speaking part 3 (follow up questions)

IELTS Speaking part 3-follow up questions-Volume 1- (Page 70-80)

  •  How can we remember better things that need to be done during the day?

Ummm, there are several ways to remember things better which are needed for me. One can use his or her cell phone reminders to remind things that should be done and I follow the way to get remembered in important issues. Besides, using notebooks is another way to remember things. If someone writes down the things to be done during the day and check the notebook from time to time, I think s/ he will be able to remember things. Moreover, I have another interesting idea. If you write down your necessary things on a piece of paper before sleeping at night and check the paper on the next morning, I think you would be able to remember better.


How can a good memory help people to do their work?

I think you won’t disagree that a good memory is one of the best gifts to a man from Lord. It is of great help to us. When the memories are dull, we cannot do anything and even I have seen that an aged man has lost his way to home since he forgot the address. The entire event was too pathetic for him and I helped him reaching his home. So, there are many other troubles have also been found for the memory loss. If you have a sharp memory, you can instantly respond to any issue and the immediate response would be in your favour. Besides, if you cannot respond instantly as you forgot the issue, you may have to regret in the long run. Thereby, it is important to have a good memory and a good memory is of great help for the people.

  • What type of people influence the young in your country?
    Well, thank you very much for asking such an important question. Usually, the youths are influenced by the teachers and sometimes they follow their immediate superiors. Most of the time they are out of the home and thus they do not have any close connection with their parents. When they are not in close contact, they do not show the urge to the directions of the parents. But the scenario is opposite for the teachers and superiors. The youths spend most of their times at the educational institutions with their teachers, mates and seniors. So, they are greatly influenced by the teachers and their seniors regarding their attitude and learning skills. But the youth issues are of great concern for the parents and the society as well. The rate of unemployment in Australia has decreased to some extent in this year but it does not refer that the issue has been solved yet. The unemployed youths are covering a large portion of the total population and they are engaged in different unwanted and unethical activities sometimes whereas they are not supposed to get involved so. Though the rate of such unwanted events is not rapidly increasing, it is still an alarming issue for all.


Why it is important to have role models?
Youths always want to follow. They experience a new world before them when they are out of their homes and consequently get influenced by the external facts. They need to have role models for several reasons. I think you have the idea how the youths are influenced by movies or songs and the people who are performing in the movies. When they see something negative, they try to imitate the negative issues in their real life and as a result invite disorders for them with their family and friends. For instance, if they see someone smoking on television or on cinema, I can bet they will follow the smoking style immediately after enjoying the movie or the specific television series. They get highly influenced and take them as role models for them. I’m talking about a negative aspect of role model that will teach them how to smoke cigarettes. But it could be used for positive aspects as well. When they will see someone of their ages is having an award for outstanding contribution to any social sector and the issue will be publicised, they will be inspired to be like the award-winning youths. Therefore, since they are out of control of the parents and influenced by the role models, I think it is important to create more and more role models for them.

  • Do you think the education system in your country influences young people’s behaviour?
    Umm! Yes. Education has many things to do with the behaviour of the young people. The educational system in Australia does not teach the student to read and write only, it also plays a great role to socialise the students. The course curriculums are made in different ways to teach them the right manners in different situations. But there are some youths – wicked by nature, do not follow the learning. The entire education system is formed in a way that if the students follow the system properly, they would be considered as assets for the country. But in reality, the scenario is different. Sometimes the learning process is not easier as it is imagined. Besides, the teachers are cordial in spreading the learning and in many of the cases the students are unwilling to learn. As a result, the education cannot play its role in making law abiding citizens. I think you are well informed about the issue that education is a two-way process and ‘pushing knowledge’ on the students cannot bring the desired outcomes. They are also to be willing in learning newer attitudes and behaviours through the educational system.


What types of person (parents, teachers, friends etc) are best to influence young people’s behaviour?
As I said before, the teachers are the best people to influence the young people and their behaviour. They usually imitate the attitudes and behaviours of the teachers and in some exceptional cases, they follow their friends. I think you will agree on the point why they are not influenced by the parents after my answer to your previous question. Parents cannot control their kids as they stay less time at homes and spend more on out of home activities. They have a close interaction with the teachers and friends. When the teachers order them to do any specific thing, they perform the tasks happily while this is not possible for their parents to make them do.

  • What do you think young people will be most influenced by it the future?
    Great question for me! Well, you know that the ages are advancing. With the advancement, the kids and youths are getting changed too. When you were a youth in your time, the global setting was not the same as it is today being experienced by the youths of the current days. Further, the global setting will be changed in the future as well. Thereby, it is hard to predict how the youths will be influenced in the coming days. But I think it would be the mass media that will have the largest portion of influence on the youths. The idea crossed my mind. Due to the use of social networking websites, spending time on watching television events, reading the news websites on cell phones etc. are on the rise among the youths.
  • How popular is watching television in your country?
    It’s a true pleasure that you asked me to explain the television watching behaviour in my Country, India. Television is, in fact, the most important mode of entertainment in India and almost every family has a television set today.

You cannot imagine how popular television is in India and how it is watched here. The popularity of the television cannot be described in words, you are to feel it. People come home after long tiring days and get entertained through the television program. They usually wait for different program and mostly they watch the news channels. Regarding television watching, there are different classifications as well. Sometimes the family members make schedules too to watch their respective program. An extensive circle has been formed based on the television watching to promote different products and services. Besides, considering the watching hours, different advertisements are also aired to allure the audience in buying the specific product. Even people try to imitate the performances in their real life or try to follow their respective character by wearing attires like them or make their hairstyle like them or try to deliver special dialogues they enjoyed on the television. It is evident that television has a great impact on the people who watch it.


Tell me about the types of program that are generally on television in your country.
Well, a wide range of programs are available round the day and most importantly the television channels broadcast their programs 24 hours in a day. So, there are plenty of programs to enjoy. While answering the previous question, I mentioned that there are some groups who watch television at different times and they prefer different types of programs. The programs are picked based on the age range but there are some programs are common like watching special drama serials or daily soaps. Mostly the daily soaps are enjoyed by all ages of people irrespective of gender. But the news programs are mostly watched by the male members of the family while the cartoons are enjoyed by the kids. Regarding some special cartoons like Tom and Jerry Show, it is enjoyed by kids, teens and some cases the adults as well. You will be surprised that there are some television programs on cooking as well to teach how to cook different items. I think the reality shows are the other most important television program in India. When the reality programs are aired, you cannot have a single man on streets to talk – all of them are busy in watching the programs. Besides, when it is about cricket and Team India is on the list, the people also leave all of their works to enjoy the matches.

  • Why do people like watching television?
    I’m not sure how should I reply the question or I may not be able to satisfy you with the answer as it will take a longer time to reply. Television is the mode of entertainment and easily accessible for all. I think you will agree on the point with me that television watching needs no money or efforts. It is a very comfortable way of passing the leisure hours. Besides, it provides the necessary entertainment to the audience which they need after their return from their respective jobs or duties. Moreover, it helps them to get relief from the tiresome works and monotony of life. It is a source of great joy for them. The audiences become glad when they sit before a television set to enjoy their favourite television event. Sometimes they are in great tension about imagining the futures of their preferable characters in their desired serials or get thrilled by enjoying an adventurous program.


Do you think the state or the private television is better?
This is a million dollar question for me. Thanks for asking. There are diversified programs on television and all of them are not interesting because of program type and making. Usually, the state television channels try to make programmes with a low budget and thus the qualities fall comparing the private channel programs. Sometimes, the sets and props are not found in the right manner in the state running television channels programs while the private-run television stations are careful about the issue and try to make programs interesting. Moreover, the state television programs are made with less care and fewer crews are engaged to complete the programs. Most of the programs are shot in indoor. But the scenario is just the opposite for the case of private television channels. Considering the above comparison, I think the private television stations are better than the state-run televisions.

  • What effects can watching television have on children?
    To be frank, the negative impacts of television watching are more on the kids comparing the educative values. In the current days, almost all of the television programs are commercial and are made to entertain people. They lack the educative values. Besides, the kids do not watch any educative channels rather they also get addicted to the entertaining episodes. But sometimes the entertaining programs are made for the adults and contain materials unsuitable for the kids. Their exposure to the adult scenes cast a negative impact on them. They become over-mature at a premature age. Additionally, they waste more times after television whereas they were supposed to spend the wasted time with their books and academic activities. I have seen some of the children who even forget to take their baths and foods as they are engaged in watching cartoons and other programs. The parents need to be more careful over the issue.
  • Is water pollution a problem in your country?
    Well, water is considered as one of the most important elements of the environment and is polluted in numerous ways. This is a great problem for South Africa.

This is a serious threat to the public health and the economy of the country. Thank you very much for allowing me to have my opinion on the topic. Water, in South Africa, is polluted in numerous ways and mostly the industries are responsible for the pollutions. Minning industry, urbanisation, population increase etc. are the key cause of the pollution. People lack the pure drinking water in some of the parts of the country and sanitation is also a problem for them. Wastes materials are getting mixed with water of different water bodies while in some part of the country, the mining industries are releasing toxic materials to get mixed with the water which is causing the pollution. Moreover, the constant growth of the population is also responsible to some extent. Since they do not have the right sanitation system, the dispose the human and other waste materials into the water which make the water polluted to the greatest extent. A wide variety of germs and bacteria get mixed with the water and make the entire water usable and sometimes odour comes out of the water as well.


What are some of the causes of water pollution?
I think you are informed that the environment could be spoilt with numerous ways and water being an important element is mostly polluted by three specific ways in South Africa. The land is enriched with natural resource and coal is one of them. Hence, coal mining is a profitable industry in Southern Africa. But it has different detrimental impacts on the environment and greatly destroys the soil, water and air. The chemical remaining, after the coal mining, is released in water which consequently makes the water toxic and unusable. The contaminated water usually damages the plants and animals which come in close contact with the water. Secondly, I will point finger at the urbanisation process. Most of the rural people are moving in the cities for a better living while the city cannot accommodate the expanding population. As a result, to meet the growing demands, the internal city systems like sewerage collapses sometimes. It also pollutes the water and different diseases spread across the cities and makes the people suffer a lot. The final cause of water contamination, in my opinion, is the oil spilling. A huge amount of oil is transported to different other countries and the oil spills make the water of Southern Africa polluted and threatens the entire ecosystem.

  • What can individuals do to try and ensure water is kept clean?
    Ahh! A massive awareness is required for the prevention, I think. You won’t believe how water is polluted in the urban areas only as the polluters do not have the idea that they are damaging the water. If they had the right knowledge, I think they would be more careful over the water waste. Besides, the mining industries should be careful about releasing their waste and toxic chemicals. If they dispose of the chemicals and toxic materials produced from the coal mining, I believe the water pollution level will decrease to a great extent. Besides, government initiatives are also required over the pollution prevention. There should be specific rules to use the water bodies and penalties against the pollution. When the government will enforce the policies, the commoners will tend to get rid of the penalties and thus the pollution level will decrease to the desired extent. Don’t you think a massive campaign is effective in this case? I think a large campaign to prevent the water pollution should be undertaken so that people could be aware of the water contamination and come forward to prevent it willingly.


Do you think problems with the cleanliness of water will improve in the future?
Well, this is a crucial question as future is always unpredictable and uncertain. But it is hopeful for South Africa that still there are chances to improve in the sector, and I think if the people could be made aware of the detrimental impacts of water pollution, the importance of cleanliness in their daily lives and with legal bindings against water pollution, then it would be possible to improve the situation. For the improvement, it will require much time as the habits of polluting water did not form overnight and thus it could not be solved within a short time. If the measures are adopted now, it is anticipated that within next three to five years, the scenario will have a substantial change. The current attempts which are adopted by both public and private initiatives are not enough, I think and thus the attempts should be raised immediately.

  • How are education priorities today different from those in the past?
    Well, thank you for the question and you might be informed that India is advancing technologically in line with the other developed countries and therefore, education is a burning issue for us.
    To be frank, over the priority of education, I have to recall the past days of my country. India has a long glorious past and been ruled by different rulers and regimes. The importance of education did not get chances to rise before 1947. When we received independence from the British rulers, the necessity of education started appearing. But education bloomed after the 1960s in India for several reasons. To maintain the state, the government needed some educated employees. But in the current days, survival without education is impossible in a word. You cannot think of a decent life or standard living features in India if you lack the required level of education. Education has become more important in the current days rather than the previous years. The importance of education has been done by the necessity, population growth and the desire to sustain amid thousands. I think you will agree with me on the issue that it is an extremely concerning issue for us. In past, the needs were less while the people did not need education at an advanced level to meet their needs. But the scenario is just the opposite today.


What is your opinion on the way languages are taught in schools?
This is a serious question, I think, as learning a language is an important thing for communication. If the learners are not taught the language perfectly, they surely will fail to communicate with others and express their opinions. But there is nothing to get worried about the teaching methods. The teachers are skilled and well trained to teach a language. Sometimes they use the audio-visual methods to make the language learning easier while they also arrange different situations where the kids or student are to participate in interpersonal ways to discuss. It helps them to get a good command over the language and builds the base. This is the common ways to teach a language in the educational institutions. There are some other special ways to teach the language to the kids and people with disabilities.

  • How can the type of school you go to affect career success?
    In the present world, unemployment is a great problem and there is no exact remedy for this problem found yet. So, picking a career never depends on the subject you are studying. Actually, the subjects or courses you study may not be helpful in your career. For instance, you are a student of science background, and accordingly achieved the highest degree in science but when you are in your career track you have to choose something that is different from your academic background. You won’t believe that I know some people who could not shine following their academic setting rather their potential have been improved when they gave up the track after their academic studies. Career success is a different thing and you are to agree with me on this issue. It’s my own belief that people cannot be successful in career for their hard efforts and studies in schools rather it is based on your attempts to gain success.
  • What changes do you think will happen in the classroom in the near future?
    Hmmmm! This is an important question and cannot be described in few words. Firstly you have to realise the setting of the country and how it evaluates education. India is a rapidly growing economy and thus it needs educated and skilled hands to perform and meet the wide varieties of needs. Thereby, on that point of view, the education system may experience a massive change in the near future. It may happen like that the hard copy books may get replaced with the e-books. Examinations and evaluations may also be changed. Still today we are answering exams by writing and appearing on the exam centres, and someday the exams may be on open books system or you can have the option to answer it by e-mail. Please do not take my thoughts as granted, I’m talking about possibilities.


Tell me about the types of food that people eat in your country.
Well, having foods is the most important issue to live on and there is a wide range of foods available across the world to meet the daily need of the beings on this planet.
People in Greece usually take prepared and cooked foods of different items. You might know that the use of olive oil is a common issue for us. Besides, the cooks prefer applying lemon juice on the cooking process to bring a different taste and flavour. The very common food items of Greece include grains, different types of bread including loaves and dried bread, herbs, fish, meats, pork, rabbit, and poultry items etc. To prepare bread, the cooks usually require wheat and sometimes barley is also applied to the process. Besides, wine is another ever-present item in line with desserts. To prepare foods, the cooks need olives, yogurt, cheese and some other necessary spices and ingredients to raise the taste. The deserts are filled with honey and sometimes nuts of a wide category are also applied for variation.

  • How are the eating habits now in your country different from eating habits in the past?
    Thank you for allowing me the explanation of the eating habits of my country, Greece. The history of eating habits dates back to a long ago. You know that Greece is a historical country and the eating habits have been changed accordingly. With the development of time and culture, the food menus have greatly been changed and influenced by the foods of other nations. Earlier, people used to take different herbs and only one or two types of meats during their meals and bread in breakfast. But now the scenario has altered. I think you are aware that the Greeks are to remain busy during the daytimes and thus they take food out of home mostly for lunch.


How healthy is your country’s food?
Ummm! If you ask how healthy the foods are, the answer is they are 100 percent healthy. You can have the foods without any second thought. You’ll be happy to know that when the foods are prepared, the issue of hygiene and nutrition is checked for several times by the cooks. Regarding the restaurants, sometimes the owners cross check the preparations process and it is stricter at homes. So, there are no scopes to worry about the health issues related to the Greek foods. For the extraordinary and careful preparation process, the Greek restaurants attract more clients than any other European restaurants.

  • Why do you think different cultures have different table manners?
    I’m not sure if you are asking about the daily manners or the manners for special events. But both of the manners are different among the diversified cultures of the world. To me, it appears that the table cultures are different in regions for several reasons. The first and important thing is that geographical locations have profound impacts on the table manners. The majority of the Asian people prefer taking foods using their fingers while the Europeans prefer forks, spoons and knives. It is done based on the types of foods. When the foods are larger is size, shape and hard then you are to take your share by cutting from the large food piece using the knife while when the size is smaller you can take the foods using spoons, fingers or chopsticks.
  • How may eating habits change in coming decades?
    With the culinary tradition of around 4000 years, Greece has experienced different changes in its cuisine with the passage of time and you are well informed that the coming days will be busier than the present days. Thereby, the Greeks will have less time to cook and have foods. They may start depending on professional food providers to get their daily meals. So, the foods may not be the same as it is today. People may move to quick-made foods like burgers, pizza, chips instead of traditional food items.
  • Why do you think people go to restaurants when they want to celebrate something?
    People mostly go to restaurants to celebrate a special day or a special event because that gives them a different experience than staying at home. They enjoy the view and the environment. Also, they can enjoy different types of foods that they usually do not cook at home. They can invite others and many people can gather at that place and that is more convenient than inviting all of them to gather in a house. The foods and dining experience could be bought with money and the host does not need to take any extra hassle to take care of every invited guest.


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