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Sentences with “How Long / How far / How many / How Much / How Often”

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Questions with HOWAnswers
1HOW generally asks about the MANNER or METHOD of something:
How did you get here?By bicycle.
How are you today?I’m fine, thanks.
2HOW can be used with MUCH and MANY:
How much money do you have?Five dollars.
How many people know that?Three.
3HOW is used with ADJECTIVES:
How tall are you?Six feet tall.
How hot is it?It’s very hot!
4HOW LONG asks about a LENGTH OF TIME:
How long has she been a student?Two years.
How often do you practice the piano?Two hours every day.
How often do you eat hamburgers?Never! 
6HOW FAR asks about DISTANCE:
How far is your school from here?About 1/2 a mile.
How far away is San Diego from here?About 2 hours by car.
1How long have you known your friend?
2How much time is there in a day?
3How many people are in your family?
4How long can you swim underwater?
5How much time have you spent studying for your test?
6How many hours are there in a day?
7How long have you studied English?
8How long will you stay in your current job?
9How much money do you spend for lunch every day?
10How much time do you spend sleeping each night?
11How many years have you spent in school?
12How many days do you work each week?
How long will he stay here?He will stay here for 2 hours.
How long will he wait?He will wait for I hour.
How long will you write?I will write for 3 hours.
How long will Ram play?Ram will play for 3 hours.
How long will it take?It will take another 15 minutes.
How long will it type?It will type for 5 hours.
How long will they read?They will read for 1 hour.
How long will they write?They will write for 3 hours.
1. How long has he been waiting?He has been waiting for 3 hours.
2. How long has he been playing?He has been playing for 2 hours
3. How long has Ram been reading?Ram has been reading for 3 hours
4. How long has she been singing?She has been singing for 2 hours
5. How long has she been writing?She has been writing for 3 hours.
6. How long has it been working?It has been working for 10 hours.
7. How long has it been producing?It has been producing five tonnes.
8. How long has he been standing?He has been standing for 20 minutes.
1. How long have they been playing?They have been playing for 2 hours.
2. How long have you been waiting?I have been waiting for 3 hours.
3. How long have you been reading?I have been reading for 2 hours.
4. How long have they been sleeping?They have been sleeping for hours.
5. How long have I been writing?You have been writing for 3 hours.
6. How long have I been singing?You have been singing for 5 hours.
7. How long have I been working?You have been working for 8 hours.
8. How long have they been standing?They have been standing for 20 minutes.
9. How long have we been standing here?We have been standing here for the last 3 hours.
10. How long have we been studying this subject?We have been studying this subject for the last 5 days.
Questions beginning with HOW FAR :
1. How far can he walk?He can walk 3 kms.
2. How far can she run?She can run 2 kms.
3. How far can it work?It can work for 8 hours.
4. How far can it go?It can go for 10 kms.
5. How far can she travel?She can travel 500 kms.
6. How far can I write into the night?I can write upto 2 am in the midnight.
7. How far can we travel into this forest?We can travel 10 kilometers into this forest.
8. How far can they dig into this mine?They can dig upto 250 meters into this mine.

Try Exercise

1. I sometimes watch television. _________________ I don’t know  do you watch television?

2. New York is 2,570 miles far from Las Vegas.     _________________I don’t know  is New York from Las Vegas?

3. They hardly ever use the internet.   _________________ I don’t know  do they use the internet?

4. She usually spends 2 hours in traffic._________________I don’t know  does she usually spend in traffic?

5. Sydney is 13,249 miles far from Paris._________________I don’t know is Sydney from Paris?

6. He has played tennis for 30 minutes._________________ I don’t know  has he played tennis ?

7. The bus stop is 300 yards away._________________I don’t know  is the bus-stop?

8. She quite often reads the newspaper._________________I don’t know does she read the newspaper?

9. I usually practise my swing for 10 minutes._________________I don’t know do you usually practise your swing?

10. I fly overseas twice a month._________________I don’t know  do you fly overseas?

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