Essays Volume 8 part 1

IELTS Essay 53 Volume 8 Part 1: Leisure is a growing industry, but people no longer entertain themselves

Leisure is a growing industry, but people no longer entertain themselves as much as they used to because the use of modern technology has made them less creative. Do you agree or disagree?

I disagree with the statement that people do not entertain themselves as much as they used to because of modern technology. I believe that modern technology has not made people less creative. In fact it has changed the definition of leisure and the lifestyle of people.

Modern technology has changed our definition of leisure. Earlier, leisure meant going out and meeting people, playing outdoor games, going to cinema to watch movies and so on. However, today, leisure time is full of choices. We have so many things to do within the four walls of our house. We can watch countless programs on national and international channels; we can play online games; we can chat with friends and relatives in any corner of the world; we can do arm-chair tourism by which we can visit any historical place or museum sitting in our arm-chair. That is why perhaps it looks as if we people do not entertain ourselves as much as we used to in yesteryears.

Another reason why people don’t entertain as much as before is also not because of technology. Technology has, in fact, given us more time to enjoy but we can’t strike a balance between work and play. We have become workaholics. Life in the past was simpler. People worked for basic needs. Now work is not just a way of life. It is for personal fulfillment. We set goals for ourselves such as a house or a car. We choose this way of life. Now we have improved standard of living but this has come at a very high cost.

Finally, I would like to state that the given statement is flawed because nowadays people specially take out time to entertain themselves. This can be evident from the mushroom growth of leisure centres such as hotels, restaurants, fun parks and spas. Tourist places are full of people and train and air reservations have to be done well in advance.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, technology has not made us less creative. We entertain ourselves more than earlier times but the ways of entertainment are different and technology has given us more choices than before.


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