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IELTS Cue Card 34 : Describe a visit to a garden

Describe a visit to a garden

Describe a visit to a garden

I think, gardens and parks are the
best places to take a break from stressful life. Although I have visited many
gardens but here I will talk about my visit to the rock garden. Last month, my
family visited Chandigarh to meet our relatives. We also visited the rock
garden. On reaching there, I got amazed by the Sculptures which were all made
entirely from waste material. It was designed by a person Nek Chand. Later on, He
was recognized by Indian government for propagating the message of re-using the
material which we throw away. We saw all the designs and took many pictures. We
also enjoyed sitting and chatting with one another. Also, we ate food from the
shops on the street outside the garden. The food was delicious. After spending
some more time, we left the park at about 3pm. In the return journey, we also
visited mini zoo, Sukhna Lake and Rose garden. We reached home at 7pm. The best
thing about my visit to this garden is that I was heavily impressed by the
thought behind it. Now whenever I see a waste material at home, I try to think
of reusing it. So, this was the visit that I enjoyed a lot.


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