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51 Since the 18th century technological advances have replaced people in the workplace. With today’s technology this process is happening at a greater rate. Technology is increasingly responsible for unemployment. To what extend do you agree or disagree with this statement?  
52The US film industry has too much influence on the film industry around the world. Governments have a duty to invest money in their own film industries to protect and develop their cultures. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?  
53In many workplaces, online communication is getting more common than meeting face to face. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?  
54Some people think that fittest and strongest individual and team can achieve success in sports, while others believe that success depends on mental attitude. Discuss both views and give your opinion.    
55Some people think that children are having too much free time and this time should be use to study more. To what extent do you agree with this statement?  
56Many people feel that students should learn from online materials while others feel that it is better to use printed materials. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.  
57In some areas of the US, a curfew is imposed, in which teenagers are not allowed to be out of doors after a particular time at night unless they are accompanied by an adult. What is opinion about this?  
58Some businesses find that their new employees lack basic interpersonal skills such as cooperative skill. What are the causes and suggest possible solutions.  
59Not all drivers obey the laws while driving on roads.  What are the reasons for this? What can be done to fix this problem?  
60Many people argue that in order to improve educational quality, high school students are encouraged to make comments or even criticism on their teachers. Other think it will lead to loss of respect and discipline in the classroom. Discuss both views and give your Opinion.  
61Creative artist should always be given the freedom to express their own ideas in words pictures music or film in whichever way they wish There should be no government restrictions on what they do To what extent do you agree or disagree with this option.  
62Living in a country where you have to speak a foreign language can cause serious social problems, as well as practical problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?  
63Some people say that industrial growth is necessary to solve poverty, but some other people argue that industrial growth is creating environmental problems and it should be stopped. Discuss both views and give your opinion.  
64Some scientist thinks that there are intelligent life forms on other planets and messages should be sent to contact them. Other scientists think it is a bad idea and would be dangerous. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.  
65Nowadays in many countries women have full time jobs. Therefore, it is logical to share household tasks evenly between men and women. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?  
66It is impossible to help all people in the world, so governments should focus on people in their own countries. To what extent do you agree or disagree?  
67These days the fashions in clothing are constantly changing. Is this affecting individual and the environment in a positive or a negative way? Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge and experience.  
68New technologies have changed the way children spend their leisure time. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?  
69With growing population in cities, more and more people live in a home with small or no outdoor areas. Is it a positive or negative development?  
70 Young people are often influenced by their behaviours and situations by others in the same age. This is called peer pressure. Do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages?  
71Some people believe that the government should take care of old people and provide financial support after they retire. Others say individuals should save during their working years to fund their own retirement. What is your opinion? Give reasons for your answer and include examples from your own experience.  
72Nowadays both men and women spend a lot of money on beauty care. This was not so in the past. What may be the root cause of this behaviour? Discuss the reasons and possible results.  
73 It is suggested that everyone should have a car, a television and a fridge. Do disadvantages of this development for society outweigh advantages?”  
74 Some people think parents should read or tell stories to children. Others think parents needn’t do that as children can read books or watch TV, movies by themselves. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.  
75 Scientists tell us that some activities are good for health and others are bad. Despite knowing that, millions of people still continue doing unhealthy activities. What are the causes and what are the solutions for this?  
76Ambition is an important character for people who want to be successful in life. Is it a positive or a negative character?  
77Some people think that economic progress is the only way to measure a countries success, while others think that other factors can be used to measure a countries success. What are these Factors? Which do you think are most important?  
78In some countries, fast food restaurants and supermarkets give money to schools to promote their products. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?  
79 In schools and universities, girls tend to choose arts while boys like science. What are the reasons for this trend and do you think this tendency should be changed?  
80In the past, lectures were used as a way of teaching large number of students, but now with the development of technology for education, many people think there is no justification for attending lectures. To what extent do you agree or disagree?  
81 Nowadays it is common for people to get married and have children in their thirties rather than when they are younger. Do you agree or disagree that this trend will benefit society?  
82Art is considered an important part of society as well as an expression of its culture. Do you think it is important for children to be taught art? Do you think children should be encouraged to focus on art rather than other subjects?  
83In many countries, plastic containers have become more common than ever and are used by many foods and drink companies. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?  
84Do you think businesses should hire employees who will spend their entire lives working for the company? Explain why do you agree or disagree. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.  
85 Do you think that technological advancement has brought more harm than good? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.  
86What technologies did you use to help you in your studies? Describe how it has helped you. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.  
87When a new town is planned, it is more important to develop public parks and sports facilities than shopping centers for people to spend their time in. To what extent do you agree or disagree?  
88Some countries allow old people to work to any age that they want. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?  
89With the latest technological advancements, dating is now possible online. Would you recommend online dating for your single friends? What are the advantages and disadvantages of online dating? Site some examples to support your answer.  
90 These days, scientists can tell whether a child will become criminal or not by examining the child at an age of three. Do you agree that crime is a product of human nature? Do you think we can stop children from becoming criminals?  
91For many people, the reason they work hard is to earn money. To what extent do you agree or disagree?  
92Nowadays consumer goods have become the most important part of people’s lives. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?  
93Some people claim that public museums and art galleries will not be needed because people can see historical objects and works of art by using a computer. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?  
94Governments should spend more money on medical research and less on researching the environment. To what extent do you agree or disagree?  
95Some people say modern children’s games do not develop a wide range of skills, while traditional games can be much better for developing such skills. To what extent do you agree or disagree?  
96Some people think that job satisfaction is more important than job security. Others think that people cannot expect to enjoy a job and that having a permanent job is more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.  
97Art is considered an important part of society as well as an expression of its culture. Do you think it is important for children to be taught art? Do you think children should be encouraged to focus on arts rather than other subjects?  
98Some people think that climate change could have a negative effect on business. Other people think that climate change could create more business opportunities. Discuss both views give your own opinion.  
99Some people think that the best way to reduce the time spent in travelling to work is to replace parks and gardens close to the city center with apartment buildings for commuters, but others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.  
100In many countries, plastic containers have become more common than ever and are used by much food and drink companies. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?  

Essay 51

51) Since the 18th century technological advances have replaced people in the workplace. With today’s technology this process is happening at a greater rate. Technology is increasingly responsible for unemployment. To what extend do you agree or disagree with this statement?

For two centuries technological progress has developed rapidly. And some people believe that advancement has affected worklessness negatively. I absolutely agree with that statement, because machines are more productive and they have immunity to Hazards. This essay discusses both reasons and makes several examples for them.

It is no doubt, robots do their work more accurate and faster than human workers. As a result, companies’ owners prefer automated production lines for their quality and speed. Moreover, statistics show us that people make a lot of mistakes that can affect on product bad. So, bosses do not want to waste their profit out of defective goods. For example, most huge companies such as Toyota and Ford have the best quality of cars. That is because people are not involved in the building process.

The next reason why people are not the best solution for various workplaces is immunity to dangerous environments. In other words, robots can work in places where humans cannot. Furthermore, human health is very vulnerable and any worker can get injured at any time, while machines require only timely maintenance. In addition, medical bills and insurance are not attractive things for firms’ welfare. For instance, some heavy industries use special chemicals in their factories. In that case, only robots can stand in those places normally.

In conclusion, I think technological advances are responsible for unemployment in some spheres. Mainly, any mechanism does human work better and faster. What is more, machinery can be active in any environment and any condition.  (BAND-8)


At present, there are enormous enhancements in the technology field since 200 century. Owning to this, the number of jobless people have soared too and this process consistently surging with the time. This essay would partially concur with the above thought due to the several detrimental and beneficial effects on the nation’s development. Firstly, this essay would discuss the major devastating drawback of this process and secondly, how this trend contributes to make a continent’s economy strong and stable than other continents. Although, i think, it is the great achievement for the territory to have such a latest and beneficial technologies, nonetheless, government should think of all the consequences before grabbing the opportunity.

On the one hand, the prime detrimental impact of an enhanced technology is that it is contributing to declining financial condition of the workers who are well-known for their manual working skills. When a machine takes a charge of doing work then the employers do not require keeping the staff as before. Therefore, the workers used to get the layoff. This makes them in the financial shortage that they are unable to feed their family. For instance, as per the USA employment section survey, 60% of the labours are jobless since many years due to the digital technology.

On the other hand, it also has a major advantage that helps the regime to keep the nation’s economy strong and safe, because, the use of a new technology requires a high skilled employees that charges 6 digit salary. And, this higher wages make them to pay huge tax to the authority. Consequently, the government would have enough financial support from the revenue agency that automatically boom to the economy at peak level in compare to previous years. For example, according to the Australian finance department report of the last 2 years, the economy have been boosting with the years due to the acceptance of the newer technology.

In conclusion, the increased advancement in the technology field indeed be an asset in forming a new nation that is capable of competing with developed territories such as USA, UK. Although, the regime should also think about the civilian’s opportunities before supporting of introducing the new gadgets to the public. This is the way, the authority would acquire a success in balancing both advantages and disadvantages of the latest trend.



In the modern world, technology has become one of the most essentials. Some belief it has taken over people’s day jobs and it happening at a rapid rate. And the world claims that growth of the automation is accountable for raising the Unemployment problem.

However, I partly agree with the above statement and throughout this essay, I will explain why.

The reason why I do not agree on the above statement is, to develop those high-tech advance we are using people who are qualified in this field. In other words, to create the software you need human knowledge. As a result, people who are experienced in Information Technology subjects will have more jobs opening than ever before. For example, a study done in London found out that, last 10 years’ time their unemployment rate has reduced by 55% because of the growth of technological advance. Thus, it is certain that automation generates more occupations to society.

On the other hand, machines reduce labour, save time and the value of the product can cause cutback in the society. In many countries supermarket, self-checkout counters are a common thing. It can reduce the amount of labour by reducing cashiers. For instance, a few years ago I lost my casual position in a supermarket due to the instalment of new self-checkout counters. Hence, automation has caused cutback since it lowers the production price and saves time.

To sum up, even though, the Advance of technology causing fewer job openings because of time and cost-saving, there are more new IT positions coming to the community to reduce  cutback.   (BAND-6)


Automation has taken over the world. It is argued that advanced technology is mainly responsible for the high jobless rate. However, I partially agree with the above statement and I will explain why throughout this essay.

On the one hand, the use of modern computerization has replaced the traditional way of doing businesses. E-commerce has removed the need of a middle man when doing a business and created a direct link between the buyer and the seller.  As a result of that many occupations have been replaced by modern industrialization. For instance, my sister lost her job recently because her workplace opened a virtual store and she is struggling to find work because her skills are not matched with new tech devices. Thus, high tech era has caused many job losses to society.

On the other hand, many people were managed to get career opportunities as a result of using e-businesses. It is a fact that Artificial Intelligence needs human contribution to operate and without people, mechanization cannot survive 100%.  As a result of that, there is a high demand for jobs such as software developers, technicians. For example, a friend of mine was employed by a famous tech company as soon as he finished his degree because he has a lot of technical knowledge about electronics. Thus, automation can actually reduce the unemployment rate.

To sum up, it can be said that automation is mainly responsible for the workless rate though I believe that the use of electronic devices for business has created many job opportunities.



In this contemporary era, the emergence of vast technology has successfully overtaken the work done by manual workers in the firm. In most of the companies this development has been adopted due to which people are unable to get a job. I am in complete accord with the given ideology and the reason for my opinion will be elucidated in the forthcoming paragraphs with the relevant illustration.

To begin with, there are numerous reasons to favour this notion. First and foremost, in many organisations humans are replaced by robots which are perilous for youngsters. To explicate, in most of the gigantic companies automatic machines have been installed due to which, number of human power diminished at a fast rate. Consequently, youth has to face the issue of unemployment. To exemplify, as per a survey conducted by the London University in 2020, 80% of high-level hotels in Dubai have replaced their waiters with robots. As a result, citizens of the place are facing the problem of poverty-stricken. Therefore, it is evident that technological advances have replaced the public in the workplace by which people become jobless.

Fortify further, another major reason is that the online system has lessened the work and saves a lot of time at the workplaces thus, individuals are not required to do any task. To illustrate, nowadays most of the industries installing vending machines to run the firm through websites, which provides quick and hassle free service to the consumers. Concurrently, the first-hand experience is losing the job. For instance, as per recent research done by The Times of India, 85% of Indian cinema halls are booking tickets through websites at the counter for which they do not seek any human power. Hence, job opportunities are decreasing with advanced technology.

To conclude, owing to reasons such as robots and other online technology works quickly due to employees are replaced by these advancements in the companies and unemployment takes place easily. Therefore, I completely agree with the former notion.


52) The US film industry has too much influence on the film industry around the world. Governments have a duty to invest money in their own film industries to protect and develop their cultures. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

The film industry has significantly improved in recent years. One of the best film industries by far is the American film industry. Almost all of the film industry around the world have too much influenced by the American film style. Because of that, some people believe that investment capital in their own film industry is one of the government’s ways to protect their own film industry and their own culture as well. Although the American film style has a positive influence on improving the local film industry, I fully agree that government should play their role to save our original ones. 

On the one hand, the American film industry, or we called it Hollywood, have positive influences for other same industry around the globe. They have sophisticated tools for making movies and also have a lot of interesting stories that can make almost all of their movies be the box office movies. For example, Titanic is one of the best films that Hollywood has ever made. Besides its story, the Titanic has captivated the audience by the effect of the sinking of the ship. The filmmaker around the world might be influenced by good movies like Titanic. However, other filmmakers should consider their own idea while making their own films.   

On the other hand, the government has key roles to ensure the sustainability of their own creative industry. One of the best ways to help the creative industry is to invest some money in the creator. For instance, governments can support the local production houses and work with them to create such animation films that talk about the original culture of their country. Furthermore, the filmmaker can collaborate with local actresses and actors. In terms of making a fascinating story or high-quality digital effect, the moviemaker can adopt how the American moviemakers make the same things in their film.

To conclude, I fully agree with the notion that government has a key role to protect their own film industry and also their culture by invest some capital. The local filmmaker can adopt the positive parts from the American film industry such as the story or the digital effect and then apply to their own movie production.



The US film producers have a greater impact in the film production all over the planet. I support the idea that, our legislators is their responsibility to fund their individual film industries to safeguard and promote their norms. In the coming paragraphs I’m going to elaborate my point regarding this issue.

To begin with, our state’s film production industries do not have a lot of films due to lack of funds which I assume that our government must sponsor such kid of industries since they help  building our country’s own culture. If the state’s people continue to watch movies from other countries like the US they will end up adopting the US culture instead of promoting their own cultural norms. You will find that these US films have an impacts to other culture by hearing how our kids talk they can rebuke their adults copying it from the films that they see without knowing that I accordance to their culture its a bad thing.

Secondly, foreign films also erode our self-respect. By so doing it would promote things like phonography as people get addicted I watching movies which are not recommended for them. If the government promotes their own film industries it will be a great advantage not for them only but for the whole nation as a whole since that would help in educating the coming generation of our own culture.

To summarise, it’s a state’s own government responsibility to fund their film production industries.


53) In many workplaces, online communication is getting more common than meeting face to face. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

It is often argued that online meeting is used more often than in-person meetings in a lot of offices. While I believe that online communication does not have the human to human interaction, I also think that it is convenient and easily accessible. I am of the opinion that although there are disadvantages, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

First of all, meetings online would not cause great interpersonal relationships compared with in-person meetings. During a face to face meeting, people would share and discuss the concerning topics and bond with each other. They may even go to after-work dinner where they will talk about their work problems, have fun and have a good time, thus strengthening their interpersonal relationships. Research has found that 50% of employees do not feel close to their co-workers when they are working from home or from online.

On the contrary, working online is less time-consuming and convenient because it is easily accessible from any place around the world. For instance, my uncle who is in America can do meetings online concerning projects in Singapore without physically coming to Singapore. Moreover, if a person is working online, he will save transportation fees and commute time. A study has found that during the pandemic, 80% of workers have more time to spend with their families as people have to work from home and do not need to commute during peak hours.

In conclusion, although online communication has drawbacks regarding interpersonal relationships, I believe that the pros far outweigh the cons because not only does it save money but also it is convenient and time-saving. 



It is commonly considered that the future of communication will be via online only and this trend is growing rapidly. Many usually prefer to use technology while communicating while some are still comfortable more with face to face mode. According to my opinion, online chats or video calls have more pros than its cons.

To begin with, with the help of technology we can save plenty of our time and that was not possible with the orthodox mode of communication. To elaborate, we do not need to travel to our workplaces and also do not have to maintain a strict schedule. Moreover, we can do multitasking at the same time while listening to others’ discussion and that can increase our productivity. For example, for me, while joining meetings online, I can save almost two hours per day and I can use that for increasing my work output. Overall, usually for everyone, it can save precious time.

Moving on to the other advantages, online communication is helping our environment in an indirect way. To simplify, when we are talking virtually, then we do not need to commute and that helps in a great way to ease traffic flow. Additionally, we do not need to use our cars and by doing that we can also save our precious fossil fuel and reduce the carbon footprints. On top of that, in those giant tech parks where more than thousands of the employees were working, most of them could operate in low power mode because most of the employees could work from their respective homes with the help of online meetings and that could help to decrease electricity and water consumption. For instance, the traffic density and amount of the CO2 are decreased rapidly in my neighbourhood and the environment becomes clearer than ever and indeed it is a great achievement.

To conclude, there may be some disadvantages to the virtual conversation, but personally, I believe that advantages weigh more. I would suggest that the organizations should consider stressing on talking over the internet rather than the old ways of communication.



It is now becoming familiar to communicate with office colleagues for professional purpose via online media instead of direct communication. Due to the advancement of technology official meetings can be arranged virtually because it may reduce the time of going office as well as it can possible to attend the meeting from anywhere .However , it has several advantages which make it becoming popular in many countries.

First of all, it can be said that there is a noticeable number of companies which rarely need a physical office. Most of the works can be done through a virtual office. The employers can join the meeting through “zoom” and discuss their queries with teammates through the hatbox. For instance, my husband works in an IT company, mostly he needs to join the meeting via online and he does remote work instead of going office. Consequently, it can easy to work more time and they feel relatively less tired during office hour. In other words, remote job or virtual meeting makes colleagues sincere to finish the project according to the deadline. Besides, those companies’ runs through online are basically IT and it needs critical thinking to develop the program or software. Thus, home office or virtual offices are quite a favourable place to think in a sensible way.

Another issue is that, virtual meetings are more effective in the coldest countries such as Finland, Norway, and Sweden etc. During the winter season, it is quite hard to attend a face to face meeting in the morning due to darkness or cold weather. Moreover, an online meeting can reduce the hassle of travelling by bus or metro and also avoid traffic problems to go to the office. Those employers who came from long distance areas would be benefited from the virtual meeting. In addition, those female workers who have a newborn baby can join the virtual meeting without any worries as they are work from home. Furthermore, due to the pandemic situation, this communication is becoming more used in many countries for safety reason. It could be predicted that in near future the blessing of technology will replace this face to face meeting for professional purpose. For example, Twitter already shifted to virtual office from the physical office.

To sum up, it would say that despite the invention of technology has both benefits and disadvantages, but the advantages may create such facilities which are praiseworthy rather than disadvantages. 



In most  the ,places virtual talking is becoming more common as compared to face to face meeting, in my opinion, the merits of this development outweigh the demerits because, in technophile ,era folks do online meeting through their electronic gadgets in a short span of time. Also, it saves the hard-earned money of workers . However, there are few of the merits are also exist of this statement like in some areas have the problem of network issue so there will be no chance of virtual meeting.

At the onset, Technology has proved as a boon for mankind because, the online platform is the best mode in order to meetings with their loved one in a short span of time. Moreover, online meetings are the best source of saving money because in prior time masses go here and there to attend the meetings but, now with the aid of virtual meetings masses save their hard-earned money because, workers have not gone anywhere.

While there are few of the merits are also exist in few areas there are a lot of issues of network problem so masses cannot join online meetings which creates a bad impact on labour as well as society. Although, in other words, virtual meetings save precious time of employees such as during the Corona pandemic most of the employers what do virtual meeting with the help of telecommunicating So online meetings are beneficial for workplaces.

To conclude, both the perspectives are good and valid up to certain level virtual meetings have the importance of merits like it saves both times as well as money of worker and employers so that is why online meetings are becoming more popular rather than face to face meetings.


54) Some people think that fittest and strongest individual and team can achieve success in sports, while others believe that success depends on mental attitude. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

People have different views about the factors leading to the triumph in the field of sports. While some argue that athletes and sports teams with the highest level of physical fitness could win competitions, I believe psychological factors are more significant.

On the one hand, I understand the reason why it can be argued that physical factors play a pivotal role in sporting success. Perhaps the major argument is that competitions’ outcomes are largely determined by physical fitness, particularly muscular strength and endurance. For example, a weightlifter has to be physically fit enough to lift weights, and it is clear that the stronger he is, the heavier weight he can lift. Another example is that in marathon running, athletes have to consistently run in many hours, and long legs with powerful muscles are necessary so that they can make up a successful athletic performance. Furthermore, sports teams having well-built members could get a competitive edge over other teams and are more likely to succeed in competitions.

On the other hand, I am of opinion that mental factors are far more important than physical ones. Firstly, in professional competitions such as Olympic Games or World Cup, it seems that all competitors are talented and well-trained, and mental toughness would significantly affect the overall result. An athlete with the best physical abilities sometimes could make mistakes, and without willpower and perseverance, he would probably become nervous and consequently give up. Secondly, even a team with strongest members, if there were not solidarity and cooperation, could potentially fail the competition. This is particularly the case in soccer where a player could keep the ball and try to score for his own sake instead of passing the ball to other players who have better scoring opportunities.

In conclusion, although I acknowledge that good physical conditions could bring advantages to both individuals and teams, I would contend that mental factors such as determination and persistence play a more vital role in sporting success. 



In the modern world, many people are reckoned to think that the key element of success is a mental attitude, while others feel that the physical strength and well-being can lead to the prosperity. After pondering this phenomenon, I believe that the balance between the mental well-being and physical training can lead to the success.

On the one hand, it is true that being strong is crucial for the sportsmen and sportswomen. In this regard, they should be well prepared to become a champion or a winner. Furthermore, many types of sports, such as wrestling, martial arts and taekwondo, require being physically strong and durable. To illustrate, ordinary people cannot run for 3 km in 12 minutes, and they should train every day in order to get this accomplished.

On the other hand, the key ingredient of prosperity is mental health. In this case, sportsmen should know how to beat their opponents and counterparts. That is to say, they should plan their every step in advance. Moreover, internal health is essential for being a champion in many types of sports such as boxing, jogging and swimming. To illustrate, these kinds of sports have many emotional moments and situations. Accordingly, the people should keep their emotion in such kinds of situations in order to not show their weaknesses.

In conclusion, although many people tend to think that the fittest and strongest individual can be a winner, others feel that the internal health is vital for being a champion. However, in my opinion, I believe that the people should be efficient and productive in order to beat their opponents.



There is an ongoing controversy as to whether championship in team competition depends on the physical strength of each member or their emotional determination. To the best of my knowledge, I support the latter view and will outline the reasons below.

On the one hand, it is of paramount importance for athletes to maximize their muscles and stamina inasmuch as sports always requires a vast amount of energy. Therefore, were any player to get exhausted, the general coordination among the team would immediately be interrupted and affect the winning ability? On top of that, body index, which states the fitness of a sportsman, is set to play a pivotal role to categorize the level of that person in all likelihood. For that reason, individuals are encouraged to enhance their health conditions in the hope of being at the higher rank.

On the other hand, the intangible factors are regarded as an impetus to the success ratio in many cases. A typically prominent instance is that sportsmen, especially football players, can break their limits and enhance their competitiveness under the audiences’ cheer and support. Another justification is that with a rigorous will and strategy, an athlete can sharpen his or her focuses and gain a higher chance to defeat competitors. Although a marathon requires a large amount of energy, it is the racers notion that motivates them to run through the finish line and overcome moments of fatigue.

In conclusion, the physical shape is necessary but the appropriate mindset holds the better proportion to success.



A lot of people suppose that sporting success is only for the fittest and strongest individuals, while others think that mental attitude has major impacts on success. My essay will discuss these views and then I will elaborate on my opinion.

To begin with, it is often to say that in sport, the team with vigorous and well-built members is more likely to be successful.  It is because these athletes gain so much strength during long hours of extensive physical training, which made their body work at its maximum capacity. For example, football players who spent a lot of time in the gym to have the best physical condition, such as muscular strength and endurance, therefore, they can maintain the strongest physique in the pitch during the match. As a result, they can perform well and probably escalating their chances to win against their opponents.

On the other hand, mental factors also are a huge essential role in sporting success, which could be motivation, concentration, and emotional control. Firstly, motivation is important for any areas people want to optimize their performance, especially in sports. For instance, athletes experience constant ups-and-down, wins and losses during their career, therefore intrinsic motivation and love for what they do, which usually helps them recover after getting a terrible result. Secondly, most of the sports always require high concentration from athletes. Because every action or movement also is required exactly, if athletics does not concentrate intensely on the tournament, they can lose wins from the competitors.

From the above-mentioned ideas, I acknowledge that good physical conditions could bring advantages to both individuals and teams. But mental factors are indispensable in sporting success. Hence, I suppose that people should take mental and physical training to achieve more success in sport careers.

In conclusion, people argue that becoming successful in sports, which require strong physical, while others think the opposite that mental attitudes are a major factor. From my perspective, having a robust body and positive outlook are both imperative for the people in the sport. 



Many people believe that the successful career of the sportsmen is depended on the physical strength such as muscles, body. Others think that that success depends on a mental attitude. This essay will discuss both the views in forthcoming paragraphs and I personally believe that a mental attitude is most important to achieve triumph.

To begin with, some believe that one can win a game by his physical strength. They take the fittest body key to success. For instance, In wrestling, If a player is physically strong he can win the medals. A person who is strong can overcome all the problems.

On the other hand, others and I included, believe that mental attitude is most important to earn the more medals. A person with a strong body and without a mental attitude cannot do anything in the playground. Mind training and mental attitude are ahead to achieve the goal. For instance, last week, I watched an interview with badminton player Sania Nehwal. In which she particular mentioned that she plays with a mental attitude. One should set his mind to achieve the desired goal. It’s all about the strategy which is already planning in mind how to play against a particular player.

To conclude, this essay discussed both views that why some people believe that strongest body is necessary and on the contrary, others and I believe that mental attitude is everything to achieve success in the life. The fittest body without strategy is nothing. A player should have proper planning to win.


55) Some people think that children are having too much free time and this time should be use to study more. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Many people think that modern children have an abundance of free time and doing more school work in their free time is necessary. As parents, being concerned about children’s grades and studies is natural but over pressuring them to study and get top grades might backfire. Children’s leisure activity should be fun yet interesting which will eventually teach them important lessons and make them more creative. 

Schoolwork is definitely important. But if children are forced to study all day long without having enough time for recreation or refreshment, it will increase their stress level and negatively affect their physical and cognitive development in later stages of their lives. I believe, free time means a child should be allowed to do things that out of their normal routine.

For children, it can be playing sports in the playground or a park with other kids of their age. This will teach them how to be a team player and enhance their social skills. They can also play educative video games for a few minutes and watch cartoon shows. Besides, practicing a hobby sounds impressive to me. For this, a family should be open-minded and try to find the hidden talents of their off springs. I believe that not all children are born with particular talents. It is our duty as parents, teachers and relatives who motivate them and engaging them in extracurricular activities such as drawing, dancing, singing etc are also necessary. We have to understand that an unsocial adolescent with good academic grades cannot make much impact on our society and cannot climb the professional success.

In conclusion, even though studying and preparing for exams is very important for the future of a child, we should not enforce them to be occupied with it all the time. Instead, various social, fun and creative activities in free time will make them more prepared for the future.   (BAND- )


Different individuals have their own opinion on leisure time utilization by students. Critics may say that this period should be utilized for learning school subjects. However, I feel that they should be enrolled in various extra-curriculum classes in their free time. In this essay, we will analyze how this will help their psychological as well as physical development.

To begin with, getting involved in other activities can boost the functioning of the brain. For instance, if young people opt for mind games such as Chess, it can help them to improve their thinking ability. This will not only enhance their cognitive performance but can also serve as the exercise for the brain. Thus, it is apparent that youngsters who prefer to perform such activities in the available spell will be mentally strong.

In addition to this, performing outdoor activities allow these teenagers to carry out different body movements. A good illustration for this is the outdoor activities such as Volleyball, cricket and so on which involve a lot of running. Pupils participating in these games are forced to execute different body movements and thereby, this helps them to improve their physical wellbeing. Therefore, the benefits of spending an ideal time playing games are difficult to debunk.

After analyzing these areas, it is obvious that investing time in extra-curriculum will offer advantages with regards to the development of young people. It has now been shown that students should be registered in hobby classes instead of forcing them to concentrate only on schoolwork. It is thus hoped that apart from schools, the government will also encourage pupils to undertake such activities.


Childhood days are the golden period of one’s life. People are divided on the issue that children are given too much leisure time. However, this time should be utilized for more educational purposes. On the whole, I do believe that they should spend their past time in extracurricular activities but the role of study could not be neglected which would be discussed in the upcoming paragraphs.

To commence with, the initial years of one’s life are the building blocks of a healthy and prosperous career. Therefore, the importance of these days cannot be ignored. There are ample reasons to justify that children should devote their extra time to recreational activities.  First and foremost, a healthy child can achieve every goal in his life. To be fit and healthy, one has to indulge themselves in sports activities as it will help to increase the oxygen concentration in the blood and ultimately improves health and power of concentration. So, they can even perform better at studies also. For instance , a survey was conducted in 2018, which stated that,  a child who participates in sports having thirty per cent more chances of getting good grades in school.

In addition to it, every child is not good at academics. There are some hidden talents present in children as they may be good at painting, playing music and sports. So it is very crucial to give them enough time to recognize their talent and even they would have a more successful career if they make their passion a career. To illustrate, a famous Indian cricket player Virat Kohli was an average student but he is now a successful and renowned player of the cricket world. He brings laurels for the nation. On the other hand, the importance of studies could not be ignored because education gives wings to the dreams of a child. One has to work a little harder if one wants to survive in this era. In this cut-throat competitive world, a child has to compete with students all over the globe.

In a nutshell, there is some kind of truth in both opinions. Although giving extra-large time to studies is acceptable, but the value of devoting leisure time to extracurricular activities has much more important to have a healthy and happy life. (BAND-8)


Certain people believe that children have a lot of idle time and that this time is utilized for the study. In my opinion, I partially agree with the statement, however, not only should they study during these times but also be encouraged to engage in other educational games.

The advantages of studying cannot be overemphasized. This is so important for the younger ones in the development of their minds. Children, who are exposed early to reading and writing tasks, tend to independently read and write by the age of five years. In addition, screen time should be intentionally reduced for these little ones as this have more negative effects on their brains, such as short attention span and eye defects. Studying educational books and other material is an excellent way to keep them busy.

Despite the benefits of studying mentioned above, the leisure time of children should also be filled with mind building games such as chess, monopoly and scrabble games. More so, participating in such games helps in the development of a child’s critical thinking, problem-solving and relational skills. Children generally find these games challenging and exciting, hence they will always want to play them. As a result, their free time is thoroughly utilized while they grow soft skills that are applicable to other areas of their lives.

To conclude, I partially agree with the school of thought that believes that the plenty of time children have should be used to study more. This is because there are other activities that these little ones can take part in aside from studying for a longer period, Such as building blocks, scrabble and chess. This will lead to the complete growth of the child’s brain.  (BAND-8)

56) Many people feel that students should learn from online materials while others feel that it is better to use printed materials. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Since the last decade with the boom in internet and digital media, the methodologies, students use for learning is changing rapidly. At present, many students prefer to use online content for studying whereas more traditional students still use the printed materials. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the argument and explain my support for the former view.

Online content can easily be accessed via multiple devices like smartphones, computers, etc. So clearly, the accessibility of online materials is way more than printed formats like books, papers, etc. For instance, a student can easily access an ebook on his smartphone, which he usually carries with him and is way easier than carrying a book along with him. For this reason, I feel online materials provide more convenience and easier availability to students.

Although the world is going digital, using printed materials for studying helps students focus on the task of learning and provides a distraction free environment for the same. Unlike printed formats of learning when a student is studying online they need to use a digital device to access the content and the same digital device can be used for many other purposes too. For example, when using a smartphone the student instead of learning can start chatting which his friends on social media and waste his important time. So there is no doubt that printed materials provide a distraction learning experience.

To conclude, like two sides of a coin, both learning formats have their pros and cons. Although online learning provides more accessibility and convenience, using printed materials is distraction free and allows students to focus on learning itself. In my opinion, the convenience and ease of use provided by online learning outweighs its problems of distraction. I think as we move forward in the 21st century, more and more students are going to be using online content for learning, compared to other formats.



With the advent of technology, these days there has been a diversion in studying pattern. It is perceived by some those students prefer to use online content for studying, and because of this, it should be followed. Whereas other opine that it would be more beneficial for health, if students go with the traditional printed materials. In this essay I will discuss both sides of argument and explain my support for the later view.

 On the one hand, it is believed that, online modality is preferred by some because of ease of access. This means that electronic books can easily be accessed e-reader via multiple devices like smartphones, computers and so forth. Despite time-honored value of printed books in the past, these kinds of publication have negative effects on environment due to the cutting down of trees to produce paper. For example, a student can easily access electronic equivalent on his smartphone. Therefore, materials on the net not only provide more convenience, but also easier availability to students.

 On the other hand, it is understandable why some people reckon that reading books, printed on paper, more useful for readers especially for students because in these it is possible to separate necessary information by various symbols. In this way, when they return to read a book, they quickly find the information, that they need from material and apart from this it may be effective mean to remember certain data to some extent. If student wants to pass a final exam like an entrance exam to the institute, there is high probability of using this method. In spite of the maturity and popularity of iBook’s, they eventually may cause health hazards such as sore eyes or neck stiffness. Thus, traditional books play a vital role in succeeding the exam.

 In conclusion, there are different views about teaching methodologies. Some people consider that online learning provides more accessibility but others feel that reading matters ideal choice to read. 



It is true that some students are able to live with their parents in order to pursue studies in their hometown, and others are forced to live away from family when they are studying in another city. I believe that student accommodation wields direct influences on a student’s life and their academic performance and also there are several advantages and disadvantages for both of these sentences.

On the one hand, there are both benefits and drawbacks when college students live with their parents. Firstly, living with family during student life may bring some advantages ranging from parental care to a feeling of safety. Secondly, another major benefit is that they are able to be economized, since they do not have to pay any money for accommodation. However, the home situation may have its disadvantages. In fact, commuting to university from home daily may deprive the students of remarkable time which should have been allocated for recreational and extracurricular activities or sports with a view to enhancing their physical health and develop team work teamwork skills or communication competencies.

On the other hand, there are several advantages of learning to study independently in another city. It is undeniable that with the absence of parental care, university students seem to have a chance to shoulder almost all blame in their private life, ranging from doing household chores to managing personal finance. Moreover, Students might learn how to live and work in harmony with others and giving rise to improvements in social skills. Nevertheless, students also face some challenges when they have to live away from their hometown. One of the most important problems is having to find accommodation. Most of universities are often located in the city centre, where rents are high if they want to find a room with basic facilities. 

In conclusion, based on different personal circumstances, some potential benefits and drawbacks of living away from parents or living under the same roof with the family can be identified.



During the pandemic, normal schooling was cancelled and online class plays an essential role in present education model. It is argued that wireless learning approach can help students acquire knowledge, whereas some people prefer paper form task. I totally agree that learning through internet is more beneficial to the learners.

On one hand, printed exercise can help children in better memorizing information and following the task instruction. Firstly, students can remember the knowledge better by writing down the wording. Psychologists have begun to suggest that information input through hand-writing can achieve a longer and more accurate memorizing effect. Besides, for the primary students, it is too difficult for them to follow the task online. The paper form learning materials, such as worksheets and workbooks, are easier for them to follow their duties, and hence improve the learning effective.

On the other hand, online educating can strike for a better learning experience as it is more flexible and have various formats. Firstly, this wireless teaching approach is not affected by regional constraint. Learners can receive the lesson at any time and at any places as long as they have the devices. Secondly, this teaching method can be transformed into different formats, for example, cartoon video clips, gaming for the examination and live streaming forum, which increase students’ incentive to learn. I personally agree the online materials can achieve higher studying effectiveness, especially under the COVID 19. Internet teaching approach can replace the shortage of printed materials and continue the studying process. This is a more reliable model in education.

In conclusion, comparing with traditional educating, online teaching is good for students as it is more flexible and this motivates children to study effectively. (BAND-8)                                                            

57) In some areas of the US, a curfew is imposed, in which teenagers are not allowed to be out of doors after a particular time at night unless they are accompanied by an adult. What is opinion about this?

In today’s generation, there has been a controversy among the people regarding teenagers roaming around on the roads at night. Recently, in the US, children are barred to go out alone in the night and are asked to compulsorily take an adult in case they wish to be outdoors. In my opinion, I completely agree with the decision taken by the authorities as it is dangerous for them.

Firstly, the crime rate has been elevating swiftly. One clear example is the increasing section of crime reports in the local newspapers. Furthermore, to be cautious, one must not allow their children to go out of the house without elders as anyone can face the misdeeds and be left helpless, especially in the night. Therefore, to save a child from facing such issues, an adult should accompany them in the dawn time.

Secondly, in some area of the United States, wildlife is often observed to disturb the livelihood. To illustrate, leopards and bears were reported in some regions searching for food and tried attacking the pet animals and children. For this reason, even at dawn time, this animal enters the local areas and search for their prey and attack people roaming alone, especially children. Hence, to save little one’s parents should avoid letting them go out alone in the dark.

To conclude, it is not safe for youngsters to wander alone in the dark as animals and people can harm them in their hours of need. Also, the decision taken by the US government to stop the youth going outdoor without the elders is appreciative. Moreover, people should follow this rule for their benefits.  (BAND-9)


Considering today’s society and the increasing increase of violence on the streets, parents should pay more attention to what their teenagers are doing. In some regions of the US, a reclusion time has been imposed for teenagers, who must be accompanied by an adult after a certain hour; otherwise, they are not allowed to be outdoors. While some youth might consider this an authoritarian approach, I considerably believe that this action will prevent their involvement with illicit activities, as well as encourage more useful spending of this time.

Firstly, imposing a curfew is an effective way to discourage teenagers’ participation in delinquent actions.  Although most teenagers would say that they have grown to distinguish what is right or not, when it is related to the unknown or novelty, they might not consider all the pros and cons of their actions. Adults involved with drugs and alcohol have probably started this involvement when they were still young, so preventing this contact as much as possible is a way to prevent problematic adults. In fact, some researchers have shown statistics, in which 89% of adult drug addicts’ dependency started in adolescence.

Secondly, the requirement to be home at a certain period would prompt adolescents to spend their time more wisely. Many teenagers claim that they do not have time to do anything else, besides studying and working. However, the period that they spend out of the house, especially at night, could be used for something that is more valuable for their future. As an example, parents should consider performing activities together with them, such as playing a new instrument, teaching baking recipes, or learning another language.

In summary, the imposition of a ‘curfew’ is an excellent approach for society to protect the young, who are often impressionable. I firmly believe this alternative is worth it and should be considered, as it will promote healthy habits and productive use of time. (BAND-8.5)


Strict rules have been implemented by the government of many countries for the sake of people. To support this, curfews have been implemented to certain areas of the US during which youngsters will not go out without any adult. In my opinion, this will bring a positive impact on society which will be discussed in this essay.

The main reason for this crucial step is for the betterment of those at a young age. Youngsters love to party at midnight, where they spend time out with friends because during the night the strictness on the bars and public areas are less as compare to day time. For instance, in the US, some bars serve free drink after 11pm which will directly impact the life of youngsters as they do not have enough money to spend. So these restrictions will not only help teenagers but also their parents who keep on worried for their children about going out.

The other reason is the increase in accident rates by low-level aged children. Students who passed schools and started with college are at the delicate age of 16 to 18 years. Furthermore, they can get a license at this age and drive. Some naughty ones like to do racing with friends in cars at late time. The reason why they choose night is, due to less traffic and even some roads are open during late nights for heavyweight vehicles. Less experienced drivers used to drive the car with a higher speed which results in killing innocent peoples. Today, the highest number of car crash cases are found in the US and North America due to this situation. All in all, these cautions will serve as a safety for them and other people.

To conclude, the curfews applied for the night out of kids will help the country and its new generation to live a better and safe life. The government should punish the culprits by tightening the rules and applying the fare to those who neglect it. (BAND-7)

58) Some businesses find that their new employees lack basic interpersonal skills such as cooperative skill. What are the causes and suggest possible solutions.

Some companies do test that their fresh staffs are not adequate basic interpersonal qualities like communication or team work skills. This essay will discuss relative issues and the measures that universities and individual people can take to address this concern.

To begin with, one main reason causing the problem of personal skills is due to the lack of practical experience. To be more specific, tertiary education has no programs for students about more soft-skills to interact with colleges and to create a crucial plan for their teams in their futures. In addition, students solely concentrate on studious mission, a higher mark and a perfect degree as universities educate about in-depth knowledge and professional lectures, which have a negative effect on the flexibility and creativity during the prospective team-work period.

Schools could certainly make more effort to boost their student’s qualifications. Firstly, they should open a wide range of skill courses before graduation, which improves educational outcomes. Last but not least, they either combine internship time with thesis preparation duration to widen the communication ability between same-aged students, or insert teamwork assignment such as team-building games into curriculum from first school years. In this way, people are likely to have a great chance to exchange their study experience and to manage groups.

In conclusion, it becomes apparent that there are various reasons for new employees in companies are not enough knowledge to cooperate with each other and steps need to be taken to tackle this problem. The issue needs to be taken care by not only schools but also undergraduate students



These days, the deficiency in cooperative communication of workers is a concern of many companies. The education and design of the workplace are regarded as primary reasons; therefore, I believe that changes in curriculum at school as well as policies in companies can address this issue.

First of all, there are two principal causes of the lack of teamwork spirit. The exclusive attention to academic subjects hinders students from learning fundamental soft skills. Due to the desire for high scores and ranks at school, they tend to allocate a great amount of time for studying theories in books and doing exercise. Consequently, extracurricular activities which offer essential skills are undermined. The second reason is that employees in recent years are given their own cubicles which separate them from the others. As a result, they can have their privacy, but simultaneously sever the connections among colleagues.

Secondly, numerous solutions should be adopted to enhance interpersonal skills. First, teachers should provide students with group projects so that they will learn to handle teamwork well. Furthermore, besides formal examinations, ranking and grading should be done based on voluntary work and extracurricular activities to encourage pupils to join. In terms of businesses, employers can create an open space where employees can regularly interact with one another and discuss their work. After a successful project or on special occasions of the organization, there can be a party for both leaders and workers as a bonding activity. Not only does this activity enhance horizontal communication, but vertical one as well.

In conclusion, ways of teaching and grading at school and inappropriate workplace design are mainly attributed to the lack of interpersonal skills. My view is that both schools and businesses should alter their conventional methods to alleviate this problem. (BAND-7.5)

(SAMPLE-3)                (BAND-8.5)

In some businesses, employers often face serious concerns in new hires regarding lack of interpersonal skills, for example, cooperative skills. However, there are two potential causes for this and two possible solutions as well.

One of the leading causes of this negative trend would be the absence of market training. This simply means that a fresh graduate often fails to get an opportunity to work with the business and his whole knowledge stays bookish, which results in poor performance during the actual job. Furthermore, the real-time market strategies and recent trends are also out of their knowledge. As a result, for instance, a slower working pace which sometimes makes them stuck into an awkward situation where one starts seeking the assistance of others. These are the fundamental points needed to be fixed.

 A solution to cope with these detrimental factors could be a collation between the corporate sector and educational institutes are needed where students could experience the real essence of the business. This means to say that, the universities would have to assist their student to gain hands-on experience with the market by offering them internships in their fields. Moreover, if this trend flourishes, there is a hope to improve the skillset of our upcoming graduates. For example, Japan has a compulsion to complete at least six-month training in the field before getting the degree, and they do this with the involvement of their industrial sector. This could benefit both, the students in securing a job and employers to find the required skills.

In conclusion, It is true that in certain trades the newcomers often do not have the required skill set to fulfil the needs of their job. This essay has clearly explained the possible causes and their solution, namely, lack of training and practical knowledge and the possible solutions for this could be pre-job training and cooperative working experience with industry during the study years.


It is widely believed that a large number of young workers are inadequately equipped with soft skills. This is mainly because of the lack of proper trainings at university and workplace. There are a number of measures that can be taken to this issue.

One of the reasons of the problem is that education systems don’t provide their students with courses which teach social skills. In fact, an increasing number of universities place excessive emphasis on theoretical subjects rather than fundamental soft skills. As a result, man graduates are likely to be incapable of cooperating and handling group works in an effective manner. Furthermore, the design of modern workplace might be a contributor to the lack of communication skills among co-workers. Due to the development of an organisation, its employees are likely to be given their own cubicles and specific parts of the work, which reduces the chance for staffs to exchange their works.

There are two possible solutions that can be implemented by universities and companies. Firstly, it is recommended that schools and universities should make changes in their curricula. For example, grading and ranking should be based on not only a formal test but also extra curriculum and voluntary activities. Secondly, some businesses should provide more opportunities for interaction among staffs with appropriate workplace designs and task achievements. Specifically, there should be group projects where communication is needed for collective achievements.

In conclusion, having social activities at universities and group projects in workplace is the effective way to deal with the employees’ shortage of interpersonal skills.(BAND-8)

59) Not all drivers obey the laws while driving on roads.  What are the reasons for this? What can be done to fix this problem?

Generally, most of motorists break traffic rules, in result of lack of education and high-level-corruption. In order to encourage individuals to respect the laws, government pays an important role in these issues.

First and forewent, the main reason why individuals violate traffic law is they have not been trained in the school. In fact, some people learn how to drive by their own and then take a test to get a diver license.  They therefore cannot understand clearly about driving rules, even though they are currently driving on roads daily. Moreover, drivers are not anxious about punishment due to police corruption. Since some polices privately receives grant from offenders, this encourages motorists to think that money can solve problems after breaking the laws. For example, in Cambodia, a diver hitting someone by car on road accidentally will have to pay around US $5000 to victim’s family without imprisonment.

The primary initiative of this problem is to reduce corruption in countries, which government firstly should be stricter to officers. Especially, the government officers who accept grant from offenders should be punished threaten, which is considered as corrupting activities. Besides punishment, government should subside to all traffic polices being hard working. This will mentally defend them from corrupting. For instance, on one will not be willing ruin their own career if they are well treated.

In conclusion, according to lack of knowledge of the traffic laws as well as corruption, it is developing to traffic accidents. Hence, government should make some remedies to lower down the corruption level in enforcement traffic. (BAND-6.5)


Every nation has its own rules and regulations on the road that is to be followed by society. While some abide by the motorist rules, others break them for their personality and extreme situations, and the best solutions involve various governmental regulations.

To begin with, there are a couple of reasons for breaking -up the road rules; one is an individual temperament, and the other is an exceptional circumstance. Regarding the former cause, many do not obey the authorities because of their rebellious attitude. That is to say, it is their hereditary trait to counter something, or they might have brought in such an environment. The second reason is an impaired state. If they are in an influenced state, it includes drunk and drive, under the influence of a drug, or being in a rush during an emergency. For example, my uncle met with an accident last week because he did not follow traffic rules as he was in an emergency to go to the hospital. Hence, they disobey the motorist rule not purposefully but because of neglect.

To remedy these public safety hazards, the government must implement comprehensive, long term reforms. Firstly, stricter penalties must be imposed on the public who breaks the law by speeding the vehicle than the restricted limit. Instead of a menial deposit, they must be punished with the hefty amount, so violations while driving can be infringed. Secondly, the government should limit or abandon the advertisements of drugs, tobacco or alcohol among the public. For example, wine shops must be closed during weekdays, and the distribution also must be regulated. Consecutively, drivers will get persuaded on conscious driving.

In conclusion, though the activity of lawbreakers due to their personality and emergency circumstances might harm society, this can be resolved by high penalty and limitation of influences such as drug and alcohol. Eventually, lawmakers should not be lenient in regulating it. (BAND-8)


It is very common globally for motorists to break the rules when driving. The reasons for this typically relate to personality and extreme situations and the best solutions involve various governmental regulations.

Individuals often do not follow traffic laws because of individual temperament and exceptional circumstances. Regarding the former reason, there are many who have a more rebellious attitude towards rules in general that may extend to all areas of their lives including driving. This could itself be the result of upbringing, hereditary factors, or societal influences. The second reason is an impaired state. These situations include being in a rush, driving under the influence of a drug such as alcohol, using a portable device while driving, and being tired. All these contexts imply that the breaking of the rules is a result of neglect rather than harmful intent.

In order to remedy these public safety hazards, governments must implement comprehensive, long-term reforms. The fastest fixes are stricter penalties for infractions. If the repercussions for speeding, for example, include jail time, then this will act as a powerful deterrent. However, it does little to address the root causes of misbehavior. To counter this, governments must regulate the advertising and distribution of alcoholic beverages. Most accidents are caused while individuals are under the influence and therefore any measures taken against the alcohol industry will likely have the greatest impact. The government can also legislate in other related areas including requirements for licenses, raising awareness of driving safety in schools, and limits on the hours truckers and taxis can drive to avoid driver fatigue.

In conclusion, the causes of rule-breaking on roads are personality and the situation and the ideal solutions come from government intervention. Individuals also play a role but governments can affect the greatest changes. (BAND-8)


In this present day and age, there is an increasing number of disobeyed drivers appearing on the roads. In this essay, the root causes of this complex issue will be examined, and respective solutions will be followed.

There are numerous reasons why not all drivers obey the laws while they are driving on roads. The first concern might be that those people do not have proper knowledge about travel rules. That is because there are a vast number of people who drive vehicles without holding a valid driving license. In the second place, there could not have enough police officers who have the main responsibility to refrain from misbehaved persons and to take necessary legal actions. In other words, people tend to break the legislation in some situations where there are no authorized persons. In addition, to make this matter worse is that the traffic light system is not properly workable. Accordingly, these are the main possible reasons behind the disobedient public.

Nevertheless, these complex problems can be solved to a certain extent. Regarding ruling, legal status and regulations, the government is first and best characterized to tackle this combat issue. Firstly, it can ensure that the regulatory body should raise the traffic awareness campaign among vehicle holders. Likewise, they would be charged fines or punishment if they broke the certified legislation. Moreover, the government should employ more police officers and make regular checks on the traffic light system by allocating a budget to the infrastructure.

In conclusion, after analyzing the ground factors of this complex issue, alternative solutions are apparently proposed. That is to say, the government and citizens have the privilege to cooperate. (BAND-8)

60) Many people argue that in order to improve educational quality, high school students are encouraged to make comments or even criticism on their teachers. Other think it will lead to loss of respect and discipline in the classroom. Discuss both views and give your Opinion.

Some people tend to encourage high school students to evaluate their teachers so that the education system would get better, while others believe it results in the disappearance of  respect and self-control during classes. I agree with the idea that students are able to leave a comment for teachers and I will discuss the point of view of both sides below.

In the first place, there would be some disadvantages of evaluating teachers for students in high schools. Firstly, for example, how to criticize properly takes time to learn, preventing nonsense comments. It might distract students from the main academic lessons on which teachers spend a vast amount of time. Next, teachers can not correct what juveniles do wrong. For avoiding negative comments, teachers are unable to point out mistakes that students make when it may make students furious so that they do not know how they should improve their manners.

Nevertheless, I still believe that students are supposed to be motivated to express what they want to say about their teachers. One key reason why is that conveying is important for a student. Leading students to show their thought would be a good lesson. Also, adjusting the way to teaching is another consideration. Teachers can understand what they can transform with those comments when their own teaching style might not fit all of the students.

To conclude with, there must be some disadvantages for those students are able to criticize teachers. However, I believe learning to comment on a teacher still benefit them.  (Band-7)


Nowadays, it is a controversial topic that most   people think that making comments or criticizing teachers by students can improve the quality of education while others believe that there will be a disappearance of respect in the classroom. I agree with the formal view. This essay will discuss both views in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Firstly, many people think there should be criticism of teachers who are not good at teaching. When students point out them they will improve their skills.  For instance,if  a teacher does not know a particular topic in detail and  explains them in the wrong way then pupils should have the right to  point out them.

On the other hand, I believe that there should not be an intervention of  while teaching. It creates a disturbance in the classroom and teachers can also lose their confidence. For instance, some students are naughty in the class and they do not like to study so they will disturb their teachers and interfere unnecessarily with topics. To illustrate, In China, a survey was conducted in 2010 in two schools, data was taken by the government one school does not have interference by the scholars in teaching and others have interference by the students while teaching. A school without interference got maximum and good grades as compared to those that have the freedom for students to interfere. And also, found that those students have a lack of respect for teachers.

To conclude, in my opinion, I firmly think that there should not any involvement of students when teachers are teaching.(BAND-7.5)


There has been a controversy about whether students should judge their teachers. I think the advantages of judging their teachers outweigh its disadvantages, my reasons will be explained in the following paragraphs.

First, the teaching quality can be improved by making comments about their teachers. It’s commonplace that not all teachers are good at teaching; they may know the concept, but they can’t present that knowledge in an attractive way. As a result, some students might feel bored and start sleeping. At this point, if students can tell their teachers about the drawbacks of their lessons, the teaching quality can be promoted.

Second, making comments about teachers can protect students to a large extent. Take China as an example. I grew up in China; hence, I know how the Chinese school system works. In the past, it was quite universal that teachers constantly punished their students, such as beating students, so as a further control student’ thoughts. At this point, although students had higher grades, they were at the expense of their souls. On the contrary, if students were allowed to criticize their students, it was advantageous to the growth of children because they dared to challenge the authority.

On the other hand, it has some setbacks as well. For example, it can negatively affect students’ grades. As we know, although a strict teacher can be tiresome sometimes, he can indeed help students in their studies. Should students are taught by a rigorous teacher, their grades can increase dramatically. Nevertheless, if students have the right to mark their students, this kind of teacher is bound to be market very low. As a result, all the “good” teachers are gone, and students’ grades will certainly decrease in a relaxing environment.

In conclusion, there are some merits and demerits of making comments about teachers, but I still believe its advantages outstrip its disadvantages.



In recent decades, education plays a crucial role in national development. Therefore, a school of thought holds that students should criticize or make a complaint to their teachers or tutors while some claim that it will lead to a loss of respect in the classroom. From my perspective, I firmly lean towards the first idea and this essay will discuss these two viewpoints in a depth.

Nowadays, there is no denying that in some countries, the educational quality is significantly declined.  On the one hand, in terms of the governments, they concentrate on developing the economy rather than educational quality which leads to the dissatisfaction of students in schools or even parents. Hence, whenever students do not feel satisfied with what they are learning or the teacher’s attitudes towards them, they should make a complaint so that the teachers would improve it. Besides, everything is not perfect, thus, this criticism might create a motivation for the schools to tackle these problems.

On the other hand, some people believe that it is disrespectful when students make a criticism on their teachers. To begin with, open discussion between the teachers and the students can be a viable solution. For instance, they can both discuss the problems, expressing their own opinions so that eventually come up with the solution. This approach has a clear advantage of making students become proactive in studying. Furthermore, teachers might have a chance to better their pedagogical skills. In this way, both the learners and the educators can achieve higher academically.

In a nutshell, I strongly contend that open discussions will absolutely beneficial for both students and teachers simply because students can respect and express all their ideas.


61) Creative artist should always be given the freedom to express their own ideas in words pictures music or film in whichever way they wish There should be no government restrictions on what they do To what extent do you agree or disagree with this option

In this contemporary day and ages each and every one should have the right to express anything in any words through any media. In my, opinion I partially agree with the statement and the government should not curtailment what to say. I will expound my viewpoint in the following paragraphs.

Firstly, artists can express anything because they always try to tell the truth which nowadays is very often seen and the media forget about it. For instance, through paintings and, sculpture they try to represent the social issues and also try to aware people regarding that.  Moreover, it is a gift and one can inspire others in certain ways through their drawings, like artist Leonardo da Vinci inspired many artists through his painting of the Mona Lisa and the government should encourage these artists by giving them freedom of speech.

Secondly, there are some pitfalls because it has been seen that if there are no restrictions on the artists. For, example filmmakers and writers try to show violence and try to present things that can divide society. for example, many films are banned due to the excessive violence and explicit content by the government and many books are restricted to sell in the market due to their inflammatory content. Furthermore, there should be some limitations on what to show and write so that there should be serene in the community.

In conclusion, authorities should not deter artists but there should be some limitations on what to present to the public. So its downside should not be glossed over.  (BAND-7.5)


Creativity is the mother of innovation. Hence, many creative artists use words, pictures, music or films as a medium to deliver their ideas and experiences to the audience. It is a point of much debate among different communities that the government should censor the material produced by artists. Nevertheless, personally, I believe that there should not be any interference from the government so that the creators produce the best content without worrying about limitations.

The foremost reason for supporting the above statement is that it allows producers to think beyond the norm while producing ideas. In other words, it facilitates them to be creative which is essential for a prosperous society. To illustrate, in the past movies used to be of the same type without much variation. Even if they had produced bad content, users still used to watch it because there were not many options available. However, with the invention of online-streaming platforms with no censorship such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, more material related to comedy, crime and action is available and users can choose according to their wishes.

Additionally, it is hard to define the criteria to restrict the content because it is subjective. Sometimes, authorities take action only because they find it criticizing. For example, In India, authorities asked the producers to remove some offensive scenes from an Amazon Prime movie just because it was criticizing how the government mishandled the pandemic. Thus, in order to make the state and citizens aware of the real issues, there should not be any control.

In conclusion, I am inclined to support the freedom of artists in order to produce the ideas according to their wishes because it will provide the avenue to be creative and go beyond their limits. Moreover, it will allow authenticated material to flow without any limitations. The authorities will be forced to work for the welfare of their citizens as they will be more aware of actual issues.  (BAND-9)


It is true, that government should support and protect creative art and the artists, by giving them space and freedom to create and perform their thoughts with no fear. However, there are many concerns with regard to this issue, I do support the opinion says that restrictions should not be for cultures and creatives.

On the one hand, people who argue that there is must be a limit and rules to control media, movies, and music, say that there are many aspects that should be given the due respect and not be discussed in plays or films, for instance, the religion and faith of people should not be a part of any art performance, therefore, the state must set rules to block such things. Moreover, the contents have sexual or violent scenes, these activities that encourage the public to commit crimes and harassment.

On the other hand, each creative work has a message wants to deliver to society, across the age the art made miracles in public life and awareness, they see how much goodness and the common sense defeat evil through novels, and they feel happiness and joy by listening to music, furthermore, sometimes the authorities need to raise money for charity, they create movie or advertise to make individuals give donations, thus, we can say that there are many benefits and great usages which serve and enhance community members.

In conclusion, we should be by side all great artworks and the community must protect and support instead of blocking or preventing. (BAND-7.5)

(SAMPLE-4)                   (BAND-6)

It is a controversial topic that gifted artists have to be given the opportunity to exhibit their opinion regardless of what their methods are. I personally believe that there should be a mechanism to control and assess the performance of artists, and this essay will discuss two main reasons why art makers should be under supervision.

First of all, government and political staff always point out that movies, art, and music cause social unrest throughout the country. The concepts presented in these forms of art may generate conflict between governments and citizens that, in extreme cases, could break out civil war. In Syria, for instance, we can see that conflict between governments and citizens ideology destroyed bonds between people, and it has torn the country apart and a large amount of people, especially children, are dying. However, there is one exception that we might mention where the work of artists has contributed to positive changes in human history-one of the positive changes being democracy as we can see in many countries.

Secondly, in case of children, controlling art works under the supervision of professional experts or agencies plays a vitally important role in children’s upbringing and education. Because art has been one of the main sources to educate children nowadays so that school curriculums encompass the all aspect of art, which have significant impact on their lifestyle as well as their long-term goals. Furthermore, we need to hand traditional art down to future generations so that government has to give more attention to preserving it. In recent years, traditional art has been destroyed by new trends of art coming from overseas and artists also tend to accept these deliberately.

To conclude, the products of art makers should be assessed by qualified experts, especially by pedagogical experts, so that we can prevent social instability and misunderstandings. It also might be mentioned that artists also need to have a desire to qualify their performance based on a universal approach and that their work need to promote the fabric of society.

62) Living in a country where you have to speak a foreign language can cause serious social problems, as well as practical problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is said that, in a country where speaking a foreign language is compulsory, immigrants are faced with various problems in society. I strongly agree with this statement because of some main reasons.

Firstly, speaking a country language would help people to communicate with local dwellers. Communication not only helps foreigners to make friends but also expand their social life. In the other word, lack of friendship lead to feeling loneliness. For instance, a person living in a new country, when attending a party is less likely to experience joyful moments as a result, he could not understand completely what others talk about so that, he fails to participate in their discussion. Hence speaking a local language play an important role in socializing.

Secondly, it is undeniable fact that speaking a foreign language has essential effects on daily life. In fact, in several situations during a day without knowing the language of that area one probably would get in trouble. To illustrate it, when a person goes shopping and cannot explain the specific products which he wants so the seller may make a mistake and give him the wrong goods. Therefore, immigrants have to learn the language of their destination country to live easily and do their work in the best way. Some may argue that in overseas one can speak with own language and translate it with some applications to convey his requests, while in this way it would be really arduous that local accept them in their community.

In conclusion, I believe conversation skills with foreign languages contribute to creating close-knit relationships for communication and do other tasks that are necessary for living properly.



In the concurrent world, people can have lots of chances to go abroad such as studying or working. When you live in another country, especially in a foreign nation, you definitely will meet some social and other problems. This essay is going to discuss the issues that may happen and my own opinions.

Firstly, since you are going to a different country, you must speak the local language. However, you may not learn it really well. As a result, the public may not exactly know what messages you want to deliver, and it sometimes may lead to misunderstanding. Further, even if you have already learnt it, you are still afraid of using it. For example, people in Taiwan learn English since they were little. In addition, you may consider that Taiwanese obviously can speak English very well. On the contrary, more than 60%of them cannot utilize it well.

What’s more, since you move to a Transocean city, you need friends to cope with some accidents or helpers to give you a hand. Although you may not be able to communicate precisely, the folk may not concern that matters. Research had been found that most people trust strangers for the first time. Furthermore, the community can cultivate oral skills since the environment forced them. When you are there, you cannot use your original one to talk. Eventually, you can practice it.

Overall, I think that the cons are more than pons when living in a country where you must utilize another language. It does have a few drawbacks such as communication. Yet, these downsides can actually be overcome.



Many people think living in a country where you need to use a foreign language might occur difficult social or practical issues. In my opinion, I disagree with this statement for the following reasons.

Firstly, spending life in a country that needs a different language might cause some communication problems at first; however, it can be solved by asking people and keeping practicing. For example, I am Chinese and I came to Japan to study many years ago. In the beginning, my Japanese language ability was at a very basic level, sometimes when I went shopping, I even couldn’t understand the meaning of the shop staff. However, I asked them and pleased them to speak more slowly, and then I could understand and eventually purchased what I need. While I was keeping listening to Japanese podcasts and reading many Japanese books, I gradually could understand significantly more language than before. Therefore, the foreign language wasn’t troubled me anymore in my daily life.

Secondly, working in a foreign company that uses a different language than without the mother tongues, many percentages can cause a misunderstanding. Nevertheless, by keeping communicating, asking colleagues about the solutions and language, while learning the methods from working can solve most of the misunderstanding problems and have the advantage of language. For instance, when I get my first job in Japan and started working in a Japanese company, my language level had some limitations. Nonetheless, I had to deal with some Japanese emails and tasks using the Japanese language. My solution was to check every language phrase that I couldn’t understand with the internet, while asking my colleagues for advice, contributing to each task, and finally solving working issues. Thus, I can handle most of the Japanese work tasks nowadays and don’t afraid of facing language problems anymore.

To sum up, I think when people living in another country have to use a different language might cause some communication issues and misunderstandings. However, by keeping speaking and practicing, don’t fare to ask questions, and never giving up study might finally solve the problems. While, I also think, communication issues and misunderstandings can exist even people using mother tongue, the motivation to solve problems is the most critical part of individuals’ life.



When people go to study or resettle in foreign countries, it is unavoidable that they have to encounter various difficulties and alterations such as cosine, time, or communication which is the most essential one. Thus, some individuals believe that it still has tendencies that being foreigners and speaking other languages are able to bring about social issues and other practical problems because of the cultural differences. From my perspective, I definitely coincide with this statement as well as I will explain my own ideas in the essay below.

To begin with, it is widely known that humans are social animals and the only way they can communicate or express what they want is through language. So, folks who are not skilled enough to converse fluently in no mother tongue tend to have social issues afterwards. To illustrate, after foreign children immigrate to other nations following their parents, they mostly are bullied and scorned by other native children due to the fact that they cannot talk with others.

Secondly, I consider that speaking a language that is not a mother tongue would have a huge consequence in terms of practical issues. For instance, citizens settling down in other nations have to find an occupation for a living; however, almost all companies when looking for employees in top positions or high-paid salaries tend to select candidates who are domestic citizens rather than outlanders due to the language barrier reason. Therefore, I can say that these non-domestic folks will have a hard time finding a job, as a result, conducing to practical problems. Nevertheless, apart from these occupations, they can do other professions which communication is not necessary such as labourer, housekeeper, or dishwasher at a restaurant.

To summarize, considering all explanations written above, I agree that when new populations move from other nations to a specific one and communicate in daily life with foreign vernacular, they mostly have to confront and deal with both social and practical problems.


63) Some people say that industrial growth is necessary to solve poverty, but some other people argue that industrial growth is creating environmental problems and it should be stopped. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

As per the recent media report, since last 5 years there had been 27% increase in the number of factories across the globe. Many people believe that industrialization can curb the problem of destitution, while others think that it has deteriorating impact on the biosphere. Before giving my opinion, it is imperative to discuss both viewpoints.

Industrial advancement offers many job opportunities which contribute in reducing the destitute segment from the society. This is because with the increased factories, the demand for workers also increased; those are required to manage various operations in the organization. As a result, a large number of underprivileged people are able to get skilled jobs without educational background, such as electricians, carpenters and technicians. Hence, these people can earn their livelihood door to growth in factories. Amul brand in India is the best illustration of this situation, when they started their operations in Gujrat during 1999; they recruited approximately 4500 people which were living below poverty line.

On the other hand, many believe industries release harmful gases, which has ill impact on the environment. This is to say that factories generally incorporate of huge processing plants, which emit enormous poisonous fumes into air. Additionally, because of increased number of toxic gases in the air ozone layer is depleting which is required to save earth from harmful ultraviolet rays coming from sun. For instance, as per the report by local newspaper, the air quality index (AQI) in the cities situated best to industrial area has reached more than 580 units and that is not suitable for humans.

To conclude, although factories release harmful gases in the air, it can be controlled by strict law and regulation. I believe industrialization can greatly contribute in curbing the serious issue of destitution. Even, I am a owner of a small scale factory, and I have recruited 15 people from backward segment so that they get equal opportunity to earn for their families.



It is an ongoing debate between two groups of individuals. Former view states that industrial development is required to decrease poorness. On the other hand, latter group thinks that it can cause damage to the nature and it should be restricted. Before giving my opinion, both views need to be critiqued with relevant examples in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Focusing on the former view, the foremost argument put forward by the people is that increase in the number of manufacturing plants is necessary to solve poverty. Destituteness has become a major issue for the developing countries such as, India. For example, there is one factory named ‘IFFCO’. Which is situated near my hometown in a ruler area. Mostly, all the workers of that company are belonging to that area. So that, it can decrease poverty as well as an unemployment. Furthermore, industries cannot be built in the city or an urban place. Therefore, it is built outside the city and provides jobs to the people of surrounding places.

Contradictorily, it can cause a major damage to the environment. Firstly, for the construction of the plants it is mandatory to destroy forests or farms. Secondly, there are many waste materials which have been throwing outside and result in a damage of a nature. Moreover, it can lead a health problem to many workers. Additionally, it can pollute the air. Thereby, polluted air along with decreased amount of trees can also lower the oxygen level which leads to major issue.

To sum up and give my opinion, the industrial development is very beneficial for the population of poor people. It can help to decrease an unemployment and to increase the growth of the people who are poor. So that, it has very benefits which are capable to overcome the disadvantages of the same.



A considerable proportion of citizens adopt a preconceived notion that economic development is essential to treat financial deficiencies, however, others demand to end this evolvement because it is producing natural contamination. This essay will discuss both points of view.

On the one hand, industrial growth has numerous positive repercussions on the economy of a country. In other words, multiple machines were introduced inside the factories that impacted enormously on the national mass production. Moreover, entrepreneurs implemented recent technologies which improved the performance of employees and the working ambience in the colossal companies. For example, when I worked in my uncle’s workshop, I used a computer for the monthly accounting rather than printed table sheets. Thus, the financial situation of a nation is certainly affected by technological development.

On the other hand, the economic evolvement has various negative aspects on nature mainly air pollution. This means myriad industries emit greenhouse gases which are considered extremely dangerous pollutants for a variety of species. Furthermore, the majority of citizens are driving personal cars in order to reach their work which leads to a high amount of air contamination threatening the existence of oxygen on the planet. As reported in a study conducted by Harvard University in 2000, carbon dioxide emissions are elevating because of the urban expansion worldwide. Thus, the augmenting number of factories is skeptically impacting the environment.

In conclusion, an array of individuals declare that industrial growth is the principal cure for poverty, while other people think that it is causing environmental issues where  intervention is required. According to my way of thinking, I believe that these human activities are tremendously destructive for the environment.



It is undeniable that our societies turn into the development for solving many aspects. Some people argue that these growths can cause environmental issues, while others believe that industrial growth can control poverty systems. From my point of view, I think that both situations can directly affect our communities’. In the following paragraphs, both sides of these statements will be outlined in detail.

Civilization can change our cities for various purposes. One of the most significant objectives is, firstly, workers in these townships may receive offers from new companies which are constructed in these rural areas. Moreover, when these country sides have more factories, in other words, these sites will have a number of populations which can bring a lot of consumption of these places. As a result, they may have more opportunities to build more shopping malls or markets. Therefore, these shops will have several positions to hire new employees.

Nevertheless, when suburbs have to cut down several trees in order to the construction of any buildings which are accommodations and other facilities. These actions will lead to environmental problems; for example, air pollution. Hence, we may suffer from longevity diseases; such as Asthma. Furthermore, deforestation can make these areas more unstable than in the past. Thus, we may encounter flooding. These incidents bring a lot of trouble to our cities.

In conclusion, it can be seen that although developing these cities can solve poor living, issues related to the environment also significantly affect our habitats, and it should take into account by governments.


64) Some scientist thinks that there are intelligent life forms on other planets and messages should be sent to contact them. Other scientists think it is a bad idea and would be dangerous. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

The scientific community is divided on the topic of whether we should try and contact extra-terrestrial life forms. Some are for the notion, whilst others are against it. However, in my opinion, I feel that we should try and contact them, as this will help us in making massive discoveries in the name of science. I shall substantiate my reasons in this essay.

On one hand, they could possess the technology, which is way more advanced in comparison to ours, and also, they might have more knowledge on other planets which would help us to decide which ones are habitable. In other words, contacting the extra-terrestrials will help us understand the complexities of the galaxies and the universe. To illustrate, a recent report published by NASA claimed that information about the existence of other creatures will be the key to decide if the other planets will be suitable to be inhabited by humans. 

Alternately, people believe that since we do have no knowledge of these extra-terrestrial forms, any communication with them could be seen from their end, as a provocation, which may lead them to attack, and as we suspect their technology to be highly advanced, we would not be able to survive such a battle. However, since these are just theories, no conclusions can be made in this regard.

In conclusion, although they are varying opinions on whether we need to contact extraterrestrial beings, I feel that attempts should be made to contact them, because if we lead to the advancements in science, and we will get a better understanding of the galaxies around us.   (BAND-7)


Science and technology have been the part and parcel of the human soul since ancient days. The industrial revolution has changed the lifestyle of humans because of new inventions and discoveries which have taken place in our sphere. However, the question remains Is there activity beyond earth? Some scientists are curious and want to explore those fields in contrast to the ones who feel it might not be a good idea. In my opinion, curiosity has always been a push to mankind and exploring communication options to the different planets can be bliss to the globe.

On one hand, the scientist thinks that intelligent growth  on other planets can be helpful and can lead to various innovations which are beyond our thinking. If the soul exists on another planet then knowing about their life culture can help us in many ways either it can help us gain more fruitful information in our industrial revolution or help us in our biotechnological growth. Contacting those life forms will help us know more about the universe ,for instance, Moon has been the closest planet where intelligent life forms might exist after the discovery of water. If somehow effective communication can be established we might have another planet to live on.

On the other hand, some people think it can be hazardous as experimenting with the universe can be dangerous and can cause all the life forms in big trouble. It can be harmful to the whole planet as we do not have enough information on the reaction of other planets to existing living organisms.

In my opinion, I feel risk and curiosity can do wonders for humankind and effective communication should be established among the other life forms for great discoveries.

In conclusion, humans have been the most intelligent life forms on planet Earth and interacting with other life forms in the different universes can be helpful but careful examination of all the test cases needs to be taken into consideration. However, better things happen when better risks are taken.  (BAND-7)


While some researchers believe that it is a good idea to contact aliens, others think that it can potentially cause complications for humans. The following essay will examine both these statements, and I will also explain why I claim it is a positive tendency to be in touch with other planets’ habitants.

To begin with, one nuance which detracts from the beneficial aspects of this idea is that aliens can harm people. In other words, we cannot predict what would be their plans and actions when they receive a message from Earth. As an example, extraterrestrial life forms can try to colonize our home, as they will be interested in our natural resources, and it could lead to the end for humans. However, if we start creating relationship with them, we will be mentally and physically ready for any consequences.

On the other hand, other civilizations can provide us with useful knowledge. To put it differently, since they can be more advanced, intelligent beings from other planets can bring new technologies to Earth, and it will be a huge step toward the progress of our planet. For instance, aliens may have developed the treatment against cancer, and people could ask about its formula. Thus, contact with extraterrestrial life forms can drastically change our world by improving and enriching existing technologies.

To sum up, we are all too familiar with the debatable question is whether scientists should send messages to find intelligent beings in the galaxy. Although some think that it can be risky for humans, as they can try to destroy our home, I believe it is a good decision to reach them. Since we will initiate this communication, we will not be surprised by their negative actions, but if aliens are positive and kind, they can share their achievements with us.  



It is commonly believed that other forms of life exist outside our planet. In this regard, some scientists opine that we have to make efforts to communicate with them, whereas others disagree with them and assert that this might be disastrous for mankind. In my opinion, I completely support the first view because they might be able to help our Earth. This article will discuss both views and will give a logical conclusion.

On the one hand, although there have been unsuccessful attempts to find other forms of life on other planets, researchers think that they exist, and it would be beneficial for us to communicate with them. This is due to the fact that researchers believe that those forms of life might have the right combination of skills that can help us to solve many problems on Earth that have been in existence for many years. For instance, they could have the right knowledge to tackle environmental related issues such as global warming. As a result, they could save our planet from being destroyed by excessive air pollution. For this reason, I supported the first opinion.

On the other hand, because we do not know anything yet about the nature of any other form of life, several scientists are still concerned about communicating with them. Owing to the fact that they might have unpredicted actions. For example, they could ruin our planet, they could invade our Earth, destroy our properties, and they could even kill people for no reason. Consequently, they might pose a real threat to our existence.

In conclusion, researchers have different objectives for communicating with other forms of life that might be existed on other planets. Some opine that we have to message them, while others are concerned about this idea and prefer not to make any contact with them. I completely agree with the first opinion as I think they have a more optimistic approach toward unknown forms of life that could help us to save our Earth.


65) Nowadays in many countries women have full time jobs. Therefore, it is logical to share household tasks evenly between men and women. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

In the modern scenario, having a job is significant for a family to lead a stress-free life irrespective of gender. Woman are doing full- time jobs in many countries in order to support their family and the household chores should be shared by a man too, this phenomenon could not see before when women used to look after their children and family all the time, once she got married. I completely agree with the statement and would like to elucidate my supporting points in the following paragraphs.

Women are conferring equal opportunities as men, which assist them to grab the right employment based on their qualifications and they become supportive of the family. The breadwinner has got financial assistance if he allows her to get into the job and also co-operates to do household chores together. They can enhance the standard of living and also confer quality education and other better amenities which make their children for better growing. For instance, a recent survey states that 75% more likely to engage multifarious jobs have been performed by female employees in India, which was a dramatic change attributed to the previous years.

However, a male can also learn how to make cuisines even any emergencies occurs in the absences of his wife. He can cater to children and also take part in finishing their homework, which was done only by the wife before. Consequently, the rapport between children and their father become strong and the chances of sending the elderly to the old age home can be curtailed to some extent. Furthermore, a woman can enlarge their knowledge and skills by the way of interacting with others at the office, which would help to progress their professional career and also feel satisfied that they can take part in the responsibilities of the head of a family. To cite an example, the economic development of the country is getting refined owing to increase the woman empowerment, an economic survey states.

In conclusion, women should have the same rights as men regarding employment so, parents avail all the duties and responsibilities of a family equally simultaneously the bonding between each of them would be much better along with less financial barriers in the future.    (BAND-8)


The concept of women’s equality has brought women from homes to workplaces and many women in the countries around the world have full time jobs. Due to this, people argue that house chores should be equally divided between men and women. I strongly agree with this statement and in this essay, I will discuss my point of view as to why performing household work should be equally distributed.

Traditionally, it was believed that females should stay at homes and fulfil the responsibilities towards home chores and raising up children, whereas, men area of work is outside of the home to earn livelihood for the family. This perception gradually made females outdated of market affairs and limited their literacy about latest trends and innovations. Since women are at workplace doing full time job, their physical capabilities limit them to perform all household tasks as well. If home chores are not evenly distributed, it can bring disturbance to every household. For instance, due to physical limitation, if a woman gets ill due to the overburden of home tasks, routine of children will suffer deeply.

On the other hand, there are many drawbacks of this trend. Since due to tradition in many countries, men are way less experienced in performing household tasks and as a result, many important tasks might end up finishing in an improper way that might lead to quarrels between the couple. For instance, mixing up different colours of clothes during laundry and not properly cleaning when doing dishes. A little bit of supervision might help to improve man’s skill in this area.

To conclude, initially there can be hurdles in coping up with home chores for a man, but putting all the home chores responsibilities on a woman who also has a full time job outside the home, is unjust and therefore, equal distribution of house chores in necessary.



Nowadays an ever-increasing number of women work full time, and in this reality it is widely believed that house chores should be shared between men and women equally. I strongly agree with this statement.

One of the reasons for sharing housework between males and females is to promote gender equality. A stereotype that has existed a long time is that females ought to stay home, taking care of the family once they got married. This includes looking after the children and doing all of the housework, which is fairly labor-intensive. However, this approach could have quite a few disadvantages. It would render women less able of keeping abreast of what is happening in the job market, thus forming a lifestyle where they might find it arduous to step into the society again. To avoid this, many women are willing to get back into the workforce soon after their maternity leave, and once they do, it makes sense that their husbands should share part of the household chores, to fulfill their family responsibilities.

Nevertheless, we cannot be oblivious of several drawbacks of this trend. One potential downside is that men are less experienced in dealing with household tasks. This is because many seldom take an active role in doing housework, according to customs of many countries. As a result, they may end up doing household tasks in a less than perfect way, which could contribute to some unnecessary quarrels between partners, hindering their family bond. However, the likelihood of this happening isn’t very high, because wives can offer some tips or guidance to their husbands when they learn how to share house chores such as mopping floors or doing laundry.

To sum up, although some conflicts might be triggered when equally sharing the duties of household tasks, the benefits of this trend are relatively oblivious.  



In the early days, men used to work while women spend time in the house doing day to day work. With the development of the world, the human need has been expanded due to the high availability of goods and services, which involves money and wealth. So nowadays both husband and wife doing jobs have become compulsory. Traditionally household tasks like cooking, washing garments, taking care of children were women’s tasks while men work for the three family but now it has changed completely.

However, It is so unfair if the female has to work household tasks alone while working full time because working full time is extremely difficult. For example, performing a full-time job is stress full, after the stress full job doing household work by themselves may lead to the psychological problem. Those who perform both will not able to do there both works correctly. Eventually, modern-day many general populations consider that men and women shire there works when both are doing jobs, but some still believe women do all the works. In addition, working together is most essential to spend quality family life. Teamwork will build up together as long as working with each other. Also, the development of the family depends on hard work and understanding.

In conclusion, it is important to share a working load between parties for the development of their children and family. If both party works are to make money, teamwork is import. So it is recommended to work both off together.


66) It is impossible to help all people in the world, so governments should focus on people in their own countries. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Recently, the issue of government’s attempts to provide international aids has drawn the attention of the public. Many people argue that it is hard to support all of the world’s residents and governments should focus on their domestic satisfaction rather than offering international aid to other communities. Although I agree with those people that it is impossible to help all the world’s citizens, I disagree with them that authorities should concentrate solely on the local needs. In this essay, I will discuss my point of view thoroughly.

On the one hand, the world’s leaders’ hesitation over the provision of international aids to undeveloped regions is legitimate. It is unreasonable that authorities’ support could reach all of the underprivileged as their number is enormous and they exist in separate places around the globe. In addition, communities have a myriad of needs and this could lead to various issues in helping them. Developed communities, for instance, may encounter numerous obstacles as they send food and medical aids to poor lands in Africa due to poor transportation and severe climate conditions. Because of such issues, administrations spend money to assist other countries, while they struggle to take care of their public due to the local financial burdens. In other words, leaders should prioritize the well-being of their citizens before spending much money on global assistant, which could affect their economy drastically.

On the other hand, officials should help as many societies as they can regardless of the notion of helping all people on the planet. Rich countries should assist struggling ones in their vital humanitarian sectors such as health, nutrition and education. Nations, for instance, that includes the domestic threat of famine or contagions due to war and terrorism such as Yemen should be assisted by rich communities. This humanitarian cause of assistance will have a considerable psychological impact on residents of prosperous place as well as the poor. This appears as they deter any sense of alienation, fragmentation, or lost in favour of the enjoyment of charity and belonging to the world public. Therefore, helping others overseas not only helps the poor to live respectfully but also promotes the idea of self-devotion and belonging to achieve a better world among rich publics. 

In conclusion, in my opinion, world leaders should lend their struggling neighbours a hand to offer help to people in need. If governments should satisfy the domestic needs of their citizens, and assist others to promote good humanitarian relationships besides achieving political competition among nations. (BAND-8)


The question of whether governments should provide aid internationally or domestically has drawn much attention from the public. Although I understand why helping everyone in the world is unachievable, I strongly disagree that governmental support should solely be concentrated on satisfying local needs.

On the one hand, I suppose the world’s leaders’ hesitation over the provision of international aid to deprived regions is legitimate. Firstly, it is unfeasible for governments’ support to reach all of the underprivileged as their number is enormous in many separated places around the globe and the type of support they need also varies. For example, developed nations may encounter numerous obstacles in terms of transportation upon sending food and medicines to poor regions scattered around Africa where people are facing the threat of famine or contagions. Secondly, I believe leaders of a country should prioritize the well-being of their citizens and stabilize their economy and politics before carrying out any acts of global assistance.

On the other hand, I still believe governments should help as many people as they can regardless of the fragile odds for worldwide comprehensive support for all people. To begin with, in many underdeveloped countries, their leaders are unable to bear the burden of eradicating domestic poverty or crises due to, for example, terrorism, which calls for Involvement from other affluent nations. Also of great significance is that this national act of charity could have a huge impact on individuals living in prosperous areas. If the government takes action to help people overseas, citizens of that country will idolize the idea of self-devotion toward a better world.

In conclusion, I truly believe the world leaders should lend their neighbours a hand to offer help to people in need on their doorstep. 



The countries can separate into three types: developed, developing, and undeveloped countries. So the government in those countries I mentioned, they have a different welfare benefit for their people. I believe that such developed countries have the power to help the countries that suffer the problems but they cannot help all people in the world. Consequently, I agree that the governments ought to focus on citizens in their countries first, before looking to help other countries, which will describe in the next paragraph in this essay.

Nowadays, technology has been developed so much that make a lot of things faster and easier than in the past. So all countries throughout the world have received the impact of this development as the same, thus, it is the duty that governments should improve the domestic money circulation. Because in the present society, people can use their money everywhere and every time. For instance, we can buy an e-book in an online store or conduct various financial transactions instantly without going to the bank.

On the other hand, in the present, the countries that did not have the power like either developed or developing are not able to access the highest benefits from the technology. So that is why some countries have some problems that their governments could not deal with them. For example, people did not receive help when they suffer a natural disaster, the governments did not provide compulsory education for their citizens, etc. But problems not only occurred in low performance countries but also high-performance countries too, so governments should look after their people first.

To conclude, I personally agree that the government should concentrate on their people first, but if their people have a good quality of life, then they can come to help other countries in trouble. So we can help other people by cooperating with other governments or countries but it is impossible to help all people in the world.  


67) These days the fashions in clothing are constantly changing. Is this affecting individuals and the environment in a positive or a negative way? Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge and experience.

Recently, many people, especially teenagers, have become more interested in fashions which are typically changing every day. In my opinion, I think this trend has profound negative effects on both environment and individuals.

To begin with, the fact that fashion in clothing is constantly changing can negatively affect people. This is because they may spend excessive money while blindly following fashion trends. For example, only after fashion bloggers on Instagram upload photos wearing a new style, do their followers go and buy this style, even if they do not really need more clothes at the moment. Consequently, they may fall into financial troubles and struggle to secure other basic necessities. Additionally, while the vogue is changing every day, individuals who can not cope with it may suffer from psychological disorders, such as depression.

Regarding its effects on the environment, one of the most serious impacts of this changing fashion is that it might indirectly contribute to environmental pollution. In other words, since the production rate of clothes has increased dramatically with the constant change in fashion, waste products from textile factories are on the rise as well. Thus, it has been proven that these waste products often cause many environmental issues, such as water pollution and air pollution, which in turn have disastrous consequences on all human beings.

In conclusion, although some people might argue that we are blessed to have different fashion styles every day, I personally believe that constantly changing fashions have negative impacts on not only individuals’ financial and psychological status, but also on our environment.  (Band-7.5)


Nowadays, every day some new fashion-trends are coming to the market. While it is a good way of exploring the world, sometimes it may even hamper people’s mindset or our nature to some extent. Though there are arguments, I radically believe that changing and experimenting new things have more benefits than the drawbacks. This essay will discuss both views and explain why I think so.

To begin with, our world is growing every day with rising opportunities, explorations as well as creativity and that have several positive impacts in our society. Firstly, there is an opportunity to follow or experience a variety of fashions around the earth. Consequently, it helps to grow our knowledge about other cultures. For example, many Indian people are now getting to try western clothes and could compare in order to comfort or fashion. Secondly, many new innovative fashions are being explored, thus, people are getting the chance to try that they have never thought of before. In other words, the jumpsuit was unknown even a few years ago, it came to the market by a designer and people liked it so much that now it is a very fashionable outwear in every corner of the world. Therefore, people should be adaptive to new things and give a chance to unexplored possible ways.

On the other hand, sometimes it does even have few negative impacts in our community. Most importantly, people are now following other cultures more than their own, hence the new generation is getting close to forgetting their own traditions. For instance, these days in India, most of the people are finding other outfits more comfortable or fashionable than their regular ones, as a result, youngsters are very much attracted to western clothing instead of their traditional saree or salwar suits. It may result in some cultural clothing lost one day. However, these impacts are very low compared to the positive ones. Moreover, there may be some changes coming frequently, it also helps us to move forward and keep us updated.

In conclusion, this essay has discussed both pros and cons. Although there are both merits and demerits, I reckon that these changes are always advantageous because we should take a chance to update our community in every aspect and welcome anything new.  (BAND-9)


In this glamorous world, innovation in the fashion styles has become the order of the day. Presently, latest and exclusive trends in wearing styles are coming into existence. Undeniable, this development has few positives; however, I still believe that this brings more negative outcomes for individuals and environment. This essay intends to prove it a negative development with valid logics and examples.

There are numerous points to endorse my point of view. First and the foremost, constant changes in the styles of wearing attires makes people extravagant and it further leads to burden on the pocket of masses. To demonstrate, nowadays, fashion in terms of wearing clothes keeps changing very frequently and therefore people are subjected to buy clothes on regular basis to stay updated with latest trends. Sometime, they do not need to buy clothes but they have to purchase new attire to remain updated with the society. Needless to say, people are turning to become spendthrift and it surely imbalances their household financial budget.

Further emphasizing on my point of view, Frequent changes in clothing fads causes numerous environment concerns. To illustrate, fashion industry has to maximize their productions because of changes in the designs or styles almost every week. In this way, a massive amount of natural resources are used by clothing industries in order to produce clothes with innovative stuff and designs. This practice results in exploitation of natural resources and production of waste as well as pollution during manufacturing in clothing industries.

In addition, buying outfits excessively leads to replacement of old clothes with new attires. As a result, old clothes are often thrown to landfill sites or burnt and the environment gets contaminated under this approach. It is, therefore, clear that this trend invites colossal disadvantages for our ecology.

To recapitulate, there is no doubt; introduction of new wearing trends uplifts the standard of human lifestyle. However, in my perception, “excess of everything is bad”. A frequent change in styles without having the real needs suppresses the financial budget of individuals and natural resources. For this reason, it is a negative development.


During the early days of civilization, clothing was nothing more than a simple need of every human being. All they ever needed was a piece of clothing to cover and protect themselves from the harsh weather the Mother Nature had to offer.

But times have changed. This simple need of man has transformed into a lucrative business, alluring people from all ages regardless of their gender or social status.

The world of fashion has grown at an astonishing rate during the past couple of years. Companies such as Dolce & Gabbana, Levis, and Tommy Hilfiger are some brands that have been dominating the market with fashion trends bringing in millions of dollars in revenue annually. Yet, there remains the question “Is this really worth it?”

People pay an absurd amount of money to buy clothes which do not suit them nor do not make them feel comfortable. Yet, they purchase these for social status, prestige and bragging rights. In my honest opinion, I feel these fashion trends have brought in social discrimination among the young crowd. Kids with simple clothing feel inferior to those who look highly fashionable wearing branded clothing.

I feel the old saying “Do not judge a book by its cover” no longer exists. People nowadays judge others by their clothes and fashion sense, and not for who they really are. Fashion is not something that should be followed blindly. It is just unnecessary and not a definite need of man. I and most of the others believe that people should wear clothes which make them feel comfortable. This is something which I regard is more important than fashion.

I believe it is time for us to stop following the fashion herd and be ourselves. We should wear simple yet comfortable clothes and live our life with comfort at heart.

68) New technologies have changed the way children spend their leisure time. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

With the advent of technology, it has changed the way people spend their leisure time, especially the children. Although technology is an excellent source of information and has helped children grow smart, the excessive use of multimedia by children has negative implications on their health and career. This essay will discuss the drawbacks of technology on young ones with reasons and relevant examples.

Nowadays, the use of technology has made little minds smarter and better aware of their surroundings. But, it has led to detrimental effects on the body and mind of children. For example, studies show that there is a surge in the number of children who have diabetes and various other heart issues. It is a result of children watching their favourite shows or playing video games on television rather than playing in a park with friends. Likewise, the average ratio of obese children to healthy ones is increasing each day. Therefore, technology advancements are deteriorating the health of the little ones.

Another disadvantage of a rise in the use of multimedia is that children have become direction-less. They have lost interest in books, leading to poor grades in exams. For example, research conducted by the University of Michigan on its students who failed last year revealed that these students under-performed due to over-use of various forms of media. Indeed, there is a negative impact of new technologies on children’s career.

In conclusion, although the use of multimedia provides knowledge to little minds and makes them intelligent, the ill-effects on health and studies overshadow the advantages of a rise in new technologies entirely. Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of parents to motivate children to play in open and to highlight the importance of education so that the younger generation can productively use multimedia.



Technology has impacted the lifestyle of people. Children play video games on television in their leisure time whilst in the past decade; they used to play in playgrounds. Children become focused and mentally strong; nevertheless, they are becoming fat and physically unfit.

On the one side, online games help children to boost their concentration power. Their cognitive skills groom with these. If they sit for hours to play games, their sitting habits to study build. Further, in certain games, educational knowledge is transferred. For instance, scrabble is the game in which words are built. These games help to build and improve vocabulary. Leisure time is utilized in an appropriate manner with the use of technology. Hence, technology helps children to strengthen their mental abilities and gain knowledge.

On the other side, children are becoming dull and unhealthy with this. Firstly, children sit for long hours and eat unhealthily. They do not go outside and play outdoor games. This is resulting in obesity which is causing detrimental diseases. Secondly, they prefer not to interact with others. They just sit in their rooms and play online games or use social media. They do not communicate and avoid meetings. For instance, a recent study state that ninety per cent of the youth population avoid going out. Therefore, young people are becoming unfit and less active with new technology.

In conclusion, technology has changed the way of passing free time. This has caused better concentration and performance in children; nevertheless, repercussions like physical unfitness and obesity are faced due to this.        (BAND-7)


In today’s generation, most of the children spend their leisure time on social media than in the past. I believe that the cons outweigh the pros. In this essay, I will discuss both sides, advantages and disadvantages of this topic.

Firstly, technology give great impact to every individual, it helps the student to get new information and learnings by just opening an app. For instance, if the student needs to find something, she or he could easily google it and find what they needed. Also, there’s an app that could help the kid to learn how to read and identify colours, through watching this during free time could help improve the learning process of a kid.

However, on the other hand, children will not participate in outdoor activities because they are satisfied with the video their watching. For example, during summer, before most of the kids played outside with their friends, but nowadays, it changed because of the entertainment they get through the internet and somehow, it gives the child addiction and illnesses such eye and mental problem. Instead of being productive and active during their free time, they prefer to be in their room and sit facing their laptop or IPad.

Furthermore, technology makes the youngster lazy, instead of helping their parent in household chores during their vacant time, they would prefer to be in their own world and play video games. Whilst, it is not a good attitude developed by a kid after he or she was introduced in social media.

In conclusion, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages of a child spending their free time causes by technology; however, without proper guidance from a parent, these children will have illnesses in the future.         (BAND-7)

69) With growing population in cities, more and more people live in a home with small or no outdoor areas. Is it a positive or negative development?

These days an increasing number of people are living in an accommodation with small or no outdoor spaces in urban areas. In my opinion, this is a negative development for several reasons.

On the one hand, living in a home with little space may lead to various health problems. Firstly, being constrained in a limited area and have no chance of outdoor activity increase the likelihood of depression. Besides, the lack of air fluency indoors causes respiratory-related disease and undermine the working efficiency. Living in that atmosphere for a long time would only bring bad behaviours such as laziness. Finally, unable to do outdoor activities would cause obesity. If individuals had no space to do some active tasks such as gardening, they would run a sedentary lifestyle, as a result they would become obese.

0n the other hand, it sounds more economical to live in small houses, especially in city centres. House owners can save money by renting an accommodation which is smaller and cheaper. However, there are still some aspects in which spacious outweigh its counterpart. Larger spaces for extended families act as an incentive for their children to develop physically and mentally. It is apparent that by playing outdoor activities in gardens or open spaces people can release stress and children can enhance their immune systems.

In conclusion, while modest accommodations can benefit people in terms of budget, when it comes to healthy lifestyle spacious places will turn out to be the best solution. Therefore, people should base on their individual situations to make the right decision. 


SAMPLE-2                                        (BAND-7.5)

Population growth and society are moving to city areas are controversial topics, which has crucial effects on everyone’s lifestyle. Because of this, most people tend to live in apartments or flats with a lack of outdoor spaces. In this, I am going to discuss on pros and cons of this and I am going to provide my personal opinion as well.

On one hand, if you are single, living in the city area for your employment you may not able to afford too much for a house. In this regard, living in a small house or a flat is worthwhile rather than being in a landed-house.  Other than that, it is convenient to clean a small house if you are living alone since, with your busy schedule, you may need to spend more time on cleaning or you might need to pay for a cleaning service weekly.

However, there are benefits of living in a landed house with outdoor space for a family with kids. Firstly, it will reduce your stress and relax your mind after a busy day of work if you can enjoy the environment. Also, if kids can spend outdoor most of the time, it will boost their immune system. Other than that, accidents can happen when living in flats or storied-houses, such as lifts that were installed to reach the ground floor can be stuck.

To conclude, my opinion is even though we have some advantages when living in a small flat without outdoor space, there are more benefits in living in a landed-house for your mind as well as for your family.

SAMPLE-3                             (BAND-8)

Nowadays, there is no doubt that an increasing number of people living in cities makes many societies live in a home with narrow or even no outdoor spaces. In my opinion, this is a detrimental growth due to several reasons.

Firstly, the main issue might be the lack of physical activities. To begin with, if there is not enough areas or even worse, there is no outdoor areas, it will deprive families of having exercise times with fresh air. As a result, since many activities are done in indoor places and most likely is not spacious, they tend to do lack exercise or not do exercises regularly as people these days often work from home. Take my friend as an example who works fully at home, she lives with a husband and 2 children. Living in a flat with a balcony, which is very tiny, makes them do all their activities in indoor spaces. In fact, children are human beings who should move a lot as they grow older rapidly.

Furthermore, another issue is mental health. Being constrained in a limited area could lead to serious problems like the likelihood of depression. Living in that atmosphere in a long term could lead to laziness and as a result, they tend to be unproductive since they could not have a chance to freshen their mind in the fresh air. For instance, I rent a mess with no balcony and window and sometimes it makes me feel trapped and therefore I often work in a cafe with outdoor spaces to boost my energy again. This is because I feel uncomfortable living in my mess.

To sum up, living in a home with small or no outdoor spaces has many drawbacks like physical and mental issues. Having said that, in my opinion, I would like to reiterate that it has negative development.

70) Young people are often influenced by their behaviours and situations by others in the same age. This is called peer pressure. Do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages?

It is true that peer pressure has been a determining factor in the influence of young people on their friends of the same age. In general, it has both positive aspects and negative sides at the same time, while I believe that there are more advantages than disadvantages.

There are myriad advantages of such influence. The new generation will gain knowledge much faster than they would on their own. Which will reduce the time to learn a particular activity. Furthermore, with the advent of the Internet, teenagers have access to wider things, and if they have good friends, they can find out about it before everyone else in the same group. For instance, a recent survey conducted by the University of Cambridge showed that teenagers learn a plethora of skills such as different languages ​​and sports if they regularly communicate with other students. They gained most of their knowledge from their friends. Therefore, it is very important that young people spend more time with friends of the same level of maturity.

However, there are some downsides when it comes to exposure. First and foremost, there are a number of students with different attitudes. As a result, students can learn dangerous skills from them. For example, if one of them smokes, students will easily like them, and this can harm both individuals and the school community. Secondly, the demand for new gadgets will increase, than they will cause problems for parents.

To conclude and give my opinion, I would say that encouragement always provides a platform for doing something challenging and interesting, and as in this case, if young people positively follow others, it will help them grow better.

SAMPLE-2                                                                                                                            BAND-7

People have always been influenced by many things around them. Peers and friends of the same age group are one of the key things who have a substantial influence on a person’s life choices and decisions. This particular influence is called “peer pressure” which can be very disadvantageous for a person as it may lead to some very dangerous and life threatening choices.

First and foremost, as per scientific research, peer pressure is linked to one of the highest stress factors in a person’s day to day life. This pressure from the friend often leads a person to do things which they will think twice before doing under normal circumstances. For example, in a friend circle of five one is a non-smoker there is a very good probability of him to start smoking due to peer pressure and get addicted to smoking for his whole life.

While this peer pressure is usually not addressed, although it can change a person’s personality in a way that he starts to behave, dress and even speak like his peers. This happens when a person tries to be a part of the group, but they don’t accept him until he actually starts to look like him. For instance, when I tried to be a part of the skateboarding group, as they were also from the same street, they were not very open to teach and mingle with me until I started to dress and act like them. This eventually lead me to start drinking as they all were regular drinkers unlike me so in order for them to be my good friends I started to go to pubs and drinking regularly.

In conclusion, peer pressure usually is quite powerful, mostly negative, and it can cause a person to change his lifestyle and personality in order to be accepted by people of the same age group. I personally think that the disadvantages of peer pressure far outweigh the few advantages of it.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-7

It is widely believed that teenagers’ personalities are more related to their peers rather than their parents or teachers since, and this is an accurate preposition because at this age children spend more time and develop a more intimate relationship with friends.

On the positive side, peers set plenty of good examples for each other. If teenagers are committed to do well at school or do their best in a sport then they can affect who around them to be more goal-oriented, as well. Observing others working hard to achieve their goals will definitely encourage teenagers to put more effort into their own target. Furthermore, peer pressure can provide a wider perspective of the world they are living in. The most efficient way to acquire knowledge and useful skills is to learn from the peers that they socialize with.

On the other hand, it is undeniable that peer pressure can be a very destructive force. Some youngster will use extreme methods to defeat their classmates who are better than themselves. For instance, a student kills his roommate due to his grades. Moreover, the impact of peers can discourage adolescents from thinking independently. In some cases, they have to think and act the same as the group that they are in. Peer pressure leads young people to follow what their peers feel is right, resulting in a loss of independence in behaviour and thought.

To sum up, in my opinion, peer pressure has more negative impacts, however, it can be beneficial in some cases to improve adolescents’ individual.

71) Some people believe that the government should take care of old people and provide financial support after they retire. Others say individuals should save during their working years to fund their own retirement. What is your opinion? Give reasons for your answer and include examples from your own experience.

People have different views on whether a government should support the elderly and retired people financially or not. I believe that it is mostly an individual’s duty to save funds for their retirement, but I totally disagree that elderly people shouldn’t receive any support from the state. The combination of personal support and the government’s assistance could be the best possible solution for the retired elderly people.

I think the regime should support the elderly people financially as this is the part of a social democracy which states the equality of opportunities and distribution of resources fairly. For example, many developed countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United State are following this strategy by allowing some money to be cashed for elderly people upon their retirement. Moreover, it is their right to have some financial support as they had paid their taxes throughout their lives. So they have to take some of their money back when they need it. The government should allocate money to take care of its citizens no matter what are their ages.

On the other side, those elderly people do not have any alternative way of earning, as their chances for employment is quite low in contrast to the young people, they should be taken care by the savings they have, by their own children and by the government.

The people should always have savings and relatives who would be taking care of them when they become old. The parents take care of their kids and sacrifice a lot. The children should always be ready to take care of their elder parents. A prudent person would have some savings for his older years and thus it is also an individual’s obligation to save for their future need. Furthermore, the government can’t deny its role to take care of the elder people. The combination of these three can be very effective to take care of people when they become old.

In conclusion, governments should take the responsibility of providing senior citizens with all their financial needs as part of ensuring their well-being and at the same time it is an individual’s duty to save money for their hardest time and their sons and daughters have some responsibilities as well.               (BAND-7)

SAMPLE-2       BAND-7

It is true that when people advance in their golden years, they require more help and attention. For that reason, a significant number of people hold the opinion that the government should provide financial assistance to the elderly. However, I tend to agree with those who argue that workers should be saving a portion of their income to have a nest egg in their retirement.

To begin with, a culture of saving rather than depending on the government may foster the overall economic development of a country. In other words, if people were to accumulate their own savings for their pension age, it would lessen the financial burden on the government. As a result, the government would be able to release more funds to productive purposes, such as development of infrastructure, industries, hospitals, and so on, which may expedite the overall progression of a country.

In addition to economic factors, putting money aside has some personal benefits. Since savings-oriented people are not dependent on the state for their living expenses, this may instill a sense of self-respect and pride in them. On the other hand, those who are reliant on financial assistance very often face the negative societal stigma, as many people consider them to be inferior and unworthy members of society. Hence, to live a life with dignity and pride, taking responsibility for funding one’s own retirement is evidently a better option from an individual perspective.

In contrast, the provision of monetary outlays for retirees has proven unfeasible in many countries. Since in many nations the number of senior citizens is on the rise, in the long run governments are likely to struggle to sustain the cost of providing for the elderly. The early signs of this have been seen in many countries that were forced to raise the retirement age. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, these kinds of support may become completely unsustainable.

In conclusion, the provision of state monetary support may undoubtedly lessen the concern of retirees to some extent. However, considering the issue of sustainability of this provision, it is better to opt for individual savings from the very beginning of working life, for the benefit of both individual and national development.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-6.5

People have different views about the financial support to elderly people who have retired. While some people disagree with plan of government support for retirees. In my view, I believe that old people deserve to receive pension.

On the one hand, people should save money from their monthly income for their future living expenses and in urgent situations. As it comes to aging, people gradually become weak physically and susceptible to severe illness such as chronic diseases, diabetes or kidney problems which they need to pay a vast amount of money for treatments. Furthermore, having their own savings means they will not depend on others or government and also enjoy a comfortable life.

On the other hand, the government has a responsibility to support finance to retirees with the purpose of bringing wellbeing to public. For instance, if people after retire do not obtain the financial assistance, they can risk their lives to rob or commit other associated crimes. Therefore the social safety will be threatened. Moreover, old people had paid taxes throughout their working life, thus, they entitled to receive pension from social welfare system when reaching retirement age. The government could also provide them assistance such as medical services, allowances and nursing home where they spend quality time with people in the same age group.

In conclusion, despite of individuals ought to be responsible for their life as saving amount of money from the working life. However, the government should support elderly resident’s finance because they had paid taxes when they still worked for authority.

SAMPLE-4                                                                                                                               BAND-7

As people grow old, they are seeking more financial attention, while it is possible that at their young age, they must plan for their retirement however it is the fundamental responsibility of the government to take care of their senior citizens financially. This essay will discuss why eventually the responsibility lies with the government.

Retirement plans are considered to be significant for the individual. At the young age a person does care about their saving for rainy days, instead they tend to spend on every single glitter available in the market, without realizing the consequences after the retirement because they felt that they must be pleased themselves now and stop planning about the future, for example, a recent study by the EIA brokerage firm, suggested that people with life bracket between 25 years to 30 years, it is necessary for them to consider pullout strategy. Overall, an individual compels himself to contemplate their arrangement at the early age to avoid burdensome to others at their departure.      

Conversely, It is the foremost responsibility of the regime to arrange better fund strategy for retirees, as they would not be competent enough to work after 60 years of age because of their health and mental capacity does not allow them to do so, additionally they contribute through hefty taxes to country development, For instance, In Australia, a person have to submit 9.5% of their wages to superannuation fund which eventually pay them back after their evacuation. Personal saving will never be able to achieve what has been taken by authorities over hundreds of years to achieve.   

In conclusion, the state retirement plan will eventually supersede entirely the individual saving methods, however the regime must designed appropriate system and follow them up for their implementation. Ultimately, in the current scenario the government is responsible for their retirement.

72) Nowadays both men and women spend a lot of money on beauty care. This was not so in the past. What may be the root cause of this behaviour? Discuss the reasons and possible results.

In today’s world, cosmetics productions are used more than ever. Therefore, a huge amount of cash has been spent on those materials, which make us to seem younger and more attractive. However, the pressure of being attractive was not in the past. So, this attitude should be originated and created by a definite purpose. Therefore, there is a need to investigate about the reasons and effects of it.

At first, it should be investigated that what can be reasoned. It is considerable that people like to be compared with superstars like actors and actresses’ behaviour and try to imitate them. So, this imitation would affect not only to their clothing and behaviour, but also it definitely has an impact on their natural appearance. Therefore, you can see the usage of these elegance care subjects are more in a portion of society who are between 20 to 40, because they are more in the life style of the stars. Also, people believe that as a person seems more attractive, they would take more attentions. So, they can be more successful. Unfortunately, head managers tend to employ more charming girls or boys, at least for the jobs which are connected to people. For instance, we can mention cashiers, flight attendants, or travel agents. We should not forget the great amount of money which is made in the commerce of those materials.

By the knowing the clues and the roots of it, we can be aware of its unwanted results. A society and mainly adults and matures are really on a risk of losing their natural appearance. If they just use some cosmetic stuff to seem more beautiful, make themselves younger, or even try to keep their skin more appealing, it does not hurt. But they do some sorts of surgeries to take care of their skins or they put on makeup in a way that they disguise. That is why, when you are in a party, you think that you are in a beauty contest. So, that is why the natural elegance of a society dies down. For example, between 2010 to 2015, in some Middle Eastern countries, having a small nose seems to be a factor of looking beautiful and so many people try to have a surgery for this purpose.

All in one, there was a belief in the past that the most interesting thing that make you seem beautiful was the inner beauty, which has been changed as the years go by. In fact, Spending money on those care productions can be necessary to make your appearance better. But insisting on using them, more than the needs, is wasting money and even it can become a mental illness. Indeed, if we do not try to quit this habit, the biggest result would be a ruin changing of the definition of beauty sense.  


(SAMPLE-2)    (BAND-7.5)

In recent decades, the lifestyle of men and women has changed considerably, compared to their counterparts in the past. Many people are of the opinion that both genders spend a large amount of money on cosmetic products. In the following paragraphs, the causes and effects of this issue will be discussed in detail.

To begin with, the opinion of looking good is held by many people these days, because they are obsessed and concerned with their appearances, or even would like to emulate other’s characteristics by using the same brand name cosmetic products as their idols. Moreover, there is an increasing trend of taking care of both mental and physical health among males and females, including exercises, having a balanced diet, and of course, using organic beauty products. Many people decide to buy organic ones in order to alleviate their wrinkles and stay younger than their actual age.

The results of this habit can be both good and bad depending on how much they spend. If individuals spend all of the salaries on beauty items, they would not have the ability to afford other life expenses, such as accommodation, foods or drinks, to name but a few. In the worst case, they might mortgage a house to borrow money to pay for their beauty items. On the other hand, those who spend only a small amount of salary will not have to deal with a financial problem.

In conclusion, there is a substantial rise in the number of both men and women who decide to spend a lot of money on cosmetic things due to worried about their appearances and also taking care of their facial health. Nevertheless, it might cause negative effects to someone who is a beauty care shopaholic. All things considered, no one can deny that buying such things is inappropriate because our world we live in today has changed, in comparison with the world our parents lived in the past.

SAMPLE-3                                                                                                          BAND-7.5

In recent times both men and women are showing interest in spending money on personal appearance. However, this practice is not very much popular in the past. The main reason for this trend change is, work culture and change in time. There are some negative outcomes with these trend changes in the global market. This essay will illustrate the reasons and results by taking examples from newspapers and journals.

To begin with, the drastic change in spending for beauty has brought a significant impact on both men and women in personal life and at the workplace. This is because good looking men or women could potentially bring a positive vibe to the opposite person in the company. As a result, this could make the workplace more creative and attractive. For instance, most of the multi-national companies in the world keep a good looking person as a company representative in the meetings. The fact for this reason is, these people can make the audience to harness with their speech and bring the business to the company. Hence, spending a lot on beauty care has become more in recent times for both genders.

However, this trend has brought a lot of dissatisfaction in everyone’s financial management. The reason for this is most of the corporate employees spend 75 per cent of their salary for beauty maintenance. This practice leads them to apply credit cards and loans for surviving. For example, the recent survey in New York showed that 80 per cent of both men and women spend 1.8 million every month on cosmetic products. Therefore, they pile a huge number of debts. Thus, spending money on beauty care leads to financial loss every month.

In conclusion, spending money for good looking is recommended when working in the corporate industry. However, this should not lead to financial debts. I strongly believe that there should be limitations in your spending on beauty.

(SAMPLE-4)    BAND-7

Probably in the recent 15 years, you might sense that more and more people around you had started to invest in their beauty, and even included men as well. It was difficult to imagine that it would happen in the past, especially the generation of our parents totally can’t believe it. I suppose it obviously goes to popular since the internet was developing.

To begin with,  social media reach most people’s daily life. A huge amount of bloggers and celebrities post a number of photos to show their sexy, beautiful and frozen age faces and bodies through ins, Facebook etc. People follow with their opinion leaders on the standard of beauty and seek the way to make themselves as beautiful as they are. Secondly, there are many examples that show the success of young and good looking influencers, who gain wealth quickly and mainly because of their images. On the other hand, in the reality, a lot of companies will employ a nicer appearance candidate rather than a normal looking one. Even they can get higher pay.

Furthermore, nowadays, there are many extreme cases that reflect this unhealthy situation. For instance, a young girl has started beauty surgeries from only age 13, and also girls to make it for marrying a rich guy and so on.

If things continue to be extreme, as a result, it really harms the young generation’s mental health, and no one is willing to put the effort into hard work. Of course, to be beautiful is a good wish for everybody, but beauty is not only from the outside, but also it could be from the inner side. A beautiful soul is more attractive and meaningful to a healthy society.

73) It is suggested that everyone should have a car, a television and a fridge. Do disadvantages of this development for society outweigh advantages?”

Some people believe that each household should have possession of domestic gadgets such as a car, a TV, and a refrigerator. Although this personal belonging can bring convenience to the owners to some extent, I strongly support that this evolution does more harm than good.

On the one hand, people can reap a huge benefit from these external materials. First, promoting the national economy and society is one of its main contributions. The more demands to possess these products are, the bigger the manufacturing process expands, providing more job prospects to the unemployed. This then decreases the high rate of jobless, implementing the workforce to contribute to mass manufacture. Second, the increasing consumption forces producer to plan competitive pricing. More specifically, the prices of products will decrease, allowing the low-paid workers to afford these appliances and enjoy the comfort of life.

On the other hand, these trends will exert a detrimental impact on the environment and changing the view of people. There is likelihood that the environment will be polluted as a result of releasing the wages and exhaust fume from factories and exploiting the natural sources for material. Moreover, people tend to become consumerism which associates the possession of newly-launched items with happiness. This leads to a greedy and jealous of others which then increases the gap between the have and have not.

In conclusion, although this trend can provide an economic incentive, I believe its demerits outweigh perks. It is highly recommended that each individual should think twice when purchasing products.                                


SAMPLE-2                               BAND-6

Some people believe that it is necessary for each person to possess an item of some fundamental needs for travelling, entertainment and food storage. Although some clear benefits of such development could be seen, they are, in my view, eclipsed by the considerable drawbacks.

There are several advantages of having a private car, TV and fridge. First of all, people who need to travel on a daily basis, especially those who live far away from workplace, could stay active all the time thanks to the availability of their personal vehicle. Secondly, having a TV could be a perfect choice of recreation because it offers a variety of channels, such as Cartoon Network or HBO, to satisfy viewers’ personal preferences. Finally, when in possession of a fridge, people would save a significant amount of time supposedly spent on shopping for food.

However, the disadvantages of those personal possessions are much greater regarding both environmental and individual levels. To start with, hypothetically if everyone had his own private form of transport, particularly cars, the emission of harmful exhaust which would be too difficult to measure would do grave harm to the environment. From an individual perspective, it would cost a legacy if every person insisted on purchasing his own fridge and TV. This is because property prices would certainly accelerate owing to the growth in customers’ demand for those commodities. Also of great concern is the payment of expensive electric bills as fridges have to be plugged in all the time.

In conclusion, despite a few beneficial aspects of having a car, a TV and a fridge, the demerits are of greater significance from both individual and environmental angles.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-7

It is true that almost everyone wants a car, a TV and a fridge as some of the basic essentials of a good lifestyle. Despite the benefits, I believe that on a long-term view these are outweighed by the disadvantages.

On the one hand, the growing consumption of cars, televisions and fridges has several benefits. At its simplest, the rise of the consumer society stimulates economic growth. The increasing sales figures of cars and household equipment are often associated with more jobs and wealth being created for society. Another advantage is that people can have a higher standard of living than before. Travelling on the road is no longer tedious because individuals can sit in a car, listening to music and enjoying the comfort of air conditioning. In the same way, people may watch television to relax or to gain knowledge, and fridges help them preserve food longer without being stale.

On the other hand, I believe that the above benefits are outweighed by potential problems. Primarily, the use of cars is often held responsible for environmental pollution. Exhaust emissions from automobiles impair the air quality and consequently affect people’s health. For example, in many big cities in the world, urban citizens are suffering from chronic respiratory problems due to the poor air quality. Using fridges and televisions also places a pressure on electricity supply in the world. The growing use of these devices in the home merely compounds the problem of insufficient electricity that has become intractable in many parts of the world.

In conclusion, taking a long-term perspective, I would argue that the drawbacks of this trend outweigh the advantages.

SAMPLE-4       BAND-7.5

According to some experts, they are of prospective that each and every family should have a vehicle, television for entertainment and also a refrigerator. From my point of view, this development has more positive effects compared to negative one and they are listed out in ensuring paragraphs.

Firstly, discussing about the car that made our way of living smother and faster in terms of transportation facility. For instance, we can enjoy our ride with relish and comfortably no matter how far the destination is. Thus, having a car ultimately elevates the standards of living. There are abundant other reason for owning a vehicle such as own transportation mode. In addition to this one can be easily accessible to go out anywhere, anytime they want and also it is helpful in emergency situations. For example, if someone is in a critical condition and it is a breathtaking condition here, it can be a lifesaving tool.

Secondly; television, which was a remarkable invention. It has a number of pros such as it is used for entertaining purpose and also a source to get updated about the daily happenings around the world. Moreover, it may decipher to be stress relieving to someone after their hectic schedule whilst for many; television is a superior priority for watching the news. Lastly fridge is nowadays one of the essential requirements as it assists in preserving foods and various household groceries. The main purpose and benefit is, preservation of eatery products and various fluids.

In conclusion, procuring these firms are ought to be in this world of modernization and also a necessary which augments to better and easier lifestyle. They are the machineries that are proving to have more advantages than disadvantages.

74) Some people think parents should read or tell stories to children. Others think parents needn’t do that as children can read books or watch TV, movies by themselves. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Some people think parents should read or tell stories to children. Others think parents needn’t do that as children can read books or watch TV, movies by themselves. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

There is an opinion that parents do not need to tell children stories or read books because they can do it on their own, in contrast to this position there is a belief that this is part of the upbringing of children. I think that children should always read fairy tales or tell them stories because children need care.

On the one hand, parents believe that the child should be independent, so they do not consider it necessary to read the child stories. They believe that children should choose what to read or watch without the help of their parents. Therefore, such an attitude of parents is a form of caring for the child and worrying about his future. Recent studies in psychology show those children who since childhood, become independent in the future adapt more quickly to adult life.

On the other hand, many parents are convinced that reading books to children is part of their child’s upbringing, and in raising children, the essential tool is attention. By spending time with children, they develop their human qualities of empathy and attention to close people. If they ignore children, they may become callous and rude and unable to empathize. There is a lot of evidence that children remember very well the fairy tales of childhood that they were sung or told by their parents, and this trace remains with children throughout their lives and helps them overcome the difficulties of our lives. I believe that the essential quality of a person is kindness and paying attention to children makes this world kinder.

In conclusion, even though independence in life is an essential quality without which it will be difficult for children in adulthood, I believe that kindness and attention to children will make them and this world a better place.          (Band-6.5)

SAMPLE-2                                                                   BAND-7.5

In this contemporary era, the bond between parents and children is going a bit worse than the past life. While a set of people believes that parents should read out stories for their children, others believe that modern technology like TV and movies can replace them. Personally, I strongly believe that storytelling of parents’ games about three friends as it plays a vital role in children’s development.

As the former argument goes, in order to develop and maintain a better relationship among the family they must spend plenty of their leisure time mingling with the children by doing several activities like playing, teaching, singing lullabies and storytelling. However, when children listen to such stories they can learn many skills like language proficiency and moral values. For example, in my childhood days my grandma used to tell me stories of jungle and daily lives. As a child, I used to enjoy a lot hearing her stories. She taught me many lessons that are essential in one’s lives and I also learnt how to pronounce each word through her guidance .This, kids are made aware of various problem-solving skills in times of certain circumstances and therefore, they still need the help of the parents.

On the contrary, with the rise of technology and modernization people are busy with their works and have no time for their family so they will not get chances to monitor on what their children are learning about. For instance, once I heard about a boy who was settled overseas with his parents and they both were working. At most times, he used to stay alone and had no one to look after him. He wasted his whole time watching animations. Once, their school conducted a short story competition in which it was compulsory for all the children to participate in it. He had many imaginary ideas. But he couldn’t express his story in words as he was very weak with his grammar and language. So he couldn’t win the competition. Similarly, under such situations, young ones have no one to depend on and are overexposed to movies, cartoons and video games.  Even when the books are available online, no child can read a book without knowing the language. They will not get any knowledge and creativity ideas by watching TV and also it is not suitable for children to stare at the computer screens for a longer duration as it results in eye strain and other eye-related diseases. Hence, this may be detrimental in the long run.

To sum up, I pen down saying that it is always better for the parents to give their quality time to read some books to their children so as to keep in contact with each other and also it is also said that a book is a dream we hold in our hand.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-8

Parents are the most important factor in the upbringing of a child. Some advocates believe that stories should be read or told to children by their parents, while others are of the opinion that it is not necessary as children can watch tv or movies or read books by themselves. In this essay, I will discuss both  viewpoints and share my personal opinion in this regard.

On the one hand, people say that reading or telling a book story can help children to understand values. This is because when parents read out these stories, they try to relate them with the practical aspect of society and teach a child how to behave by understanding the moral of the chapter. For instance, it is widely known that the story of rabbit and turtle, which is based on the laziness of rabbit, is a very good example to relate with a personal life that if we become lazy we can lose our success. Furthermore, if children are not given attention, they tend to play video games or watch TV for hours and hours; as a result, this may cause damage to the eyes and may also lead to a headache. Thus, few advocates support this notion.

On the other hand, the detractors do not agree with the aforementioned standpoint, because they think that adolescent should become independent by doing things themselves. The reason for this is if parents spoon-feed them all the time, then they will never do their things on their own such as reading a book or watching a movie. In other words, this can give them a sense of independence and can generate inner confidence. For example, when a child will read different books of different genres, they grasp the good thing about the story and try to copy the same in their life. Not only this can develop confidence but also they can learn different skills such as dancing, singing and craft, by watching art shows on TV. Hence, it becomes apparent that performing things by themselves may help adolescent.

In conclusion, some guardians may find the idea of reading or telling stories to their offspring a good way of raising children but others might feel that this could restrict the confidence level which can be built otherwise if they read a book or watch TV by themselves. I believe that guardians should tell stories to their youngsters so that they are always guided by the right personnel.

SAMPLE-4       BAND-8.5

Whether children should read stories alone or with the accompany of parents is a question that many parents are facing nowadays. This article will explore more on this question and share my opinion.

   Some argue that parents should keep their children accompany while they are reading books on the account that it contributes to the development of children. One notable trait of children is that they can hardly grasp the correct meaning of the book even if the content is very simple. In others words, they can hardly profit from reading books that they do not understand. This might result in children wasting their precious time for learning. By contrast, with the assistance of their parents, they might gain some insights into the story and thereby enriching the time spent on reading. In addition, it is kids’ natural to imitate their parents’ words and deeds. For this reason, if parents tell the story themselves to their children in their early days, which show that they are intrigued by the book, then it is highly predictable that the kids will enjoy the process of reading in the future.

Others believe that this assistance from parents in reading can affect the development of children. It is common knowledge that independence is a curial ability of a human being and can only be instilled into children at a very young age. More specifically, children whose parents constantly help them with reading at a young age are more likely to show reliance toward their parents in terms of reading later. What’s more, not having children read books alone might deprive children of the opportunity to explore their interests. It is undeniable that children hardly change their minds if they have a vision of something. Consequently, once parents have failed to pinpoint the interests of their children and cannot provide books accordingly, a stereotype towards books will be formed. This might result in children do not favour reading. [40 minutes] Therefore, it is reasonable that some parents insist on not reading the story out loud for their children.

To conclude; while some argue that parents should help children to read, others maintain that otherwise contribute to cultivating independence. From my perspective, it is vital to see whether the child has the ability to read alone, if not, parents should do their best to help kids to fully understand the book.

75) Scientists tell us that some activities are good for health and others are bad. Despite knowing that, millions of people still continue doing unhealthy activities. What are the causes and what are the solutions for this?

Science has progressed significantly since last decade. Scientists have categorised activities which are good and harmful for health. However, millions of people still continue doing detrimental activities. Moreover, one of the main causes of these detrimental activities is the lack of knowledge of the consequences of these activities. However, the solution of these activities is giving them the proper knowledge about the harmful effects of the activities.

Some activities can be harmful in many ways. However, without proper knowledge of these activities people would not be able to identify the unhealthy activity which is part of their lifestyle. People without knowledge of activities will continue to do these activities which will deteriorate their health and would be harmful in their later life. For instance, people without knowledge of harmful effects of eating unhealthy food are more likely to become obese.

However, giving them proper knowledge and educating them about healthy and unhealthy activities which will help them to make better decision for a better life. Educating them from an early age can cultivate healthy activities in them. Teaching them and practicing healthy activities like waking up early, doing yoga; eating healthy food will help youth to lead a healthy and disease free life. For instance, organising various events for spreading knowledge about healthy and unhealthy activities will help people in the future.

In conclusion, people nowadays are unaware of various scientific researches which are important for them. However, this is due to lack of knowledge and information which can be corrected by educating everyone for a better and a healthier future. (BAND-6.5)

SAMPLE-2       BAND-6.5

With rapid development of technology, people have more things to do than ever before. However, not all of the activities are beneficial to human beings. Despite the warnings from authorities, people still can stop doing harmful activities. There are a variety of reasons which cause this phenomenon but steps can be taken to tackle this problem.

In my opinion, two main factors are to blame for this issue. Firstly, compared with positive activities, negative activities are more enjoyable. For example, exercising is good for health but people may feel exhausted and sometimes bored if they exercise by themselves. In contract, lying on the couch is more comfortable and relaxed although it may increase the possibility of getting certain diseases. What’s more, bad consequences usually won’t occur in the near future and people are not able to imagine how severe they are so that people tend to ignore them. To be more specific, researchers keep emphasizing the detrimental effects of global warming. Many business owners who over release carbon dioxide and contaminate the atmosphere already know their actions will result in global warming which will bring global catastrophe. Since it will not happen immediately, they choose to neglect it.

The good thing is the situation can certainly be improved by the following solutions. To begin with, we can make the favourable activities become more fun to do. For instance, social applications can add a function to record the exercise amount and it will be ranked within users’ social group. In this way, people can be stimulated because of the potential competition and feel more interested in doing exercise. Secondly, means to promote the negative effects of the bad activities need to be more intuitive. For example, showing pictures of damaged lungs on the cigarette box can effectively reduce smoking.

In conclusion, it is understandable that keeping doing good things is hard especially when bad things are more pleasant to do and potential damage can be easily ignored. People may continue facing the issue unless we make good things more enjoyable and let people be really aware of the negative consequences of it.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-8.5

Nowadays, a large proportion of the population continues to engage in unhealthy activities, irrespective of expert advice, which is being increasingly witnessed. This essay will discuss the main causes of this phenomenon and also suggest methods to alleviate this conundrum.

There are various reasons associated with continuous engagement in harmful activities. Firstly, people are prone to underestimate the cumulative adverse effects of an unhealthy lifestyle as it doesn’t occur immediately. Hence, people gradually become complacent about it. In addition, many unhealthy habits can be addictive and are not easy to break. For example, a recent survey conducted in Japan suggested that 90% of inveterate smokers are aware of the detrimental effects of smoking but unable to quit due to lacking willpower. As can be seen, predicaments caused by these factors are prominent.

The solutions are not simple but they do exist. Intensified media exposure to a healthy lifestyle and accessible medical consultation to the public are both critical to eradicating those difficulties. It is imperative to promote the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the media as it could affect the public by osmosis. Furthermore, quick access to health professionals can also give assistance to those who are willing to cure their addiction. For instance, disease incidence is lower in countries with abundant medical resources. Therefore, those measures could have a profound impact on these issues.

In conclusion, a large number of citizens participate in unhealthy activities disregarding expert warnings is ubiquitous. This essay discussed how this phenomenon was caused by various factors and also suggested solutions to prevent this situation from worsening in the future.

76) Some think that having ambition is a good quality. Is it important to be ambitious? Is it a positive or negative characteristic?

Every person has some ambitions during his life. There are some who think that having an ambition is vital in human life and it is definitely a positive quality. I too think exactly the same unless the same disrupts the harmony around.

The primary reason why I agree to the view is that a person can get more focus on his activity; whether it is work, studies or sports. To be precise, if an employee aims for a higher designation, his work would be shaped more sharp and determined, and this can help him to get promotions faster. Similarly, a student who aspires for the best score would work harder than others and can snatch success easier. Likewise, a determined sportsperson is more likely to climb the heights of his career compared to his colleagues who do not have a real ambition. Therefore, having an ambition is really fruitful in a person’s life, whatever the situation might be.

By contrast, being ambitious often creates some sorts of problems in the normal life of a person. To be clear, when a person desires something with full of his mind, immense pressure is created inside him. At some point of time, the stress level would exceed the limit, and this causes untoward physical and mental problems in him. Similarly, if a person’s ambition is negative or anti-social, not only the person would suffer, but also the people around him would face detrimental effects of his deeds.

To conclude, unless and until a person’s ambition imbalances the peace in the society, I think being ambitious would bring out definitive success.


Ambition is nothing but a strong desire for accomplishing a goal through hard work and determination. The great achievers of history have all had it. Individuals with this trait loom large as people who consistently drive towards their dreams and goals. So, there is not a shadow of doubt that ambition is a positive trait which is essential to be successful.

To begin with, I negate the notion that ambition is a negative characteristic. Let me clarify it. Ambition does not constitute a character flaw which causes dishonesty or unquenchable thirst for outcomes beyond stretch goal. Instead, ambition is an aspiration for attaining something good where nothing existed before.

Again, I firmly believe that ambition is the key to success whereas success can be defined as embracing a goal. However, road to success is always wrought with ups and downs: pain, uncertainty, and brutish hard work. In this context, one need a great effort in order to be successful in attaining his goal and therefore he need to be persistent and highly motivated with the goal. It goes without saying that it is absurd to have such motivation and determination without being ambitious. That is to say that ambition creates zeal within human that fuels motivation and instigates the aspiration to succeed. In addition, ambition leads to dedication which fosters perseverance. Perseverance is a trait that helps people to firm their commitment to their goal. More or less, each of us has some goals, but only who has the ability to stick with his goal can taste the success. Thus, ambition plays the crucial role in achieving goals.

To wrap up, success is a phenomenon that all of us wish to attain and, success and ambition go with hand in hand. This suggests that ambition can never be a negative trait. In achieving goal, ambition and success are not divergent, but interconnected in such a way that one can be explored through other.


Ambition refers to the high and unrealistic motivation or urge to achieve something. It could be defined in the phenomenon of ‘’how does needy become greedy’’ as ambition leads toward greed. I strongly believed that there is a high correlation between need, ambition, selfish ambition and greed

Ambition is a negative characteristic as it demands unrealistic goals and leads towards daydreaming. Only will and determination could be defined as a positive characteristic for achieving goals. Ambition distorts the human thinking, and leads towards the purely unrealistic world; the person becomes greedy for materialism, expect unrealistic assumptions in interpersonal relationships or becomes rigid for having fame. The materialistic ambition may motivate the person to work hard beyond his capacity; as a result, he may lose his actual level of performance, he stops working with daydreaming and wait for a miracle to happen. Unrealistic ambitions in interpersonal relationships like, high approval, respect, love, and care made the ambitious person socially isolated as they expect another person show intimacy without give and take phenomenon, this high level of unrealistic ambition distort the person thinking within two extremes either ‘good or bad’’. If any person care and love him, he was labialized good otherwise he will be considered bad. They become as rigid as to give the benefit of doubt to their love ones.  It exploits the ambitious person, if his demands couldn’t be fulfilled, which leads towards, isolation, anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders. Ambition for fame reveals the complexes of a person, which could be only cured by that person.

I strongly believed that ambition distort the contact from reality and cause many biological, psychological and social problems.

77) Some people think that economic progress is the only way to measure a countries success, while others think that other factors can be used to measure a countries success. What are these Factors? Which do you think are most important?

It is often argued by some that capital accumulation is the only important factor to define a country as successful, while others claim that education and hunger rate, as well as a proper income distribution should be taken into consideration to evaluate the prosperity of a nation. The paragraphs below will expose these points and explain which one of them is the most important.

To begin with, although, a high Gross Domestic Product is useful to define a country as rich due to the increased amount of money collected with the goods sold and services provided, this data can lead to misinterpretation due to the incomplete information carried; thus, others factors should be analysed as well. For instance, despite being an economically privileged country, most part of the Brazilian population is miserable and faces hunger daily as a result of poor income distribution. Moreover, using the same land as an example, by having a substantial illiteracy rate, most part of the adult population is unemployed.

Be that as it way, in my opinion, amid the points described above, the most important one is the education rate. Through the development of a critical sense and inciting creative minds in the community, more ideas are given and, thereby, more solutions to internal political, market and health setbacks would be displayed, which would improve the nation’s weaknesses and could lead to economic progress as a consequence, in the long-term. Hence, investing in schooling and education is wiser to mitigate problems and to reach success in the future.

To conclude, measuring a nation’s prosperity by its economy is, to say the least, vague as it does not portray the population’s situation. Therefore, other data as income distribution, poverty and education rate should be analyzed to give a complete perspective. Also, the literacy rate is more trustworthy to evaluate success.  (BAND-6)

SAMPLE-2       BAND-7

There is a fair amount of people who, only based on monetary factors to measure a success of a country. However, there are others who believe that there are other means of measuring a success, namely the advancement of technology, and the quality of its human resource. In my opinion, technology is the most crucial factor because of its role in advancing the development of other sectors.

Technology has been evolving by leaps and bounds and providing many opportunities for a country to surpass others. One of the major contributions is that technology is used as infrastructure in all domain applications, regardless of its nature. For instance, in a developing country such as Singapore, tourist can already use smartphones to pay for transport, meals and even a parking ticket. Another example is how it boosts healthcare sector in introducing new approaches. This has been proven by many, one of which is the improvement in minor surgery, surgeons, nowadays, does not need to cut across one’s stomach to treat appendicitis.

The quality of human resource also plays a crucial factor in a development. The quality of the people accelerates the adoption of technology which eventually speeds up the development. For example, In Indonesia, it took some time to implement online taxation and for people to start using it, because of they are just not used to online filing. On the other hand, when Singapore implements digital payment, it is adopted without even realizing it. When a high quality of human resources is available, the adoption of technology is way faster.

To conclude, it has been many years that financial standpoint is used as the sole factor, however I personally believe that technology will eventually be used as other complementing factors. Given this situation, it is recommended for governing bodies to start looking into other factors when grading a success

SAMPLE-3       BAND-6.5

Nation’s success is often measured from economic growth. In other words, country is said to be developed if it has a stable and surplus economy. Such countries are venerated and hold strong position globally. Though, it seems to be compelling, there are other factors that play vital role in measuring countries success. We will discuss them in subsequent paragraphs.

Along with economic progress, areas such as sports, cultural diversity, science and technology, Education are the key factors in country’s success. Countries like Kenya, Jamaica doesn’t have an impressive economy. However, they are global leaders in athletics. Usain Bolt, one of the fastest men alive is from Jamaica. These countries rule the Olympics in athletics. On the other hand, India is the country with diverse culture. More than 8000 languages and a nation of 30 primary cultural and many subcultures. India is one of the oldest civilizations and has a history of thousands of years. People around the globe visit India to experience diversity in food, culture, language, mythology etc. This is the identity of India globally.

Further, nations such as Israel, Russia, china, USA are advanced in science and technology. Israel is famous for its ammunitions market and makes the country one of the chief exporters of ammunition. Moreover, United States is one of the countries with advanced Space Programs which certainly measured as a milestone. Despite of all these factors, I believe education is one of the most important, countries like United Kingdom has an exceptionally good education system where they are nurtured future generations. Universities like Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford plays significant role in research in almost every sector of the world.

To conclude, it’s not enough to say, a country’s accomplishment depends only on its economy. However, areas as education, sports, science are vital in country’s progress.

78) In some countries, fast food restaurants and supermarkets give money to schools to promote their products. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

These days, schools in some countries receive money aiming to advertise products from junk food stores and supermarkets. From my point of view, I totally believe that this statement is a negative development for several reasons which will be discussed in this essay.

One of the main reasons is that fast food is not good for children’s health. To explain, it contains high calories, sodium and sugar levels which can lead to numerous chronic diseases in childhood. Obesity, for example, is the most popular illness in students today. Moreover, students should eat various good ingredients, such as protein and vitamins, to improve their brain and muscles. This is crucial for their learning ability.

Another important reason is that schools should provide the best meals for all students. If school foods are dominated by sponsoring products from restaurants or supermarkets, schools cannot select food items by themselves. As a result, it may decrease the overall quality of lunch for students. According to many pieces of research conducted by Thammasat University, a large number of supermarkets in Thailand support urban schools by forcing these schools to give only their products to children. Even teachers disagree with this action but they do have not sufficient budget to buy others.

In conclusion, I strongly claim that this idea is a downward change as eating too much fast food can cause various illnesses in young people and food sponsoring limits choices for teachers to serve the best meals for students. In addition, governments should play an important role to implement a law controlling this activity.  


SAMPLE-2       BAND-6.5

Financial support is being followed by fast-food chains for an advertisement of their products in schools in a few nations. Considering the profit to parties, awareness for students, and more taxes for the government, it is a positive trend.

The aforementioned development will benefit both schools and companies. This is because companies will have more sales, and more funding to schools, consequently, it will help the companies to improve the quality of their products, and the infrastructure of schools will be established as well. For instance, in 2015, a shopping centre funded a school 10 lakh rupee for the advertisement of their newly launched product, which profited the company 20% within a year.

Besides the benefit to companies, the pupils in the schools will get awareness about a range of products. The reason for the same is, companies will spread more awareness about the new products through advertisements, thereby, providing them with more choices, which will help them to make better selections.

Moreover, the company will have to pay more taxes to the government. Since a large amount of money will circulate in between companies and schools, it will help the country to grow economically. A study revealed that in the last decade, the economy of a few nations has been incremented by 10% because of the same reason.

In conclusion, the trend of fast-food restaurants and supermarkets funding schools for an advertisement of their products is having fruitful consequences because as it leads to not only more money for the schools, companies themselves and the nation as well but also awareness to the students.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-7.5

It is noticeable in some countries that some businesses use the school campus to publicize their products. I think it has negative effects on both society and the students. So, in the essay, I will focus on the drawbacks of this development.

 The main issue for school owners or managers is to maintain the concentration of their pupils so, if these schools allow companies to advertise their goods inside classes, it will distract the attention for lessons. For example, youngsters will talk about the flyers or the poster that they just watch at the school gate rather than having conversations about the topic of today lesson. As consequence, it led to pay less attention during school hours.

  Another factor to consider is that increase the demand for special products. If businesses such as fast-food chains have permission to advertise among students, it definitely caused a growing in buying their unhealthy food accordingly. For instance, parents always fight to keep their children healthier by not buying junk foods; on the contrary, schools allow them to promote this unhealthy eating. So as long the child does not have the ability to judge whether these products have beneficial or not, it will be problematic for both the parent and the child.

In conclusion, allowing companies such as supermarkets and fast-food restaurants would cause disadvantages in and outside the school like the lack of focusing in the classes along with an increase in the demand for unhealthy products which is probably caused negative impacts.

79) In schools and universities, girls tend to choose arts while boys like science. What are the reasons for this trend and do you think this tendency should be changed?

Subject choice is very significant in school and university life. A multiplicity of girls selects the department of arts while a host of boys study in science. The prime reasons may be gender inequality and pervasive superstitions.  I believe that in further, the proclivity will no longer exist and both sexes will be identical to admitting in science as we are living in the modern age.

A great deal of discriminations is still in our society. The first inconsistency may be gender disparity which leads women to admit in the arts. For some, girls are redundant to study science because it is difficult to fathom and girls do not have the incentives to grab it strictly. So, females are forced to continue academic curriculum as arts students. As our society is full of preposterous affairs, as a result, boys are motivated to be scientific pupils because they seem that only male students can do something for the country and their forte is higher than fair sexes. For instance, in Bangladesh, prior to this year, few girls are permitted to select technological subjects because social and parental barriers.

On the other hand, the penchant has little feasibility to alive us within a few years. People are more judicious and shrewd than the past and comprehend that both genders should be provided identical conveniences. Furthermore, to cope up with the technology-operated world, both parents and society are reclaiming their infallibilities concerning making girls scientists.  Afterwards, they arrange a wide variety of free seminars to make individuals understand regarding the importance of being a scientist. For example, a couple of months ago, the government of Bangladesh decided to have women to read immune to charge if they study in any technological institution. Therefore, statistics demonstrated, noteworthy girls admitted in some scientific department.

In conclusion, the essay elaborated that choosing arts by girls and modern subjects by boys is a combination of  existing gender discrimination and superstitions and the essay also put forward evidences as to why after a couple of years, the tendency will never  display. I believe, various substantial steps should be taken to solve the tendency.           (BAND-8)

SAMPLE-2                                                                                                                                       BAND-6

It seems to be a common tendency that the favorite subject of male students is science while arts subjects are often chosen by female students. Obviously, there are various causes of this trend and personally I think that it is unnecessary for this tendency to be changed.

To begin with, the aforementioned situation can be attributable to many reasons. The first reason is gender-specific personalities and ability. In other words, boys are likely to be more intelligent and better at logical thought than girls. This competence helps male students suitable for science subjects. In contrast, girls tend to be more patient, more careful and more skillful, which made them suitable for subjects requiring thoroughness. Another reason is that many parents want their children to follow who they would like their offspring to become in the future. Therefore, students just pick their subjects according to their parents’ wishes.

In my view, the decision to pursue art or science should be made by children. It would be better for students to opt for the subjects that they have an interest in regardless of their gender. If children are forced to take a course that they do not have any passion for, they might drop out of the course due to boredom and stress. Moreover, students have the right to choose what they want to learn and this decision should be respected. Parents and teachers should only be the person who gives their children useful advice.

In conclusion, there are a variety of factors leading to the subject preference of boys and girls and from my perspective, they should be given freedom of choice what subject they would like to pursue in the future.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-6.5

In educational centres like schools and colleges, females are most likely to select arts while males prefer science. There are several reasons for this preference and this must change.

Girls are often viewed as creative thinkers. They love the freedom of expression gained through art. For example: a fashion designer or interior designer is best recommended if it is a woman. In the current scenario, closed homes and society dictate their lives. Numbers don’t usually entertain the feminine counterparts. Art is an amalgamation of history, civics, and logic all rolled into one. These subjects are familiar since the time of schooling. The similarity of material studied previously makes it a preferable choice.

On the contrary, mathematics with formulas is exciting according to the boys. Careers like that of an engineer and, doctor are lucrative options for men. For example: sports like football, rugby, and boxing are male dominated games. The countless hours of solving an equation are an adventure for them. The field of science has many honorary options for an interesting future. For an individual, fame is crucial at some point in life, which need not always be obtained by the entertainment industry it can also be obtained by knowledge. In families with a generation of doctors, the next male is prepared from birth to follow the path. Hence, more males opt for science.

Although, this trend must change as it is in today’s world. There has been a switch as boys are heading for the art stream while quite a few girls are opting for the science stream.

80) In the past, lectures were used as a way of teaching large number of students, but now with the development of technology for education, many people think there is no justification for attending lectures. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Education is a crucial part of people’s lives. For several years, classes have been used to display knowledge to many students. However, thanks to technology improvements, some may believe that there are no reasons for attending lessons. I completely disagree with the statement due to the benefits related to face to face interaction at schools.

Firstly, by attending lectures in an academic environment, many students would secure accurate information. Since some subjects are more difficult than others, several individuals could face specific doubts. For instance, while delivering a lesson in a classroom, lecturers can give immediate feedback. Also, those who do not understand the entire information would have the opportunity to make questions. Otherwise, taking online courses would not allow this significant interaction. As a result, many professionals would make dangerous mistakes.

Secondly, many academic areas such as biological sciences and engineering have practical compounds. Thus, undergraduates should attend universities to have laboratory access. For example, a biology lesson about how to combine chemicals to create products should be taught by a professional in a laboratory, which is the safer and proper environment to develop it. Although technology has allowed the use of online applications to learn, it is not the best option. If a person tries to mix dangerous substances by itself, the result would be extremely dangerous.

To conclude, even though technology advents seem to be a better option than professors’ lessons, it is not the reality to all areas of knowledge. If students want to be sure about their understanding, they should attend schools.  (Band-9)

SAMPLE-2       BAND- 8

There is an argument traditional classes are no longer necessary to teach many pupils, since the launch of technological devices has allowed other forms of teaching. Personally, I completely agree with this position due to the following reasons,

To begin with, online teaching is cheaper than lectures, because educational institutions do not have costs with the infrastructure of classrooms, therefore education may be more financially accessible to poor students. For instance, while a formal graduation costs up to R$ 20.000,00 a year, an online alternative may cost ten times less. Additionally, virtual lectures are not limited by distance, since classes can be attended from different regions using the internet; as a result, youngsters are not forced to immigrate to urban areas to enroll in a school or university.

Furthermore, pupils have a better feedback from teachers and professors when learning through a computer, as the educational professionals will not be limited by class-time, consequently answering students more often during their spare time. To illustrate, while online scholars regularly send emails that can be answered at any time, regular educators only have 5 -10 minutes between classes to talk with students. Moreover, classes in computers allow pupils to manage their schedule, due to the fact that online lectures focus on learning outcomes rather than class-time, which improves learning statistic and allows them to balance work and study life.

To conclude, I ado agree that attending regular classes are useless nowadays. That is because not only do online lectures are less expensive, but also have better learning results.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-7

It has been argued that online teaching has rendered attending lectures obsolete. Many university students believe that lecturers are not essential and they can learn alone using resources available on the internet. However, I disagree with this assumption, and I think lectures are still an important way of learning because it can be interactive, save time and effort for students, and help them pass their examinations.

Lectures allow students to interact with academics which are usually experts on their subjects. Therefore, students can engage in discussion and ask questions which facilitate their understanding. Furthermore, many universities have upgraded their lecturers to more active project-based ones. Students are expected to solve problems and communicate with their classmates. For instance, in my Master course, the lectures were engaging because the lecturer divided us into groups and ask us to solve problems, and present our solutions. Unfortunately, not all lectures are interactive, nor all lecturers are engaging.

In addition, attending lectures can save time and effort because lecturers present the topic in simplified manners which facilitate learning. Students who decide not attend the lecturers would need more time to read and absorb the materials. Moreover, they would miss important information mentioned in the class which is not in available in other reading sources. This may affect their performance in examinations.

Studies have shown that students who do not miss their lectures are more likely to have better grades.

To conclude, despite the advance in teaching technology and the availability of online courses, lectures are still an effective teaching tool in academia particularly modern interactive lectures.

81) Nowadays it is common for people to get married and have children in their thirties rather than when they are younger. Do you agree or disagree that this trend will benefit society?

Marriage and Children are primary responsibilities in everyone’s life. These days there is an increasing trend of individuals who prefer to marry and give birth to babies after they are well experienced in career, over getting into a marriage bond at an early age. I completely believe that this tradition yields positive results in society.

Firstly, marrying in the thirties is a good idea because individuals are more matured to handle relations. Today’s generation understands that marriage is a great responsibility and they tend to settle well in career first and then get into this fragile bond. Moreover, people can give more time to their families as they can handle their job with an ease, as a result, individuals can maintain a wonderful relationship with the new family members. To illustrate, the Times reported that divorce cases are dropping dramatically over the past few years as the masses are getting married at matured age and they are more understanding. Thus, though it is a little late, it is best to marry in the thirties, as people are wiser to handle the family bond.

Also, parents are planning for offspring little late as parenting is a huge responsibility in today’ s competitive world. People now believe that parenting is an art as they owe the future of their next generation, so in order to take better decisions for their young one, parents are tending to secure themselves in all aspects like financial and health education, prior to giving birth to children. For example, it was reported by times that many childhood diseases such as polio, hepatitis, etc. Are eradicated from communities as parents are being very sceptical compared to the past. Hence, although there could be possible challenges to give birth at a later age, it is better for both parents and children as they are prepared for living a secured life.

To conclude, it is better to get married and give birth after a certain age, that is, after settling in career as it gives an opportunity and time for individuals to be knowledgeable and economically fit to handle family bonds which are fragile, especially in today’s world. (BAND-7.5)

SAMPLE-2       BAND-8

These days, modern people tend to marry at their thirty, which leads to a reduction in population and an increase in the average age in the country. Although some people are reckoned to think that this trend is positive one; personally, I believe that it can create many problems for the government as well as for the citizens.

On the one hand, it is clear that many young people are willing to spend their time with enjoyment, parties and travelling. In this regard, they often delay espouse. However, it is true that these tendencies may cause many problems. For example, population number can reduce because of delaying the matrimony. Consequently, the people who engaged or made a match in their thirties might be remaining without a breadwinner at the years of pension. In addition, employment also can be negatively influenced by its consequences, as many citizens are elderly people.

On the other hand, there are certain advantages, such as people will be experienced at the age of thirty. As a result, they can avoid some minor disagreements among the husband and wife. Moreover, they can also avoid some responsibilities of being a spouse, and achieve their personal goals. For example, if a person focuses on education, he can be interrupted due to the responsibilities of the partner. As a result, they cannot concentrate their work. Furthermore, The labour market may lose its qualified specialists.

To conclude, although many people believe that intermarry at the age of thirty is a negative trend, there are some certain advantages too, such as accomplishing own purposes, devoting the time for the sport and gain some money for the future life. In addition, wedlock can damage to study process too.

SAMPLE-3                                                                                                                 BAND-6

Over the latest years, adults have been deciding to start a family later in life, commonly after thirty. Personally, I completely agree to postpone this giant commitment due to the following reasons.

To begin with, older partners tend to discuss less, since they frequently more mature to deal with challenging circumstances, as a consequence, the relationship is more or less likely to be longer. For instance, while the divorce statistics among couples in their twenties is 35%, the numbers for those who have got married late is reduced by 15%. Additionally, reducing the number of young couples would decrease crime statistics, as several immature partners regularly fight with it other, as a result, police could focus on more serious crimes.

Furthermore, late parenthood might guarantee high-quality education to children, because mothers and father would be able to develop their career and have higher incomes, therefore, the kids could enroll in private schools as well as in extra activities. To illustrate, educational studies have shown that 85% of students sent to expensive academic institutions have parents over 30s. Moreover, experienced adults may be more patient to educate, thanks to the previous experiences in life, which lead to a healthier environment for raising children.

To conclude, I do agree that delaying formal marriage as well a pregnancy is a positive modern changing. Due to the fact that not only would couples be more financially stable, but also more mature.

82) Art is considered an important part of society as well as an expression of its culture. Do you think it is important for children to be taught art? Do you think children should be encouraged to focus on art rather than other subjects?

Since time immemorial, art has been a pivotal part of every civilization as it reveals technologies and skills for every era. It is irrefutable that art plays a crucial role in children’s development as well. I believe that art should be an integral part of school curriculums, but other academic subjects should also not be ignored. This essay will enumerate this topic in detail.

To begin with, it is not an erroneous notion that art is the window to one’s soul. Therefore, having a subject like art can immensely support kids in myriad different ways. Firstly, art helps to express the feelings which otherwise children struggle for. Secondly, it acts as a stress-reliever in today’s busy life. Last but not least, it boosts the creativity of an individual. For instance, some people are gifted with artistic skills and having a subject related to that can definitely carve a clearer path for them.

On the contrary, it is imperative to study regular subjects such as Science and Mathematics. These courses not only help in career development but also help in day-to-day life. For example, if a child is unaware of basic Mathematics, then he could struggle even for common calculations while buying something. Hence, academic courses should be given equal importance.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that a pragmatic approach is always better than a hard-nosed one. Although it is vital to introduce art in the curriculum, the value of other branches of studies cannot be overlooked. Hence, there should be a proper balance between both for the better future of pupils.                                                        (BAND-8)

SAMPLE-2                                                                                                                               BAND- 7

Every subject is equally important for students in today’s scenario. Nowadays it is expected that drawing is a vital part of the community and represents its culture. I somewhat agree that the juvenile should be taught art. however, it is not justified that they should compromise their study and motivation to be fully evolved in the drawing.

On the one hand, it is a good idea to promote our culture in the form of drawings and making children learn the art. These drawings can be displayed in exhibitions and museums which will generate good revenue when sold on a large scale in other countries: as people residing in different regions come to know about the past trends and culture of a particular country. For example, in India, there are numerous art galleries and museums like the National Gallery of Art, National Museum, and Indian Museum etc. that depicts the tradition of India in the past.

Moreover, the choice of the subject depends on an individual’s interest, for example, not all are good at art neither all are good at science. So, forcing the young generation to take a subject which is not of their choice can ruin their career and can demoralize them. As a result of which they feel a looser in their life.  However, the students who are passionate about making their career in art and have good skills in drawing should be encouraged and helped by the government. In this way, both government and individuals will benefit as the drawings will be in demand in the market and if these are taken by government for art galleries then their sale rises up than expected owing to which the economic growth of the country will increase.

In Conclusion, although contribution to art will not provide all teenagers with job security in a long run, neither everyone can become an entrepreneur at a later age, so I do not fully agree with being on one side and motivating children in taking art other subjects of their choice.

SAMPLE-3                                                                                                                            BAND- 7

It is commonly believed that art plays a fundamental role in society and portrays the culture beautifully. In my opinion, it is important for the children to learn art as it helps them to be more creative and express their thoughts or feelings through art. However, I also think that the focus should not only be on art, there ought to be a balance between art and other subjects.

First of all, art is an essential subject which people, especially young kids learn to promote their creativity skills. Secondly, art helps children express their ideas and emotions which otherwise they struggle for. This is why psychologists want to look at the details of the kids’ arts in order to understand their mental health. Thirdly, art acts as a stress-reliever in today’s busy life. Last but not least, it boosts the innovative skill of an individual. As a result, children with artistic skills will have the opportunities to choose their careers as designers, architects or artists.

Although art nurtures creative instincts and expresses the emotions of children, it is also needed to structure a balanced lesson plan. This means that art must not be the only priority but other mandatory subjects like mathematics, science and language should be taught at school. Children need to have a balance of all subjects so as to facilitate healthy development both mentally and physically.

In conclusion, as far as I am concerned, a school curriculum should offer a balance of subjects. Nevertheless art is the gateway to the road of creativity and helps a child express their thoughts and emotions, it should be taught equally alongside all other subjects.

83) In many countries, plastic containers have become more common than ever and are used by many food and drink companies. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Plastic utensils are getting the place in day to day life of people globally. Besides, it is also being used by most of the food and beverages firms. One school of thought opines that usage of the plastic container by firms has more pros than cons while others oppose this. This essay will support the former statement and will prove the stance with relevant examples.

On the one hand, the usage of plastic by FMCG firms for carrying food helps people to eat on the go without any hassle. This is because in today’s busy life one does not have enough time to sit and eat. People like to spend less time eating, and for that reason, they generally consume food outside while commuting. Companies are making leak-proof packaging which makes carrying food easier for the people. For instance, Earlier when friends used to plan any outings, they had to prepare a full course meal for the day which was stored in a separate container. However, Now frozen food is found everywhere in sealed plastic packaging, and it comes with plastic cutleries as well. So, no one has to worry about storage or preparation of food.

On the other hand, Usage of plastic causes pollution to the environment. This is because plastic containers can only be used once, which therefore causes pollution. Nonetheless, this can be minimized by shredding the plastics or using it for other recycling purposes. For example, EQ NGO of Bengaluru in India has started using plastic bottles and containers for art purposes. Several astonishing sculptures are made using non-recyclable wastes. So, the pollution caused due to plastic can be contained.

To conclude, Usage of plastic gives comfort to both FMCG companies as well as public due to its varied applications. In contradiction, it may cause pollution to the environment. However, it can be minimized by recycling the wastes. This is a mixed bag of benefits and drawbacks, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.    (BAND-7)

SAMPLE-2                                                                                                                          BAND- 8

Nowadays, around the globe, the usage of plastic is getting increased day by day. Many companies around the world are using plastic for storing and transporting their products. Although many are against it, I firmly opine that the merit of companies using plastic containers clearly outweighs its demerits. In the below essay, I will discuss both the views with examples.

On the other hand, those who argue against it suggest that it creates environmental pollution. After usage, consumers throw away these containers, which are later eaten by stray and wildlife animals. Plastics also take a large amount of time to decompose, which causes a pile of garbage. However, the root cause of this issue is consumer themselves. After consumption, customers should be made aware of the proper usage of plastics. Companies are promoting a campaign to promote such awareness. For example, Coca-Cola has urged its customer to return their cans to shops, and eventually, the consumer will get some rewards. Hence, companies are using a different medium to inform the customer regarding proper handling of plastics, which is the leading cause of environmental pollution.

On the other hand, the usage of plastic containers is highly economical for beverages companies. In other words, plastics have less weight as compared to other packaging materials. Hence it lowers the final product costs. Reduction in transportation cost is also feasible as these containers take less space, which aids in transporting a larger number of final goods in the domestic market, as well as benefitting the organisation in increasing its export profit margin. In addition, plastic containers also aid in providing final products to customer in varied size and shapes. It is beneficial for the consumer to choose material as per their packaging requirement. 

In conclusion, for companies’ plastics containers are highly economical, though they damage the environment, companies are making their customer self-aware regarding the handling of these plastics. Thus, the merits of the usage

SAMPLE-3                                                                                                                          BAND- 8

In modern life, it has become popular to use plastic dishes for various productions in the majority of nations. I think that the disadvantages of this trend have more negative sides than benefits. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I will be explaining both sides in detail.

To begin, there are many drawbacks to using plastic humans. Firstly, it creates environmental pollution, which means that the usage of plastic pollutes the earth as a result of its containing chemicals that pollute the soil. Secondly, moulded containers are consumed by stray and wildlife animals which causes harm to their health. Furthermore, elastic takes a huge time to get decomposed. For example, most companies in China now prefer to deliver snacks elastic-wrapped, making profits in millions of dollars, thereby avoiding all the costs which are needed to produce eco-friendly containers. However, I believe that this trend has a detrimental effect on the environment.

On the other hand, the usage of plastic has several advantages at the same time. It is economical for food and drinks companies, as plastic is the most comfortable and convenient for both. In addition, elastic weighs less than other materials. Thereby, this product will be cheaper to export because of its weight. Furthermore, it decreases the final production cost. For instance,

Paper-made straws are becoming popular compared with traditionally plastic straws. Moreover, an increasing number of consumers have gotten used to bringing their own cloth-made bags when they place an order in the supermarket.

In conclusion, although elastic is the most popular material for the usage of food amongst humans, its negative aspects have a global impact on humanity, flora and fauna

84) Do you think businesses should hire employees who will spend their entire lives working for the company? Explain why do you agree or disagree. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Corporate companies are employing the candidates who give their entire career for the company. I personally disagree with this procedure; holding to one group for lifetime could lead them to miss great opportunities which are waiting for them outside. This essay will explain the reasons to support my statement by taking examples from newspapers and journals.

To begin with, candidates employing long-term with the organisation could lead them to numerous problems. One among them is, losing big opportunities which could enhance their career with higher wage or position in different organisation. Most importantly, spending complete live with one company would give them to learn only one skill in their entire career. For instance, a recent survey conducted by the Times of New York revealed that 65% of employees who work with one business mastered only one skill in their 35-years of experience with the business. As a result, at the end of their retirement, these people are not satisfied with their job.

Secondly, companies hiring employees for lifetime guarantee for their work could lead them to lose huge money, if the company decided to shut their business due to low profits. This could navigate them to pay redundancy payment, annual leaves, and notice period payment. Therefore, this is a big burden on the organisation. For example, the shutting down of Holden manufacturing in Australia made the group to pay a lot of money to the employees who signed a full-time commitment to the company.

Finally, companies seeking employees for entire lifetime responsibility could be a great disadvantage for both the candidate and the company. Thus, I personally disagree that long time promise with one organisation is not recommended.                                         (BAND=9)

SAMPLE-2                                                                                                                         BAND- 7.5

Nowadays, many companies hire and retain human resources for working for long years at the same company. Also, many organizations developed and created policies for this purpose. I don’t agree to keep the same employees for long years assuming their positions in the same workplace. However, in this essay, I will discuss the reasons for hiring employees who will spend their lives working for the company.

On the one hand, many policies were currently developed to retain employees for a long time. For example, we can find a lot of engineering and petroleum companies who offers fresh graduates’ and/or Junior Engineers an Employment Contract, and includes an article regarding the period of employment. This period would sometimes reach five to ten years and even more. Also, mentioning another article explaining the penalty procedure, in case one of the parties end the contract. Moreover, the employer would refuse or reject employees’ resignation in order to retain them for a longer time at the company. Overall, this mandatory way is not effective for employees to continue working hard for years, as they will face many obstacles in case they think to leave the company.

On the other hand, to maintain employees for long years would have a negative impact on developing the experience and reduce the value for the job performed. For example, some employers do not terminate employees and keep them performing the same job for long years. In addition, some government organizations allow her employees to travel and complete their studies. However, when they finished and returned back, they feel as they are in a prison and cannot develop, or even apply for another job that meets his interests.

In conclusion, remaining the same employees for a long time at the same company, will not add any value to the company itself neither to the employee. In my opinion, companies should remove this policy for its regulations, and keeps the employee on his own decision, especially if the employee wanted to learn more and to have other extended experience.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-8

Many people think that corporate companies should hire employees who dedicate their whole life to their company while others think it is opposes. I believe that there will be drawbacks for both companies and employees. This essay will discuss my viewpoints in the forthcoming paragraphs.

To begin with, if employees spend their whole life in the same company then he will not able to do other tasks. He will lack other skills. For instance, Mr. Sharma is working in the JCT for the last 20 years in the same position as the sales manager and now he does not know the ABC of other departments. Moreover, employee career opportunities become less. Maybe in later ,years another company offer higher wages to employees for the same task then they cannot move to another company due to work commitments for their entire life.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages for the organizations too. They have a responsibility to pay them for a lifetime. If someone is not working properly they cannot discharge from a company due to a work contract. Employees know that if they cannot be discharged from the company then they will not work with enthusiasm. There will be a great loss to the company. Moreover, if a company faces some problems such as lack of money or less production and less revenue than the organisation has to pay workers and they cannot terminate them from the company.

To conclude, in my opinion, hiring employees for their life can be drawbacks for both companies and employees. They both have to suffer due to the contract.

85) Do you think that technological advancement has brought more harm than good? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Nowadays, the advancement of technology is considered to affect people’s daily life by many factors. I believe the existence of technological advances cause both advantages and disadvantages.

The technological advancement can make people to depend on it. It helps people in working or to communicate with others. For example, people will certainly bring their mobile phones whenever they go to call and text or work with others. By bringing their gadget or other electronic devices, people do not need to stay at their work place with their partner to work instead they can work using their electronic devices. Electronic devices help people with their job more easily and conveniently.

On the other hand, it may bring harm to people if they use electronic devices too often and really depends on it. Firstly, many children spends most of their time on using a mobile phone to play video games which spoil their eyes, in result, many of them use spectacles at a young age.  Secondly, people who get used with electronic devices will be lazy and constantly making use of their phone in every purpose. For instance, they would prefer to use their electronic devices to communicate rather than meet face-to-face. Electronic devices could make a bad habit for people if they misuse it.

In conclusion, despite the development of technology provides us convenience in working, it causes more harm than the benefit. People will end up in getting lazy and spoil their eyes at a young age due to engage electronic devices in their daily life inevitably.                  (BAND-8)

SAMPLE-2       BAND-7.5

The 20th century has come along with the new developments in the field of IT and computers, which are beyond our wildest expectations. These enhancements have passed on a plethora of benefits to mankind, which have made their life more comfortable, however some of these have some drawbacks as well. The essay will throw light on both of these aspects and it will be summarized with a conclusion.

The most prominent advantage is the introduction of lightning-fast means of communication called the Internet, which has summarized the whole world on a computer or mobile phone. In other words, if you have to talk to anyone, anywhere in the world, one has to press a button on it and this initiates the video calling, hence there is no need to write a letter and wait for its reply. As per reports from Postal India, for instance, the number of overseas letters has decreased by 90% in the last 2 years, whereas the report from Telecom India say that, the internet traffic has doubled, so this has brought our relatives closer to us. Moreover, the internet has made life more convenient by providing facilities, namely, payment of bills, school fees by sitting at home, so one no longer needs to visit the offices and stand in long queues.

On the other hand, the obvious disadvantage is that, it has made the lifestyle of everyone sedentary; consequently, the physical movement has decreased. With people, spending much more time in front of these devices, they have started to face diseases like obesity, heart attack. For example, in the recent 2 years, the number of deaths due to obesity and heart ailments has increased by 50%. Furthermore, because adolescents are also spending more time on computers, in activities like playing games, chatting on the internet, as a result, their physical activities have reduced, so they are less strong from inside and also have issues related to weak eyesight or lesser immunity.

To conclude, the new facilities have some serious drawbacks, which cannot be overlooked. There should be a limit to which it should be used, so that it should not harm one’s health.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-7.5

In our modern society, it is argued by many that more problems are resulting from the advances made in our current technology than the benefits. I completely disagree with this statement, in my opinion, the progress that we have made in the various technological sectors, is greatly benefiting our society. In this essay, I shall critically examine the given topic and outline relevant examples to support my view.

There are numerous advantages of this trend. To begin with, due to the modern healthcare systems, the number of deaths from various diseases has reduced significantly. In addition, today, many complex surgeries that were unimaginable in the past, can now be done with an ease, this is owning to the better and more high-tech medical equipments. For example, a recent study conducted at the Stanford University showed that in the last decade the percentage of successful brain and heart surgeries have grown remarkably due to more advanced medical facilities being available.

Furthermore, because of the today’s telecommunication technology, people can now communicate with their family members and friends regardless of where they are in the world. Moreover, safer and more efficient transportation medium has contributed immensely in the growth of the global economy.

In conclusion, this is a topic which raises many questions in the contemporary life. After a thorough analysis of the subject, It is clear that the positive aspects of this development surpass the negative points. In the future, we could expect to witness this topic to be debated even further in search of a conclusive answer.

86) What technologies did you use to help you in your studies? Describe how it has helped you. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer

There are numerous technologies which helped in my studies, among them laptop and mobile phone play a significant role. These two had potentially made my studying extremely easy in the university. This essay will explain how these technologies helped me to get good scores. 

To begin with, using of laptop in the classroom helped me to take notes very easily. Moreover, it helped me to share my notes with friends whenever they need it. As a result, it made everyone to understand lectures extremely easy. Laptops also helped us to collaborate with my classmates for group studies and discussions during assessments. For example, It also helped me to give presentations for seminars and asking doubts after lectures. Thus, laptop using during my study potentially helped me to get better grades in my class.

Secondly, using mobile phone technology also brought a significant impact on my studies. The main reason for this is, it helped me to communicate with my friends whenever I skip any lectures. Most importantly, it helped me to do my research work during commuting to the university. Therefore, it gave me additional time to work on my subject. For instance, this technology helped me to record the classroom lectures and listen to it later my better understanding. Above all this, mobile phone helped me to text or calls my colleagues to discuss the lectures in detail without any hesitations.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that the using of laptop and mobile phone technologies brought a positive impact on my studies.                      (BAND-6.5)

SAMPLE-2       BAND- 7

Due to technological progress, the world has undergone great changes. Some people consider that it has more negative effects than positive, while others have the opposite point of view. While I agree that the impact of such advancement can be harmful, I also see its benefits.

   Among the positive aspects, one can single out the facilitation of people’s work, as well as an improvement in the quality of education. Today, automation and robotization have contributed to reducing labour intensity and saving time. For example, if earlier workers had to do such hard work by hand, now they can use complex machines that will greatly facilitate their work and reduce the time to complete it? Besides, education has become much more convenient and accessible. Thanks to the Internet, people can find almost any information they need. Moreover, they have the opportunity to take online training, participate in discussions on forums and improve their knowledge on a variety of topics. For example, I was able to take an English course, without leaving my home and significantly improve my skills.

   At the same time, there are ecological and social issues associated with  rapid industrial development. Increasing levels of production and consumption entail environmental pollution, and, are also one of the causes of global warming. For instance, most industries often emit large amounts of harmful gases, including greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide in their production processes. In addition, in the age of technology, when it is possible to communicate with the Internet, some people may lose touch with real-life and find themselves in social isolation. This phenomenon can lead to serious mental and physiological health problems in a person. A good illustration of this is my friend, who spent too much time at home sitting at the computer. Consequently, he began to suffer from insomnia, and he began to experience headaches.

  In conclusion, technological progress is a blessing and an enemy of humanity at the same time. On the one hand, it makes life easier for society, improves the quality of education and increases labour productivity. On the other hand, its impact can lead to serious problems related to the environment and society as a whole. People consider that it has more negative effects, than positive, while others have the opposite point of view. While I agree that the impact of such advancement can be harmful, I also see its benefits.

SAMPLE-3       BAND- 6.5

There are numerous technologies which helped in my studies, among them laptop and mobile phone play a significant role. These two had potentially made my studying extremely easy in the university. This essay will explain how these technologies helped me to get good scores in my education with examples

To begin with, using of laptop in the classroom helped me to take notes very easily and it gave me an opportunity to share my notes with friends whenever they need it. As a result, it made everyone to understand lectures extremely easy. Laptops also helped me to collaborate with my classmates for group studies and discussions during assessments. For example, to give presentations for seminars and asking doubts. Thus, laptop advancement potentially helped me to get better grades in my class.

Secondly, using mobile phone technology also brought a significant impact on my studies. The main reason for this is, it helped me to communicate with my friends whenever I skip any lectures. Most importantly, it helped me to do my research work during commuting to the university without wasting any time by looking into the books. Therefore, it gave me additional time to work on a particular subject. In the same way, mobile phone technology helped me to record the classroom lectures and listen to it later to my better understanding. Above all this, mobile phone technology helped me to text or call my colleagues to discuss the lectures in detail even when I am away from them.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that the using of laptop and mobile phone technologies brought a positive impact on my studies and gave me the possibility to understand and follow up lectures whenever I have no access to attend classes.

87) When a new town is planned, it is more important to develop public parks and sports facilities than shopping centers for people to spend their time in. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

When it comes to planning a new town, there are many issues that are challenging both government and citizens. Some people argue that public parks and sports facilities should be attracted more significance than shopping malls. From my standpoint, I do agree with this point of view.

First, it is clear that some cities, especially which are in urbanization, which are faced with many environmental problems such as air pollution, or increasing in rubbish. Thus, green spaces play an important role in helping everyone have a place to calm after a hard day. Nowadays, people tend to apply in office jobs, so they may spend less time in out-door activities because of the particularity of the work. Hence, the government should invest money to construct workout locations in order to encourage residents to engage in physical activity, to enhance body conditions.

It cannot be neglected the importance of commercial centres in providing essential items and services for daily life. For instance, women who need raw materials for dinner can easily find the fresh one available in supermarkets. However, constitution of citizens is the priority factor toward a new town. If health state is shielded, labour productivity can reach the peak. As a result, the economy has seen a remarkable growth step.

In conclusion, although plazas are truly necessary for living, I believe that it is better built public parks and sports facilities ahead of shopping centres, since they can accommodate everybody with a wide space to relax and spend their leisure.                                                                         (Band-8)

Sample-2        Band- 8.5

The priority of green areas developments and enhancing gyms or shopping centres has become a controversial argument in the time of planning a new city. Personally, I believe that both of the mentioned factors are important for people to spend their time in and it is a two-sided sword.

Anyone hand shopping centres are right all due to both the economy and enjoyment. Many businesses are dependent on trading and also people need to be able to fulfil their needs. For example, if a city does not have a good shopping centre, people will have to go to another town to buy a dress or an umbrella which may result in dissatisfaction? Moreover, shopping is not just about buying but it is also a good time and place for people to hang out. It may increase the chance of buying because studies have shown that happiness positively affects trading and gathering around with friends in malls is likely to make people enjoy.

On the other hand, public parks and sports facilities would play a key role in citizens’ lifestyles and health. Pastimes in nature should have a great impact on mental health. In other words, spending time in public parks with a lot of trees and grass would help people to breathe fresh air which boosts their mood. In addition, residents can do sports such as running in the parks or attending a gym. This might confront the sedentary lifestyle of today’s world. Consequently, if the majority, especially the workforce, remains healthy and motivated, this city would see fast progress.

In conclusion, I think green areas and sports facilities positively affect the citizens’ lifestyle but shopping centres are just equally important. As a result, I would argue that one of them are more important for a new town.

Sample-3        Band- 8.5

It is said that when a new town is developed, public parks and sports facilities take priority over shopping malls. After analyzing the environmental, health and economic factors at play, I will conclude that this statement is indeed, correct.

Firstly, public parks provide greenery for local people, which is seriously lacking in modern city life. Despite this, there are usually not enough incentives for commercial developers to build these spaces, as they are normally free of charge, hence offering little profitability. Commercial and residential complexes, on the other hand, are lucrative investments, holding special allure for businesses. It is, therefore, incumbent on the government to plan public parks ahead of the development of a new town, or there would be too many apartment buildings, which may necessitate the authorities’ intervention. For example, the construction of many apartment buildings in my city, Hanoi, were forced to stop at the green space–population ratio of the area would have been below a healthy level.

Sports facilities are another aspect of a new metropolis that local governments should prioritize. With obesity rising and even being put on political agendas in some countries, efforts are being made to discourage sedentary lifestyles while encouraging active ones. Sports facilities should thus become integrated in any residential area. In fact, I believe we need more of them and fewer shopping centres, as the former promote health and the latter may even have an opposite effect, being places that generally involve little physical activity and high consumption of food.

Of course, I argue that there will be those who say shopping malls are needed if a township is to function properly. After all, we all need to go shopping for the sake of personal enjoyment and shared economic development. While this may be true to some extent, as demand rises, shops are bound to appear in a populated area anyway, with or without the planned support of governments, so it only makes sense to leave shopping centre development in the private sector. One may argue that parks and sports facilities can be commercialized too, but most residents view them as public assets that should be provided and paid for by the authorities, not themselves. Humans, for instance, balked and protested at the prospect of having to pay to get in the Thong Nhat park, one of our city’s major parks.

In conclusion, I believe it is essential that public parks and sports facilities be included in urban planning. Shopping centres are also necessary, but should be left to commercial developers. Hopefully, in the future we will see more towns with balanced arrangements of public spaces and shopping areas.

88) Some countries allow old people to work to any age that they want. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

The issue of whether the nation gives the elder the right to work as long as they want has been raising a lot of debates. Some might say that there are many disadvantages when inhabitants continue working when they get older such as their health is affected, quality of their job and so on. On the contrary, others insist on the opinion that the older people get, the more experiences they have, so they can give advice effective for the development of the industries. Viewing from a general perspective, I personally agree with the former opinion for the following reasons.

To begin with, ageing brings people a decline in their health and sagacity rapidly so it leads to many damaging will still doing their job. Firstly, the strength of the senior citizens is weak because when they get older their body and their immunity become feeble rather than when they were young, that is a reason why they easily get ill and this is affected by their job. For example, if people are still under their companies when they are over 60 years old, it makes them get the problem in their vigor that leads them to be tired and suffer stress then a human at this age should spend their time on relaxing and enjoying their life instead of working. Secondly, their age will have detrimental effects on their quality of job by they will get some disease like loss of memory or their gesture is lower than before so that makes them unproductive. For instance, memory loss is very common in the elderly, if they forget the contract of the business trade which causes a lot of damage to the companies and it makes them inefficient. Finally, if the government allows the old to work at any age that will bring the economy decrease because the senior citizens can do everything fastly and exactly rather than the young generation and sometimes their ageing makes the risk for their industries.

On the other hand, some of the population think that the people who are doing for a long time will have more experiences which contribute to developing the treatment operation of the companies, besides working until they want to stop substantially help them make their own money to pay for their living expenses and do not needed depend on someone else. However, after a long year concentrating on their workplace, they should give themselves time for looking after them self, enjoy a moment with their family.

In conclusion, there are many disadvantages when the crowd keeps working when they get older like they do not have enough sagacity to complete their labour, job effectively and so on, this outweighs the advantages.                                                                                                         (BAND-7)

Sample-2        Band-7

In many nations around the world, the elderly are allowed to work at any age. This essay will argue that the benefits of permitting senior citizens to work override the drawbacks. Allowing the elderly bring about a self-reliant society and positive health impacts to themselves.

One commonly cited disadvantage is low work efficiency compared to other ages such as teenagers and adults. This is because of their physical and mental health conditions. Old people can do things slower as well as respond. Additionally, their cognitive skills are declined over time, which can contribute to several minor problems, such as customers’ dissatisfaction, or it can lead to catastrophic situations. For example, if he or she forgets to turn off the gas valve, the restaurant might be burned down.

Despite this, there are a great number of advantages of working old person. First of all, it contributes to self-reliance in society. In other words, senior citizens become more independent since they have their own incomes, thus reducing the huge burden of financial supports from the government.

Furthermore, light working in aged people helps prolong their life span, as they get to exercise every day. Moreover, instead of sitting alone at home, they have a chance to socialize with others, which can considerably reduce their stress levels. A number of surveys demonstrate that those old people who work lightly have fewer tendencies to have fatal diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

In conclusion, although senior citizens yield lower work productivity, it is obvious that letting them work generates huge positive impacts on society and on themselves.

Sample-3        Band-7.5

Since many countries, such as Japan and the United States, are facing an ageing population, issues surrounding the elderly community are increasingly debated. In some parts of the world, the time of retirement is determined by the residents themselves. Although there are both advantages and disadvantages to this policy, I think the risks entailed completely outweigh the benefits.

The major gains from the absence of retirement age are enjoyed by the elderly themselves. They will be mentally healthier working compared to staying at home. Being employed prevents the self-esteem of old people from deteriorating by allowing them to continue contributing to society. Furthermore, interaction with like-minded colleagues at the workplace keeps the seniors from feeling lonely, especially when their children do not often spend time with them. Having an occupation also helps sustains physical health. Physical movements are inherent to some lines of job, such as coaching or performing; and even if the job requires workers to sit in one place, transportation to and from work provides some extra workout for the elderly. By increasing the amount of physical activity carried out by the senior on a daily basis, having a job certainly will help keep them fit and free of ailments.

Nonetheless, there are substantial risks to both old people and society at large in the absence of a limit on the working age. It has been shown by scientists across disciplines that certain functions of the mind and body naturally degenerate as humans become older. For instance, psychological research proved that the abilities to encode new memory and to pay attention are lesser in older subjects, and it only takes observation to realize that somatic reflexes are slower in older people. This implies that senior civilians are unfit for most occupations: with *low-risk jobs like teaching and coaching, the consequences may be limited to slipping up during lectures or making mistakes when scoring; but for *high-risk jobs such as ship navigating or policing, being unable to remember, focus and react quickly can easily cost the lives of the elderly themselves as well as their colleagues’ and other civilians. That is to say, regardless of benefits on the individual level for senior citizens, the duration of time a worker is allowed to work should be restricted to prevent regrettable workplace accidents.

In conclusion, when the policy of having residents decide the time of their retirement is concerned, the advantages concentrate at the individual level while the disadvantages can potentially affect a whole community. Bearing that contrast in mind, although the seniors in some countries can work to any age that they desire, this is not a model to learn from. In my opinion, the drawbacks certainly prevail; hence the aforementioned nations should reconsider their relevant laws as soon as possible.

89) With the latest technological advancements, dating is now possible online. Would you recommend online dating for your single friends? What are the advantages and disadvantages of online dating? Site some examples to support your answer.

It is quite common for younger generation nowadays to find a date via online sources. Thanks to the technology that made it possible. These online websites are sophisticated and intelligent enough to run through millions of profiles in their database and can match like-minded singles to provide suggestions for dating. I would certainly recommend singles in my friends circle to find their date through these online portals. Well, there are certain merits and demerits of this trend; however, I would certainly recommend finding a match online.

On the one hand, there are numerous matches making websites mushrooming every day, and not all of them are genuine. People who try to find their match via these fake portals will end up losing their money and valuable time. Therefore, one should choose a reputed online dating service to avoid disappointment. In addition to that, most people lie in their profiles just to attract eligible singles. An interesting article published recently in a prominent newspaper stated that more than eighty percent of the online websites are not legitimate and added that at least fifty percent of profiles are full of lies. Irrespective of this, people are smart enough to bypass all these con artists and will be able to find genuine partners.

On the advantageous side, web dating services portray a plethora of features including profile background checking, displaying profile pictures, online questionnaires to make match making easier and accurate. These features will ensure that the member profiles are genuine to a large extent and the chances of getting cheated are quite minimal. For instance, released a report to showcase their success rate in arranging perfect match between singles in the year 2007. It shows that more than eighty percent of the matches their system made were turned out to be successful. Therefore, singles find their soulmates via genuine online channels have more chances of finding their true partners.

To conclude, in spite of some drawbacks finding a date through the internet is advantageous for singles. Hence, I would recommend this to my friends without hesitation.

SAMPLE-2       BAND-6.5

Nowadays, online dating is thought to be increasingly popular. Generally speaking, single people tend to prefer finding friends through social networks. In my opinion, despite some advantages, online dating is not a proper way of making friends.

Let’s start by looking at the advantages of online dating. One of its main positives is that online communication could be easier, more accessible and also time saver, especially for introverted people. It is believed that through social webs, you have the chance to observe different people in various situations, so even though sometimes you may get fake information, it would help you to find the right person as a friend. In addition, you do not have to waste your time on face-to-face appointments. On the whole, assuming true information, I suggest online dating to my alone friends.

Turning to the other side of the argument, it might be difficult to trust the data you receive from the virtual world. For example, you may have been given some wrong pieces of information such as age, level of education, family, and so on. Therefore, you cannot safely rely on whatever you hear. Unfortunately, in some cases, emotional people might be cheated by tricky online users. Besides, being in touch with various fake online friends for a long time would cause pessimism, a feeling of failure, or in extreme cases, depression. Finally, in order not to gain bitter experiences, you had better keep away from online dating.

Another major drawback is that, when you get used to online friendships, it can have negative effects on your social behavior. What I mean by this is that it would become more difficult for you to communicate with people in the real world. Furthermore, overusing online chat rooms is addictive, and also after a while, it may cause physical problems like backache, headache, or ocular diseases. To some up, finding friends in the real world tends to be safer and more valuable for single people.

In conclusion, although online dating is turning to a more common way of making friends in the world, damages of virtual life are undeniable. In other words, the disadvantages of online dating outweigh its advantages.

SAMPLE-3                                                                                                                                   BAND-6.5

It is argued that courting uses updated technology can be feasible. Individuals’ freedom to choose is one of the main advantage of this and people can lie about themselves is one of the main disadvantages.

One of the edges of using new technological advancement is that you can meet more people quicker with similar core values, faith, interests, background and preferences. It is also safer than many other conventional dating methods. It also offers privacy and confidentiality. For examples, you are chatting with your new friend thru online, and you are in the stage of getting to know each other. It makes you feel happier, relieve your stress, easy to started and interesting. It also increases the probability of finding your match.

The main disadvantages are associated with the personality of the person. Many people are lack of serious intentions. The users hide their identity or information about themselves. For example, you are using a Facebook and your profile picture in that account is not your real face. It means you are deceiving someone. You can’t also see the reaction of the other side. Maybe you can choose the wrong partner that suits to you and the one who will understand your feelings.

In conclusion, the benefits of online courtship are practical to everyone, such as safer in means of communication and less effort. Overall, the satisfaction of chatting outweighs the disadvantages because it depends on ourselves if we believe or not in the person we are talking. Only our mind and hearts can say what truth is.

90) These days, scientists can tell whether a child will become criminal or not by examining the child at an age of three. Do you agree that crime is a product of human nature? Do you think we can stop children from becoming criminals?

Over the last few decades, scientists have improved their knowledge about the human body and connected with its psychology. In fact, the latest research has shown that children’s future, especially native gifts can be determined. I disagree with the statement that crime is a product of human nature since it may have been caused by society. Nevertheless, it is my firm believes that criminal activities can be stopped if parents and government will focus on youngsters’ actions.

Firstly, the main reason for the involvement young people in crime is the destructive social condition in the family or commune. Likewise, if young minds observe cruelty, they will act in the same way as was learned. A good illustration for this is violation areas where children can receive skills how to offend. In addition, video games and televisions programs may consist violence and harmful behaviour young people consume. Eventually, society can put young generation in the step of violence and ill-treatment.

Secondly, in order to combat the issue, the government should carry about youngsters that are in a difficult life situation. Furthermore, offence can be prevented if the public start nurturing children in good environments right from their infant stages. For example, social programs should be founded to protect young generation from the adult’s negative influence, show other living standards as well as provide them transmissions useful values. Moreover, parents should keep an eye on children’s behaviour and shape them into better person after fixed intervals.

In conclusion, social violence and criminal activities are the reasons why young people begin to offend. Nevertheless, that can be solved via the parent’s control and government aid.  (BAND-6.5)

SAMPLE-2       BAND-7.5

Nowadays, some scientific researchers are introducing new ways which determine whether a kid could commit a crime or not in the future. So, this is arguable that being a criminal is part of people inherent. I totally disagree with that statement, and this essay will argue that nurture is more important than any other factor and there is a wide range of various solutions for tackling offensive activities in teenagers.

Without any doubt, children are born with a clear spirit. They are simple and innocent and their parents play a significant role in their future behaviour. On the one hand, it is not proven that violating laws or being involved in criminal acts is inherited. On the other hand, there are several different documents from the past to the present, which illustrate nothing is more vital than the behaviours of parents to bring up a healthy child mentally aspects. A great example could be parents who did not have a breaking law background, while their child perpetrate a violation.

There are some worthwhile activities which could be beneficial to prevent teenagers from committing crimes. I think both parents and the government have responsibility for this. First of all, the family should learn the basic parameters of being a law-abiding citizen and explain the underlying repercussions of breaking laws and rules during growing up . Then, the government and the society have to provide proper communities for them in which children encourage to respect the rules and prevent to combating the crime. For example, in Iran, there are some workshops for teenagers to teach them how crime prevention could be effective for their future success. These programs act as deterrents and seem to be achievable for reducing laws abolishment in the society.

In conclusion, I would say there is no evidence which proves a kid will probably be a murderer or a criminal. Also, there are many ways to reduce offensive activities or violations of public rules which could prepare a better life for the younger generation.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-8

Nowadays, scientists can predict whether a kid will become a criminal or not by just analyzing them at the age of 3. Moreover, I agree that human nature causes misconduct and there are several approaches we can follow to mitigate the crime ratio among children.

To begin with, the nature of the person can result in criminal acts. In other words, if the individual has aggression and frustration then he can indulge in violent activities. To cite an example, most criminals are penalized because of their behaviour. Another reason is bad human nature can indulge in activities that are hazardous to society. That means jealousy and revenge often influence adults to set more crime rates in society. For instance, some public tends to be involved in bad deeds related to the murder as they are jealous of their surroundings.

However, we can follow certain practices to stop juveniles to involve in misdeeds. First and foremost, teaching them good habits at a young age. Not only does acquiring habits at a tender age allow them to grasp good deeds but also makes them good human beings in the future. Secondly, parents should become idols for them so that they can learn from them and follow the same path. If parents follow good habits then the child will likely follow the same road. Thirdly, they should engage in spiritual activities that teach on well-being of society. That even nourishes them to practice good upbringing and avoid wrongdoing.

To conclude, although at the age of 3 scientists can justify if adolescents will become a criminal or not, the human behaviour that causes the crime rate should not be ignored. Also, adolescents should be taught certain disciplines to lessen their criminal deeds.

91) For many people, the reason they work hard is to earn money. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The human being works consistently hard in the modern life. According to a number of people, the reason is that individuals want to get money. I partly agree with this view and this essay will discuss whether people work hard for only money or not.

On the one hand, money plays entirely a significant role in working hard. People consistently endeavor to work hard so that they can get not only more money but also high amounts of rewards. For example, most companies provide people with special rewards if they work very productive regularly. Thus, people try to be hard-working in order to get those rewards.

On the other hand, there is another important factor associated with being hard-working at the workplace. Some people, who have a passion for their job, always try to be hard-working and give your best in their task irrespective of expecting any special reward because they want to feel satisfied and confident with the task which they complete successfully. For instance, studies have concluded that there is a positive link between feeling self-confident and being successful in a task which requires to be worked hard. Therefore, many people give passionately their best in a job in order to achieve the high level of self-confidence.

In conclusion, many people work hard due to several reasons. I partly agree with the view that money is an important factor in the level of working hard, and also I believe that a sense of self-confidence and the passion for a job is equally a determinant factor.                      (BAND-8)

SAMPLE-2       BAND-7.5

Due to advances in technology more and more people working harder to earn a lot of money as well as learn skills along with experiences. Some people think that people work hard the reason is to earn money. I agree with this statement and I think that some public work hard to learn skills and help others. I will discuss my reasons for it in the upcoming paragraphs.

To begin with, there are many reasons why the public work hard to earn money. First and foremost, money is the basic need for every individual to fulfil their daily activities. For example, due to advance in technology and the digitalization of the world, everything is skyrocketing and for that reason, individuals working harder to earn a lot of money for their daily expenses. Secondly, without money people cannot survive in the developed world, this is because individuals need money to buy their household chores and other things.

On the other hand, some people work hard to learn some skills and help their country. For example, Bhagat Singh, worked hard for us to be free from British Rule and died as a brave martyr. Hence, some public wants to save their country people by socializing and campaigning. Furthermore, we listen to many army officers who died in wars, it is illustrated that some people also exist in this world who work harder for others.

In conclusion, money is a basic need for the public to survive and we cannot be denied the need for money. However, every individual does not work hard to earn money, some also want to help others and learn skills from their work.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-7

Working for longer hours is becoming increasingly common these days. The reason a lot of people do so is to earn money. However, it is equally, if not more, important to find a purpose in the work that we do as working just to earn well might lead to a burn-out in professional careers. This essay will discuss that while it is important to work hard to earn money, it is also essential to enjoy it.

In today’s world, having financial stability is quite crucial as we not only have a large number of bills to pay but also have a social status to maintain. It is thus required that people put in extra efforts at work to climb up the corporate ladder and earn more money. Based on a research by Harvard Business Review, more than 70% of the people in the US spend up to two extra hours at work every day to primarily get an overtime bonus in addition to getting their boss’s attention. Thus, it is ubiquitous that more and more people are working extra to earn extra.

Despite the fact that earning extra money can be good for a person, it should not be the sole driver for working hard. Doing so would only lead to people getting bored of their jobs and feeling discontent with their lives. Instead, it is critical that people identify the purpose in their jobs and find what they love doing, as that would give them a job satisfaction as well as a motivation to do better in their lives. For instance, teachers who realise their contribution to a child’s future feel much happier about their jobs and lives than those who teach just for the handsome salaries at the end of the month. It is therefore important that people work hard for what they like as that pays them with much more than money.

This essay argued that while it is necessary to work hard to earn money, it is much more rewarding to know the purpose of the job. In my opinion, it is essential that people follow their hearts in what they do for a living as it not only pays them with money but also makes them better and happier individuals.

92) Nowadays consumer goods have become the most important part of people’s lives. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

In the era of globalisation consumer items play a crucial role in the life of modern man. There are some drawbacks as well as the benefits of this phenomenon. This essay will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of this trend in the subsequent paragraphs in an efficacious way.

To commence with, modern man is not happy to do his own work by himself, instead of that, he prefers to work done by machines and gadgets. It barely allows him to use his own intelligence. Consequently, his mind got used to it and it stops working with itself. Moreover, work done by artificial intelligence is not always effective in comparison with human resources.  For instance, people are using the air conditioner for the cool air. But, it causes numerous health issues, such as, skin problems, weak eyesight and nausea.

On the other hand, it brings easiness in every kind of work. Machinery take a very short time to do a particular task while humans take more time with a small piece of work. In addition, there is no need to worry about weight carrying in industries, because technological instruments can lift them easily. For example, if a pilot of an aeroplane is not feeling good about its health, he can put the plane into auto- mode. He might rest for some time and then can get back to drive through the air. Furthermore, consumer goods are helpful in many other ways. Mobile phones are helpful in business dealings from the one corner of a particular country to another. To demonstrate, if a person is not available for a meeting mobiles can avail him by voice conferencing.

In conclusion, although there are a few disadvantages of consumer resources, but there are also many advantages. Modern man cannot imagine life without consumer items. They have a huge effect on human life, also the easiest way of doing the tough work within minutes. Therefore, the advantages of artificial intelligence outweigh its drawbacks.                             BAND-8

SAMPLE-2                                                                                                                        BAND-7

With recent technological advancements, the production processes of consumer goods have become quicker and more comfortable. It was observed that usage of retail goods is increasing day by day, and these goods are playing an essential role in today’s lifestyle. There are many positive and negative consequences as a result of this.

Undoubtedly, as a result of modern targeted advertising, people are forced to buy many retail products, even though those are not necessary. Most of the time, the purchased consumer goods are not used and kept aside. Advertisements of attractive online offers and credit card offers force people to buy; however, as a result of this behaviour, people run into credit card debts.

Nevertheless, by carefully selecting what is actually needed and then moving to purchase the products, people can enjoy many benefits. Moreover, these goods are mainly targeted to ease the work in a productive manner, and by proper usage, people can save time. In the current lifestyle, consumers search for products which assist in reducing energy usage as well as their time.

Furthermore, the companies are investing heavily in research and development to introduce new consumer products ranging from kitchen to living room. A decade a ago to prepare a meal took nearly two hours, nonetheless, currently with the assist of consumer products that have reduced it to one hour. In the past, a flat television screen cost a fortune, though now it cost a fraction of that with additional features such as surround sound and 3D effects in HD quality.

In conclusion, the advantages of usage of consumer goods outweigh the disadvantages. Carefully selecting the proper products people have the luxury of saving time and they can enjoy life to the fullest.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-6.5

In the modern era, the automobile and electric things are increasing in all over the world. People are more depending on consumer things and have the part and parcel part of the person’s life. Which has own advantages and disadvantages in the human life. I will be discussing essay how the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

To start with, consumer items are playing a vital role in people’s life due to their advantages. The main reason is that, to use the consumer goods in our daily routine because it helps every period. The machine saves a lot of time and they feel relaxed and comfortable. People’s spend more leisure time with their families and kith and kin.

Besides this, usage of these products has its own disadvantages. The first reason is that, people have become feeling more lazy because they are saving more time. Well, using these products there is less active and creates a many health problems like that obesity, heart disease, blood pressure and so many problems. Secondly, in everyday natives buy the new brand goods of sales in the market. The one thing throughout. This has produced a bad effect on the environment in the everyday. Lastly, nowadays, there are many retail goods like as to go the market so there are many automobile cars available where personally do not even use hands to change the gear.

In conclusion, I think there are more disadvantages as compared to advantages because people’s are less active and the decrease in their level of work but I do not ignore the advantages.

93) Some people claim that public museums and art galleries will not be needed because people can see historical objects and works of art by using a computer. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

There are some people argue that public museums and art galleries will not be necessary anymore since people are able to find historical artefacts and artworks on the Internet. Personally, I totally disagree with this statement because of the rationales following.

First of all, the worth mentioning here is that historical objects and paintings that can be seen on a computer cannot provide the public with a real feeling, for they are just in digital format without details. To illustrate, if people come to an exhibit, they can not only observe all of the special aspects of works of art, but can also appreciate and understand the message that the author wants to convey to the audience. Moreover, the information on the Internet about historical items and artistic creations is sometimes false such as some pictures have the wrong name or the artist, which creates a real disadvantage for the knowledge of humans. To avoid the situation, the effective way is that individuals should visit museums or galleries to find the information they need as these destinations will provide them the most reliable sources.

Besides, these locations create a calm atmosphere that helps everyone to escape from the pressure of life. To clarify, enjoying art is a form of recreation because people can refresh their minds in a peaceful environment. Finally, museums and art exhibitions can be used to give education. For example, they are favourable areas for students to come and find the facts needed, which do not exist on the Internet, for their assignments. Take The War Remnant Museum in Ho Chi Minh City as an example. Lots of history lovers and historians arrive at this museum to conduct research about the war. Some of them say that they are capable of comprehending the impact of it brought to Vietnamese via numerous real samples, documents and exhibits as well as the hardships that they had to face during the period, which cannot be found on the Internet.

In conclusion, due to the benefits that public museums and art galleries offer, I believe that they are not likely to suffer from disappearance in the future.                                        (BAND-8)

SAMPLE-2       BAND- 7.5

As time passed, every nation had its own history and some retained objects that once reminded people of their heroic past, which led to the appearance of museums and art exhibitions. However, it leads to the argument that those entities will soon be unnecessary due to the possibility of viewing antiques and artworks online. From my perspective, I partly support this opinion.

On the one hand, I raise some objections to the aforementioned point of view. To begin with, watching the antiques and artworks online instead of in-person will significantly reduce the value of museums and art galleries in general, as well as historical objects and artworks in particular. As a result, when visitors are only able to view the ancient artefacts via Zoom, they may not enjoy the experience as much as their counterparts at physical museums. A second disadvantage is that tourists viewing heritage objects and works of art using just a computer is unable to fully experience the authenticity of those entities, which is a vital aspect of going to museums and display rooms.

On the other hand, online museum visits also offer many benefits. In terms of tourists, this development facilitates their ability to see historically valuable antiques and well-made art items without having to travel to those sites directly. Thus, visitors will get a better grasp of other countries’ cultures by using the internet. The Covid-19 pandemic, for instance, prevents foreign visitors from travelling. As a result, museums and exhibition rooms offer virtual tours with an indigenous guide in a convenient manner. In addition, with online tourism prospering, specialized guards are not necessary to protect valuable artefacts. It will reduce the amount spent on those activities and save money.

I tend to lean toward the given position as online museums and art gallery tours possess numerous positive characteristics. It is, however, essential that physical visits be encouraged concurrently in order to ensure that the cultural heritage and the objects are not lost.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-7

It is commonly believed that a computer will eventually replace museums and art galleries in the near future. However, I believe that those facilities are still valuable in at least some respects.

In the current digital age, computers have enabled us to access a vast amount of information that we were previously unaware of. Through the Internet, we are able to find images about things that we consider historically and culturally important. By using search engines like Google and websites such as Wikipedia, we can also learn about the architectural style of a particular country with a single click. Social distancing, for example, prevents people from participating in outdoor activities. Due to this reason, online museums and exhibitions allow people to view artworks directly without having to visit them in person. Considering the current trend of globalization and de-industrialization, it can be concluded that computers are one of the essential tools for gaining access to more current information. I, however, believe that actual contact with an object creates a completely different experience than that of sitting in front of a computer screen.

On top of that, it is indisputable that art museums still perform an essential role in the lives of modern citizens. This proves that computers are unable to fully demonstrate the true value of artworks. Computerized systems cannot preserve the artistic and the quintessence of national culture. Despite their age, these facilities still hold a substantial collection of priceless national masterpieces and provide us with an adequate understanding of our history. In the absence of museums and ancillary sites, it differs from the experience of being in the presence of the object itself. As a result, tourists will not have unique cultural and historical destinations to visit, and really, kids will not have an opportunity to witness what they have learned or to develop their imagination. The importance of museums and exhibitions cannot be overstated.

In conclusion, computers have both positive and negative influences on society, but thanks to museums and art galleries, we can safeguard these artistic values in their entirety. And, I am convinced that art institutions will not disappear in the future, since they are still vital to society.

94) Governments should spend more money on medical research and less on researching the environment. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In this world, we are facing many problems. Diseases are increasing day by day as well as environmental issues. So, it is argued by some that the government should have to more emphasis and consume the highest amount on conducting medicine research and the least on the environment. Let us discuss whether the research on pharmacy’s drugs is more important or the problems related to the climate.

On the one side, the whole world is struggling to tackle environmental problems. Air pollution is a perfect example of this. Which is the result of greenhouse gases emitted by the industrialization sectors or consuming carbon for running vehicles? These are making the life of human and animals even more badly. People are living unhealthy life and species are being extinction. So, the authorities should spend their money for tackling these problems for the betterment of our planet.

However, it does not mean that the government should use their money only on finding the environment but, they also allocate some of the funds to researching medicines. Because collecting information through scientific research means getting the solution to not spread any disease or virus. For instance, who which is a world health organization department is now trying to make a therapy that can help with the coronavirus pandemic which is spreading world widely. That’s the reason that money should be donate for the treatment of any symptoms.

To conclude, i would say that both findings are crucial. The climate research such as for reducing air pollution while, medical research for treating illnesses like coronavirus. I think, the government should provide the same budget for both findings.   (Band-7.5)

SAMPLE-2       BAND- 8.5

Opinions are divided as to whether the government budget should be allocated mainly to medical experiments rather than research on the environment. Although there are some benefits of subsidizing medical research, I believe that environmental study should be high on the national agenda.

On the one hand, advocates might hold an opinion that research in the medical field should receive more money. The first reason is that medical investigation lays the foundation for medical guidelines and instructions, which prevent general practitioners from overprescribing drugs and causing some severe medical repercussions. In particular, were it not for the reports about the judicious use of antibiotics, doctors would not be able to use this kind of medication wisely and effectively, leading to the increase in the number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In addition, medical analysis about the application of state-of-the-art technology to medical treatment can help reduce complications and mortality after surgery. For example, cutting-edge medical robots can eliminate fatal surgeons’ mistakes during cardiac surgery, allowing patients to recover more rapidly in the postoperative period.

On the other hand, I am of the opinion that more national expenditure on environmental studies needs to be the top priority because they tackle problems in not only medicine but also agriculture. Firstly, medical research and treatments are only a stopgap measure to combat diseases, while environmental degradation is the chief culprit of illnesses. To be more specific, when the atmosphere is uncontaminated, harmful bacteria will be contained, protecting humans from rheumatic fever, from which severe heart problems stem. Therefore, environmental research on controlling air pollution would indirectly minimize the number of heart operations. Besides, research on the environment can shape humans’ understanding of climatic change and natural phenomena to minimize the damage of disasters on their farming products. For instance, when acquiring the adequate knowledge related to the annual storm in the middle part of Vietnam, the regional authorities can be proactive and come up with strategies and solutions to prevent their crops from being destroyed in a tornado.

In conclusion, there are some promising outcomes of the allocation of national funds to research in the field of medicine. However, I believe that the expenses on environmental studies would be more beneficial because of its holistic approach to address medical and agricultural issues.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-8.5

Medical research has become an important thing to discover new vaccines and medicines to prevent and cure a lot of chronic diseases in this world. However, environmental research has also become an indispensable thing to save the people and planet from disasters. Instead of giving scope to private corporations, government should initiate their own research for the greater good cause for the people. In every fiscal year, government should give a significant amount of budget allocations for these two aspects. In this essay, I will describe the importance of government’s role in the research of health care and ecological system, and I will disclose my opinion at the end of the topic.

On the one hand, it is argued by a lot of people that, government is collecting the greatest amount of taxes from the public to provide good health, so it is the responsibility of government to invest in medical research. In this contemporary world, people have become more prone to disease on a frequent basis. Hence, governments should focus on research and development of vaccines and medicines to save their citizens from deadly diseases. For instance, the entire world is suffering from Corona virus right now because there is no vaccine for that disease. Thus, government should be flexible with its budget allocations for the purpose of medical research to invent the antidote.

On the other hand, few people argue that environmental research should be given less importance when compared to the medical research. It is a prejudice. Accordingly to the Bloomberg survey, every year 1 Million people are dying because of natural disasters like Tsunami, Cyclone, Drought, and Floods. Government is the only organization that can help people overcome this crisis. With advent of satellite technology, we can anticipate Floods, Tsunamis and Hurricanes, so that we can warn people in advance to vacate those places to save their lives. To illustrate this, last year in South India there was a massive flood accident with no human loss. This happened only because of government due diligence by using space technology and environmental research.

In conclusion, I strongly disagree with the given statement. Government should give paramount budget allocation to the ecological research rather than medical research.

95) Some people say modern children’s games do not develop a wide range of skills, while traditional games can be much better for developing such skills. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is undeniable that games are beneficial to the development of children’s abilities to some extent. Some individuals claim that games played in traditional ways could be much more efficiently and effectively than in modern ways to promote such abilities. In my opinion, I completely agree with this viewpoint.

Personally, classical games enable children to enhance their intelligence quotient, physical ability and social skills well since these games are mostly offline activities, which require kids to experience and participate physically. By really getting involved in the game, it makes their bodies and brains move or prompts them to communicate with others. We can see children who play football or basketball are usually stronger than their peers and have better interpersonal skills due to they often need to interact with their teammates to think about strategies. If kids only play electronic games which are the most common modern games, instead of going out of their home with friends, it is difficult for them to exercise and communicate with others.

Those who disagree may argue that the young people who play games on the internet can have better teamwork and interpersonal skills as multiplayer games include a huge proportion of team works. In other words, turning on their microphone and speaking fully with teammates from different countries around the world allow their social skills developed faster. However, those kids still cannot improve such abilities without playing in a real environment. This is because people often pay more attention to the games rather than how to speak with their teammates, which means they still do know how to socialize when it comes to an outdoor activity.

To sum up, modern games like electronic games may contain some communication, but traditional games can enhance children’s skills in an all-round way.                                                                    (BAND-7)

SAMPLE-2       BAND-7.5

Technological advancements have brought in greater impacts on children life, and one of them is computer games. Some people think that they have negative impacts like detrimental health and disconnecting them from the social world, while, others feel that it has positive impacts. In this essay, I will discuss both views and explain how the negative impacts can be controlled and use computer games for a good cause with proper supervision by parents.

Computer games are proved to be detrimental for the majority of children because of their effect on health and their social well-being. The long hours of time spent in front of the computer or glued to the computer for long hours leads to health issues like decreased eye vision and accumulation of bad cholesterol to cause obesity. As per the latest statistics of  WHO, for instance, continuous sitting for more than 4 hours every day in front of the computer leads to obesity. Also, in addition, as the majority of them spend times glued to systems, they become more introverted and cannot build any social relationships with the outside world. Serious effects of this lifestyle lead to mental stress among children and may cause brain diseases in the long run.

They say that there are positive sides of computer games like creative thinking if it is used by juveniles in controlled environments. Some of the games are designed by the gamers keeping the real-world problem scenarios in mind so that the same can be resolved by children and learn how to overcome those situations if they come across in real-life conditions. PUBG, for instance, makes the juvenile think out of the box to kill the enemy by some means. In addition, these games also boost the self-confidence levels of children to overcome the problems in real life by thinking always ahead of the curve. Hence, the benefits cannot be ignored if the children use computer games under supervised conditions.

In conclusion, a part of society believes that computer games have drawbacks on children health and social life, while, others think that they have greater benefits. The above paragraphs discussed both  views, but in my opinion, the positive impacts like out of box thinking and build an ability to solve problems can be considered as value additions over drawbacks if the computer games are played under supervised conditions.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-9

A few individuals think that playing online games has an adverse effect on pupils’ health and social skills whereas some people feel that it has a positive impact. In this essay, I will discuss both viewpoints and give my opinion. Firstly, I will explore computer games leading to children’s Illness and lacking volunteering moving forward, I will consider the other advantage of playing games.

To begin with, nowadays many students are entertaining themselves with electronic play gadgets which affect the child’s brain, further causing serious damage to the eyes and other body parts because they use them for a very long time. For example, pupils always hinder their new play on PC and as the screen sends a UV light which will reduce eyesight. Furthermore, children’s social life goes into a vein because they tend to play electronic Xboxes a lot which will obviously affect youth’s upbringing in crowded places and they never interact with other people. For Instance, minors are unable to talk with other kids and fear if they say something wrong and indulge in fights.

On the other hand, youngsters are good at grasping new technology and their retina works faster than other generations so governments should encourage training simulation Xbox for these kids and train for future military developments which will strengthen the borders of a nation. To Illustrate, countries can effectively use drones and robots for wars by instructing the younger and giving them support. Moreover, youth are seeking jobs in gaming as it fascinates other minors to watch online and learn the skills needed to play although competition is more in job markets. Exemplar, kids are streaming online by showing their gaming skills to others and earning money for a living.

In summary, younger generations should opt for outdoor sports and improvise their team-building capabilities which will give them more confidence in life to lead.  In my opinion, a student must focus on both aspects because they have a good opportunity to settle in their life.

96) Some people think that job satisfaction is more important than job security. Others think that people cannot expect to enjoy a job and that having a permanent job is more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is true that some people argued that satisfaction in a job is prioritized over the security that they received. Others think that getting a stable job better than waiting a fulfilment job. I am personally in favour of the viewpoint of the first group.

On the one hand, having a permanent job is a safe choice to have a stable financial for a long time, so the employees unable to dedicate their passion and happiness to their career. This is because people work stereotypically base on the guide of higher managers and the pressure of heavy workload. For example, longtime employees having no career ambitions, who could work in different fields to adapt their living purpose without requirement suitable with their major or their hobbies. Should the employee not have a steady job, they would deal with unemployment stress and financial burden. Therefore, job security could lead them to squander a huge of chances to become freedom workers pursuing their dream job.

On the other hand, I believe that the jobs that make us happy and satisfied are completely worth in their life. For instance, young people are likely to switch different positions in other companies to find the best career that belongs to them. To illustrate this point, the staff has a passion for working and willing to pay more time and effort on their meaningful career. That is the reason they can put knowledge gained into practice efficiently and move up the career ladder with a high salary in the future. Job satisfaction plays an important role in human life which will be able to make them find a delight point in their career prospects.

In conclusion, although having a steady job could help the staff limits the financial burden. However, I think fulfilment at work could gain more benefits for employees to enjoy their life according to what they want to do.                                                                                                   (BAND-8)

SAMPLE-2                                                                                                                                              BAND-7

Here are different opinions about contributing factors in a good appointment. Some people believe that job satisfaction is more important in comparison with job freedom. Others, including me, think that having a steady career is more important than an enjoyable job because it can bring serenity and close bonds in a family.

One the one hand, a permanent task can bring mental health for people. A steady job can encourage people to trial harder because a worker knows that, for example in the next year he or she would not be out of production and do not suffer from the stresses and strains of those times to make the ends meet. Thus, by hard working people can achieve higher grades and positions in their occupation, hence they can accomplish to a higher income. By earning more money, they probably do not suffer from financial problems so they are likely to have serenity.

Furthermore, career security can create strong family ties. Nowadays in many countries, including my country, Iran, there is a high rate of divorce due to this fact that loads of people work in jobs which are not permanent. For example, their job for just one year and as a result of some issues such as financial problems their authorities inform them that they do not need to workers so they would be jobless. This negatively affects the bond between families because being out of performance means that a person does not have money to handle a family. In this bad circumstance, if a person has a steady job they know that they can work for a long time and his or her wife would not be worried about her life.

On the other hand, some argue that having an enjoyable occupation is more important compared to task preservation because this can bring happiness and make a effort easy for people. They believe that nowadays people are snowed under a huge volume of effort as well as are struggling with the difficulties of their jobs and believe that in this situation an enjoyable production can bring happiness to workers and mitigate the difficulties that workers encounter at their occupation. Nevertheless, I think that a positive state of mind which can stem from a permanent career brings much more happiness and an easy performance.

In conclusion, I believe having that job security is much more important than an enjoyable task since it can create mental health and reinforce family relationships.

SAMPLE-3                                                                                                                                             BAND-8

People have different views regarding to choice for their jobs. While there are people who argue that a stable career is more truly essential for their life than satisfied with the job, I strongly believe that job gratification is very crucial than job fixed.

On the one hand, it can be argued that a permanent position is able to offer a peaceful life. To explain, compare to the satisfied job, they are not deeply disturbed be their finances; thus, they spend their vast majority of free time in enjoying the life. For example, a permanent career means a regular flow of money; they are free to indulge interesting among their hobbies. As a result, if they choose a fixed job to remain financially secure, they would be pleased their life.

On the other hand, I hold the opinion that a job satisfaction would impact in the emotion of officers. To be more specific, as opposed to the emotion of job security, their emotions help them to grow in the professional field but also help to keep themselves healthy. To illustrate, the officers find it easy more innovation in ideas that really add in the organization’s growth and productivity. Consequently, satisfied employees may also concentrate on their personal commitments and maintain better work life balance.

To conclude, although the job fixed is good for a great number of officers in terms of income, I am in the favour of the fact that job satisfaction is better. There is no doubt in my mind that a satisfied position brings numerous benefits for human kind, so that people should care for the feeling of job contentment.

97) Art is considered an important part of society as well as an expression of its culture. Do you think it is important for children to be taught art? Do you think children should be encouraged to focus on arts rather than other subjects?

It is commonly believed that art is a fundamental part of society as artists are able to express their thoughts and culture with their work. In my opinion, children should definitely learn art because it helps them develop their creativity and will enable them to express their thoughts better with the artwork, but it should not be taught to the detriment of other subjects

 Firstly, art is an essential subject which children, especially young children, should learn as it enhances their creativity and imagination. Without the development of imagination & creative thinking, children will struggle to grow as dynamic, individual thinkers in their adulthood. Furthermore, some children are particularly gifted with creative abilities and studying arts will nurture their talent more

Another important advantage for children when practicing art is that it provides them with a medium to express their thoughts easily. Importantly, young children do not have the linguistic capabilities to put their ideas into language and thus communicate directly. Therefore, by learning art, they can express their ideas through pictures and symbols. For this reason, many children psychologists also study the art of children to understand them better.

Finally, regardless of how useful art is it is important for the children to learn all the subjects rather than focusing only on arts. Equal focus must be given to all subjects for the overall development of their skills. Thus, a healthy balance of art, sciences, languages are essential to be included in the syllabus

In conclusion, while art certainly improves the creative and imaginative abilities of children, it should be taught alongside other subjects. A school curriculum should have a balance of all subjects.                                                                                                                                      BAND-6.5      

SAMPLE-2       BAND-7.5

Art plays a fundamental role in society and portrays the culture beautifully. Therefore, it is important for children to learn it. However, I also think that, this must not be achieved at the detriment of other major subjects.

Firstly, art is the best tool by which people, especially children, learn to be creative. For instance, the children participating actively in art exhibitions held in schools or colleges grow up to be creative thinkers and innovative individuals. To explain further, some of the most brilliant artists of the world like Picasso, Roald Dahl and Abida Parveen have bestowed the world with true masterpieces and have set an example of creativity. Furthermore, learning artistic skills makes the children able to cherish their intuition too.

Secondly, for children, art work plays a significant role when it comes to expressing their ideas. This is because younger children are not very linguistic and thus, face a problem in explaining their thoughts and vision. However, it is with the help of their artwork, for example, painting, writing and sketching, that they are able to show the world their feelings. This is why; many children psychologists prefer looking into the details of children’s creative activities, in order to understand their mental health.

Although, art nurtures the creative instincts and expresses emotions of children, it must be kept in mind to structure the school syllabus in a balanced way. This means that, it must not be the only priority, but other mandatory subjects like math’s, science and language must be given an adequate share in the curriculum too. Since, these subjects are the part and parcel of a standard education system and are equally essential for grooming the children.

To conclude, nevertheless, art is the gateway to the road of creativity and imagination, but it must not surpass the novelty of essential subjects in schools. Thus, school systems must strive to maintain a balance in their syllabus.

SAMPLE-3       BAND-8

Since time immemorial, art has been a pivotal part of every civilization as it reveals technologies and skills for every era. It is irrefutable that art plays a crucial role in children’s development as well. I believe that art should be an integral part of school curriculums, but other academic subjects should also not be ignored. This essay will enumerate this topic in detail.

To begin with, it is not an erroneous notion that art is the window to one’s soul. Therefore, having a subject like art can immensely support kids in myriad different ways. Firstly, art helps to express the feelings which otherwise children struggle for. Secondly, it acts as a stress-reliever in today’s busy life. Last but not least, it boosts the creativity of an individual. For instance, some people are gifted with artistic skills and having a subject related to that can definitely carve a clearer path for them.

On the contrary, it is imperative to study regular subjects such as Science and Mathematics. These courses not only help in career development but also help in day-to-day life. For example, if a child is unaware of basic Mathematics, then he could struggle even for common calculations while buying something. Hence, academic courses should be given equal importance.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that a pragmatic approach is always better than a hard-nosed one. Although it is vital to introduce art in the curriculum, the value of other branches of studies cannot be overlooked. Hence, there should be a proper balance between both for the better future of pupils.

98) Some people think that climate change could have a negative effect on business. Other people think that climate change could create more business opportunities. Discuss both views give your own opinion.

It is irrefutable that climatic change is one of the major concerns across the globe today. While one section of the society considers this as an opportunity for creating and expanding businesses, others see this as a drawback for them. This essay will juxtapose both these views, and finally conclude with my opinion.

With the dramatic change in the weather patterns, the tourism industry has been harshly hit. Owing to unexpected rise and fall in temperatures in most of the parts of the world, such as extreme weather conditions in India, where summers are as warm as 50 degrees Celsius and in winters mercury level drops to nearly freezing 0 degrees Celsius, tourists do not prefer to visit such places. Consequently, local businesses and overall economy dependent on tourism gets detrimentally affected.

On the contrary, few businesses such as air conditioner manufactures, fans and heaters manufacturing companies see this as a good time to boost their business as the demand of their products shoot up due to climatic change and consequently they have to increase the supply as well. Their agenda becomes very clear and their business potentially increases in such conditions.

In conclusion, though few businesses gain from the climate change, I believe the majority has a perilous effect on them. Climate change is a very dangerous issue which will negatively affect each one of us, even those who are gaining profit from it today. Hence, we all should have a provident approach towards it and be solicitous about our future.        (band-6)

SAMPLE-2                                                                                                                       BAND- 8

Without any doubt, society is divided into two groups as per the distinct mindset of different people. Therefore, this has become a debatable issue where few people think that business could have been affected negatively by the atmosphere change. Whereas, many individuals believe that climate fluctuation brings more opportunities in the working area. This essay will not only shed light on both the perceptions but also my point of view will be elaborated in the below paragraphs.

To commence with the first notion, there are numerous points to be shared where climate change left a negative impact on several businesses. Agriculture and Fishing are the sectors which are mostly affected due to the fluctuation of the atmosphere. Heavy rain or no rain for any specific crop caused a bad effect on farming which results in a poor farmer poorer and in addition to this it also affects the nation where the demand is high for the food and supply become low because of damage. Conversely, climate change also draws some adverse effects on fishing also as floods or storms damage the whole business which reflects the decline in their work field. For example, shortage of seafood in food malls. As a consequence, switching of weather affects business majorly.

On the other hand, moving towards another argument of this debate, where for some people swapping of air is beneficial for their respective field of work as it brings variations. Tourism increases rapidly due to climate replacement and certainly, it attracts the tourist and hence it improvises the business opportunities. To exemplify, people are always attracted to going to cold places or to seeing beautiful snowfall. Another reason why many believe that switching off the atmosphere is significant and increases their business as it brings much variety in their work field and meanwhile it incline in their earning. For, as a businessman stocks a variety of products, and as per changes the demand for products increases.

To conclude, I believe that changing of climate brings increment in business however it also can’t deny that these beings decline for some specific business also.

SAMPLE-3                                                                                                                       BAND-7

Recently the Global Warming issue has been one of the most discussed topics and divided people into two groups based on their opinion about the damage done to the business by worldwide problems. Some individuals believe that global problems have a harmful impact on business and economics in general, while others think that they provide new opportunities for companies’ development.

On the one hand, negative effects on the agriculture sector from atmosphere fluctuation can be observed nowadays. Heavy rain or no rain for any specific crop caused a bad effect on farming which results in a farmer being poorer. In addition to this, it also affects the nation where the demand is high for the food and the supply becomes low because of damage. For example, shortage of seafood in food malls. As a consequence, switching of weather affects business majorly.

On the other hand, such sector as tourism has beneficial consequences for global warming. Due to the fast climate change and melting glaciers in cold parts of the planet, people try to catch their last opportunities to visit cold countries hence it develops business. For example, travelling to Antarctica seemed to be an unaffordable vacation for the majority; however, its popularity had significant growth in the last years with the help of people who are ready to give their last money to see ice blocks.

In conclusion, I believe that global issues have more cause a big loss to companies than bring positive effect to their evolvement, except for some specific sectors.

99) Some people think that the best way to reduce the time spent in travelling to work is to replace parks and gardens close to the city center with apartment buildings for commuters, but others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concerned about spending too much time on transportation to work, some even argue that it`s best to remove the public parks for apartments instead to solve this issue. My view is that this kind of replacement will do zero good on people who spend a long time travel to work.

Let`s assume there were numeric apartments replaced by parks and gardens set up in the city center already to start this argument. These houses must be ridiculously expensive. People who normally live in a suburb might still not able to afford it. If ideally the apartment is managed by the government, authorities tend to enact a strict standard to recruit candidates for government-controlled houses. There must be a long waiting list ahead; therefore most of the commuters will still need to travel for a long distance. For example, shanghai issued a low-rent apartment policy in 2012. The average rent for the same is at least 20% lower than the market. Still, there are people who waited from 2012 till now and still have no clue about the apartment.

This is not to say that live nearby do not have any advantages. Stay close to the place you work will save precious time and energy that will help people be productive during work. Moreover, since time on the way is saved, people can balance better on life and work that will be a benefit their mental health. For instance, one of my colleagues spends nearly 6 hours on daily transportation. It`s hard for him to focus on his task hence got himself fired; he was frustrated after. For him, I do believe build a life near the company will be helpful, but I still not see the necessity of tear the parks apart for it.

In sum, replace the parks with accommodations will not help thereby it`s not necessary. Therefore, if we truly wish to resolve the issue may be the government could support expanding sub-centre for the city or announce a statement for people to work from home. By doing so we can make sure that people could survive without suffering from exhausted travelling.                   (BAND-6)                                                             

SAMPLE-2                                                                                                                       BAND-8

With the increasing of commuting time in recent years, there are residents suggesting to occupy public entertaining areas including parks and gardens with residential buildings, while others and I disagree with this statement. In this essay, I will discuss both opinions and my idea with examples.

On the one hand, it is true that the commuters spend an extremely long time on the way to work every day, so shortening the travelling time is necessary. In that case, the idea of occupying public areas is understandable. This is because most of the botanical gardens and People’s parks are usually located in central suburbs as well as most of the commercial offices in high-rise buildings. For example, in Melbourne, the Botanical Garden covers an area of ten thousand square meters right next to the Commercial Business District. People of Melbourne may spend less than ten minutes to their offices if they moved to the Botanical Garden.

On the other hand, even though it seems effective to replace public areas with residential buildings, I do not agree with the suggestion because of the two reasons below. First and foremost, public areas are symbols of high quality of life because people’s lives are not only full of work and careers. Instead, the importance of life-work balance has been valued more in the last decades. If the governments destroy the parks and gardens, residents will have no place to take a walk and exercise in their spare time, which will definitely lower the quality of living. Furthermore, greens in parks are the lungs of the city. As reports have shown that  air pollution has seriously influenced the health of human beings in urban areas since twenty century, including lung cancer and strep throat. Therefore, with a reasonable amount of plants, the problem of carbon dioxide and other air polluted contaminants can be alleviated in urban areas.

In conclusion, even though lessening the commuting pressure is necessary, in my opinion, it is not the best idea to construct apartments on our limited green land in central suburbs.

SAMPLE-3                                                                                                                       BAND-7

Traffic congestion always becomes the biggest issue for commuters who travel to work. Some people tend to assert that the best way to deal with this problem is to plant more apartment buildings into the city centre than parks and gardens. However, there are also many people who firmly oppose such an idea. It is quite understandable that views on this issue vary from person to person, but I would prefer the former opinion.

Those people who strongly believe that the construction of individual apartments close to the hot spot of the city saves travelling time have cogent reasons for it. Firstly, if the idea could be carried out, commuters would spend less time on transportation. Even professionals can walk a few minutes to get to work. Thus, it is convenient and definitely can boost work efficiency. Secondly, it is possible to achieve the purpose of work-life balance. As the house of workers is near the workplace, they could use their travelling time to do some leisure activities or exercises such as aerobics before going to work.

In spite of the above argument, I support the view that the adjacent workplace should not be full of apartments and houses. The main concern is money; it is so common that the prices of city-centred departments are exorbitant. For this reason, most commuters and workers cannot afford it. Many countries like London, Shanghai and Tokyo offer clear evidence for this perspective. Thus, it is unnecessary to plan the apartment rooms close to the workplace.

To sum up, we cannot deny that both sides are well-grounded. For my part, I rather agree with the latter view that commuters should consider other ways to reduce the travelling time rather than putting personal apartments near the city center.

100) In many countries, plastic containers have become more common than ever and are used by much food and drink companies. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Nowadays, around the globe, the usage of plastic is getting increased day by day. Many companies around the world are using plastic for storing and transporting their products. Although many are against it, I firmly opine that the merit of companies using plastic containers clearly outweighs its demerits. In the below essay, I will discuss both the views with examples.

On the other hand, those who argue against it suggest that it creates environmental pollution. After usage, consumers throw away these containers, which are later eaten by stray and wildlife animals. Plastics also take a large amount of time to decompose, which causes a pile of garbage. However, the root cause of this issue is consumer themselves. After consumption, customers should be made aware of the proper usage of plastics. Companies are promoting a campaign to promote such awareness. For example, Coca-Cola has urged its customer to return their cans to shops, and eventually, the consumer will get some rewards. Hence, companies are using a different medium to inform the customer regarding proper handling of plastics, which is the leading cause of environmental pollution.

On the other hand, the usage of plastic containers is highly economical for beverages companies. In other words, plastics have less weight as compared to other packaging materials. Hence it lowers the final product costs. Reduction in transportation cost is also feasible as these containers take less space, which aids in transporting a larger number of final goods in the domestic market, as well as benefitting the organisation in increasing its export profit margin. In addition, plastic containers also aid in providing final products to customer in varied size and shapes. It is beneficial for the consumer to choose material as per their packaging requirement. 

In conclusion, for companies’ plastics containers are highly economical, though they damage the environment, companies are making their customer self-aware regarding the handling of these plastics. Thus, the merits of the usage of plastics by companies clearly outweigh the disadvantages.                                                                                                            (BAND-8)

SAMPLE-2                                                                                                                       BAND-7

Plastic utensils are getting the place in day to day life of people globally. Besides, It is also being used by most of the food and beverages firms. One school of thought opine that usage of the plastic container by firms has more pros than cons while others oppose this. This essay will support the former statement and will prove the stance with relevant examples.

On the one hand, the usage of plastic by FMCG firms for carrying food helps people to eat on the go without any hassle. This is because in today’s busy life one does not have enough time to sit and eat. People like to spend less time eating, and for that reason, they generally consume food outside while commuting. Companies are making leak-proof packaging which makes carrying food easier for the people. For instance, Earlier when friends used to plan any outings, they had to prepare a full course meal for the day which was stored in a separate container. However, now frozen food is found everywhere in sealed plastic packaging and it comes with plastic cutleries as well. So, no one has to worry about storage or preparation of food.

On the other hand, Usage of plastic causes pollution to the environment. This is because plastic containers can only be used once, which therefore causes pollution. Nonetheless, this can be minimized by shredding the plastics or using it for other recycling purposes. For example, EQ NGO of Bengaluru in India has started using plastic bottles and containers for art purposes. Several astonishing sculptures are made using non-recyclable wastes. So, the pollution caused due to plastic can be contained.

To conclude, Usage of plastic gives comfort to both FMCG companies as well as public due to its varied applications. In contradiction, it may cause pollution to the environment. However, It can be minimized by recycling the wastes. This is a mixed bag of benefits and drawbacks, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

SAMPLE-3                                                                                                                       BAND-7

In numerous nations, usage of plastics has been increased a lot and several companies are now switching to plastic packaging. This essay disagrees with this statement and will discuss that despite there are benefits of using polycarbonate products, which are easy to manufacture with lower costs, the major drawback of this being used at a large scale is polluting the environment, which far outweighs any advantages.

Large-scale industries make a fortune by using plastic boxes for delivering their processed meals. This is because the manufacturing cost of producing such materials is super-cheap. Moreover, it’s a lot easier to pack food in such containers as it requires reduced labor hours. For example, most companies in China now prefer to deliver snacks as plastic-wrapped, making profits in millions of dollars, thereby avoiding all the costs which are needed to produce eco-friendly containers. However, I believe that this trend has a detrimental effect on the environment.

One of most concerning disadvantages is that the waste outcome from the use of plastic is affecting the environment. That is to say, enterprises dispose of huge amounts of plastic wastes, which is either being thrown into the nearby rivers or jungles. All plastic products are non-degradable and release toxic chemicals into the environment. For instance, as per the recent study by The Economic Times, it is estimated that 50% of the rivers that are surrounding such mills which produce plastic are polluted and unfit for the aqua life. Therefore, the use of plastics needs to stop immediately at the world level.

In conclusion, the deadly pollution spreading in the environment by the use of plastics far overshadows any possible advantages of making such materials at dirt-cheap prices.


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