IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 17 Volume 6 (V6E17)

It has recently been announced that a new restaurant may be built in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

(a) It has been recently reported by the local newspaper that a new restaurant is going to be built in our neighborhood (which is located in the country side of a big city). Some neighbors oppose the building of the new restaurant. I however (like most of the neighbors), believe that the new restaurant can contribute a lot to our neighborhood, as well as offer new opportunities to the neighbors.

One reason for supporting the building of the new restaurant is that after the restaurant will be built; I will not have to spend a lot of time in order to go to a restaurant. Since my neighborhood is pretty far from the city’s center I have to drive several hours until I find a good restaurant. The result is that I, as well as the other members of the neighborhood, go only to restaurants only in special occasions (for instance, in birthdates). When the restaurant will be built I will have the opportunity to go to restaurants more often, the way other people from other neighborhoods do.

In addition, the restaurant may offer work for the students who live in our neighborhood. If the restaurant will be successful, it will naturally need a lot of waiters. The students in my neighborhood, who need to work in a working place that allows flexible working hours, would love finding a job where they can earn some money. Therefore, if the restaurant will hire them as waiters, it might help them a lot. I can take myself as a good example: when I was a student I lived in another neighborhood where two restaurants were located. I used to work as a waiter in one of these restaurants, earning money for the university’s tuition fees.

In conclusion, I strongly support building the new restaurants in our neighborhood. The restaurant will allow me (as well as to the other neighbors) to eat in a restaurant more Often. The new restaurant might also offer job opportunities to the students of the neighborhood.

(B) When thinking about a place where people can gather and talk, I feel it a great thing for the community. A restaurant, to me, is a great idea for my neighborhood. Not only it a place that everyone can go to on special occasions, but also it is good that people around my neighborhood have new kind of food; since there is only one restaurant around my neighborhood. I really like this plan because it really gives people a different restaurant to go to and another place where new food can be found.

Around my neighborhood, there is only one Chinese restaurant for many years. I, myself, was tired of Chinese food and really wanted another menu. One of my friends said no to me immediately when I asked him to go to the Chinese restaurant. People around my neighborhood like changes. Last week, a new shopping mall was opened and on the newspaper survey of how people think about the new shopping place, everyone agreed that they liked it. My community will welcome a new restaurant, to me.

A place where people around neighborhood can go to socialize with good food is very important. The new ideas of the restaurant will give my neighbors another place to come for business, special occasion, and much more. As I mentioned earlier, the Chinese foods are very bland and almost everyone hates it; the new restaurant may have a different menu that can give everyone a fresh taste. The new restaurant is perfect for my neighborhood, which likes changes and loves to go to place to talk and to eat tasty food. This restaurant will take part to bring people together as a family and as a community. The more people go to the restaurant, the more exciting and fun the place will become. The restaurant may have much success and can leads to more commercial building to be built.

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