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IELTS writing task 2-Essay ER21

In some countries, governments are encouraging industries and businesses to move out of large cities and into regional areas. Do you think advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Despite enormous growth in urban areas,many countryside part of most countries are untouched and unaffected with growth story of other part.As a result many countries have begun moving their business to other less developed areas.I believe this approach has both advantages as well as disadvantages and this essay will throw some flash light on both the aspect of this change taking place.

Moving business and industries out of the major cities will bring many benefits to the country as well as business too.Firstly, most of the urban cities are now a days grappling to cope with the problem of traffic jam, rising cost of running business ,crime and high wages which infact , brings their profit margin down.Thus shifting a business towards countryside will help them to overcome with these problem because of the availability of plenty of resources, raw material for industries by cutting down cost of running business.In addition to that this will foster local economy by bringing various development due to demand in other sectors such housing, water and food and helping deprived people to make their ends meet easily.

However, on the other hand the negative side of this development can not be overlooked and we should give enough thought as well.Indeed relocating industries will have some positive impact but industries will have to cope with a number of various factors in less developed areas such as security, lack of transportation, appropriate infrastructure to setup an industry and scarcity of communication channel.As a result companies and government would have to spend a good amount of money to setup these means even before starting the business and this is what most companies would not come to terms with.Besides this connectivity and client visit will also not be a piece of cake and can cause enough problems.

In conclusion , although there are negative side of the shifting a business in country side but In my opinion these things can be managed working hand in hand with the corporate and government for the sake of development in rural areas and yielding benefit to both the business and community.


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