basic coding
  2. Of little cost
  3. Alongside
  4. Industry expert


2. Part 3

  • How can people get information these days?
    As far as I’m concerned, young people prefer to learn news from online articles on the Internet. I mean to be honest they do everything on the Internet, from talking to studying, so getting news is no exception. However, the older generations, who are not familiar with the virtual world, like to get news via daily newspapers. Also, information from newspaper is generally more trustworthy than online news.
  • What are the differences between getting information from library and getting  information from newspapers?
    Newspapers tend to focus on a limited number of controversial topics like sport or politics. In addition, newspapers only cover the latest news. But if want to find a past article about specific subjects like chemistry or history, there is a higher chance that I will find what I need in the library. Not only is library a wealth of knowledge but it also helps readers concentrate better thanks to the quiet atmostphere.
  • Is the information on the Internet reliable?
    Yes and no. Of course, it is evident since anyone can post anything on the Internet, we should not trust everything we read online. Not to mention the fact that many journalistic write exaggerated articles with misleading titles or misinterpret quotes in interviews to get more views. This is best exemplified by gutter press journalism, the worst nightmare of most celebrities.


  • The virtual world
  • Controversial topic
  • Wealth of knowledge
  • Misinterpret
  • Guttter press journalism
  • What average age is normal for retirement in your opinion?
    Thanks for your question. Well, this is a grave issue to ponder on. Retirement refers to the time when people get formally separated from their active occupational activities. Usually, the retirement is offered after a specific time like after 35 or 40 years of continuous service to any organisation. The age limit of retirement is different across the world and there is no specific age limit is set for the retirement. Interestingly, the retirement age for men and women is a bit different in some places. Sometimes people may take early retirement and in many cases, they continue throughout the entire working tenure. But most of the countries follow the rule that they allow retirement after or by 60 years of age. It points that when people are about to reach their 60s or have crossed 60 then it is considered that s/ he is eligible for the retirement. When a man or woman retires from his or her job, the authority provides some special benefits to the employee for the contribution made so far. So, it becomes like a festive mood for the employees when they get retired after a long working tenure. Some of the states have made the retirement age to 60 while some other have made it 58. Besides, some states are trying to increase the age limit. Usually, in the USA, the age is 65 and in that age, an employee can have all the retirement benefits. In Australia, the age is currently 65 and it is anticipated that the age will be increased to 67 after a couple of years. In most of the Asian countries, the age is 60. However, the retirement age does not indicate that the people become useless after the time rather they are enriched with expertise and experiences which could be used for the betterment of the society.


  • What are the good things about being retired?
    Of course, there are some good things to be retired but it depends on individuals and their surrounding situations. You can have a large number of benefits once you are retired and could also perform the activities that you could not do when you were occupied with your job or other business. Generally, when people are engaged in an occupation, they lack hours to spend for their family and even hardly can manage time for them as well. So, the post-pretirement age is the best time to enjoy the leisure hours. When you are retired, you can also get engaged in your hobbies or you can have some special trips to places where you dreamt of travelling but could not make your dream come true for occupational engagements. Besides, you can also participate in different leisurely sports and activities like golfing, social works etc. But the most effective way to spend the times is to get involved in any active community which is formed by the retired people like you. There you would find people of your age and would have a nice time together. Moreover, when people become retired, they psychologically become smart and could think over different issues at a time to reach for a solution. Since they are free of all sorts of occupational engagement and hazards, they have plenty of time to spend into thinking the solutions for any problem. When people become retired, they also could take care of their health. They can walk to the parks in the morning and evening hours and could also be present at the social events. Besides, when they become retired, they do not need to think about their financial issues as they are well paid with some other special benefits. Thus they can spend the rest of their lives happily.


  • How does the government in your country treat the retired people?
    The government of France is liberal and simultaneously generous to the retired people to many extents. There is a social safety net for the retired people and all of the people who have retired after their 60s will be eligible for the schemes. The social insurance and social assistance system are of great help to the retired people. They derive benefits from the schemes after their retirement. Under the schemes, the retired people get medical benefits, pensions, old age payments etc. Besides, they are cared in everywhere and prioritised in receiving services in different offices and places. They are in fact respected everywhere. But one factor appears inappropriate to me that they are to pay a part of their earnings to the government as tax. I think the French government should take steps to change this tradition and all of the old age or retirement benefits should be offered without tax.
  • Can young specialist substitute the old ones who are in retirement in the workplace?
    Umm! It is impossible for the young specialists to substitute the retired people to some extent but they could replace them. It should be considered that when people retire, they have lots of experience and expertise over specific issues or tasks. But it needs time for the young specialist to reach that expert level. You might agree with me that they will do the jobs they are recruited for but they won’t be able to do those perfectly like an expert. It is natural. With the advancement of time, they will also grow senior and at the same time – expert. The people who have retired today as experts were novices in the beginning of their life. With the passing of time, they developed their skills and expertise on the specific issues. So, the young specialists today also need time to grow up. It may also happen that they have surpassed their ancestors who retired in their old age. Skills in workplaces actually grow after lots of exercises and the people who have retired have done much of the exercise. But the young specialists lack the skills only as they are less familiar with the events and issues in the workplace. So, I think they should be allowed sufficient time to develop their skills. But it also should be considered that they may substitute the retired people but they cannot be equal to them.


  • What do you think is it necessary to give retirement to people? Why/ Why not?
    Well. This is an important issue to discuss. Retirement is offered to people after a certain age and it is a widespread issue around the world. Usually, people are given retirement after a specific time or period. It is done so that they do not need to work in their old age. Usually, after 60 years, it is considered that people grow old and start losing their abilities to work. The idea is not imposed rather it is natural. With the passage of time, the people after 60 start losing their usual abilities. They lose concentration, starts to forget important matters and more others. Gradually they develop different old age complicacies and finally breathe their last. This is the very common life cycle and is seen almost everywhere if there are no major alterations in their life. So, when they become old, they actually need relief and the retirement brings the relief. It is a must for everyone. When one gets involved in a work, s/ he cannot work for long. As a result, we need holidays; day offs or breaks amid our working routine. The works schedules are made in this way. Another fact should be considered that when people become old, they need refreshment. They, in fact, do not want to work anymore as they have done lots of works throughout their entire life. Sometimes they get bored with their duties and responsibilities. So, it is the retirement which helps them get relieved from the boredom. Besides, they are well paid during the retirement from the workplace authority which removes their financial worries. They can lead a decent life with their old age benefits. They can have all types of recreational activities or can use the leisure hours after their needs. They can do whatever they want at this stage as they do not have any active office or working hours. This is the age for enjoyment. So, I think the retirement is a must for every man and woman.


  • What are the pros and cons of being retired?
    Ahh, it’s a great question for me. Retirement is the process of getting split from the active occupation. It is the way to break your relationship with your work, job or occupation. The retirement has some positive aspects and at the same time, this is filled with some negative impacts as well. Let’s discuss the positive aspects first. When you will get retired, the most important factor will be you are free from work. You do not need to maintain a routine-bound life. You can be late for your meetings or gatherings and you are not accountable to anyone for the late. During the office hours, you had to reach office in time and if you made late, your superior authority would make some irritating remarks over being late. Now you are free of such troubles. Besides, you are now financially solvent. So, there are no worries for your remaining days. You can pass the days with comfort and could travel in different parts of the world. Moreover, you can spend more time with your family. These are the positive impacts of the retirement.

But the negative scenario is shocking too. Think you are a retired person and living alone. How would you feel then? It is unfortunate that such events are taking place in the current days. Due to the disintegration of the families, the number of nuclear families is on the rise and as a result, people are getting separated from the senior members of the families. For instance, you are living with your family while your parents are living together. If one of them dies suddenly, the living one has to pass a lonely life. In that age, finding a partner would sound weird and nobody does so. Besides, sometimes the old age or retirement benefits are not received in time which causes difficulties to the retired people. It happens for some bureaucratic complicacies. Moreover, different accidents occur in this age as they may develop old age complicacies. For example, if they break any of their limbs accidentally, it may take more time to recover as their recovery capacity is not as strong as the young people. They cannot easily get rid of the accidents and thus suffer more comparing the young people. So, I think such issues should be brought under consideration too and people who have retired should take proper care of them or at least the surrounding people should take the care.

  • Do you enjoy giving and receiving gifts? Why or why not?
    Well, it may sound weird to you that I do not like to give or receive gifts. Receiving gifts is a bit troublesome for me. I am a bit introvert and thus I do not like to socialise much rather prefer solitude. So, when it is about receiving gifts, it refers that I have to spend more time on socialising with the other people. Besides, in return, I have also to present any gifts in some other ways and accordingly, I have to socialise again. But, if I do not receive or give gifts to or from anyone, I will have my own peace. Usually, gifts are presented in different occasions or events and if I go there, I have to gossip with people such events which are unpleasant to me.


  • Who usually gives you gifts?
    Thank you for asking. Usually, I receive gifts from my intimate people and family members. They give me different attractive gifts marking different occasions. They know me and my nature, and so when they present me anything, they usually avoid extra words with me. Most of the cases, my mom is a pioneer to give me gifts. She, most of the times arranges for everything for me and as she is well aware of my introvert nature, tries to make everything simple and trouble-free. If someone wants to present me something, they submit the gift to my mom and she gives the gift to me based on my mood.
  • Who do you give gifts to?
    Uhh! It is a bit embarrassing for me that I do not give gifts normally. But when it is a must to give gifts, I do not impede the process. I give gifts to my relatives, friends, classmates and some other intimate people of mine. Generally, I give gifts on special events or anniversaries I am invited to. But I do not attend the events or occasions rather ask my mom to convey my best regards and present the gifts. She, then, attends the invitations with my gift. But when it is about family invitation or party to any relative’s place, I attend there and most of the time I remain silent.

•  In your country when do people usually give gifts?
Usually, in Australia, people exchange gifts and this is a common tradition here. Gifts are mostly exchanged or offered during the Christmas Day. Besides, presenting gifts in occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, marriage or at any special events is very usual here. The people, who receive the presents, become highly glad and it is the kids who become happier when they receive the gifts in their birthdays or in other events. The adult people also become happy when they receive gifts marking any event or occasion. If any event is organised marking such an issue like birthday, marriage anniversary, or to recall any special day or event, the invited guests bring the gifts and hand them over to the host.


  • What kinds of gifts do they give?
    Well, there are no specific types of gifts are given. It mostly depends on the event type and choice of the gift provider. In most of the cases, people are invited to marriage ceremonies and they try to give gifts to the newlywed which could be useful for them to start the family. I have also seen that some of the people are presenting hard cash in envelopes. I think this is one of the best gift ideas. When it is about birthdays of kids, toys are usually presented. If the birthday is for any adult, the gifts are selected using the gender and preference of the individual who will receive.
  • Do you think gift-giving customs are different now than they were in the past? How?
    Ummm! No, I do not think so. It appears to me that everything is all the same as it was in the past. To make it clearer, let’s take an example. When people used to be invited to the marriage ceremony of their near and dear ones, they used to give gifts appropriate for the couple. By the same way, there are no changes at all in the gift items. Exchanging gifts was a tradition during the Christmas and still, the tradition is going on. The gift items might have changed a bit with the change of time but the customs have remained the same as it was before.

•  Do you think they will change in the future? How?
Well, you know, future is uncertain. But I think there would be no change in this process. We are living in the current age and 30 years ago, the current age would have been considered as future, right? So, if I count from the past, I am in future (based on the past) and find there are no notable changes. Thereby, I think there would be no such changes regarding the gift-giving customs and manners. But it may happen that the gift items may be improved or the old items might be replaced with the modern ones. There would be no other changes, I think.


School and Young:

 What should be the right age to leave school? Why?
It’s a very good question and thanks for asking me. Currently, there is no straight answer for this question because the age limit to leave the school varies in regions. Generally, a boy or a girl gets admitted to school at the age of five or six and to complete their higher secondary they have to spend about 10 years. If they have to drop one or two years for different reasons, the age limit increases. This is not my personal observation or opinion rather this is the system. But I have a different point of view over the age limit. I think when the kids will be teenagers or enter into their teenage; they should be released from the school. Right at that moment, they get accustomed to a wide range of things and issues while the curriculums are not made with their growth structure. When they are accustomed to the real world, they want to know a large number of issues but their teachers, parents or the surrounding environments do not allow them to learn more than the prescribed books, texts or courses. So, their desire to learn remains unfulfilled. But if they are released from the schools and allowed to get admitted into a college, then I think their desire for knowledge will be met to some extent. Curiosity is the key element for them in the teenage and due to a backward educational system in a majority of the countries; they are deprived of the right knowledge at the moment when they needed it most. When they will be promoted to upper-level after their school, they would be able to cope with the surrounding environment and also would be fit to battle the challenges ahead.


  At what age do you think young people are ready to confront life challenges?
Ummmm, a very good question. I think that 16 is a standard age for someone to be fit enough to battle with the challenges of life. When a boy or girl turns into 16, s/ he experiences different situations in their life which make them vigorous and at the same time they gather the necessary experiences and knowledge to survive. In fact, survival is only for the fittest and when in 16 they start surviving by themselves, there are many chances for them to survive in better conditions in near future. When a boy or girl is 16, they physically become stronger. Their physical fitness is the most important factor for them to survive in the world beyond their home. They become fit for everything. In this age, they can start learning activities in line with their academic studies. I have seen many people who have started earning at an early age and also have continued their studies, and now they are on the summit of success in their respective arena. I think you will also have the same opinion that life is filled with challenges. When we are kids, we do not need to think of the challenges as our parents take care of us. But when we grow up, it is important for us to take our own responsibility. It helps to reduce stress from the parents. Moreover, it makes us fit to confront life. Life does not go the same always. There are ups and downs in life and if we do not experience the issues at an early age, later it would be very complicated for us to sustain.


Do you like hosting parties or going out for parties?
Ummm, Yes, I like to host parties. But sometimes I like to attend parties as well arranged at my friends’ places. Arranging a party tough is a bit difficult, I enjoy that most. The most important part of the party is shopping and I spent the entire morning at different shops and stores to collect the necessary stuff. Sometimes, I invite a couple of my friends to participate in the shopping and they happily accompany me. The other important thing is the permission from my family members and since I also invite them, they cheerfully make the sacrifice for me. The enjoyable moments are when the friends and other invited guests arrive and start the party. However, I become truly glad when they adore the foods prepared by me. It is true that I have to clean the entire house after the party is over.

  • What are the most popular programs/ courses students choose to participate in? Why?
    Thanks for the question. There are several programs where students want to participate. But the most important fact is that the program should be out of their academic activities. I don’t know why they act so but I think they do not find any interest in the academic activities. But sometimes it appears that the educational system does not allow them to do what they prefer to do while the extracurricular activities have a different charm where they can break the rules. Since they have the chance to go beyond the prescribed rules and regulations, they like the activities better than their academic studies. When I was a student, the same things happened to me for several times and I have seen many of the students participating in different extracurricular activities. It made me laugh that they become failure to secure the least marks to pass for a course while some of the failure students were winners in different competitions like debate, sports etc. Therefore, I think the students find less interest in their academic books and thus they tend to participate more in other activities.

Sports in School:

 Do you think that sport is important in school?
Well, I think this is important that a school should have some sort of sports for its students for several reasons. The most important thing about a school is that this is not merely an educational institution, it is a place to make the students fit to combat with the future challenges and struggles, and thus they need to be physically fit. It is not the academic books, assignments or home works that bring the physical fitness rather sports play the greatest roles in this respect. Besides, it also helps to create a congenial environment for the students to grow up mentally and socially. They are to communicate with the other students and stakeholders regarding any specific sport or sports competition. But among the various benefits, I prefer the physical one. Further, when the students participate in sports, they become aware of their rights and responsibilities during the sporting process assigned to them which helps them to learn real-life skills. So, for all these reasons, I think it is important for the schools and other educational institutions to have sports as their extracurricular activity so that the students could derive benefit from it.


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