Essays Volume 8 Part 3

Essay Volume 8 Part 3 Topic 323-EV8P2T323

There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of a country more important than the International music that is heard everywhere nowadays?

Each country has its own unique music style. For instance, Opera and Jazz music are famous in western countries and on the other hand, India and Spain are famous for classical music style for salsa dancing.

Globally information technology has made tremendous progress. Information technology has invented numerous sophisticated devices to play music anywhere anytime. People tend to listen to music depending on their mood. They tend to listen to sad music if they feel down or sad. It has become a popular trend to listen to music while doing Yoga or doing exercise in the gymnasium.

Listening music while doing sports activities can boost energy level and brings the passion of sports in mind. Music is kind of daily activity nowadays and is considered as the food of souls according to many people. Furthermore, some students play music while solving math equations. According to students, math is only the subject which can be studied while playing music. On the other hand, for example in the huge shopping centres, the background music is played 24/7. Because people love shopping and walking in the malls.

However, the traditional music of any country is very important and plays a vital role. For instance, traditional music expresses that what we belong to and what is our culture. A country is judged by its heritage and traditional music. If a country is rich of traditional music then it is possible that it can be popular around the world.  But nowadays, young children are addicted to listening international music. They are not even aware of their culture and traditional music. New generation is following the Western music style. It is the responsibility of parents to give them the knowledge of their traditional music.

 In the conclusion, actually, everyone has a perception of listening to his/her favourite music. But in most countries, people avoid taking interest in traditional music. Therefore, most of the countries are losing the value of their culture and traditional music. At last, the main responsibility of parents is to aware children to listen and introduce traditional music to the world.

Alternative Answer:

Nowadays, contemporary lifestyle and advancement in technology have triggered the popularity of international music. Traditional music, on the other hand, is the symbol of tradition, values and history of a society. Although both of them are important for people, I believe that more emphasis should be given to the traditional music as identity, unique tradition and culture of a nation will be lost without promoting traditional music.

Evidently, music is a form of communication and prayer. In many communities and religions, music is still used to eulogise the God. Our ancestors devoted songs to praise the Almighty as a mean to deliver thanks and pray for their needs. For example, Japanese people celebrate the wedding ceremonies with traditional songs that convey their thanks and appeals to the God. Moreover, musicians use music for communicating with other people. They reveal their emotions through poetic and harmonious lyrics which are expressed in beautiful melody in order to pass their emotions and messages. The message contained in a song is often believed by many and is accepted by the society as it inspires people. Music touches our heart, cures our wounds, and gives us motivation. 

Recently, due to globalisation, easy access to foreign TV & radio stations and widespread use of the internet, international music has become quite common.  International music is pretty entertaining, has a great variety and represents the contemporary issues. However, they are often fleeting and have less importance in many cultures. For instance, rap or rock songs might attract a lot of teenagers but they do not represent the true identity of many cultures. There are inevitable requirements of traditional music to express the true joys and traditions. Traditional music is regarded as the remarkable legacy from our ancestors.  Since traditional music reflects the genuine emotion and represents the tradition and way of life, they have more importance in our culture and society.

To sum up, international and traditional music both have important roles in communicating, healing and entertaining people, but in my opinion, traditional music is more pivotal to keep and represent the genuine values of a society. Therefore, no matter how much we enjoy international music, we should foster the traditional music as much as possible.


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