IELTS Essays Volume 6

IELTS Essay 151 Volume 6 (V6E151)

What is the most important animal in your country? Why is the animal important? Use reasons and specific details to explain your answer.

According to me an animal could be considered important based on what it contributes to mankind. In India the most important animal is the Cow. It is important as it provides a source of food to people, it is an animal, which can be used for labor, and also the Indian people religiously worship the cow.

Majority of the people in India are Hindus. According to Hindu beliefs and customs, the cow is religiously worshiped. Temples are built in respect of the animal, and the animal itself is considered holy. These animals are allowed to wander freely anywhere they please, whether it be on the farmlands and fields, or the city streets. In Mumbai and other metropolitan cities of India one would find many cows roaming on the streets. People will very often buy grass and hay, to feed the animals. Although they do cause hindrance to vehicular traffic, but people would never harm them. Car drivers would patiently wait for a cow to move off the center of the road, without honking their horns or doing anything to scare the animal. This is because of the fact that they worship the animal, and they feel that the animal is important. According to the Hindu religion the god Shri Krishan happened to also be a cow herder, and hence the cow is also worshiped.

In India the main source of milk, happens to be the cow. Every day, dairies all over India supply several million liters of milk. They happen to be the cheapest supply of milk for the people, without which tens of thousands of babies would go unnourished.

Thousands of verities of dairy products and sweets are made from fresh cow’s milk. Without the cow this would not be possible. Hence the animal is of prime importance to the nation. Also apart from milk, the cow also happens to be the main source of meat in the country. Beef is widely consumed throughout the country. The Muslim community, which happens to be the second largest community in India, are forbidden by religion to consume pork or any other form of pig meat. For them and for other communities also, the cow happens to be the only source of meat, as goats and sheep are not reared in as large numbers and are not found as abundantly as the cow is.

Apart from being a source of meat, the cow is also used on farms for plowing the fields, and for pulling the bullock carts. In India the farmlands are not consolidated, and hence are very often divided among family members. This makes the size of the farm plots very small. Also most farmers are not very wealthy. Due to these reasons automation is not feasible. Hence for plowing the fields, for carrying the grains etc cows are employed on the farms. Cows are also considered as very docile and tamed, and loving animals, which can easily be used as animals of burden.

For the Indian people, the cow is not just as an animal of worship, but also a source of food and milk. It is also a very useful animal of burden and can be tamed easily. Hence it has gained the most importance in India.

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