IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 80 Volume 6 (V6E80)

Is it more important to be able to work with a group of people on a team or to work independently? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer. 

(a) Human beings are social animal. They need society to live. Living in society means living in peace and harmony, cooperating and learning from each other. So it is very important to be able to work with a group of people. As it is well said that ‘if you are good to others then you are best to yourself’, so accordingly if a person can cope in a group and work, that means he is also capable of working independently.

It is very important to be socialized. All the organizations and even homes will have a good environment if all members can cooperate. Working in a group means gaining leadership spirit, knowing each other, respect for each other, perfection, sharing ideas and knowledge, time consuming, easy decision making and over all accurate result. In fact, working in a group means the sustainable development of the organization as well as the individual. If the person works independently for his own personal matter, it is the different thing. But even then knowing how to response and how to tackle the situation in the personal life can also be improved by learning form others’ real life experience. For this sharing of information, experience and knowledge is very important. And all these activities directly link with group activities. To be able to work in a group means more than working individually. The one who can work in a group well means he is a friendly, responsible, punctual, listen to other members, respected by members and cooperative. These are very important virtues that each individual should have. Working individually may provide self-satisfaction and make the person independent. But as ‘ being respected is more important being liked’, the person shall not have the respected and social life. If a person can work in a group, he can adopt and work in every type of environment. Even he will develop a capacity to adjust himself in every prevailing condition that he may come across. Actually we find people not as they are, but as we are, but while working in a group we get to know about each other, the values, and the cultural diversity and over all life style. Thus, the capacity to work in a group means to respect each other for whatever they are, develop positive attitude and good behavior. In overall, working in a group means to develop interpersonal skills, which is very important for developing ourselves and/or organization. If the person works independently, then there will not be the second opinion, not remarks, and even it would be difficult to organize the work in large scale.

All the organizations in the world are implementing their goals successfully in groups, without which globalization would not have been possible. All the institutions, organizations and homes can only be good place to work and live if all members can work coordinately. Everyone can work independently according to the necessity and until and unless there is will. But everyone will not have the capacity to work in-group, which is in fact the important for the long-term relationship, and vision.

Thus, to empower oneself and to empower our home, community, nation and world, every one of us must be able to work in-group.

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