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Random Essays ER14: Some people think that environmental problems are too big for individuals to be solved, while others think that individuals cannot solve these environmental problems unless governments make some action. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.You should write at least 250 words.

Some people think that environmental problems are too
big for individuals to be solved, while others think that individuals cannot
solve these environmental problems unless governments make some action. Discuss
both views and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any
relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.You should write at
least 250 words.

Model Answer
The environment has
become a major concern over the last couple of decades, resulting in several
debates on who should be responsible for ensuring its sustenance for our future
generations. In this essay, we will discuss the point of views for establishing
where the responsibility for the protection of environment lies.
There is a strong
argument that individually we cannot contribute materially to the cause of
preserving our environment because it encompasses several areas where
individual efforts become futile. Some examples are factories that are emitting
hazardous gases in our air or dumping dangerous materials in our rivers. If we
want to take this up as an individual we cannot be expected to be able to
prevent this from happening. One could argue that if each shareholder puts
pressure on the companies that they own this could lead to building up of
pressure for being more responsible, this, unfortunately, is not workable
because usually the companies are mostly owned by funds that are managed by
professionals, seeking profit and environment is very low on their priority
The above leads us
to deduct that if this movement of preserving our environment is a
collaborative effort by the government and general public we stand a better
chance of being successful. The government should provide the legal
infrastructure to control the natural instinct of profiteering of all
investment institutions; with this, the individual efforts could start making
the difference. Continuing the above example if an individual member of the
society notices that same happening in his or her surroundings, he or she can
call on an implementation agency that would tackle the factory emitting
hazardous gases and dumping dangerous materials. Examples of these
implementation agencies include Environment control desk in the city office,
environmental inspectors who randomly visit such factories and are empowered
under the law to impose a fine or completely seal the production facility found
in violation of the rules.
The responsibility
surely seems to be tilting towards the actions of individuals supported through
government agencies and legislative framework, thus, in my opinion, the
combined efforts of the government and public would be more effective. This
should not, however, be interpreted as being absolved from keeping our
environment clean and we can through cans and other non-degradable materials on
the beach.

Model Answer 2:
In today’s modern
world, we are constantly confronted with the issue of environmental problems
which are becoming more severe nowadays on newspaper. Some people are of the
opinion that individuals can hardly make a change to the environmental
problems, while some believe that governments can help in solving the
environmental issues. I strongly agree that governments do play an
indispensable role in tackling these problems.
Some people think
that the environment problems are not an easy task for individuals to deal
with, but in fact, we can actually take up some good habits which could prove
useful in dealing with environmental problems. For example, we can always bring
along recycle bags with us so that we can cut down the usage of plastic bags.
It can be clearly that individuals can actually contribute to helping reduce
environmental issues as fewer plastic bags being used means that less air
pollution which is caused by the burning of plastic bags in the rubbish dump
It is certainly true
that the environmental problems cannot be solved without the help of
governments. To begin, governments have more power than individuals in coping
the environmental problems. They can, for instance, set up laws that ban the
emission of wastes from factory directly into the air and water courses. As a
consequence, less air pollution and water pollution guarantee the good health
of citizens. By doing this, citizens will be healthier and they can now live in
a pollution-free country.
In conclusion,
environmental problems should be tackled immediately with the cooperation of
individuals and governments. I believe that the environmental problems will be
solved one day and our country will continue to prosper and flourish in the
years to come.

Model Answer 3:
Pollution becomes a
major concern in the society all over the world. In the society, not only an
individual but also groups of people live. In the society, it is everyone’s
responsibility to protect the environment. Environmental problems caused by
pollution, for example, fuel gases, cutting of trees, gases released by
factories. The government should take responsibility to reduce pollution in
order to protect the environment.
Every individual who
is leaving in the society should take responsibility to participate in
protecting the environment. Firstly, people should grow trees at their houses,
premises and colonies. By growing trees there are huge advantages, for example,
most of the polluted gases took over by trees and they release the oxygen.
Everyone should not throw the wastages on the roads, maintain a healthy
environment by using the dustbins.
At the same time if
we consider the government’s role: government have authority to protect the
environment. By planting the trees all over the places, for example, all
government places, besides the roads, schools, and parks etc., what I know this
type of programme called clean and green environment. Thus the pollution can be
controlled.  Cleanliness is very
important to maintain a healthy environment, hence government should emphasise
the cleaners to clean the area thoroughly. Should place the dustbin every
street and educate the individuals by advertisements. Inspect the houses every
month to check how the individuals maintain their houses so that the
individuals reflect themselves and self-correct themselves. Conduct
environmental talks in the school, that individual learns everything from childhood
onwards in the school.
I believed that it
is every individual’s responsibility to solve the environmental problems,
however, impossible for only one individual in the society. So that government
should take actions to solve the environmental problems but encourage every
individual to takes part all those activities.

Model Answer 4:
problems have dramatically increased over the last few years. Rapid increase in
population and other problems such as pollution, deforestation, global warming
etc. have further exacerbated the situation. Some people argue that these
problems are too large to be addressed by individual being. I believe that it
is a mutual responsibility of both individuals and countries to take pragmatic
measures for its solution.
Overpopulation is
one of the pivotal reasons that have detrimental effects on the environment.
Increase in population demand more food resources, living space and others
basic amenities of life. For instance, for the sake of accommodation many natural
parks and forests have been wiped out to fulfil the need of living space. This
has lead to severe consequences that could damage both for the people and the
Individual efforts
can contribute a lot to address the pressing environmental problems. Steps
taken in individual level can be an effective solution for the world. For
instance, if the government of a country takes initiatives to reduce the
rubbish produced daily, can’t do much. However, if the citizens take effort
from their personal level, the rubbish production could be controlled
tremendously. Similarly, if administration of a country starts planting trees,
the effort would not go further without the collaboration of the individuals.
Pollution is also a
great menace to the environment. It is not only the reason of environmental
problems but also has a dire effect on people. Factories operating within
cities emit dangerous smoke and others harmful toxic, which are enormously
affecting people health and making them more susceptible to diseases.
Furthermore, pollution also contributes to global warming. There has been a
drastic increase in temperature around the globe, which in turn, melts glaciers
across the world. These are no longer national issues and all the governments
of the world should work together to address this pressing problem. That is why
prudent decisions are required from the government level and the ordinary
citizens should be encouraged and participate in every way possible to make the
world a better place to live in.
To sum up, I would
like to say that environmental problems should be addressed on large scale.
Everyone have to contribute in order to mitigate its vulnerable effects on the
world. Even a little effort by an individual can make a huge difference.


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