Essays Volume 8 Part 3

Essay Volume 8 Part 3 Topic 325-EV8P2T325

The Art should be better funded by the government but there must be more control over where the money goes. Discuss your viewpoint on this topic.

Since prehistoric ages, the Art highlights our lives, adds beauty and happiness and cultivates the taste of culture and uniqueness of the society among people. However, nowadays creative projects have become very expensive and cannot bring pay-off to its authors. Some people think that the government should pay for those projects and of course, observe precisely how those funds are being spent and on what type of projects it is being used.

This is quite obvious that no entity or organisation knows a nation’s cultural aspects and needs better than the government. This is why a government can evaluate which sphere of cultural life has the necessity of development. It also achieves its goals of public loyalty by funding a specific field of the Art and by controlling budget by giving maintenance only to projects they are interested in.

However, funding the Art selectively can lead artists to the lack of freedom in expressing themselves. In other words, then those who have powers, will use the money to regulate cultural life. As a consequence, it can then limit the imagination and put artists into borders they would be scared to cross. Thus, here comes the censorship, which has nothing in common with the main democracy principles. For example, a similar situation emerged in the Soviet Union, where the government controlled the Art and therefore the only career an artist could pursue is praising the Communist Party by his creations. This shows how artworks can become political works when they are very strictly controlled.

As an alternative of letting a government control spending money on the Art, a non-governmental independent organization could be established. It must consist of the best cultural activists from a country. This would add a certain level of budget control and would guarantee that there are no limits for the arts and artists.

To conclude, I believe that funding the Art is one of the main tasks of a state, but the purpose of it should be the development and enhancement of the arts, not making it serving government’s political needs.


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