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Conversation Exercises ( ACADEMIC LIFE )-Intermediate / Advance Level

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Do you need to practise your English more? Do you want to practise having conversations? Improve your daily English conversation skills with a number of of lessons. Learn how to speak English for everyday use.

In these conversation exercises, you will also find grammar lessons, question-answers for improving your English language.


SituationCharlotte and Michael have just finished taking the SAT test and are talking about it.  They also discuss the next steps of  the process of applying for college.

Michael:  That test was so long!  Four hours!  I really do not understand why we have to take this test anyway.  Are our grade point averages (GPAs) not good enough for college?

Charlotte:  That test did seem long, didn’t it?  But since the curriculum of one high school is slightly different from another high school, the SAT test allows the colleges to consider each student equally.  Although one student might have taken different classes from another student, all high school students take the same SAT test.  

Michael:  I suppose that makes sense.  Either way, I really hope I do not have to take that test again!

Charlotte:  Same here.  Well, we will just have to wait and see.  The scores will be out in a few weeks.  Anyways, have you gotten your recommendation letters yet?

Michael:  I have asked Mrs. Smith for one already, and I am thinking about asking Mr. Johnson for another one.  I liked both their classes and I think they got to know me better than my other teachers, so hopefully the letters will be well-written.  What about you?

Charlotte:  I have also asked Mrs. Smith for a letter.  Do you know Mr. Lawson?  I would like to get a recommendation letter from him.  I hope he remembers me as I have not had a class with him since last year.  I am not sure who else I could have asked.  

Michael:  Well, at least we each have one letter.  Mrs. Smith is the best, isn’t she?  I wish I could have another class with her, but this is our last semester, and after that it is graduation!

Charlotte:  I agree.  Mrs. Smith really enjoys teaching, and that definitely helps her students to enjoy learning.  

Michael:  What colleges are you thinking of applying to?  Have you visited any campuses yet?

Charlotte:  I am still considering whether I should stay close to home or go to an out-of-state school.  I have toured the Stanford campus and the people there were very friendly.  I have also visited Notre Dame, the university in Indiana. What about you?  Have you toured any campuses yet?

Michael:  I want to stay close to home so I am hoping to go to either a California State University or a University of California.  

Charlotte:  Which one?  There is practically one or the other in each of the big cities.

Michael:  Perhaps UCLA, the University of California, Los Angeles or CSULB, the California State University, Long Beach.  But I am not too worried about getting into a college just yet.  I am more worried about this SAT test at the moment!

Charlotte:  I understand how you feel.  However, we should still consider what should be done next.  It will be bad if we fall behind and don’t make it into college by next fall.  Have you decided what to study yet?  I’m thinking about majoring in English myself.

Michael:  English is definitely a possibility.  I was thinking about becoming an English teacher like Mrs. Smith.  But I was also considering majoring in Biological Sciences.  

Charlotte:  Why?  English and Biological Sciences are two radically different areas of study.  What would you do with a degree in Biological Sciences?

Michael:  I am also wondering whether I should pursue medicine.  It may be too early to decide yet, but if I want to become a doctor, the classes I would take as a Biological Sciences student would fulfill most requirements for medical school.  But like I said, it is too early to determine anything yet.  I am just hoping to get into a college!

Charlotte:  I do not think you have to worry about getting into college.  Still, let’s just keep trying our best!

Questions/Answers Practice

Q: How did you do on the SAT test?              A:  I was not happy with my performance. 
Q: Do we have to take any other college entrance exams?A:  I don’t think so. Students have to take either the SAT or ACT test.
Q: What does the SAT test cover?                  A:  It covers Reading, Writing, Chemistry,  Physics, Biology, and Mathematics.
Q: What else do you need besides the SAT test? A:  Recommendation letters from my  teachers or my employer are also very  helpful.
Q: What do prestigious colleges usually require for admission?A:  Prestigious colleges also require the applicant to go through a personal  interview.
Q: Did you apply to only one college?           A:  No, like most students, I applied to many  colleges.
Q: What is the school known for?                    A:  Penn is well-known for many of its  schools, among them the School of  Business. 
Q: How are you going to finance your studies?A:  I have applied for the work-study program and a loan.

Q: Do you plan to stay on-campus or off-campus? A:  I plan to rent an apartment off-campus.

Q: Are you going to join any on-campus Architects organization.            

A:  I plan to join the American Institute of activities?                                                                 

Q: Why do you want to do that?                                                    

A:  I want to expose myself to the world of architecture.

3) Comprehension test

  1. How long did the SAT test take?
  2. Why should students take the SAT test?
  3. Is the test score available immediately after the students take the SAT test?
  4. Why did Michael ask Mrs. Smith and Mr. Johnson for a recommendation letter?
  5. From whom does Charlotte want to get a recommendation letter?
  6. Why can’t Michael take another class with Mrs. Smith?
  7. What are Charlotte’s thoughts about going to college?
  8. Which colleges is Michael considering for his future schooling?
  9. Why should they start thinking about colleges?
  10. What fields of studies is Michael considering?
  11. Why is Michael considering a major in Biological Sciences?

4) Discussion

  1. What types of exams are you required to take after finishing high school?
  2. What are the requirements for admission to colleges in your country?
  3. What do you want to study? Why? 



Subordinating conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions are used to join a dependent clause to the main clause. These conjunctions are used to indicate time, condition, concession, reason, intention or result, or place. 

  1. Indicate time: as, as soon as, while, until, since, before, after, when, whenever, once. He ran as fast as he could after he saw his parents at the gate.
  • Indicate condition: if, unless.

The Biological Sciences classes would fulfill most requirements for medical school if I want to become a doctor.

  • Indicate concession: although, however, even though.

Susan cleans the house even though she does not get paid.

  • Indicate reason: because, as, since. 

The SAT test allows colleges to consider each student equally since the curriculum of high schools are not always the same.

  • Indicate intention or result: so that, that, in order that.

She is studying very hard so that she can pass the exam next week.

  • Indicate place: where, wherever.

My sister follows me wherever I go.


When a sentence has more than one clause, the main clause of the sentence is called the independent clause and the subordinate clause is known as the dependent clause. Independent clauses have meaning by themselves because they express a complete thought, while dependent clauses can not stand by themselves because a complete thought is not present.

Questions/Answers Practice

Q: When will you go to school?

A: I will go to school as soon as I finish my breakfast. 

Q: How long will you stay home?    A:  I will stay home until my broken arm is healed.

Q: Would you go to a party with me tonight?A:  I would go if I come home on time. 
Q: Why won’t you help him clean his room? A:  I will not help him clean his room unless he apologizes.
Q: Why are you angry with John?                  A:  I am angry with him because he was  mean to his sister.
Q: Why did you run to school?                       A:  I ran to school so that I could be on time. 
Q: Do you like to go to college?                     A:  No, I do not; however, I will go to  college to please my parents. 
Q: Why did you apply to college?                  A:  I have applied to college to please my  parents even though I had made some  other arrangements.
Q: Why did he take so many classes?           A:  He took quite a few classes last semester since he wanted to graduate early.
Q: When did you read the newspaper?            A:  I read the newspaper while waiting for Mary to finish her piano lesson.


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