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IELTS Essay 42 Volume 6 (V6E42)

The expression “Never, never give up” means to keep trying and never stop working for your goals. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.The expression “Never, never give up” means to keep trying and never stop working for your goals. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

(a) Some people think “never give up” is a good attitude to life; others consider it is impossible never to give up because of the matters that surround us. I personally consider that “never give up” is not only good but is also appropriate attitude to life in order to succeed in this cruel world. In my opinion everybody must never give up himself when follows his aims. Even he has not achieved them he has to try again. Maybe next time he will succeed. I have always believed that this is the best way to survive. I will give you arguments to support my opinion.

First of all I think you have to trust yourself, realize your targets one by one, and never to give up in every difficult moment. People always have to put aims to their selves and follow them. When they achieve one aim they are satisfied of this success and put another aim to be reached. This is the man’s nature. If you give up at the first problem you will lose belief in yourself and will reach nothing.

On the second place I would like to say that even if you fail you achieve much. Everybody knows that sometimes you cannot complete or even realize your goals because of the environment. I believe that you do not have to give up at first bad shot; you have to try again and again until you succeed. From the failures you learn how to proceed next time and revise your actions in order to thrive. I bet finally you will.

Last but not least “never give up” is the best way to survive in these days. If you do not have aims to achieve you are nothing. Your life will pass un-noticeably and you will be insignificant person that nobody sees. Many people around us always give us examples of never to give up. Ballet-dancers who were fractured their legs and with a lot of efforts manage to dance again because this is their main purpose. Deaf-and-dump people learn to communicate with gestures with the others. Thus give meaning of their lives. Undoubtedly reaching these targets is very hard but they never give up and they survive.

From the argument I have stated above it can be seen that no matter how difficult it is to realize your aims you have to never give up and this is the best attitude to life.

(b) Some people are ready to quit easily when they cannot endure the difficulties of some work or cannot find a way to finish the required task. Those kinds of people usually become upset and disappointed of failure and lose their self-confidence that they can really do the work done. On the other hand, there are people who become more confident, organized and hardworking when they experience some difficulties. In my view, the second type of people is more willing to succeed in life, have a better job, and enjoy many friends. The motto “never, never give up” is very important in people’s lives because those people who follow it can survive almost everything and take the opportunities of the next step in their lives.

First of all, a positive attitude can help a person to survive and live with some disease or when he suffers an inconvenient situation or disaster. In fact, many people endure a disease or obstacles that put them in a desperate situation. However, only ones with a positive view and unbelievable hope make the difference and find a way to overcome their disabilities and continue to live and enjoy the life. On the other hand, people who lose hope and give up end in awful situations and are more inclined to addiction of alcohol and drugs or committing suicide.

Second, a strong positive attitude can help a person to make bigger career. From my observation, people who do not quit because of some obstacles but keep working make inevitable progress in their job and studies. For example, students with positive attitude who fail a quiz or do not do well on an important test are more willing to try again and do well on the next time. This is true for the working people too. Indeed, many executive managers save their almost bankrupt company and success primarily because they do not quit.

In conclusion, believing in second chance is very important for an individual because we live in constant changeable society that force us to endure many difficulties in our studies, complicated situations in our jobs, unexpected events like car accidents or a disease or nature disasters. There is not insurance that can save us of from happening of these things. However, the attitude of never give up can help us to endure and overcome the difficulties and make a progress and achieve our goals.

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