IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 117 Volume 6 (V6E117)

Some people prefer to plan activities for their free time very carefully. Others choose not to make any plans at all for their free time. Compare the benefits of planning free-time activities with the benefits of not making plans. Which do you prefer — planning or not planning for your leisure time? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your choice.

Every day, as soon as we wake up, we are already busy planning all our activities for the day. As we go to bed, we continue to think and plan our activities for the following day. This routine continues day in and day out. That is why; some people prefer to plan their activities for their free time carefully out of habit or as an extension of what they used to do. However, for some people, free time means a time to relax and not make any pans at all, which I also prefer.

Nowadays, time seems to fly and no matter how fast we do things, we can’t seem to have enough. Having free time becomes a luxury, and people intend to enjoy every second of it. Planning their activities carefully assures them they would not miss anything and no time will be wasted on unnecessary or trivial matters.

One good example is going for a long drive to another place. Planning which place to go through either on the Internet or through brochure gives them a foresight of what to expect and do. Placing reservation on their intended hotel or resort assures them of immediate accommodation regardless of what time they arrive. Checking the condition of the car results to uninterrupted traveling and breakdown-free. Preparing a checklist and packing things the night before prevents situation of leaving out important things. In short, being prepared, leaves for very little possibility of problems and assures them of a worry-free leisure time.

However, as we wake up and go to bed, we always worry on things that we are supposed to do and accomplish. We hardly have time for ourselves. That is why, during free time, some people prefer not to make any plans. They would like to spend it to relax, forget about everything and enjoy the beauty of letting life and time pass them. Letting their mind relax and getting rid of all their worries, it allows them to appreciate things they do not normally see or value: spending time with their loved ones, doing nothing, seeing their children play with themselves, watching TV, appreciating the beauty of flowers blooming, watching the birds soar high, exchanging pleasantries with their neighbors, playing with their dogs, and being thankful for all their blessings. These things do not need planning at all, but these simple activities are the ones that give most people their greatest pleasure.

In summary, some people prefer to plan their activities carefully for their free time because they want to make the most out of it. Others prefer not to plan anything at all because free time is the time to reflect and enjoy life as it is, I could not agree more.

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