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Random Essay ER7: The threat of nuclear weapons maintains the world peace. Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far out-weight the disadvantages. Do you agree or disagree? You should write at least 250 words. Use your own knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

threat of nuclear weapons maintains the world peace. Nuclear power provides
cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far out-weight the
Do you agree or disagree? You should write at
least 250 words. Use your own knowledge and experience and support your
arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

Sample Essay 1:
Some countries are developing their nuclear
weapons these days, and it becomes a serious threat to the world peace. But it
is undeniable that nuclear technology is clean for the environment and offers
low-cost energy source. Therefore a lot of people believe that nuclear
technology has more positive sides than its negatives. I personally disagree
with the statement and the following essay will discuss in details about it.
To begin with, even though nuclear power could
be used as an alternative source of energy, but some parties could misuse the
technology. Nuclear power plants can be used as propaganda by some countries,
whereas they will tell the public that they only use the technology for power
generation purposes. But, the public would never know what lies behind their
plants, as they might be developing an advanced and sophisticated nuclear
And then, although nuclear power plants are
safe to the environment and cheaper in cost, many people still believe that
they are a serious threat to the surrounding areas. Some countries have tried
to manage their nuclear power plants cautiously, but sometimes unexpected
events happen and cause a serious effect on the surrounding areas. For example,
it is undeniable that Japan is well known for its advanced, effective and
modern nuclear technology. But in the year 2010, a tsunami had struck one of
the country’s power plants, and as a consequence, it caused a leakage in the
plants and many casualties were found.
I believe that that weapon of much destruction
is always a threat to the world and it is hard to believe that a weapon can
maintain world peace. The history tells us how the weapons have destroyed
millions of lives and have caused severe damage to our environment.
In conclusion, although nuclear technology
could be used as a clean and cheap source of energy, I strongly disagree with
it. Even though strict monitoring is made sure for those nuclear plant and
research centres, some countries might secretly use it as a weapon. And then,
no matter how well the power plants are built, they could still be a threat for
our civilisations, as we could never predict that any natural disaster could
hit these power plants anytime.
Model Answer 2:
Nuclear power is an innovation of the modern
science. It is the key source of nuclear weapons. Nuclear technology can be
used for our benefits as the natural resources are limited and being exhausted
every second. It can be the most efficient alternative to fuel, electricity,
and other types of energy. But yet nuclear weapons are a threat to our
existence and single misuse of this giant power can destroy our civilisation.
Many of the first world countries have achieved
the nuclear power and have become a superpower. It can initially seem that
mono-polarization of nuclear power preserves world peace but the idea is not
agreeable always. The present world is not in a position where powerful
countries will shout at weaker and the peace will prevail. The reality is we
notice lots of suicide bombing attack and the hatred; the wrath of the people
is so acute that they won’t even think about the existence of our civilisation.
To maintain peace there must be a peaceful way. Anger, Power threat and
domination can’t keep the peace in the worlds. So I disagree with the statement
that nuclear weapon can maintain the world peace and far-weight the
disadvantages but I do agree with the idea that nuclear power can be a great
source of cheap energy.
It is very much true that nuclear power is an
alternative and perhaps the most efficient source of energy during these days
of the energy crisis. Unlike other natural resources such as petroleum or gas ,
it is highly effective for industrial, transportation and other purposes and it
is pollution free. As it is limitless, there is no question of its being used
up like other natural resources like natural gas. Moreover, to control the
over-increasing environmental pollution we have to use this technology in every
applicable field. One day we all will be bound to use nuclear power to continue
our life when there won’t be any natural gas, fuels at all.
However, this power is not available to all
walks of life. Even it is absent in many countries who are searching for an
alternative energy source. Only a few countries can produce it and
unfortunately they are very strict to conceal their technology. Without having
easy-access, a source of energy can not be a good one. Besides nuclear power
needs the utmost and very careful handling, in the case of any indulgence, or
any misuse can cause a huge loss of life and property. For instance, Chernobyl
Nuclear Plant hazard affected a huge loss of lives. The balance of ecosystem
was completely disturbed and even now, after this long time, people are affected
by the nuclear side-effects. This is one but not the only incidence of
radioactivity and we must be cautious about what might happen in future.
In addition, nuclear power tends superpower to
dominate others. It has become general that a superpower can easily attack a
weak nation with any lame cause but negotiate with superpowers. But this is not
going to be the common scenario always.
In conclusion, the nuclear power can be used
for our benefit or even for destruction. This totally depends on the ideology,
humanity and our well-thinking. So we must use it for our betterment, not for
our destruction.
Model Answer 3:
Nuclear energy is a two sided sword. On the one
hand, it provides sustainable clean energy, while on the other hand, it
provides weapons of mass destruction. However, I believe the benefits of using
nuclear energy far outweigh its disadvantages, and it is essential to the world
Throughout human history, man has derived
energy by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. Excavation
and burning of fossil fuels on a large scale for factories and automobiles have
disturbed the ecological balance of nature and is leading to pollution and
global warming. In contrast, nuclear power provides a clean source of energy as
it does not release any harmful gases into the atmosphere. Energy generated
using nuclear power is even cheaper than that generated by burning fossil
fuels. The radioactive waste products of nuclear energy can be kept in
specially created containers so that they do not disturb the environment.
Opponents of nuclear energy always cite the
risks of a nuclear war by the development of nuclear weapons. However, it is
interesting to note that till today there has not been a single major war
between states possessing nuclear weapons. The United States and Russia were
rivals during the cold war. However, they never went to a war as doing so would
mean destruction on a large scale on both sides. India and Pakistan fought
three major wars since their independence. However, after possessing nuclear
weapons, there has not been a single major war between them. Possession of
nuclear weapons acts as a deterrent to war, as a war between two nuclear
weapons state would lead to catastrophe on both sides. The only use of nuclear
weapons the world has seen is on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States
during World War 2. Both the cities were levelled with tens of thousands of
people killed instantly and more than thousands later by the radiation
poisoning. Mankind cannot afford such devastation.
In light of the above arguments, I believe the
benefits of using nuclear energy far outweigh its disadvantages, and it is
essential to the world peace.
 (Approximately 345words)
Model Answer 4:
The use of nuclear power has been one of the
most controversial issues over many years. Although there seem to be clear
benefits of this power, its drawbacks can never be underestimated. I, however,
strongly agree that the pros of this technology are much more than its cons
which will be discussed in this essay.
Those who are against nuclear weapons present
their arguments on the base of the threat it presents to the world. These
powerful weapons, if goes into destructive hands, would be devastating enough
to wipe off an entire city in minutes. The two cities of Japan namely Hiroshima
and Nagasaki, destroyed during the Second World War can be taken as examples.
Furthermore, natural disasters like earthquakes and Tsunamis might, at any
time, collapse the nuclear power plants. This will not only kill thousands of
people by their radio hazards but also might leave negative impacts on the
future generations.
Nevertheless, the merits that nuclear weapons
bring are crucial to the world. Firstly, it is the cheapest source of energy, a
tremendous amount of energy can be produced to meet the demand of the growing
population with very little resources. So, the use of organic fuels can be cut
down. In addition to this, it is pollution free so the global warming and
greenhouse effects might be reduced to some extent by replacing fossil fuels
with it. The natural resources like fuels and oils would not last forever and
then the nuclear power can be the best solution as a source of energy. It would
be a cheaper form of energy as a single nuclear power plant can provide the
energy required to run a whole city.

Therefore, I would like to conclude that in
spite of some drawbacks of nuclear weapons and power, their advantages are
enumerable. They should however, be used with safety and precautions. (Approximately
258 words)

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