IELTS Cue Card 59: Describe an indoor game that you liked to play when you were a child.

In my childhood, I had enjoyed playing numerous indoor and outdoor activities but here I would like to talk about an Indoor Game which was my favourite in my childhood. That was Hide and Seek. It is still quite popular among youngsters special in my country India.

I vividly remember that I used to play this game with my siblings and my neighborhood friends. We played it every day after finishing School homework. We got together in the yard of my home as there was enough vacant space for playing. Sometimes, we played this game in the nearby park also.

This game is very simple. Two or more persons can participate in this game. We played in a group of 9 to 10 children. In this game, all children would hide but one child would have to find the others from their hidings. There are no hard rules to follow in this game. More the hiding places, more interesting the game becomes.

I used to hide in several places, for instance, under the bed, behind the Sofa, doors but favourite place for hiding was inside the Almirah. I remember, once, I got locked inside Almirah and I had been knocking its door for 10 to 15 minutes. Then my parents found me and opened the lock. Sometimes we did some funny and silly activities in game. I enjoyed this game.

This is soft and fun game for children – a mixture of sweetness, happiness and little harmless troubles. I felt happy that i had opportunity to play this game in my childhood. Our parents never stopped us from playing this game. Infact my parents encouraged me to play with neighborhood children and become physically strong. My father got to be happy while he saw me running and jumping. Perhaps my parents knew the importance of playing sports and games for the children.

So hide and Seek was an Indoor Game which I used to play in my childhood.

Sample 2

Talk about Leisure activity that you do with your family

I think the best way to spend with family is to play some indoor games with them. There are so many activities that families can do in the leisure time like playing some indoor games, talking, doing some craft or watching TV.

In case of my family, whenever we are free, we play mainly 2 games-one is passing the pillow. We play this game mostly in the night after having dinner because we all are together at that time. In this game, music is played and all of us pass the pillow in a round circle and when the music stops, whoever is having the pillow has to sing a song or dance.

Another game which we all youngsters like to play is Ludo. In our Childhood, we played it on cardboard but nowadays, this game is available in mobile phones. Mostly I and my sister like to play this game whenever we are free. I enjoy very much playing these games. 

These games are very important for us because these give us reason to spend time together and have fun. Sometimes, we all family members watch movie together in leisure time. We arrange pop-corn and juice while watching movie. It is a fun time for us. At other times, my grandmother uses to tell us her life stories of old India and we listen to her deeply.

So these are the leisure activities which we do mostly at home.((( So these are the Indoor Games which I used to play in my childhood


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