IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 127 Volume 6 (V6E127)

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? All students should be required to study art and music in secondary school. Use specific reasons to support your answer.

What is the worth of education if cannot cultivate us into well-rounded adults. I do not consider education with only the core courses — math, science, history and English true education. All students should be given the opportunity to learn the wonders of art and music.

Art and music are considered liberal education. They are the foundation for everything. You can’t say directly what good art and music what is the point of education if it does not cultivate us into well-rounded adults? I don’t consider education bring. But without the appreciation for art and music nothing accumulates.

Music tames the mind, it prepares the soul for the daunting tasks we face each day. Music brings inner peace and keeps our anxiety down. Students must learn in order to appreciate the wonders in music.

Art works in the same way too. Kids ought to be given the opportunity to express themselves other than through speech. Art is the formation of the mind. They draw their minds out. They may find freedom and relieve in it.

It is important that secondary school kids be taught art and music. Art and music are the basis for learning. Other knowledge builds upon it. Moreover, parents sent their children to school with the hope that they excel in the future. Obviously, what our world need are no longer plain bookworms. It needs artistic well-rounded adults!

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