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IELTS writing task 2-Essay ER23

Universities should be concerned with educating people so that they will have wide general knowledge and be able to consider important matters from an informed viewpoint ,and not simply train students to do the jobs required by society. Give reasons for your own knowledge or experience.

The education system should give higher priority for learning environment. However ,they should consider jobs for students future . Jobs are equally proportional to the knowledge of students . The choice varies from education people either enhance knowledge or consider job training better.

Firstly ,Universities should provide a comprehensive knowledge in relative field of study . Which may help students ti be innovative and excellent in their field may make universities prestigious .Meanwhile ,knowledge attracts the recruiters because they demand scholar in their core field, while certain people prefer to start their own business or research. Which acquires great source of knowledge and skills. As example ,Any computer engineer must be excellent in their programming abilities to design any software . Talent can be helpful to get the job in reputed company.

However, Job seeker should be trained for interview or recruiter’s test.So, they can easily get jobs in renowned corporation .Such attraction of well-known companies for hiring students can also develop status of universities . As instance , excellent engineering student may require fluent communication skills for job appearance . which helps to impress recruiter. However, Highly celebrated organization demands thorough knowledge in relative field of work .Otherwise, it is meaningless to hire who have good conversation skills rather than engineering fundamentals . At workplace ,individuals should be able to cop up with their work ,even though they got job. Eventually knowledge comes into the major consideration.

In conclusion, university should focus on area of knowledge first while Job training should be placed at second priority. Ample skills should also be helpful to get beautiful job after study.


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