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IELTS Essay 45 Volume 6 (V6E45)

Why do you think some people are attracted to dangerous sports or other dangerous activities? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

(a) There are various sports and activities that people can get involved in. Some people are attracted to dangerous sports or other dangerous activities such as mountain climbing, car racing and high speed skiing to mention but a few, for a variety of reasons

For some, it is a challenge to be overcome or won. An example is a lady driver joining the rally. For example in Kenya, we have an annual Safari rally, which involves cars racing with an aim of finishing with best points. The terrain is usually very varied and rough and men dominate the sport. Recently, there have been entries by women, and some may participate to prove that women can also undertake the challenge and it should not be seen as a man’s race.

Other sportsmen and women may find these dangerous activities to be actually fun. For some mountain climbers for example, the goal is not only to reach the peak but also to enjoy the varying scenario, plants and animals as they ascend the mountain.

To others still, the attraction could be the prize to be won in participating in such a dangerous sport. An example is in bullfights where the player dangles a red cloth in front of a bull, not only irritating it but also inciting the animal to charge. If the player wins defeats the bull, he is allowed to kill and probably earn some money.

In conclusion therefore, there are varying reasons that attract some people to dangerous sports, ranging from the personal to monitory satisfaction.

(b) Nowadays, people are attracted to dangerous sports or activities more and more. Stress plays a big role in people’s daily life, which is also a factor that causes people to play dangerous games. Movie influences us a lot. Furthermore, people have nothing to worry about, and then they start to go to challenge themselves.

Money, money, money, is the only thing can make everyone put stress on him or herself. They do everything to make money, and never stop. Besides that, simple sports or activities cannot satisfy them and release the stress form their life. Dangerous activities are occurred and enjoyed by more and more people. They start to put themselves into the activities to forget their pain that gained from life.

Movie, as we all know, is now influence people a lot especially the young. When dangerous activities started to be shown in movies, it was also then getting popular in real life. Movie always shows the ideal world. When they show the dangerous sports, only positive sides are been showed. The trend is formed follows the movie.

A peaceful life makes people to discover new, interesting and challenging activities. People nowadays don’t need to worry about food, clothes and so on. They start to have spare time with nothing to do. To make life more interesting, or more meaningful, people challenge themselves by playing dangerous sports or activities. Like myself, my parents provide me everything I need and enough pocket money. It seems there has nothing attractive for me until I started to play snowboard. If I don’t know there will be food for me tomorrow, I ought not to go for other activities.

Above all, people’s desire to release the stress while the influence from movies and their spare time and money has nowhere to spend. These lead dangerous activities into people’s life and become more and more popular.

It is said that knowledge is power. Keeping oneself updated in this high speed, changing world is very important. Knowledge is like a small drop in this vast ocean and there is no end for it. The more knowledge you gain, the more you need.

One of the advantages of keeping oneself aware is that nobody can mislead you in anyway. For example if you know the price of a car, you want to buy, would help you negotiate more rather than just agree to the dealers price. Keeping ourselves updated also boosts our confidence and also keeps us ahead in this competitive world.

We should develop this skill by listening to news, reading articles, learning new technologies. In short we should always keep on increasing our knowledge.

If we do this then rest of the thing like wealth, fame, comforts will automatically come to us. Hence keeping yourself updated is very important skill everybody should acquire in today’s world.

(C) Most people want to be a successful person and try to find out what make them achieve their goal. In my point of view, people who want to be successful in today’s fast-paced world has to have “Interpersonal skill” because this skill will make us having a various kind of friends and societies that can help us to be successful by this following reasons:

To know many people, we can get helpful information that we want easily and quickly. For example, students who want to study abroad but do not have any information about this topic can easily receive much useful information from someone who used to study abroad more quickly than they try to find information themselves. If those students do not have interpersonal and be shy, scare to talk with experience person, they will have to find information from many places and waste too much time before getting the need information.

And also, when we want some help from others, people with interpersonal skill can beg and gain assistance from others. For instance, a manager who has interpersonal skill would have more close relationship with their staff. Therefore, when he want to beg for assist from their staff, their staff would do at one’s best heartily. On the other hand, a manager who does not have close relationship with their staff would be assisted, but their staff would work on duty only, not work because they want to help their boss; so, the result of both of work is totally different.

Another reason is people who have good interpersonal skill and have a lot of friends will gain a diversity of thought from many various kinds of people. This advantage will give them to broaden their perspective and knowledge.

In conclusion, in my view, to have interpersonal skill is the best short cut to become a successful person because that person would receive useful information easily, have some necessary assistance and improve their attitude when they contact with many people

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