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IELTS Essay 37 Volume 6 (V6E37)

Choose one of the following transportation vehicles and explain why you think it has changed people’s lives. • Automobiles • Bicycles • Airplanes ) Choose one of the following transportation vehicles and explain why you think it has changed people’s lives. • Automobiles • Bicycles • Airplanes v

(a) The world always moves and develops all the time. Transportation vehicles also have been changed by time. So far, there have been many transportation vehicles such as: automobile, bicycles, and airplanes… When these transportation vehicles were invented, they all make people’s lives change. In this essay, I would like to talk about the way airplanes change people’s lives because among three transportation vehicles: automobiles, bicycles, airplanes, I think airplanes have changed people’s lives the most powerfully.

Firstly, airplanes change the way people move. Before airplanes were invented, people could go on land, on water and dreamed to fly like birds on the sky. The dream came true when the first airplane was produced. Since then, people have been able to fly on the sky, see everything from height. That’s wonderful feelings. Therefore, airplanes are great invention. They have given people new feelings. On the basic of airplanes, people can continue their dream more and more such as: coming to another plane…. Producing airplanes is the first step to approach to long step after that.

Secondly, advantages of airplane make people more comfortable in the life. The speed of airplane is very fast, so people can save time, which is one of the most precious things of each person. It takes a little time to go from one place to another than other transportation vehicles like automobiles, bicycles, and train… In Vietnam, it takes forty-eight hours to come from Hanoi to Ho Chi Mink city by automobile; meanwhile it takes two hours by airplane. Moreover, services of airplane firm are very good. Thus, it is convenient for passenger to choose airplane to go anywhere. Perhaps, airplanes aren’t the safest transportation means, but with long distance, it is better to choose airplane.

Finally, with airplanes, the relationship between people is more and more closer. It is easier to meet cousins in family, friends because going by airplane is very convenient. The special days like New Year, Noel… are gladder because every member in family can attend. The world seems to be smaller. Airplanes connect every part in the world. The distance wasn’t a big problem when airplanes were born.

In conclusion, airplanes really change people’s lives. It is evident fact that all the effect of airplanes on people’s lives are good. Airplanes make life better.

(b) There is no doubt that Automobile is one of the greatest inventions of the Twentieth Century. Of course there were different means of transportation before the automobile was first designed, but we can say that after automobile, transportation became a public matter. The impact of the automobile on people’s live could be analyzed in three different ways: as a technical transformation, as an economical revolution and as a social change.

In a technical perspective, the automobile introduced a new skill to human beings. Although driving a car is not a big deal, it was one of the first attempts to make people work with machines in a very close way. People who want to drive a car, have to learn a procedure, have some practice and memorize a mechanical technique so they could done it without think about it.

In a social perspective, the automobile created a new way of communication among people. Cities were not the same since the number of cars began to grow up. All regulatory systems that were developed in order to “live” with cars have created new social interactions that never exist before.

Additionally, the revolution of the automobile is also considered a new stage in economy. As railroad created different supporting industries during the nineteenth century, automobile did the same in the twentieth century. Many markets became obsolete, and new markets and opportunities appeared. Therefore, all these movements created new economic structures and actors.

As it was said before, other transportation vehicles, like airplane, have generated big changes in the world in the last century. However, automobile could be considered one of the few that went far beyond a technical progress. It has changed social life; in other words, people don’t live in the same way as they did before automobile invention.

(c) Because of the advanced technology, people can now travel from one place to another quickly and less costly with the efficient transports. However, among the transports, I think airplanes have caused great changes to people lives.

Firstly, in the past, if someone wanted to have a cross border travel, he or she needed to spend months on a ship “floating” on the sea. But now, it only takes him about several hours or days to travel from one place to another. Time-saving is very important especially for those businessman, the invention of airplanes is definitely useful and meaningful to the human world.

Secondly, it has long been our dream that we can fly like a bird does. Only when the airplanes appeared, people can fulfill their dream and try to “fly”, although sitting on a “flying” machine.

Thirdly, airplanes contribute a lot in the development of globalization as people can now commute from one place to another more efficiently in a short period of time. This can bring people from different countries close together and hence increase the communication among different nations.

Airplanes can also help to develop an efficient trading market because they can transport goods quickly and safely. For an instance, people all over the world can now consume the milk products from Australia although they usually have short storage time. Another example is the substantial export of flowers from Holland to the other countries. That’s why almost every big city has their own airport, which is vital in the development of logistics.

Airplanes can also enable us to have a comfortable journey. So, tourists often take air flight when traveling rather than other kind of transports.

For the above reasons, we can conclude that airplanes are surely the most influential transports that bring people a lot of convenience.

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