IELTS Cue Card 47: Describe a Job you would not like to do in the future

Also Check ” Describe an unpleasant Job”

In the compelling times, suitable jobs are not easy to find. Large proportion of Youth in my country is either jobless or underemployed. There are some jobs which I would never like to do in the future. Sales Job in banking is one such job which I would never like to do in the future.

Actually, Once, My brother got a call for job after graduation and he was placed in sales & marketing in a national bank. He was put on probation for 1 year and it was a tough time for him. The salary was just sufficient to cover his normal expenses but this job took away his peace of mind. Every-day he was given irrational targets which would be near to impossible to achieve. My brother generated huge business for the bank. He brought government and high net-worth customers to the bank. He worked 70 hours per week and created a client base of 100 rich customers for the bank in just 3 months.

But so called big corporates have no well-being policy for its employees. My brother was never given incentives, despite it was mentioned in the appointment letter. He was not appreciated or honored for accomplishing targets. Every-day there were higher and higher targets. But salary was never increased in parallel to his performance.

My brother rarely got any time to spend time with us. He even worked on Sunday in filling forms of customers. His behaviour changed, he suffered from hypertension. His boss would do everything to get the most out of him and exploit him. Then one day, my brother was going to visit a customer, and on the way, he hit a stray animal on the road. He was hospitalized then and took one month to recover. But instead of helping him, bank just laid him off. This is how the banks exploit the lower management field employees.

Then my brother joined other bank, but situation here was not different. Things started getting worse, and at the end, my brother just quit the finance and banking industry. More than what he earned, he spent on his expenses of job and also it cost him his health.

I watched him closely going through all this hell. From there, I made up my mind that I would not let this happen with me and I would never join finance & banking industry for sales job.

So this is the job that I would never like to do in the future.

Another Version

Money is necessary for living a decent live. For earning money, people have to do work. I also want to do a job in my future, but there is one job that I wouldn’t want to do in the future.

It is job of a salesman. Actually, I have had some experience of this job because after appearing in my higher school education exams, I got a free time of around 4 months. And I along with my friend planned to join a job rather than sitting idle at home. While money was not that much important, but I was looking for some real experience in the outer world by working with a company.

I joined a company that used to sell stationary. My office head gave me a job to supervise the sales of their product in the local market. I assumed this work easy in the starting. Every day I would visit stationary shops, take the orders and then submit the order-sheet to the office. I had to keep good relation with buyers. It was fine for few days but then, the job became so difficult for me. Actually the work was not bad, I was okay with that but the summer was at its peak and the temperature touched to round 39 to 40 degree Celsius and that made it so hard for me to walk in the field in scorching heat for long hours or even for a whole day.

After a month, i got sick because of dehydration and I had to be admitted to the hospital, and I had to bear the expenditures of the hospital. More than what I would earn, I spent on my treatment.

So that was not a pleasant experience for me. Though somehow I managed and completed 4 months in that job, but now whenever I think about that kind of job then I get scared. The climatic conditions especially in North India make field jobs difficult.

So if I have a choice, I would prefer to do work in office instead of working out in scorching heat. So this is the job that would not like to do in the future.


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