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IELTS Cue Card 39 : Talk about a prize that you want to win

Talk about a prize that you want to win
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Talk about a prize that you want to win

We can see competitions and quizzes
arranged by schools on internet or TV and also those ones which are organized
by the communities. I think, associating a reward with a performance is the
essential element for making an important decision. Prices are often given in
competitions. One such competition is the painting competition held each year
in my city. It is organized by environmental safety club. Obviously, the theme
of the competition is always based on the environment. They give prices in
cash. The first price is 15000 rupees. I am saving money for my future study.
So, it will help me financially. Also, I want to prove that I am a competent
painter. All my friends praise my paintings a lot. Last year, I participated in
this competition but I got no position. I think, not just the painting, but the
idea behind it is also important. Last year, my idea was weak, it was only a
flower. But this year, I will be painting a solar and wind power operated
house. So, it will convey a message of harvesting these limitless resources. I
hope, this idea will help me in winning the prize. The prize is often awarded
by a prominent social person of respect and it will be an honour to receive
prize from such respected figures. So, this is the prize that I want to win.


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