IELTS Speaking part 1 questions speaking intro questions

IELTS Speaking part 1- intro questions Volume 1 (page 90-99)

•    Do you prefer relaxing at home or going out in the evening? Why?
That actually depends. If I stay home the whole day, I prefer going out in the evening. In case I stay outside the whole day and return home in the evening, I prefer staying at home rather than going out again.

•    When you go out for an evening, what do you like to do? 
I call my close friends to check out what they are doing and whether they are busy or not. If they are free, I either choose to visit a park and spend time there with my friends or arrange an outdoor game like cricket or badminton.

Sometimes I go out for shopping in the evening if this is necessary or enjoy a movie in a movie theatre.

•    How popular is this with other people in your country?
I would say this is quite popular among the mass people in my country. Many of them like to visit parks or any recreational place in the evening. Young people prefer to play outdoor games while females mostly prefer to go out shopping. The number of people who enjoys movies in a theatre is also very large and I can feel it every time I go there.

•    Is there any kind of entertainment you do not like? Why/ Why not?
Yes, there are certain types of activities that other people find entertaining and interesting but I do not enjoy at all. For instance: playing any games that might physically hurt others is something I never enjoy. Mocking others and making silly comments just to hurt others’ feeling is quite abominable in my opinion. I never understand how someone can enjoy such heinous activity!

Ahh, watching rubbish and boring soap opera which basically has no real plot or creativity is something I dislike a lot. Finally, listening music very loudly is something I never enjoy as it annoys others in most of the cases.

•    What kinds of things make you laugh?
Watching funny and humorous TV serials like ‘Friends’, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother’ often makes me laugh. I also enjoy and laugh when I see my 4 years old nephew doing something funny or serious. He seems like has got a sense of humour and a responsibility to make me laugh.

Apart from that, I laugh when I see any cute animal playing or doing something interesting. Another thing that makes me laugh is the stupidity of young and adult people, but often this is more of pity than pure laugh.

•    Do you work somewhere?
Yes, I am working as a Business Analyst in a large IT company. the name of this company is IT Vista and I joined there 2 years ago.

•    What do you do for the living? 
The job is my main source of income. Apart from that, I work as a part-time consultant in a Business organisation and do some professional content writing as a freelancer.

•    How much time do you spend at your job?
I spent around 8 hours every day in my day job. I get Saturday and Sunday off from this job which I utilise to spend time with my family. I work about 4 hours as a consultant in another office on Friday and Sunday. Apart from that, my freelancing career requires me 2 hours approximately every night. So on an average, I spend around 9-10 hours per day at my job.

•    How long have you been working?
As a full-time employee, I am working for the last 4 years. But I started my freelancing career far before than that.

•    Do you like your job?
Definitely, I love my job. I love the work I do and I like to be productive in my job field. In fact, my job brings me my bread and butter and I am grateful for having a nice job in a prestigious organisation.

•    What are you doing these days?
You mean in my office right? In my office, I am working on requirement creation for a large software and I need to report the progress every day to the team lead. Apart from that, I am writing a pdf manual for a client.

•    What do you do in a typical day at work?
I mostly research different software and try to understand what the market leaders of a particular software are doing. I document their strong and weak points and then call a meeting to describe my findings. Then I take feedback from the developers and other senior managers to finalise my software requirement. I often attend meetings with my CEO and team members to track the progress of a project.

•    What responsibilities do you have?
Well, I work as a business analyst in a large software company and my responsibilities include understanding and documenting the requirements of the clients, competitor analysis, market research, then converting the requirements for the programmer, tracking the project, updating the CEO about the progress, collaborating with the developers, communicating the clients for further changes, testing the software from a high level and making sure that the software is delivered to the clients before deadline.

Those are in fact the main responsibilities I have in my job. However, due to the dynamic nature of the software industries, I often need to perform additional tasks as required for making a project successful.

•    Why did you choose that kind of work?
Well, being a business analyst was not my initial career plan. I started my career as a programmer. While I worked with another large software company, they promoted me to this position and I found it more challenging and demanding. I started enjoying my work and then decided to work as a business analyst. The business analyst position of a company requires these kinds of works and the responsibilities are equally demanding and challenging. I think I chose to work in this position initially because I was promoted to this position but I have continued this position because I enjoy my work.

•    Did you have to do any training or study for this job?
Computer Science was my major at my university and this is a must to start a career as a software programmer. After I worked on many software development projects for about 2 years, I was promoted to the business analyst job position. So I would say my education in university level and job experiences for about 2 years as a developer were required for this job position. Apart from that, I had to complete two comprehensive training sessions before I started working in this position.

•    Is there anything you don’t like about your job?
I would say I enjoy most of the responsibilities I have in this job position. However, the part I least enjoy is the pressure I have to take to finish a project before a deadline. Sometimes the time estimation is to perfect due to various facts but that’s something the CEO and the clients are adamant to listen to. Once a deadline is fixed, they want to have it religiously followed. Besides, I often need to cancel my family programs and work in the office during holidays. This is another part I do not like since it damages my family and personal life.

•    Was it easy to get this job? 
Well, it’s hard to say. As I told you I started my career as a software developer and then was promoted to this current job position. Probably the CEO of that company considered me as a deserving candidate for this position. Then I joined another company in this same job position and I went through a rigid interview session. So I would say this is a tough job to get but in my case, that was comparatively easier.

•    Did you like your first day at work?
Thank you for the question. In fact, my first day at work was such a unique experience that I will remember it forever. If I recall my memory of that particular day, I was nervous. It was like being on an alien planet with no friends or known persons. I sat at my desk and filled up some necessary forms and other employees came to my desk to greet me. I was intimidated when the HR manager asked me for a document that I forgot to bring. But I got back my harmony and usual myself when I found that my boss, the HR manager and other colleagues were very amiable and friendly. My CEO called me into his room and described my job responsibilities and tried to motivate me. That was really impressive as it completely erased my fear and anxiety. So I would say I liked my first day at work very much.

Now, whenever a new employee joins our company I behave very compassionately and try to be very friendly with them considering how much it matters to them.

•    Have you always wanted to do this type of work? 
If you mean working in a software company, yes, I wanted to work as a software developer and then working in more seniors positions as soon as I got admitted to my university. But before that, I always wanted to be a doctor.

If you mean working as a business analyst, that would be difficult to answer. I never thought to be a business analyst until the day I was promoted to this position. However, if you ask me what I think now, I would say I love this job position and I was lucky to be promoted to this position.

•    How long have you been doing this job? 
Well, I am working as a business analyst for the last one year and a half. Before that, I worked as a programmer for about 2 years.

•    How long will you continue to do this type of work?
Umm! I will continue to work for this type of job at least next 5 to 6 years. After that, I have a plan to become an entrepreneur and run my own software company.

•    Would you like to do a different job in the future?
I might try to work as a part-time web-strategist for a large web development company. But I have not given it that much thought. I would love to continue my current job role for the next few years but won’t be interested in working in a different sector unless and until I start my own software company.

•    Do you work or study?
I am currently studying. I am in the 11th semester and my major is economics.

•    Where do you study?
I study in the (…university name…). It is one of the best private universities in our country. My major is Economics.

•    What is the name of your college/ university?
The name of my university is (…say the full name of your university…). It is more popularly known as (…name that people call it in short…).

•    What subject are you studying?
My major is Economics. I completed my school majoring commerce and studying in Economics was a long dream for me.

•    Which part of the course do you enjoy most?
I enjoy learning new things in every semester. The project works in each semester is the part I enjoy most. These projects enable me to work in a group and hands on the theories I learn throughout the semester.

•    Why did you choose to study that?
Honestly, I did not particularly select this subject. I attended the university admission test in commerce faculty and based on my performance on the exam and interview with the faculty members, I was offered this subject from their end. I wanted to study in commerce faculty and now I feel very lucky that I was offered this major.

•    Is it a difficult subject to study?
In a general sense, this subject requires extensive study, research, group works and other academic activities. Things are new and challenging in many cases but I think with passion and dedication it can be conquered. To me, it is a difficult yet very enjoyable subject.

•    What is your favourite subject?
Economics without any doubt is my favourite subject. I am very fascinated to discover the connection of this subject in our everyday life and the global economic structure has made it more complex yet more intriguing. I love to explore different theories and researches done on this subjects and how economics is all around us.

•    What kind of school did you go to?
In my early childhood, I studied in a local English medium school and then was shifted to a government school by my parents when I was in grade 7. I was in a cantonment college and I have finished my twelve class degree from there. Now I am studying at a large university which is one of the best public universities in my country.

•    What was your favourite subject at school?
Organisational behaviour, microeconomics were my two most favourite subjects so far. These two subjects have built my base and love for the whole course and I still find it fascinating.

•    What is the best thing about your university/school?
I love my university life. The classes, friends, teachers, university life, my freedom to do so many things and my participation in some charity works organised by the university are equally important to me. If I have to select one best thing about my university, I would choose my exposure to a diverse culture and academic life that has motivated and inspired me to do even better than I initially thought. I was exposed to a life and era that was unimaginable to me and that is the best part of my university life so far.

•    What part of university life do you like best?
Well, I think my previous answer already covers this answer. However, I would say I enjoy most of my university life and my exposure to a whole new culture that I never imagined is the best part of my university life. My university life offers me a vision for my future and potential jobs sectors and I think this is the best part.

•    What is the educational system like in your country?
I am glad that you asked this question. In our country, the primary education is mandatory for all and it is funded by the government unless someone wants to send his kids to a private English medium school. The secondary and tertiary education systems are also managed and run by the government and private organisations. The government controlled educational institutes are less costly and the curriculums are presented and monitored by the education board. On the other hand, the private educational institutes are bound to include some of the national curriculums and they mostly follow their own syllabus. In all universities and in many colleges, higher education is offered in English. The technical and vocational colleges and universities are also popular in our country and they mostly offer certification and degree in selected technical and practical skill related fields. The private universities are approved by the Government controlled bodies and they have to follow their rules very strictly. I am happy to see many changes brought to our educational system in the last few years and innovation and quality modern education is a vision our country has already started implementing.

•    What are your future study plans?
It will take me 7-8 months more or so to finish my graduation and then I will try to get admitted to a foreign university which has a reputation for better education. There I will complete my Master’s degree and would get involved in a job. Besides doing the job I have plans to get enrolled in a professional MBS course to further my education. If time allows, I also wish to do some research based courses related to my academic background and interest.

•    What kind of job would you prefer after graduation?
I would prefer to work in a multinational company which will offer me a position related to my academic background and have a positive working environment to learn and explore new things. I would not worry too much about my designation and salary initially but the company must have sufficient scope for career enhancement.

•    What is your career plan after you graduate?
For the first few years, I will work in a multinational company. Then maybe in 10 years, I will plan to start my own business. I would like to be an entrepreneur rather than working in a company for the rest of my life. I know being an entrepreneur is not that easy and it requires a lot of dedication and commitment. However, I would work to fulfil this plan after I finish my graduation.

•    Why are you taking the IELTS test?
I am mainly taking the test to achieve a band score I require to apply in most of the reputed universities in Australia or Canada. As I have my plans to complete my Master’s degree in a reputed foreign university, the IELTS score is a pre-requisite to prove my ability to handle the language – English, and I need the score to even apply to those universities.


•    How are you?
I am fine. Thank you. How are you, sir/ madam?

•    What is your name?
My full name is Mark Arthur.  My family members and friends call me Mark. This is my nickname.

•    How do you spell your name?
I spell it as M–A–R–K   A–R–T–H–U–R.

•    What can I call you?
You can call me Mark. That is my nickname.

•    What is your first name?
My first name is Mark.

•    What is your last name?
My last name is Arthur. It represents our family name and title.

•    What is the meaning of your name?
Mark is a common male name in our country. This name derived from old Latin word “Mart-kos”, which originally means “consecrated to the god Mars”. It also means “God of war” or “to be warlike”.  Marcus was one of the three most common given names in Ancient Rome and the name Mark in modern time actually derived from that name. When friends say that I am to be warlike, I say them, ‘No I am a fighter.’

The part Arthur of my name is a bit obscured in terms of its meaning and origin. The meaning of this name is actually unknown. It could have been derived from the Celtic elements artos, “bear”, combined with viros, “man” or rigos “king”. It could be related to an obscure Roman family name Artorius if we look back in the history.

•    Is your name important to you?
Yes, definitely. This name represents me. To the world, I am Mark Arthur. So this means a lot to me.

•    Why do so many people change their names?
I think there are various reasons for people to change their names. Some people simply hate their original names and think their names are too outdated. They want to get the feeling of some modern names. For some, this could be the reason for changing their identity. Some women might change their names after marriage or some might change it after migrating to a new country. Religious belief could be another reason why some people might change their names. Finally, some might change their name only to show their status.

•    How have you reached here today?
Well, after I got ready I took a taxi and that dropped me in front of this building. The traffic on the road was better than usual. So I reached here pretty comfortably.

•    May I see your proof of identification?
Sure, here you are.

•    How old are you?
I am 25. This coming November I will turn into 26.

•    Can you tell me about yourself and your family in short?
We I have recently finished my graduation from a reputed university majoring Business Administration. I want to pursue my higher education from a large university in the United Kingdom. I dream to become a successful entrepreneur in Information technology someday. I like reading books, listening to music and travelling to new places. I like my father very much and he is the best mentor I ever had.

I have a lovely happy family with 5 members. My father is working as a professor at a university and my mother is a manager in a private bank. I have got a younger brother and a sister who is three years senior to me. I have a very close relationship with my parents and siblings. We often go out to watch movies and for shopping. I have so many happy memories of my family and I will always love my parents for the unparalleled contribution and sacrifices they have for me. My grandmother used to live with us and she died a few years ago. I often miss her. She was a loving and caring person, probably the kindest and benevolent woman in the world.


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