Essays Volume 8 Part 2

IELTS Essay Volume 8 Part 2 Topic 176-EV8P2T176

Some people think that in the modern society individuals are becoming more dependent on each other while others say that individuals are becoming more independent of each other. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Whether we are dependent or independent of each other is difficult to say. In some cases, we heavily rely on others but in others, we are quite self-sufficient. In this essay I intend to delve into both views and finally give my opinion.

There are times when we are dependent on others. When we are little, we are cared by our parents otherwise we would have no access to food, shelter, and clothing. At the same time, we are emotionally important to them, so they always remember they are responsible for raising us up. When we are grown up, we start to learn at schools, and then it is the teachers on whom we rely heavily. When we are employed, we need to work closely with our colleagues and our employers also depend on our productivity.

We are also independent of each other in many ways. We don’t need to go to the banks. We can do net-banking sitting at home. We can do online shopping. We don’t need to go and depend on salesmen. We can entertain ourselves alone by computer games and internet. We can even study at home through online education and distant education. We are not dependent on teachers for imparting education. We can book railway and air tickets online and are not dependent on booking clerks. We can eat ready to eat food available in the market. We are not dependent on somebody in our home to cook for us.

Whatever arguments we put forth in support of both views, the fact cannot be denied that man is a social animal and will always be dependent on others. This dependence may be direct or indirect. When we are seemingly independent, we are still dependent on people behind the technology. For example, when we do net banking we depend on all those software developers who have made it possible for us. When we eat ready to eat food we depend on those who cook and pack that food.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that we are all part of a society and it is not possible for us not to depend on others. This dependence, however, may be visible or invisible.


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