IELTS Essays Volume 6 Learning Tips

Essay Volume 6 (Preface )


  1. This book assists inculcating a unique writing style while learning to write essays on various Topics in English aiming IELTS. The whole essay can be broken down into small paragraphs each in coherence with others and supporting the topic and opinions.
  2. The various important words in each essay are highlighted, requiring students to carefully learn placements of such words into paragraphs and interconnecting the paragraphs.
  3. All the essays are rich in vocabulary. Students must know about such words and the way how such Vocabulary is fitted into sentences and context.
  4. While it may be easier to handle simple sentences, more efforts may be required to master in complex sentences which of course are a part of any good expression. If a candidate faces difficulty in framing complex sentences accurately, then additional practice/work book on complex sentences can be of high help. You can contact in-charge at City Coaching Centre for such book and can also attend exclusive classes to improve understanding about complex sentences.
  5. Keep on doing efforts. Don’t give up just because something is difficult. Once you keep on doing something day after day with strong determination, alongside following a superior practice methodology and doing it with discipline, then there is nothing that you cannot achieve.
  6. Keep on motivating yourself, feed your mind with good optimistic thoughts and keep on working hard. Today’s practice is tomorrow’s victory.

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