Practice Exercises-1-Tenses and Sentences

Find here Practice Exercises for Tenses and sentences and you will come to know different parts of the sentences.This will help you to improve quality of sentences.


Look at each bold phrase and say what part of the sentence it is : subject, verb, object, complement or adverbial.

1. The toy is beautiful.

2. She made me angry.

3. Her house is nearby.

4. The lame man slipped.

5. Ram is having a great time.

6. Sita had an accident.

7. The weather is marvelous.

8. She is on a farm

9. I like this picture.

10. I keep my room clean.

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State which of the following sentences are assertive/ interrogative/ imperative/ exclamatory etc.:-

1. Be brave.

2. It rained heavily last night.

3. What day will it be tomorrow?

4. How difficult the question was!

5. O for a car! 10. Who is your headmaster?

6. When will you go to Delhi?

7. He lost all his property.

8. What a fierce beast it is!

9. The stranger hit the dog.

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State which of the following sentences are assertive/ interrogative/ imperative/ exclamatory etc.:-

1. The chief was not caught.

2. Do not make a noise.

3. May God help you!

4. Need he come here?

5. Alas! I am undone.

6. May you live long!

7. Whose book is this?

8. Give up smoking.

9. What a pity!

10. Has he passed?

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Separate the subject and the predicate in each of the following sentences:

1. The cat is sitting in the basket.

2. The storm blew at night.

3. He played his part well.

4. It was a nice show.

5. The doctor is feeling his pulse.

6. The owl is an ugly bird.

7. You can meet him tomorrow.

8. He made me angry.

9. The homeless slave ran into the forest.

10. Bitter is the fruit of sin.

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Separate the subject and the predicate in each of the following sentences:

1. Children are playing in the ground.

2. His father is a teacher.

3. The new teacher teaches well.

4. The old house is near the bus-stand.

5. The table is made of wood.

6. Our school closes at 5 p.m.

7. Gandhiji preached non-violence.

8. Union is strength.

9. That girl helped me.

10. Sweet are the uses of adversity.

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Column A has the subjects while column B, the predicates. Match a suitable predicate against each subject and form a sentence :


(a) The moon                                   is the best policy.

(b) The milk                                      comes from the rain.

(c) Your brother                             comes from the sun.

(d) Jumped down Prince              asked me a question.

(e) Diamond                                    made me happy.

(f) Honesty                                       shines with sunlight.

(g) All energy                                   has turned sour.

(h) All water                                     speaks English very well.

(i) The teacher                                 into the well.

(j) The news                                     cuts diamond.

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Choose phrases and clauses in the following sentences :

1. You will get your money whenever you want.

2. The cat is sleeping under the table.

3. This is the place where I live.

4. We cannot leave till it stops raining.

5. It was a sunset of great beauty.

6. The sun rises in the east.

7. There came a giant to my door.

8. I know that he is a rogue.

9. No one knows who he is.

10. They sat on a wall.

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Write in the brackets the name of the parts of speech which are italicised :

1. He isa teacher in a school.

2. You must not ignore the poor student.

3. Children are reading carefully.

4. He passed becausehe worked hard.

5. Indiais a large country.

6. He sang a song properly.

7. The books are where you left them.

8. Alas! he is dead.

9. I made a good choice.

10. I killed a lion witha gun.

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Fill in the blanks with appropriate tense of verb :

1. The boss thinks that Ram ………. hard. (works, worked, will work)

2. He saw that that his watch had ……….(stop/ stopped)

3. She said that God ………. in the poor. (resides/ resided)

4. Galilio found that the Earth ………. round the sun. (moved/ moves)

5. We eat food so that we ………. live.(may/ might)

6. The priest said that all men ………. mortal. (were/ are)

7. Answer the question before you ………. further. (proceed/ proceeded)

8. She will nurse her husband that he may ………. (live/ lived)

9. She scolded me as if I ………. her servant. (was/ were)

10. We saw that the peon ………. stopped the his work. (have/ had)

11. I say that Ramesh ………. not come.(will/ would)

12. We thought that it ………. rain. (may/ might)

13. I wished that I ………. a millionaire. (was/ were)

14. She loved you better than she ………. me. (loves/ loved)

15. If you work hard you ………. pass. (will/ would)

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Tenses in English Grammar
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