IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 82 Volume 6 (V6E82)

Describe a custom from your country that you would like people from other countries to adopt. Explain your choice, using specific reasons and examples.

(a) In our world there are many different customs that differ from one country to another. My country has one that, in my opinion, can be adopted by many other countries. My country inhabitants called it “Martisor”. In spring, people give each other a gift of a white and red piece of string, which means revival of the environment.

One of my reasons is that this custom is symbol of life and health. In our competitive world, when we often forget to enjoy the simplest things in our life such as flowers, trees, fresh air, walking with friends and family, or in other words have a good time, “Martisor” is not a simple gift. Our life is very complicated and stressful. Therefore, in my opinion, this custom will benefit to all people all over the world.

Another important reason is that one can make a lot of friends by giving them his inexpensive gift. Also, he can make it by himself because it is very easy to make and you do not need special acknowledge how to make it. For example, I feel very happy when somebody gives me such a gift. This is not because I like surprises. When somebody give you a gift, this means he is proud of you, he love you, or even he want to make you happy, to see your smile or a look in your eyes.

In conclusion, I can say that if I had an opportunity to choose one custom, I would select “Martisor” because everybody can make a lot of friends enjoying life and having a good time by giving them this symbol of life and health.

(b) Every country in this world has some specific customs or practices, which differentiates it from other countries. Basically these customs and practices of countries have been established long before by ancestors and are passed from generation to generation through ages. It is because of these customs that make a country unique, for instance the carnival of Brazil is one of the most unique experiences in the world and an inseparable part of my country.

I live in Rio de janiro, Brazil. The carnival is one such custom, which has been followed for decades. It is what which brings us Brazilians together as one. It is this one time of the year where all the people, rich and poor, of my country come together to celebrate this festival of fun, joy and brotherhood.

Since, mine is a developing country and still 40 % of my country’s population lives on or under the poverty line, this carnival is the only place where they can all get together and have fun. Besides it also generates a lot of business and revenue for my country. This is also the main source of tourist attraction of our country, which attracts millions of tourists throughout the world. All this results in a major source of employment for people from various backgrounds is it artistic or technical. The carnival itself has resulted in many specialized businesses like costume making, lightings and event and stage show companies.

So in my opinion every country should have some sort of major event like the carnival, which will bring together the entire country as one. The benefits of this are many, some of which like revenue from tourism, creation of new businesses and jobs and a means of getting together for fun being some of them. So it is this one custom from my country, which every other country in the world should try and adopt. It may not be similar in size and scale, but governments can make an effort to replicate it to some extent as it involves all the people of the country and encourages a feeling of happiness and brotherhood.

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