Speaking Cue Cards Book Volume IESP02

Today’s Practice is Tomorrow’s Victory

70 frequent cue cards with Answers


Sr. No.Cue Card Topics
1Favorite Gift
2Favorite Story (Book) of Childhood
7Housing/Houses/Flats and Houses
8Traditional Place/Historical Building
9Embarrassing Moment
10First Day in Collage
11First Day in Job
13Old thing in your house
14Problems of old people
15Best Friend
16A Dream House
17Favourite Restaurant
18Saddest Memories
19Childhood Memories
20Favourite Clerk
21An old person in your house
23Time Management
24Childhood School
25A part of day which I like the most
26Electronic Equipment
28Favorite Hobby/Hobby/My Hobby
30My Favorite Book
32City Life
33Physical Exercise
35Favorite Subject
36Village Life
37Favorite Movie
38An event in the family that you like the most
39Joint /Nuclear family
40Change in the youngsters
41Change you want in your life
42Community Events
43Describe a Child you have met
45If you received a lot of money, what will you do with that money
46Decision Making
47Project of piece of work
48Would you prefer to open SSI or LSI? Why? (SSI- small scale industry)(LSI-Large Scale Industry)
49A major change you have seen in your life
50Your Childhood dream
51What would you like to serve your friends?
52Program you find interesting on Radio
53Gift you have received
54A change which has changed your life
55A holiday which you liked the most
56A thing which you have made
57An event that made you laugh
58A letter you received recently
59Any product of India
60Any skill in English Language that you like the most
61Wild Life
69Festivals- Diwali

Cue Card 1 –Favourite Gift:

Introduction: A gift is something that we give to others to show our feelings to that person. It gives happiness and makes the person feel special. We often give gifts to each other on special occasions and on festivals.

My favourite gift: I have always received many gifts on my birthday. My parents give me a special gift on my birthday every year. Last year they gave me a mobile phone on my birthday. It is my favourite.

On that day, everyone wished me and my parents gave me a beautifully wrapped box. I was very excited to open it. When I opened it, I was thrilled to see a brand new SAMSUNG mobile phone in the box. I wanted a new mobile phone and was very happy to get one.

It is black in colour and android phone. It has many features like – colour display screen, MP3 Player, FM Radio and a built-in camera. It provides me not only with good calling facilities but also means of entertainment. Now I can listen to songs or the radio in my free time. When I feel bored, I can also record important things and set reminder. The alarm is also very good.

My new phone has made my life easier and  more comfortable. I need not carry my bulky camera with me when I go for trips. I can click photographs with my mobile phone now. I can also send the photographs to my friends and relatives, or transfer them into my computer.

Conclusion: All my friends liked my new mobile phone. I thanked my parents for the lovely birthday gift they gave me. It is a very precious gift. I like it very much.

Follow Up Questions:

Do you like to receive gifts?

Why do people give gifts to others?

Have you ever received a gift?

What kind of gifts do you like?

Describe a gift received by you recently?

Cue Card 2 – Favourite Story (Book) of Childhood

Introduction: All children like to listen to stories from their parents, grandparents or teachers. When I was young I used to listen to many stories. They were stories of Kings, queens, animals and fairies.

My favourite Story: On my tenth birthday my grandfather gave me a story book. It was a very beautiful book. It had many short stories. The cover was bright and colourful. Inside there were many pictures along with the stories. I started reading the stories one by one. The stories were all very interesting. They were about animals and each had a message (or Moral) at the end. The story I liked the best was- “Hare and the Tortoise”. It is my favorite childhood story.

The Story: The story is about a hare and a tortoise. They both decided to have a race. The rabbit runs very fast but tortoise walks slowly. The rabbit realizes that he is far ahead of the tortoise and so, decides to take a little rest before finishing the race. While resting he falls asleep. The tortoise walks slowly but continuously. He reaches the ‘finish point’ first and wins the race.

The lesson (Moral)/why I like this story: I like this story because it teaches us that ‘Slow & Steady wins the race’. I have learnt from this story that hard work always gives rewards. Even if we are not talented or if we do not have many facilities but if we work hard without stopping, we can succeed. Just like the tortoise who could not run fast like the rabbit but worked harder and won the race.

We can achieve the impossible if work hard. I remember this lesson in all testing times. It helps me to work hard.

The story also teaches us that we should not be over confident just like the rabbit. We should work hard and not be lazy.

Conclusion: In the end I would like to say that this book/ story is my favourite childhood story/ Book. I took great care of the book and enjoyed all the stories.

Follow Up Questions:

What is your favorite book/Story of childhood?

Why was it your favourite book/ story?

Who did tell you this story?

How did you get this book?

What was this book/story about?

What lesson did you get from this story?

What kind of books do you like?

Cue Card 3 – Museum

Museum is a place which has a collection of things related to the past time or history. It usually has things which are not used now-a-days but were used in the past. They also have information about the people (their lives and work) who lived in the past.

There are many museums in our country. They are of different types – religious museums, science museums, rail museums, art museums, heritage museums etc. Some palaces of the royal people have been turned into historical museums – which have the collection of objects, paintings, clothes, weapons and jewellery of the royal ancestors (Kings).Religious museums have a collection of paintings, holy books, clothes and other things which belonged to people related to religious history – like the gurus, swamis and other disciples. They tell us about our religious history. The museum in Golden Temple in Amritsar is an example of religious museum. Science museums have things related to science like various inventions- their models, information about scientists and other scientific discoveries. Art museums show collection of artefacts, sculptures and paintings of different art forms in the past. There is a Rail- Museum in Delhi which has a collection of models and actual rail-coaches and engines used in India till now.

Importance of Museums: Museums have great historical importance. We get knowledge about history. We can actually see the real objects and pictures of real people- their works and the things they used. We get information about our history and the culture and traditions of our ancestors. We also come to know about the changes that occurred through the years.

Museums are also places where things from the past can be kept safely and preserved for our future generations. Otherwise these things will be destroyed with time. So museums also help to keep records and information safe.

Museums provide us not only information but also outings. We can spend time there with friends and family and enjoy with them. Many educational trips or outings are organized to the museums. It is a good way to spend a holiday. Some people touch and damage the displayed things in the museums. We should not do so. It is our moral duty to preserve our national heritage.

Visit to a museum: Last year I got a chance to see a museum. I was visiting my uncle in Delhi. On Sunday he took us to see the rail- museum. We reached there at 11 a.m. There were many people and students from other states as well who had come to see the museum. I had never seen a rail museum, so I was very excited. We bought our entrance tickets and entered the gate. First there was a display section. It was indoors. It had a collection of photographs, models and information about the various railway coaches, engines, trains, drivers, rail-routes etc. The small models were very interesting. I came to know about the early steam-engines and the later diesel-engines. There was also information about the metro-rail which started running in New Delhi few years back.

After this we came out and took a ride on the mono-rail. It was a single coach which ran on rails. We also took a ride on mini-train. It was a lot of fun. It reminded me of my childhood days when we took rail-rides in the local fair.

After this we went to see the engines and coaches displayed out in the open. These were specimens of engines and coaches that were not in use anymore. They belonged to the British period. There were royal coaches, wooden coaches, steam engines etc.

After spending two hours in the museum we were all tire and hungry. There was a small restaurant there. We had some fast-food there. I took many pictures during my visit to the museum.

The visit provided me good education. I enjoyed it very much.

Another Answer: Museum

Museums are the symbols of rich history. They educate us about our glorious history and the social conditions of that time. It gives us an insight into the type of houses, clothes, art, utensils, weapons, armaments used at that time. Museums are informative and instructive. It broadens our mental horizon by bringing to our knowledge the things of the past. Once I also had a chance to visit one such museum at Amritsar in the Golden Temple. This museum shows bold and golden history of the Sikhs and their has pictures of all Sikh gurus along with the martyrs of the Sikh army. As you pass by the museum you will find yourself totally lost in the history. It tells you about the actual situation at that time how the young Sikh Children, the soldiers of the Sikh army were brutally murdered and tortured by the Mughal soldiers. It also gives an insight of the weapons used at that time including swords, space, shields and the turbans or long tunic type dresses of that period.

Cue Card 4 – Trip/ Travelling

Trips/ travelling provide us with enjoyable experience. We get a chance from our daily routine. It relaxes us and we feel good. Trips also increase our knowledge about places, the people who live there and their culture and traditions. In my life I have been to many trips-Some in school days with my classmates and some with my family.

When I was in my class ninth, our school arranged a trip to Shimla .I was very excited to go on that trip. We took permission from our parents and did our necessary preparations. I packed my woolen clothes, shoes, camera etc. On the day of leaving for the trip, all students gathered in the school early in the morning. We were going by bus. We all were very excited.

The journey was very took us eight hours to reach Shimla. On the way we enjoyed a lot by singing songs, eating snacks and seeing beautiful hills on the way. We also stopped on the way for lunch.

By the time we reached it was evening. We were staying in a hotel. We went to our rooms and freshened up. After that we took our dinner and rested. We were all tired because of the journey.

The next morning we went for sight-seeing. Shimla is a hill station and is known for its scenic beauty. The hills look very beautiful. There was snow on the hilltops. We saw the various tourist spots of Shimla. Then we went to the Mall-Road. There were many tourists there-both Indian and foreigners. We took many photographs. We had our lunch in a small restaurant. The native people are very polite and friendly.

We also did some shopping. I bought a shawl for my mother and a woolen cap for my father. I also bought small wooden pens and pen stands for my friends.

By evening we were very tired. We came back to our hotel. There we had a good time. We sat around the fire and sang songs. We also danced. I really enjoyed myself.

The next day we left for our city early in the morning. I really enjoyed this trip with my classmates and is the most memorable experience of my school days.


Traveling has a great educational value. It is a better teacher than books. It increases theoretical knowledge as well as practical helps us to learn things in an easier, long lasting and more lucid manner. Travelling gives first-hand information about things, places, persons and events. It is essential for the healthy growth of mind. Travelling converts a student into an awakened scholar in the open university of the world. He is able to have a close look of the life, grapple with its varied problem. Knowledge obtained through books is incomplete, imperfect and short lived. So knowledge obtained through travelling is perfect and permanent. A widely travelling person comes in contact with numerous persons. He gets a new vision of life. His outlook becomes broad and sympathies widen. During travelling we come across different people with different customs and different habits. This is such knowledge that cannot be obtained otherwise or through books. For a student who never goes on tour is circumscribed in his knowledge about the world. Real wisdom can be obtained through the tours. Through travelling a person learns about human nature. What we see with our eyes leaves a deeper impression on us It creates a feeling of belonging, understanding and sympathy for nations and people having different ways of life. Through travelling we can learn about the history, geography, sociology, social, political and economic conditions of other countries. People have started realizing the value of travelling.


Environment is the surrounding in which we are living. It has both living and nonliving things. Living environment consists of animals, plants and human beings. Non-living environment consists of soil, air and water.

Importance: Environment is very important for us. We need the environment to fulfill all our needs like- food, shelter, clothing, social life, entertainment etc. Plants and animals provide us food. We need the natural resources like water, air, coal, petroleum, wood etc. for fuel in vehicles and for electricity. Minerals from the soil or rocks are used as raw material in our industries. Every day we interact with the environment. We need air to breathe and water to drink.

We are part of the social environment. Man is a social animal.

Exploitation of Environment: The growing population has resulted in overuse of the natural resources like trees, water, air, petroleum etc. This has created many problems in the environment. There is imbalance in the nature. We are cutting down the trees. This is causing deforestation. These days cultivated land is increasing to feed the growing population and so, forest area is decreasing. Wildlife is decreasing. Certain species are becoming extinct. It is also causing pollution.

Pollution is also increasing in our environment due to vehicles, industries, fertilizers and chemicals.

Environment Pollution: It is of many types i.e. air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and soil pollution. These days, air pollution is the most threatening especially in urban areas. This is due to deforestation, industries, vehicles, aircrafts etc. People are suffering from many diseases like asthma, lung cancer, skin cancer and other skin diseases. It has also caused “Global warming and Ozone layer depletion. Glaciers are melting and harmful ultra-violet radiations are entering the earth’s atmosphere.

Conclusion: Environment is very important for us. We cannot survive without it. We should take steps to protect our environment. We should plant more trees. We should spread awareness among the people about the growing environment problems.


The environment comprises of the land, air and water in which people, animals and plants live. The environment is changing day by day. Such environmental circumstances are affecting a person’s life. Pollution is the process of making environment dirty by adding harmful substances to it. Pollution causes imbalance in the environment.

The industrial development and the green revolution have adversely affected the environment. The mode of transportation and chimneys of factories are increasing the air pollution. The emission of greenhouse gases has led to climate changes. The increase in pollution has resulted in global warming. The ice caps in the Polar Regions would melt. It would result in the rise of water level of seas and oceans. A time would come when the whole earth would be submerged in water.

Due to increase in the quantity of Carbon mono oxide, the ozone layer is depleting. The depletion of the ozone layer could result in skin diseases.

Destruction of forests has led to climatic changes. It has also let to extinction of many species of wildlife.

To save our precious environment we all should take some steps like trees should be planted everywhere, vehicles should be made eco-friendly and factory wastes should be properly treated and cleaned.

So we should control pollution for our safe and clean environment.

Cue Card 6 – DREAM DESTINATION      

Every Person has a dream. Some dream about going to new places and see new things. I have always dreamt of going abroad. Since my childhood, I have been attracted to new places and people. Some of my cousins lived in Canada. They visited us in their holidays. They brought pictures of this country with them. They also told us about the people there and their lives.

I was very fascinated to hear them talk to this country. Since then I always dreamt of going abroad.

After I finished my studies I came to know that I can go abroad for my further studies. I decided to go to Australia. A few of my friends have already gone there. I received their e-mails. They told me about Australia. It is a well-developed country. They also told me about the people and their way of living there. There are beautiful places to be seen. The sea-shore is also very beautiful. All the facilities are available there. I can also avail good job opportunity studying there. So I will not have to depend on anybody for my expenses. Also the colleges and universities are very good.

Now I am working hard to reach my dream destination. I can take admission in any university in Australia. Presently I am preparing for IELTS examination. If I can score good bands here I will be able to go to Australia and fulfil my dreams.

Nothing is too difficult or impossible to achieve. We can fulfill dreams if we are determined and do hard work. I wish to reach my dream destination soon.


Introduction: Housing is one of the basic needs of man. A person needs a house to live in. Since the past time, man has built different types of houses to protect himself from the weather and for security.

Past and Present: In the earliest times, man used to live in caves. Later he started building shelters of wood or stones which he called a house. These structures improved with the advancement of human race. Now the houses are made of bricks, wood, glass, stones, cement etc. Technology has improved to great heights and so has housing. Nowadays the houses have all the equipment and things for a person to live comfortably and with full security.

Types of Houses: Houses are of different types depending on the climate and the geographical area of the place. Rural houses are different from urban houses. In villages the houses are simple. We can also see mud houses in some villages. These houses are surrounded by fields. The houses have traditional designs. But nowadays we can see modern houses in some villages. In cities we see both flats and houses. Builders build tall buildings that have many flats. This is because of lack of open space or land for construction in the cities.

Flats and Houses: A house is different than a flat in its construction and design. A house is generally built by a person who will live in it. He can design it and construct it according to his own idea. A flat is a part of the building that generally builders build. It is a set of rooms where people live. There are many flats in a single building. Flats have small rooms and no open space like garden or courtyard. A house is more open and can have garden or a courtyard. Flats are more common in cities whereas houses are seen in small towns as well as cities. Flats are suitable for nuclear families whereas flats are suitable for joint families. Nowadays people in cities prefer to build flats rather than houses because f higher prices of houses and construction costs. Flats have become common and popular especially in big cities with larger population.

My House: My house is situated in Maler Kotla. It is not very big. There are 4 rooms in my house. There are three bedrooms, three bathrooms and one kitchen. There is also a drawing and dining room. My house is single storied and rectangular in shape. It was built by my grandfather fifteen years ago. All the rooms are well ventilated (airy) and connected to each other. The furniture of my house is simple but beautiful. All bedrooms have beds, cupboards and small tables. We have decorated our house with curtains, photographs, paintings and other decoration one corner of our dining room we have placed the picture of sunrise. All members of our family try to keep the house clean and tidy. We seat our guests in the drawing room. It is the most beautiful room in our house.

In front of my house there is small courtyard. We have converted it into a small garden. There are flower pots and grass in it. At the backside of my house there is small kitchen garden. We grow vegetables here. There is also a mango tree on one side of my house.

My house faces the main street. There are two major houses on the left side of my house.

All facilities like water, electricity and drainage is available in my house. We use electric equipments in my house. My house has also electronic equipments like computer, TV, and DVD player.

All members of my family live comfortably in our house. I like my house very much.

Cue Card 8 – Traditional Place / Historical Building (The Golden Temple)

Introduction: India is a country which follows traditions and cultures. We have a history full of people and places. There are many places (or buildings) which are famous in our country and in the whole world.

The golden temple is one of the most beautiful temples. It is in Amritsar. The Sikhs all over the world, daily wish to pay visit to the Holy place. It is also known as Sri Harminder Sahib or Sri Darbar Sahib. It is named after Hari (God) the temple of God.

History: Guru Arjan Sahib, the fifth Guru wanted to create a central place of worship for the Sikhs. He himself designed the structure of the Golden. The Holy Tank (Sarovar) was planned by Guru Amardas Sahib, the third Guru.

The foundation of the temple was laid in December 1588.The construction work was directly supervised by Guru Arjun Sahib himself. He was helped by many devoted Sikhs like Baba Budhaji, Bhai Gurdas Ji, and Bhai Sakhlo Ji etc.

By constructing the temple, which was different from other Hindu temples, a symbol of new faith was created- Sikhism.

It was open to all people without any distinction of caste, creed, sex and religion. When the Golden temple was completed in 1601 AD, Guru Arjan Sahib installed the newly created Guru Granth Sahib in it. He appointed Baba Budhaji as its first Granthi – the reader of Guru Granth Sahib.

Structure: The Golden Temple is built on 67 feet square platform in the Centre of Holy Tank (Sarovar). The temple has four doors, each in the East, West, North and South. The doors are decorated in artistic style. It opens on to a bridge that leads to the main building. It is 202 feet in length and 21 feet in width. The top is dome shaped. It is plated with Gold.

Importance: It has both historical and religious importance. It is also a symbol of our traditions and culture. It is the pilgrimage centre (Tirath) of the Sikh Nation. Many people from all over the world come here to pay their obeisance- (to Pray).The atmosphere gives peace of mind and happiness to one’s soul.

Cue Card 9 – Embarrassing Moment:

There are some moments of life which you like to remember. They give you happiness and you can laugh. But there are some moments in life which bring you nothing but embarrassment. Unluckily many people have to go through a situation which they would never want to see again or face it again. There is one embarrassing moment of my life which I would share with you.

A few months ago I went to the shop near my house. I wanted to buy things for my daily use. I entered the shop. There were many people as it was evening time. I asked the salesman for the things that I needed. He collected all of them and packed in a bag. He handed the bill and the bag to me. I went to the cash counter to pay the bill. The bill amount was Rs. 275.There were many people at the cash counter. I stood in the queue (line).When my turn came, I put my hand in my pocket to take out my wallet/purse. To my dismay, my pocket was empty. I had forgotten my wallet /purse at home. I was shocked and confused. The man at the counter looked at me with impatience. There was a long line of people behind me waiting for their turn. I felt so embarrassed. I did not know what to do. I started explaining my situation to the cash clerk. He looked at me with a funny expression. I requested him to keep my bag with him, while I went back home and got the money to pay the bill. He smiled and agreed. All the people who were watching me seemed to be laughing at me in their hearts. I really felt embarrassed.

I ran home and got the money. I paid the bill and got my things. After that I could not get myself to go that shop again till many days. I can never forget this incident. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life.

Cue Card 10 – First Day in College:

A college is a place for higher learning after a school. Every teenager is thrilled to join a college because there are no strict rules and regulations related to dressing and fashion. A college moreover is a place to enjoy the youth and make a lot of friends.

How the day was: Like every other student I was also nervous to go to my college for the first time. The previous night could not sleep well because of nervousness. Next morning I got up at 6 o’ clock and did my daily routines after which I took my breakfast at around 7.30.Then for 15 minutes I read the newspaper and then went to college with my bag/purse. It was a bright sunny day and I reach my college and went to the notice board to check my class schedule. I copied the schedule and went to the class where I had to attend my first lecture.

Made new friend/friends: As I went to the class for my first lecture one girl was already seated so I introduced myself to her and talked to her. I was happy that she was talking nicely and gelled well. Further we attended the classes together because we have opted for the same subjects. Now my nervousness was all gone because now I was a friend to a girl and we were both together.

What all you did: My friend and I went to the college canteen in the break and took some refreshments. We also went around the college and saw the gardens of the college which had beautiful flowers.

At the end of the day: By 5 P.m. our classes were over. I exchanged my cell no. with my new friend. On the whole it was quite and good day that what I had expected and I already enjoyed a lot:

Cue Card 11 – First Day in Job

Something which one has to do is a job. I had given my interview in a new company and got selected. They asked me to join them. By the next day, I was very happy, as the salary was quite good. So, I agreed to join and after going home, made arrangements for my joining day.

At the Office: Next day exactly on time I reached my work place properly groomed. The receptionist welcomed me and asked me to sit down and wait for a few minutes. She then called the manager and then after talking to the manager asked me to go and meet him. I went in and the manager instructed me about my job responsibilities and called up another employee to show me my cabin.

Interaction with my colleague:  After leaving manager’s cabin I went to my own cabin with my colleague. He was also working under the same profile as mine and treated me well. He was a nice to talk to as he was soft spoken person. He introduced me to the other employees of the office as well.

Description of my cabin: My cabin was not very big like a room but it was not so bad o the other hand. The cabin was painted off white with a combination of mauve. A computer was placed along with a phone on the desk. A cupboard to keep the files was also there.

Day’s end: Being the first day much work was not there and in between and in lunch time I got time to mix up with other employees. Therefore I was happy with my job and the day.

Cue Card 12 – Neighbourhood

 It is the surrounding of the place where you live. The people living in your neighourhood are your neighbours. A neighborhood can have both good as well as bad people. Most of times in a neighborhood people of all age groups live. If it is a city, the Neighbourhood has many facilities like market, hospital, etc. and if it is a village then these facilities may not be available. 

Description of your own Neighbourhood: My neighbourhood is really good. I have very nice neighbours. People of different states, castes and religions live in my neighbourhood. Neighbours are very important people because they can help you when you need them. My neighbours are very co-operative and helpful. They sometimes make new dishes and give us neighourhood has lot of green trees and beautiful flowers. Market is also there due to which people living in our area never find any problem related to shopping. In my neighourhood everyone likes to celebrate festivals together.

A few trouble makers: As there is always an exception, few families in my neighbourhood are not good so nobody talks to them. There is specifically one family which is always ready to fight with others but everyone tries to avoid them.

At last: I am really happy yet with the neighbours I have who are very nice people and everyone in our neighbourhood comes to help others when needed.

Cue Card 13 – Old things in your House:

In our houses so many things are available. Some things are new some are old. In my house also many old and new things are there. But there is one old thing in my house I am talking about is a metal carved mirror. The mirror was brought by my great grandmother who was very much found of decorative pieces. She had bought this piece from an auction. Now we have hung the mirror in our library. The mirror after so many years look new because our maid daily cleans it up with a special medicine / liquid which helps us keeping the bronzes metal new. The border of the mirror has flowers and leaves and its shape is oval. However, now I have decided to shift this antique mirror in my room as my present mirror in my room has broken. This mirror gives a nice effect to the room because the mirror itself is a unique decorative piece. The mirror is quite big in size and has to be handled carefully. Now when I would shift the mirror in my room I would have to call in for some workers who would help me to shift the mirror in my room.

As it is antique its value is also high and I am very happy to have such a unique piece of art in my home which is worth in lakhs.

Cue Card 14 – Problems of Old people:

A man has to suffer from many problems and in every age some kind of difficulty comes up. Childhood age has its own problems, youth has its own and the age which is considered to be the most problematic is old age. There are problems related to physical illness, mental stress, emotional levels etc. The levels of the problems differ from person to person. Though it is not necessary that every old person faces equal problems but here could be some group of old people who may face more problems.


  • Biggest problem which the old people face is that they are overlooked and neglected by other family members. No member spends much time with them.
  • Financial problem is also there that old people have to wait and ask for money from their children.
  • Many physical problems are there like joint pains, saggy skin, tooth problems, indigestion, blurred vision etc.
  • Risk factor is also there. Life security is less whether it is staying alone at home or going to market.
  • Due to poor vision sometimes old people are even checked in terms of money.
  • The dependency factor goes up and has to always ask for help from someone.
  • Breathing problems arises very commonly.
  • Heart problem is also there.

Cue Card 15 – Best Friend (Friendship)

A state of being friends is called as friendship. One may have many friends but one is always the best who is known as a ‘Best Friend’. It is very important to have a friend because he/she is the one with whom we can share both our happiness and sorrows together. Moreover it is quite right that ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ i.e. a true friend will only help you at the time of need. Like others, I also have a best friend whose name is ———————-. He/she is my childhood friend. We studied in the same school and in the same section. Our likes and dislikes also match a lot. My friend does not show off and is a very soft person to talk to. He/she is from my own city which is another reason of our friendship. We both are found of watching movies and whenever we get time we go to theatre to watch movie. Whenever I need some suggestion I ask for help from my friend and he/she helps me because he/she is very sensible person. Sometimes we fight too but after sometime we make up for our fight and get back again. I am very lucky to have a friend like him/her. And pray for him to God. I wish him/her the best of luck for his/her life.

Cue Card 16 –  A Dream House

Three basic necessities of life for a man are food, clothing and shelter. Food is the necessity of the body, clothing is the necessity of the society and shelter is the necessity of a man’s sleep. Every single person dreams of a house which could be big, small, beautiful, ugly, tidy, and untidy etc. I also have a dream house and the place I dream to have a house would be California in United States of America.

Importance of the place:

California’s second name is ‘Wine Country’. Though it is not that I am very fond of wine but I am a nature lover and California is a place with pleasant weather throughout the year. The grape trees give soothing feeling to the eyes. I love this place for its open spaces with a lot of freshness of air and greenery and very less crowd.

Exteriors of the Dream House/Interiors: My dream house would be situated right in the middle of the yard with a trail made to enter and go into and from the house. The house would be a two storeyed mansion with white slates would be done. There would be a porch to keep the cars under it. It would have 3 big bedrooms, a library, a dining   cum kitchen, a visitor’s room, a green room, a study room and a big hall for guests. There would be 5 big luxury lavatories with 2 jacquzies and slided glass cabin with hot and cold showers for bathing.

Each bedroom would have cozy bed with soft mattresses, laned bed sheets, and beautiful curtains. There would be comfortable sofa set with LED TV and floors would be carpeted with fur carpet matching the colour of walls and curtains. Besides this, decorative pieces would also be there to complete the settings of the rooms.

Other features of Dream house:

  • There could be a gym.
  • A beautiful mini pool.
  • A theatre room
  • A different room for keeping clothes and other wearable items.
  • The Kitchen may have chemistry in the hall so that the rooms could be warmed up in winter.
  • Beautiful rides could also be there for kids
  • In the garden a Kennel could be there for a dog(if a pet is kept), a wild cage could be there near the pool with colorful birds in it
  • The big hall may have an aquarium.

Cue Card 17 – Favourite Restaurant

Introduction:  A restaurant is a public place where meals may be bought and eaten. Many different types of restaurants are there. It could be small, big, beautiful, decorative, simple, expensive, affordable, etc. Nowadays so many restaurants have been opened up by people no matter if it is a metropolitan city, a small-town or completely rural area weather big or small restaurants are available.

Reasons for going to a restaurant:

  • A  Person may visit a restaurant in order to discuss over a meeting or make a business deal.
  • A very general excuse of going to a restaurant is of meeting a dear friend.
  • Celebrations like birthday, anniversaries, kitties for success in business, etc. are reasons to go to a restaurant.
  • For spending time out together, couples and families prefer to go to a restaurant to enjoy the food as well.

Your favorite one: There are many restaurants in my city, but the one I like the most is _.I like this particular restaurant for its services and the delicious food it offers to the food lovers. I quite often visit this restaurant with my friends and family members. Now I have become so familiar to the restaurant that sometimes I don’t feel odd going to the restaurant even all alone.

Description of the restaurant from outside:  The area covered by this restaurant is 800 sq. /ft. which is a medium sized area for a restaurant to cover. It is not exactly located in the city but on outskirts of our city because of which its vicinity is all surrounded by tall green palm trees and beautiful aromatic flowers. I am a nature lover so I like the site of this restaurant. A sea shell shaped small pool is there; further a wooden path is made leading towards the hall where the actual restaurant i.e. the eating hall is there. The restaurant is all built of bamboo wood coloured brown and mustard. Alongside the boundary of the restaurant’s land area beautiful coloured flowers have been grown.

Description of the restaurant from inside: As we enter the restaurant soft music is heard turned up with an exotic fragrance of incense sticks lighted up. The restaurant has one big main door to enter through. The tables and chairs are all of white and mauve shades and over the tables sometimes white and maroon mats are laid with a crystal flower vase placed on the table right in the middle. The restaurant does not have a separate division for smoking area so smoking is not allowed as it is a nature friendly restaurant. Beautiful portraits hang on the walls and big chandelier of crystal is placed in the middle of the ceiling which when lit up looks exotic. The flooring of the restaurant is done with a dust free carpet which absorbs the dust and does not let it blow up in the air.

Timings: For breakfast the restaurant is open from 7:00 am to 10:00 am.  For lunch it is open from 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. For dinner it is open from 7:00 to 11:30 p.m. In between from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. snacks could be ordered.

Other facilities:  There is a parking area for both two as well as four wheelers. Inside the restaurant a small portable area for a bar is also available where liquor and other drinks are served. Sometimes if a person orders for meal and the bill is quite high then complementary gifts are also given by the restaurant to their customers.

Food: The food is great. The specialties are Indian, Chinese and Indian. All the Indian dishes especially cheese pasanda in cashew nut gravy is the most famous and my favorite as well. Sometimes in Italian I like to have pasta with mozzarella cheese. The rates are not very nominal however because of the good quality you do not get a pinch to pay it. I always have a wonderful experience.

Cue Card 18 – Saddest Memories

Everyone goes through ups and downs in one life. No one has control overtime and that is why we sometimes accept some realities of life which are unchangeable .Though it is said that “time is a big healer” yet some sad moments cannot be forgotten but they lend to make you sad. I have also seen bad times in my life but the saddest moment in my life was when I lost my best friend. We had been friends forever but a misfortune came up and brought sadness along with it. In 2004 this mis-happening took place. In the month of May on Monday morning my friend came to meet me at my house. That day she was very happy as she has been selected for a job by  a reputed  company so her happiness  saw no boundaries and excitingly  woke me up as when she  came to my house I was deeply sleeping . She surprised me by waking me up and then another surprise she gave me when she said that the same day she was leaving for United States of America. I was half sad and half happy, sad because we were going to get apart and happy because she was going to start her successful career. After taking breakfast at my place we both went to her house to do the rest of the packing which was left. She said her flight in the evening so we spent afternoon together at her place. By evening she got already to go and I was also ready to see her off to the airport but got a call from my mother and had to leave my own place so I wished my friend all the luck and wished her happy and a safe journey. The next few hours passed and I thought that my friend must have boarded the flight by 5 p.m. I was then just sitting in my room and the cell rang. It was my friend’s mother and aunt said that a bad news there that my friend had an accident and was declared dead. I was in shock and for few days could not utter a word.

Cue Card 19 –  Childhood memories

For a human, childhood is the age of enjoyment. No responsibilities are there and no unnecessary stress of managing finances. A child is all the time indulged in one or the other activity. There are no formalities and tensions of paying the bills. Hardly there would be any person on this earth who would not remember about one’s childhood days. Some may have experienced wonderful days being a child while a few may have experience the darker side of life in the early childhood days. Talking about me I would say that I had a very enjoying and fairy like childhood. I am a pampered but not an over pampered child of my parents. The childhood memories are come back at the time when we sit with our married cousins or when we are getting married and starting new code of life with a partner. Another instance when our childhood days memories come back to our mind or when we have little kids and at any point we suggest them about doing any work we give own childhood examples. Childhood days are the most tendered days/ age out of all the other ages. The way a child experiences his childhood, his attitude toward life also develops that very same way what he experienced. Not everyone is so lucky like me. I remember of my childhood days, how I used to ask for my favourite toys and fight with my classmates over writing on the blackboard with a chalk. My mother used to get me ready all well by dressing me in a nice laced frock and then with my father I would go to the market to buy chocolates. Childhood memories are such memories which never fade away from a person’s mind.

Cue Card 20 – Favourite club

A club is a place where people can use come and meet and each other. Clubs are of different kind like an eating club, a health club, a social club, a academic club, a recreational club, etc.

Concept of clubs: The concept has been taken from the western countries. Merely this system was present in one or two big cities of country but now it has become very popular because of which people are aware of it now.

My favourite of club: “health is wealth” so health club is definitely my favourite club. My club offers so many facilities to the people members. This club which I go to for my health activity was opened by a middle aged woman whose name is           . She opened this club with the purpose of earning money but now her work has become her passion. The name of the club is………….       

Location of the club: The club which I go to located in busy market. Many other clubs are also there but this club has most number of members. The club is on the first and second floor altogether as one is which divisions are made for different activities.

Facilities of the club:

General gym with weights, dumbbells, etc. is there.

Aerobics is also there.

Different forms of dances are also taught like bally dance, jazz, ballet etc.

One special feature in dancing which is taught in belly dance. Since this form of dance is good for reducing tummy, many married and middle aged women have joined it.

Protein shakes and fresh foods are also served to the member of the club

Soothing music is always played in the gym to relax the mind,.

A dietician is also there to guide with the kind of diet which should be taken according to a person’s necessity.

Indulge in: in this club I have joined the gym. The timings are very flexible so whenever I am free in the day I go to gym. The activity which I like to do the most is walking in the treadmill and exercising with the joy balloon. I also sometimes take tips of following healthy diet from the dietician and I from my side also take care of my diet and health. I have realized that it is important to stay healthy and fit and not just thin.

Advantages of joining a club/healthy club

A person follows a regular schedule

A person becomes punctual to follow daily schedule

One values the importance for health and tries to keep himself fit.

New techniques in experience in exercise and the latest knowledge on how /what to eat to provide nutrients to the body can be got by joining these health clubs.

If a person becomes fit then he feels fit and in future this brings in positive thinking in the person which keeps him stress free.

Membership: for a month to join, the charges are rs.1000 and if a person becomes a member and takes a membership and for six months then he pays in all 4800 rupees for six month along with which one month membership is given free. Beside this so many facilities a member of the health club can enjoy and takes advantage of.

My overall experience so far: so far I have had a nice experience. I have received wonderful atmosphere with good music of course as I am a complete music lover the advice which I have taken from the dietician has helped me a lot now being fit and fine I feel great.

Cue Card 21 – An old person in your house

A family comprises of husband, wife, children and grandparents. Most of old people are seen to be very soft spoken. In my family every person is very soft and caring and though I love all family members yet I love my grandfather the most. His name is              . He is            years old. Inspite of being so old he is still very active and strong. He is pillar of our family and is very jovial man by nature.

Grandfather daily routine: my grandfather is very much concerned about his health so he gets up by 5:00 am and after taking a cup of tea without sugar he does his daily routine and at 6:00 am leaves for his morning walk. After walking nearly for 45 minutes he exercises and does yoga for 15 minutes and then back home. After this he reads the newspaper after which he takes bath and worship god. My mother by this time prepare breakfast for everyone so my grandfather takes his breakfast spend some time in gardening and must say it is because of him that our garden is well maintained with properly chopped hedges lush green grass and beautiful coloured flower are also there. Most of our grocery items, fruits and vegetables are brought by my grandfather so most of times for buying all of these things he goes to the market. By lunch time everyone is at home except my father so well all sit together and take lunch. In the afternoon from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm my grandfather takes rest and at 4:00 pm he gets up and does some listen to the holy hymns which are aired on radio. After this he asks us about our studies and even guides us, as he quite a qualified man and for sure so experienced. At night after taking dinner by 9:30 he sleeps off as he follows the saying for maintaining about his health that ‘early to bed, early to rise’.

His importance: he being eldest member of the family holds a lot of importance. As I said he is pillar of the family, help from his side in the form of guidance comes as his experience is worth a lot. He is not only helps us verbally and with his wisdom but also financially. Whenever a child among us, does really great in his or her academic, my grandfather reward him or her with money I think because of his stable personality and his blessings we all are under the safe shadow of life with happiness and increasing prosperity.

Cue Card 22 – Advertisement:

Advertisement is a form of mass communication. It involves a process of transmission of information by the manufactures or sellers of product and stimulates the behavior of buyer to buy particular product. It means to turn the people’s attention to specified things. It is the link between the seller and the buyer as the world is dominated by all kinds of advertisements – economic, commercial and political. It gives information to people by selling product to them. Advertiser’s can reach their audience through TV, radio, cinema, print media, outdoor advertising, sales promotion and the internet. It changes with changing market, changing lifestyle, changing method of distribution and changing techniques of communication. It communicates about to a wide range of choices and facilities the selection process. It contributes to consumer education and knowledge about product and also creates awareness and build confidence in consumer. It plays a crucial in educating informing, inspiring and motivating layman on a social issues and themes. Advertisement in environment protection , healthy living and on social services like clean ganga, donation of eyes, immunization, family planning, pollution, anti-drug addiction etc. contribute to the welfare of nation. It encourages the people to take part in development program. Modern life is highly complex and mechanical. People have no time to go into the soul of things. They want to buy largely advertising goods. Bank insurance companies, coaching centers, beauty parlours,  physical fitness centers, music and dance school, all fill the pages of newspapers or the break during  program broadcast or telecast, automobiles, two-wheelers, electric appliances, fibers, cosmetics, toilet goods, furniture, watches, shoes, crockery and cutlery. Advertisement seeking matrimonial alliances, making notices of lost and found, selling old cars, house etc. Find mention on newspaper mention on newspaper the efficacy of a medicine, the durability of a particular commodity, or utility of joining a course or type of advertisement-visual and written, visual advertisement. There are two people see the things with eyes and judge the product. Industries sponsor the program to advertise their things. There are intervals between the programs for advertisement. Apart from having a number of advantages, advertising also has some evil impacts. Advertisement creates the needs for the products which are not required. It affects the human values. Sometimes advertisements are used to promote things like alcohol, tobacco, cigarette etc that can be injurious to health. It creates desire in people’s mind. They desire for things, which are not within their reach. This leads to frustration. Children get easily affected from advertisement. They have become a pressure group on parents often succumb to children’s demands. Advertisements are also criticized for portraying woman in derogatory manners which affects the children and society. Vulgarity, violence and sex must be avoided for the promotion of product advertisement should not be allowed to degrade human values. People should access the information provided by various advertisement and should not blindly trust them. The future of Indian advertisement is bright if it takes up its social responsibility which will help in the economic development of century.

23. Time Management

Time is very precious. Once the time passes, it never comes back so one should use time in proper manner. It can be done by time management. It means to use the time, divide the time properly to prevent the waste of time, to do more work in less time. There should be a proper time for proper work. There should be a makes the person punctual and active. Time management leads to success. It reduces the stress. Time is premium it should be effectively managed to optimize result and returns. Work done according to the time and work completed within time gives satisfaction. It increases the efficiency, Capacity and ability. Prevent waste of time. Time does not move with us, we have to move with time. We should give time to more important work then less important. If we have proper time for particular work, we will be able to enjoy our life with our friends and family. We have time for leisure activities to relax and refresh our mind and body. Maintain a perfect balance. It helps to fulfill needs, routine work properly every office follow the rule of time management. The value of time management is taught from the school, time table for books, subject etc. every great person does his work with the time management. Govt. also works with time management for five years.

24. Childhood School:

School is a place where one gets education. I started going to school at the age of 3. I used to be scared of it. My parents wanted to admit me in a good school. They choose                          for me. It is good and well-reputed school of the city. Before getting admission in the school, I had an interview. I was selected in the interview and I got admission. I studied from nursery to +2 in the same school. The building of the school was very big and spacious. There was a high and big boundary around it. A big ground surrounded by the building. The building had four storeys. The rooms were well ventilated. The school is upto senior secondary level. There were about 75 in the school and around1500 students in the school. All the classes were divided into A, B, C, D section. There were 50 teachers in the school. All were highly qualified. They were very generous and polite. There way of teaching is very scientific and in a play way method. They used to give special attention to poor students and used to give extra classes to them. The principal of my school was very benevolent, jovial, senior and sociable lady. There was a good canteen in the school. There was good arrangement of food and water in the canteen/ there was a big library in the school. It had great collection of books. The student used to study those books in their free time. It was very beneficial for the student in the days of exam. Inspite of study they made the student indulge in the extra curricular activities e.g. games, music and painting. They used to teach us the work of handicrafts, knitting and weaving etc.  Taking part in games volleyball, football, tennis etc. They used to take the student for execution to different places. It was helpful in education as well as for knowing about the culture, customs and tradition of the different people of different places. They used to divide the responsibilities to the students. There were competition of games, writing and debates etc. the school made all the efforts for the complete efforts for the overall development of personality of students. They taught us about leadership, team work, co-operation, hard work and time management. School life is a thrill indeed. It has its own charm. One feel like getting away from the capacity of strict discipline, the life of uniform wearing, and saying prayers every days in in the morning. When one grows old, one craves to be again in the school. They used to organize a function annually in which the brilliant and promising students were rewarded. I had a great fun at my school time. I can ever forget that time when I got the prize of best student. Whatsoever, I am today, is only due to my school.

25. A part of the day, which I like the most

Beauty of nature is always found fresh. They give different joys at different times of day. The day is divided into four parts: morning, afternoon, evening and night. I like the time of sunrise at the time nature is at its very best. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful. Only the sweet sons of birds break the silence of early hours. The sky is at first dark and then it slowly changes into grey. A little later, we see the rise of down, a bright spot of orange- red in the sky. At last the sun rises in all its glory. At its rise the sky get filled with various shades of yellow, orange and red, each merging into one another. Wordsworth has rightly said that the sunrise is a glorious birth. At sunrise the air is fresh and fragrant. The cool breeze sends waves of joy to mind. This is the time for prayer with less pollution and less tensions. This is a relaxing time which fills a person with energy. It is so wonderful time that anyone feels transported to heaven. There are no crowds with their noise. Unfortunately, the modern man is “out of tune” with all object of nature. Only lover of nature can lead a life of real health & happiness.

26. Television (Electronic Equipment)

Television, the modern picture-picture box, is one of the chief miracles of science. Television is one of the tallest gifts by science. Mankind is indebted to baird, the famous scientist who invented TV. The advent of television has produced a big change in the attitude and outlook of humanity. Television is a machine that enables us to see from a long distance. It is a big improvement over the radio. We cannot only hear the various actors, actresses, singers & speakers playing there part of thousands of miles away, but can also see them in action. Television has brought the science at our doorstep. Even while sitting comfortable in our easy beds or comfortable drawing room, we can have a glimpse of the various activities going on in different parts of world, we can look at the test match being played in any other country just as we can hear a running films, feature films, news and views, speeches, debates and discussion by experts, important interview and, sports matches, beauty contests and short plays etc. a television program caters to all interests the young or the old, the rich or the poor, the king or the paupers. Television viewers sit glued to their set for hours till end as the beautiful sequence of entertaining program passes before their eyes. The TV viewers find himself transported into a different world full of glamour beauty and calm. Once is in touch with affairs of the whole world and feels he is the part of universe. In broaden man’s outlook in life and makes him a citizen of world. Some of the programs on the TV are highly educating. Programs for the housewives, health education programs and the school broadcasts are playing an excellent role. Expert in household affairs teach the housewives how to keep their house in order to, prepare best of dishes and to run their household in an efficient manner. Specialists in various diseases teach people how to take care of health. There are some fitness programs on TV. Expert in the fields of education are called upon the deliver lessons to students so that they can obtain the best guidance from these experts. There are programs for children like cartoons, serials and films, there are programs for aged people like hymn etc. it has become a very powerful medium of education, information, instruction, and entertainment. TV promotes national integration, dissemination (spreading) of information, propagation (broadcast) of family planning, community welfare, and boosting agricultural yield. It also promotes games, sports, art, music and culture through its various programs and creates awareness among the people. News and views are eminent personalities help the viewer in gaining information through TV. Documentaries and telefilms on socially relevant topics like dowry, plight of the women and children are watched eagerly by the viewers. It makes the farmers aware of the new and improved methods of agriculture and protection of the crops the weather forecast gives information guidance to the farmers.TV has its own is named as idiot box. It has effect on the eyes. It creates its fan and TV fans keep sticking to their sets for long hours. Children tend to ignore their studies     and insist on watching every program. They form the habit of sleeping late and getting up late with the introduction of cable T.V and VCD ‘s &DVD’s craze for the film’s  rising day by day a demand for banning VCD’s & DVD’s already  comes up. We should therefore learn to make right use of TV & should watch only useful programs.  All precautions should be taken to save the eyes from the harmful effects of TV with the introduction of satellite transmission; TV has now reached almost every nook &corner of the country

27. Fashion

Different fashions are in vogue these days. Fashion means the changing trends. These changing trends include clothes, shoes, hair styles, make up, eating, sitting, speaking, social ceremonies, houses etc. fashion has become part &parcel of one’s life. Media promotes every link of fashion or media place an important part in the promotion of new fashion. Fashion improves the life style of a person. It gives the person a sense of well-being .It raises standard of living of person. A person who moves according to the fashion is taken as an update person in the society. Person becomes active and aware, smart & attractive. fashion adds a tech of charm & romance to life  would have been dull and dreary if things had always remained unchanged .due to fashion people are adapting western culture and they are forgetting  their own culture ,costumes and traditions . Vulgarity is raised .there is waste of money, energy and time due to fashion. Fashion may be defined as a mode or way or manner in which a thing is done or made. It means a slight departure from the usual. The fashions are a special feature of modern competitive society. Fashions are highly short-lived and dynamic. They change as season change during the year. Human mind likes change, movement and variety. Poor people cannot afford to change themselves according to fashion. It creates a tension among them. Fashionable, tight dresses are uncomfortable or inconvenient to wear.


Happiness may be the hardest striving of individual but hobby is an easy task towards that goal. If you cannot afford any hobby, you can indulge in fanciful thinking and building castles in the air and can well adopt this excursion as a hobby. Although everyone has one or the other hobby, the need of it arises only after a strenuous work schedule. Just as “all work and no play makes a jack a dull boy”, similarly if grown up people are always engaged in their professional activities, their lives will become mechanical. Work is done for the sake of money, but the hobby is man for the pleasure alone. Hobby provides change and relaxation. There is no hard and fast rule for temperament and circumstances. They are introduced to fill our leisure time. It cannot be the main business in our life. My hobbies are watching and playing cricket and watching discovery channel on TV. I am the ardent watcher of cricket matches and never miss to see the current score of the tournaments of cricket going anywhere in the world. When I read the newspaper in the morning, the first page I open is the sports column and read all cricket related news. I have also played cricked in district level. I also like to watch discovery channel on TV, my favourite program on discovery channel are discovery of good health, wildlife, science, mysteries, forensic studies, future perfect. It is very good channel if somebody want to gain experience in life. It is basically an English channel but it is dubbed in Hindi so that people in India can easily understand it. It deals with the different aspect of life like historic, scientific, future and health.

Another Answer: HOBBY

We are living in a world where everything is computerized and mechanized. Everyone is running after the money. Everyone is so busy that one has no time for leisure or hobby to spend time for hobby or leisure is the time when is free from one’s immediate occupation or duty. Everyone should take some time off from one’s daily routine and indulge in some activity, which pleases him. It helps to relax and strained muscles. It makes one feel relaxed and fit to resume his occupation. Taking up and interesting hobby is a very effective way of relieving stress and restore freshness oneself for future. Everyone should be careful regarding the utilization of free time. It is the economic management of time by adopting a good hobby. One can develop new skills. Hobbies can be driving, cooking, painting and sketching. Swimming or indulging in the games we can learn the nuances of the things. It relieves the lethargy. It gives knowledge and information about the things. Hobbies give the inner satisfaction of doing something. It prevents the waste of time. It reduces the boredom. One can indulge in constructive work. This reduces the tension of studies and examination. No one can deny the importance of leisure in life. Rest is as important as work. We have to make best use of leisure time. One must have some useful hobby to gain pleasure in one’s leisure hours. It can become a source of real pleasure. Hobby is an interesting time pass. Some people adopt hobby as their profession. Hobbies should form a necessary part of our life in modern age. Life has become dull, one needs changes. Hobbies provide the much desired change. They serve the purpose of refreshing change, cultivating a hobby of childhood would help them continue with the same when they are grown up and in a profession. They would help them continue with the develop a zest for life, recreating is not the only aim of hobbies. They give us which we don’t get from textbooks. Besides being a mental tonic hobbies are excellent way of spending one’s leisure. It is said that an idle mind is a devil’s workshop one should, therefore, remain idle.

3rd Answer: MY HOBBY

Gardening is my hobby. I often do gardening whenever I am free or I feel disturbed due to my hectic schedule. I have adopted this hobby from my father. He is also fond of my gardening. I have a little kitchen garden at the back side of my house. I grow vegetables like spinach, potatoes, capsicum, carrots, mint etc. there is a lemon tree and guava tree in the garden. There is also a pomegranate tree in it. I have few pots in my house. I have grown different kinds of plants and flowers in these pots .

 I take care of my garden with great concentration. After sowing the seeds, I take measures to protect them from birds. I water the plants regularly; Plants requires adequate care, along with sunlight, air, water and good manure. This is a creative work. I also take advice of my father, who is a good gardener or a person who has some ideas about gardening. For practicing this hobby, one does not need a garden necessarily. A single rose can be a garden. It is a pleasure to see a plant growing from a seed. It is very exciting to see a plant flourishing, blooming enjoying nature’s benevolence. I dig the earth with a spade. I water the plants and remove the weeds, I sit under the read my books. It is very pleasant to sit under trees. By doing gardening, I enhance the greenery. It is good for the atmosphere also. Now –a-days, pollution is rising and gardening can help us to reduce it. I read so many articles in the newspaper or books about the plants. I enjoy the beauty of nature. It keeps me physically fit. Whenever I dig the land, sow the seeds and water the land, it gives me immense pleasure.

29. Tourism

Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing industries of the world. Tourism plays a crucial role in the economic development of the country. It is a big foreign exchange earner. India is a country that offers different type of cultural attractions and climate conditions for all kind of tourist throughout the year. India has all what tourist look for sea, surf, sand and sunshine. It also has a number of beautiful backwaters and hill stations. Tourism is the second largest net foreign exchange earner for the country. Tourism creates more jobs than any other section. Keeping this in view, it has been granted the status of industry. It employs large number of people, both skilled and unskilled, promotes national integration and international understanding. Apart from having a diverse religious heritage, India is also known for the majestic snowfall of Himalayas in north, the sun-tossed beaches in the south, the diverse geographical locales provides a treat to the eyes.

The locales are interspersed with monuments, places, forts etc. India offers a perfect paradise with its diversities to attract tourists. Seeing the immense potential for India, the department of tourism was formed to promote international and domestic tourism in the country. Traffic congestion, unplanned urbanization, callousness of the citizen have caused severe problems. Foreign tourists are beguiled by taxi drivers and tour guides who pretend to be friendly with them. In India, most of the tourist destinations have become ecologically fragile. The tourist railway station should be strengthened. Tourist should be provided with clean hotels, reliable transport system and railway stations should be provide to the tourists. Custom clearance product at airport should be simplified. The maintenance of the tourist destinations should be taken care by efficiency after their sanctity and beauty must be restored. Himachal banned the use of polythene after monitoring its ill effects. Other states should follow this and restore the ecological balance.

What is the importance of tourism in the world today?

The tourism industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world today. In India tourism is the major source of revenue for the government. India is very rich in its culture and heritage and also have a vast treasure of historical monuments and structures. Every year millions of tourists from all over the world come to India to see these places. These days almost everybody goes fi=or holidays and India offers maximum options. From High Mountain to water body areas it has everything for tourists.

What are the problems the tourism industry is facing today?

The tourism requires constant upgrading for correct channeling of tourists. In every peak season efforts should be made to offer the most attractive tourist package of travelers. The worst problem of the tourist industry in India is lack of stable government. Tourism being a government department is dependent on its stability and success. Another threat to tourism is the increasing terrorism. Kashmir was once known as “Heaven of Earth” and now because of intense terrorist activity in the valley, it has been closed to all travelers. Pollution is also a threat, as we know that the Taj Mahal, which is a major tourist attraction, is being harmed.

30. My Favourite Book

Books are the best friends of human beings. I have read several books. The book that has influenced me lot is “Bhagwat Gita”. The Gita is a holy book of “Hindus”. The Gita teaches me the philosophy of action. The Gita reminds me that I should do my duty well and nicely and I should not bother about the result. The result is in the hands of God and ‘God helps those who helps themselves” man who is worrying all time about the result and can never do anything worthwhile. The Gita tells us or teaches us to face the problem boldly and to fulfill our worldly responsibilities. It teaches us to be hero in the battle of life. It tells us to lead a life of service and sacrifice of love and duty.

Importance or value of books:- Books are our never failing friends. They stand by us through thick and thin. They sport us in joy and woe. They are store house of wisdom. They show us true part of life. One who reads books comes in contact with different writers of different ages. Books contain noble thoughts of man. They throw the light on the achievement of nation, science, art and literature. They are wonderful companions, teachers and form basis of civilization. They cheer us when we feel sad and lonely. They enrich the personality.


Reading a newspaper is a pleasant pastime. Happy is the person who acquires the habit of habit of reading newspaper when he is young. He has secured a lifelong source of pleasure, inspiration and instruction. The person can never get bored or frustrated while reading a newspaper. Nothing is more entertaining than to spend some time reading a newspaper in the bus or train. My favourite newspaper is “The Times of India”. This is the newspaper that is sold nationwide at a reasonable cost. Almost every IAS aspirant and other competitive student suggest that ‘The Times of India’ must be read for success in the competitive exams. The modern age is such that we can ill-afford to miss at least reading newspaper. We will be like a frog in well without newspapers. The level of vocabulary used in this newspaper is very high and it helps the student to know how to use particular word and which situation to use it. The students become familiar with new ways. Reading newspaper everyday helps the person to improve his reading speed. This newspaper is the storehouse of information about current events either nationwide or worldwide. The front page contains all major current news of the country.

32. City Life

In the city, life is generally busy, hectic and full of tensions and worries. There is congestion and pollution everywhere. Life in a metropolitan city is simply hellish. The poor leads a very measureable life there. Most of them are devoid of the basic essentials of life. They sleep on pavements or in dirty thatched cottage on the outskirts. The roads see frequent traffic jams and fatal accidents. Due to unemployment a large number of young people become criminal. The ordinary law-abiding citizen in a city therefore they are worried about their safety. One can see frequent mob violence, communal riots arsons, plunder rapes in big cities. The people are materialistic and selfish. They do not bother about others. If you visit any city you will find neighbours living in the same house not knowing anything about one another. You will find difficult to locate the house of a friend or relative in such cities. If you look at people in busy markets Bombay, you will wonder if people have forgotten to walk, they seem to be running to unknown destination. People in big cities suffer from many fatal diseases like heart attack, cancer.

Houses are built in a planned manner. Houses are well ventilated, sewerage system is very good. There are more health & education facilities. There are more amenities in the city. Street lights, parks for people and markets are present in the city. Sources of entertainment like cinema, discos, club and theatres are present in the city. There are playground, stadiums and swimming pools. People are broadminded and more aware of everything. They are living in nuclear families. Mode of transportation and roads are very good. Unemployment problems are very less.

33. Physical Exercise

It is common knowledge that when a machine is not used, it becomes rusty. If the human body is not used, it can very easily begin to waste away. Because of the routine nature of daily work, only some parts of body or group of muscles are used most than others. If the brain is used alone, as is common among intellectuals, the body suffers and vice-versa. The aim of exercise is to promote harmonious development of the whole body and at the same time erect bad posture resulting from lap-sided work. Exercise is the bass of physical fitness. It tones up the muscles and improves blood and lymph circulation. It improves the strength of the heart. It ventilates the lungs. It speeds up the burning of glucose in the body. It sharpens muscular and mental co-ordination. It facilitates the relaxation and sleep. It provides an outlet for emotional tensions. Fat people can reduce their weight by regular exercise. Above all exercise promotes sportsmanship, team spirit, social adjustment and concentration. There are many kind of exercises like indoor, outdoor, active and passive, active exercises are those exercises which a person do by himself, like running brisk walking, boxing, shooting swimming, playing games, and yoga etc . passive exercise are those which a person can do with the other person’s assistance .indoor exercise are those which are done inside home .physical exercise involves speed strength and endurance .the type of exercise depends upon the age and physical condition of the person . A young person can indulge in exercise. After the age of 30, it is not right to indulge in vigorous exercise .for already, morning and evening walks on ground level are the safest and easiest form of exercise .walking does not require any supervision of equipment. it should be done preferably  in the morning or in open air and at least for one hour duration .physical exercise should be done with the advice of doctor and fitness trainer .whatever exercise is taken the most important factor is regularity , unless one is unwell a person active. Nowadays it becomes part and parcel of our life. Everyone wants to look beautiful and smart. They want to maintain their figure. By doing physical exercise people can improve their looks. It protect the people from heart diseases. Appearance of a person is improved. It makes the person cheerful, peaceful and happy. It fills energy. Yoga improves physical posture and breathing. Through yoga we can relax our mind. Exercise makes us to do our work efficiently and in a creative manner. Listening to music, going for a picnic, playing cards, reading are the examples of the recreational exercise.

34. Shopping

Shopping means to buy something. Shopping has become a trend in these days, as the people are becoming   rich; they are finding now many ways of spending money. People are getting crazy for shopping. Shopping has become a way of spending money. People do shopping in different ways like internet shopping, window shopping an indoor shopping. People can do internet shopping while sitting at their home. There are some companies which provide these facilities like home shop 18 and Tele-brand etc. they provide home delivery to customers. Window-shopping is also becoming popular. People round up the market, they ask the rate, quality and variety of goods and compare them for different shops. And choose the best. They do not buy the good. In indoor shopping, they buy goods from shops. The shopping malls are coming into the existence nowadays. People can by spin to spare part of air craft from these shopping malls. There are different sections for the different people like for young boys, girls, ladies, old people children and men in shopping malls. Different people have different taste and choice of shopping. The young people like to buy the clothes, shoes and other accessories, perfumes cosmetics etc for themselves. The women like to buy household things, clothes and things for the whole family. Children want to buy toys, story books etc. the old people like to buy religious books, clothes. People go to other countries and cities for shopping. There is a seasonal shopping like people like to shop during the days of festival e.g. people buy clothes, utensils at the time of Diwali. People related to different profession also do the shopping according to their work like in fairs there are shops for farmers, agriculture things are there. Some people do to shop only when it is needed. Whereas some people have adapted it as a hobby, they shop just because they are fond of shopping. Some people go for shopping as they just want to time pass. Some people like to go alone. But some people like to go with the family. Shopping has become the source of bread and butter to thousands of people. It has become an important part of many countries economical culture and trade. It is a source of entertainment and knowledge. It refreshes one’s mind. It also reduces stress. Shopping is the mean of fulfilling the man’s desire and man’s desire can never be satisfied. So in the end I would like to say that sometimes people buy unnecessary things which they do not need. So it raises the waste of money, time and energy but still people like to shop as it has become a question of their status.

35. Favourite Subject

I many studied many subject like Punjabi, Hindi, Math, Science and English. I like English most out of these subjects. English is very polite language. It is an international language. It is studied in all part of the country and world. Communicating with people other parts of the country become easy if one knows English. English has a rich literature. It is language of technology. It is also the language of trade and commerce.  Besides, this language opens a window to the west. I believe that the knowledge of English will help me in mixing freely with the people of other countries,. It is an important bridge for traffic of thought between east and west. This is used by computers and commercial establishments in major parts of the world. It has rich literature of law of freedom, nature and adventures. At school, I always got good marks in English. I have done my diploma and graduation in English. It helps in the growth of status, employment. Many training centers and calls centers follow the English language.

36. Village Life

Life in a village is simple, pure and natural. It is not mechanical and artificial. The large land, open countryside, green fields, open air, bright sunshine and innocent faces make village life simply enviable. People in village are very intimately. They help one another spontaneously in times of difficulties. They are hard working. They are robust and healthy. They believe in the dignity of manual labour. Despite less employment opportunities they remain busy with one thing or the other. As they live in joint families. The unemployed do not find themselves miserable and helpless as the ones in cities. Of there, is a negative side of village life. Because of illiteracy they indulge in a needless quarrels and feuds. They waste their money in drinking, gambling and litigation. But in general village folks lead a peaceful and contented life. Their zest for life expresses itself naturally at the time of fairs, festivals, marriages and other social functions. They play, sing and dance. There are signs of joy and gaiety on such occasions. With electrification and opening of schools and colleges, the scene of village life has undergone a drastic change. So village life in spite of its shortcomings is charming and enviable.

37. Favourite movie

My favourite movie is                    . I have seen this movie so many times in theatre as well as in TV at home. This movie is romantic movie. I like this movie because my favourite Actor and actress acted in this movie. This is a sober movie. And there is no place for vulgarity in this movie. There is also some comedy scenes in it. It has melodious music. Beautiful sceneries are also picturized in it. In this film, the hero is a music director. He does music shows. He draws a character of ‘Maya’ in his imagination. He looks for a girl who can fit in this character and the actress got fitted in the roll. There are so many dance sequences in it and I have learned so many dance steps. The film shows the difference between the love and friendship. It shows that matches are made in heaven. God has made someone for everyone. It shows the importance of marriage. Hero does not believe in marriage but love of heroine makes him realize the value of marriage. It shows the love is not just an attraction. It comes from the core of heart. Love makes life beautiful. It can change the view of a man toward the things. It gives internal peace. True love is not a love for body and it can never be hidden and it will succeed. It is a purposeful movie. It is a full of humorous situations. Dialogues are forceful. Choreography is very good. Whenever I am in bad mood, I watch this movie. I have CD of this movie

38. An event in the family which you like the most

The event in my family which I like the most is my sister’s wedding. The wedding was held in January. My brother-in-law came from America. The date was fixed, after he reached India. We all started for the preparation of marriage. We got the card printed after that we distributed the cards and invited the people. We booked a marriage banquet and caterers. We booked a florist to adorn the banquet. The latest dresses and jewellery were brought for the bridegroom. We also brought clothes for us. We brought gifts, clothes and jewellery for bride also. We ordered sweets for marriage. Soon the wedding day came. We got ready for the marriage and took my sister to beauty parlour. after make up my sister was looking very beautiful. Then we reached to the banquet hall. We made bride sit in a room. Soon, the marriage procession arrived at 10 am. We held the path of marriage procession. We asked for Rs 5100 to enter the hall. It is taken as an omen.  My brother-in-law gave us the same. Then the kum-kum ceremony was done. We gave the warm welcome to the marriage procession. We showered flowers on them. A beautiful adorn stage was erected to seat the bride & bridegroom. The sitting arrangement was very good. The marriage procession was served with cold drinks, tea, coffee and sweets. All the guests from the groom’s side were dancing and singing to the accompaniment of dholak. After the tea party, the garlanding ceremony was performed at the stage. Then the couple was taken to Gurudwara sahib for perambulation ceremony. Only few couple had gone to gurudwara sahib and rests were enjoying the cultural program performed by a famous band in the banquet hall. After the perambulation ceremony, we came back to the hall. The couple was seated on the stage. They seemed to be made for each other. My sister was happy to have a good life partner. All the guests congratulated the couple and gave their best wishes. Lunch was ready. There were 16 dishes and 4 deserts in the lunch. The food was very delicious. Everybody enjoyed the food. The time arrived for the sendoff ceremony. Everybody became emotional. My sister started crying. The sendoff ceremony was very heart rending. The marriage was very hilarious. I really enjoyed that marriage. It was a great marriage.

39. Joint/ Nuclear family

In joint family a member enjoys the support and affection of many people. It is a system in which more than two generations of a family live together. Actually it’s a group of families. Which share each other joys and sorrows or fortunes and misfortunes people feel less lonely in joint families. The elder member is the head of the family and he takes decisions and looks after the family matters. The children are looked after not only by parents but also by aunt and uncles. So they are not neglected even when both the parents are working and do not have enough time.

Nuclear family is a family where husband wife and their children are living. High cost of living has made nuclear families with one or two children more desirable. In nuclear families the bonding within the family is stronger. Parents can focus on the development of children and children are benefited from this attention. In modern age people seem to prefer this. Yet many people who have grown up in a joint family with a number of siblings would speak to merits of joint family. They feel growing up with many siblings though they share everything amongst them, itself is a disciplining experience, and this helps later in life adjustments. Whereas in nuclear family the one or two children get concentrated attention. This is more independence. Here sharing is less nobody is here to look after their children in their absence, their joys and sorrows are their alone, nobody share them. A person feels more lonely. But still nuclear families are coming up in cities

40. Change in the youngsters

Today in the modern era youngsters are quite aware of everything. Earlier there was no so much exposure so there was less awareness in the youngsters. The parents used to take decision for them, even regarding in which stream they have to go, but now a days youngsters make their own choices and take their own decisions. Earlier there was not so much competition but these days youngsters have to face the cut-throat competition in every field. Computer internet etc, were not in the past but now youngster have an easy access to all these. They get the knowledge almost about everything. In the past youngsters were more obedient and less demanding, but now they are more demanding. They argue both with their parents and their teachers. They are more influenced by media and want to wear fashionable and latest trendy dresses. The effect of peer group is also too much on them. In nutshell, I want to say that today’s youngsters are more aware, more confident like to take their own decisions.

41. Change you want in your life

There are plenty of things which I want to change in my life. The first thing is I am a very busy person. I don’t have time to pursue my hobbies. I want to have time for the things I love to do. I want to spend more time with my family. Secondly, I want to be more responsible, more independent and want to take my own decisions without anybody’s help or interference. Hats why I want to go abroad, there I have to do everything myself, nobody will be there to help me or to guide me and so I would become more responsible as I would be preparing my own food, and washing clothes. I want to work hard and earn plenty or lot of money as till date my life was without any target or goal, now I want to do something for my family and for myself. These are the changes which I want to bring in my life.

42. Community Events

Man is a social animal, he cannot live alone. He has to follow the rules set by society or the community in which he lives. In our community people Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Birthday with great enthusiasm. This time our colony people planned to arrange “Path” followed by “Langer”.All colony people were actively participating in that. I also helped in preparing Langer and washing utensils. It was a great experience. I felt a sense of satisfaction and contentment. People come closer due to such community events and forget all their differences. Both rich and poor sit together in community kitchen. So such community events play a vital role in our lives. Not only Gurpurb but all other festivals should be performed with equal zest by the community. These community events spread love and bring each other closer.

43. Describe a Child You have met

In winter vacation I planned to go to Lucknow by train. It was a long journey and moreover I was going alone and that is also for the first time. I took some books along with me to read on the way; soon the train started. A couple with a small girl got seated next to me. The moment I saw that baby girl I was fascinated by her beauty and innocence. She was hardly of three years; she was a very sweet and cute girl. I was enchanted by her beauty. She looked like an angle she had blue eyes, fair complexion and curly hair. Firstly I kept on looking at her I wanted to talk to her but soon she started talking to me herself that where I was going, why I was going there, what I will do there, a series of questions. I did not get irritated but really loved talking to her and answering her innocent questions. Soon we become good friends. She was playing with me. I did not realize when I reached at my destination. In her company time just flew. Even after parting from her, I still remember her innocent face and sweet voice.

44. Dream

Every person has a dream to do something or to become something in life. From my childhood I had a dream to go to abroad and to earn lots of money that is to become rich and famous. People should know me; I should be a renowned person. In abroad I will work hard and earn money and live luxurious and comfortable life. I want to have a beautiful house. It would be on the hilltop overlooking the valley. I would be able to view the entire valley from my house and hear the echoes across the valley. It would be a medium sized house with lots of trees around it. It would be built in the traditional style, but with some modern touches. It would have large windows to catch the beautiful view.

My dream is one in which I have plenty of time for the things I love to do. I would pursue my hobbies which are painting, reading good books by famous authors and listening to music. It is a kind of life in which I think we all need to give something back to the society in which we live.

45. If you received a lot of money, what will you do with that money?

If I am fortunate person to receive a lot of money, first of all I would buy a corner house which would be in a quiet and calm hilly area on the side of a beach and sea as I love water.Next I would buy my dream car.I would buy lot of designer clothes.

I would definitely do something for the upliftment of poor and backward class people.I would also give charity to the educational institutes and medical care centres where poor people  will  get free healthcare and childdren would get education.

I would also certainly do something for the blind people.I really feel bad and touched for such unfortunate persons.

In nutshell I would like to say that If I get lot of money, I would turn my dream into reality.

46. Decision making

One decision can change the whole life. It is the ability to take decision which reflects the personality and attitude of a person. Often in the journey of life we come across the crossroads where one road will take you to your desired destination and rest three can really mislead you. Your decision can really help you in setting the pace of life. One should always take into consideration all the components and various factors before taking any decision as its always one decision either makes or breaks your life.

47. Project or Piece of work

In today’s ever expanding and fast moving world, you cannot achieve your goal without taking anyone’s help. I still remember, my first day of job at placement agency. I was given portfolios of 15 students who had completed their course and took services of our company for a good placement. I felt overburdened with the responsibility that was bestowed on my shoulders, as the fate of my survival in the company was dependent on how I would respond on these 15 cases. To my relief and help comes one of my colleagues who had been working with the company for more than six months. He gave me the complete data of all good IT companies, Management companies and even helped in arranging meetings with those companies and finally in preparing the presentation which I was supposed to give. He has not only helped me in achieving targets but also helped me in cementing my job in that company. I am till date thankful to him for all the help and efforts he did for me and today we are best friends.

48. Would you prefer to open SSI or LSI? Why?

India is a developing country and growing at a quick pace, but as a peculiar characteristic of any developing country, India is also facing the problem of unemployment and underemployment. Today with the help of the latest technology and invention, computers are playing an important role; machine is taking place of human beings. Un-doubtfully this new technology has really seen the pace of development but comes along the fear of ever increasing rate of unskilled labour. To help and cure the problem of unemployment, I would certainly prefer to open a small scale industry or cottage industry, which will not only give employment to various unskilled labour but will also indirectly help the rural sector development with new inventions and fast growing technology. Unorganized sector is always being neglected, so to balance the growth in all sectors, development of small industries will play a very important role.

49. A major change you have seen in your life

The most consistent thing in life is “change”. Everything changes with time. As a child, you have different priorities, as a young boy or girl; your priorities are different and so on. As the time passes by, life changes along with it. Few days ago, I got a chance to visit my college and along came the old memories – some sweet and some sour. I went back into my past life and realized there has been tremendous change in me since my days in college. I was a carefree, fun loving, irresponsible person who never used to give a second thought for doing anything. I was really an aggressive and irrational person. But as the times passes by, you tend to realize what you have gained and what you have lost. In first few days of my job, I realized that world is altogether different from my imagination, this world taught me the key word to success is “patience”. The person who never used to give second thought now thinks hundred times before taking any decision. The aggressiveness ,impatience, irrationality have all take a backseat. I have become more responsible and more thoughtful than before. But then the saying goes, No one is perfect as “To err is Human”.

50. Your Childhood Room

It was last Sunday, when I thought I will clean my room, which was in real bad mess because of my hectic schedule. While I was cleaning up the mess, all of a sudden my memory flashed my childhood room. How I forced my parents for all flashy colours in my room. Those stand full of soft toys. My childhood room was really special to me.

The walls were done in red and pink colours on which I had got my favourite cartoons made. In one corner of the room was my study table with my books scattered all over it. In the middle of the room were really soft mattresses on which I used to jump a lot. I had made a special place for all my soft toys in one corner. There was this special lamp in the shape of mickey mouse by the side of my bed and how can I forgot my wooden almirah which I had covered with all kind of glow signs and stickers of my favourite Barbie/Archie’s characters. My room was my favourite place which I miss a lot.

51) What would you like to serve your friends?

If I invite my friends over for a meal I am going to serve a complete buffet of mix and match. I would welcome my friends with a nice smoothie or a well pleaded cocktail/ mocktail followed by few but nice starters which would have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. I would serve them nice bowl of soup. Dinner would be four to five courses, including nice coleslaw salad along with fresh green salad. Dinner would include nice Pasta with cream served garlic bread and toasted dinner rolls coupled with freshly baked Pizza. No meal is complete without desserts which surely would be sumptuous and ice cream with hot chocolate sauce> Last but not the least nice cup of express coffee with chocolate powder.

52) Programme you find interesting on Radio

Radio is one of the oldest sources of entertainment and has always been an integral part of people in rural areas. With invention of TV, Computers etc. it has really lost its importance but it is regaining its importance and place in people’s life as most of them are on move and the only way of entertainment while driving or walking is the Radio. Though the CD players and Cassette players are there but the kind of variations you can get from Radio is just awesome. My personal favorite programme of Radio is the level compatibility. The program is outstanding , in this the listener calls live and tells about his/her and their loved one’s zodiac signs and the presenter tells about the compatibility of two zodiac’s or how much compatible they are. And after each call they attend, they play lovely wonderful love songs. It’s my favourite as it is a live program where people interact with Radio jockey .One can really enjoy listening to funny comments and are able to relate to the callers. It’s really very nice.

53) Gift you have received

As s child, a youngster or an adult, we all love it when we get a gift. It really makes you feel special. Recently on my academic achievement my parents gifted me a laptop. I was ecstatic to receive it, almost with excitement and happiness. I was unable to thank them properly as words were running short or I was running short if words. The special thing about it was the feeling of being loved, being cared. It’s a nice black machine which keeps me busy most of the time, when I am at home. It has games music educative. It’s everything for me.

54. A change which has changed your life

I belong to a village and was born and brought up in village. The atmosphere in a village did never suit my aim, desires and ambitions. Since I am very ambitious I could never get the atmosphere in a village that I deserved and looked for. I used to feel choked there as I had no opportunities, no exposure and no way to show my capabilities and talents.

And suddenly one day, I heard my parents discussing that it was necessary for them to send me to a big city for higher studies. Even my parents were aware that my talent and hard work could only be crowned at a renowned place. My heart leaped with joy and my happiness knew no bounds when the city selected was Chandigarh. I got admission in the best institution.

I worked so hard that I gained university positions and became head girl of my college. I was the favourite of my teachers and college mates. Thus this incident changed my life because an unnoticed spec of a village suddenly becomes a shining star of a big city. This was my dream and it turned to be true.

55. A holiday which you like the most

I could never forget the day of 27th December. It was our winter break. Since we had done with our examinations, so we had hardly to study anything. It was so cold outside that allmy friends wished to stay at home and enjoy the cozy atmosphere with their family. Though it was not that bad idea, but we felt bored by staying at home throughout the day.

On 27th December morning, I received a call from my friend that she was throwing party at 10.00 am and we would have lunch together. I felt happy because the least we got the opportunity to enjoy together. We had a lot of fun till lunchtime. Soon after we had our lunch, she announced that she had surprise for us.

The surprise was that she had managed to get passes for live for ‘Live comedy show with Kapil ‘on that very evening. We all started dancing with joy because Kapil Sharma is a craze of all my friends and obviously mine too

We went and saw him on the stage. And to further enhance our joy, we somehow managed to meet him personally and got his autograph that was the loveliest unforgettable and most enjoyable day of my life.

56. A thing which you have made

Talking about myself frankly I am not a good craft person it is one in a blue moon that I make thing on my own but I could not forget the day when I experimented in kitchen.

My brother and father were out for some party and were expected to arrive late. I did not prepare anything for myself. Suddenly, they called me up and informed that due to some problem, they could not have diner and would have dinner at home. In order to bring myself in their good books I thought of making some special. A friend of mine had once told me the recipe of biryani but the picture was of vogue kind in my mind. Still I started with it and put 100% efforts and was happy, exited and satisfied that I have made something with my own hands.

I set the dining table and my parents were so surprised to see that I know cooking. I was so excited that I asked them to have dinner first and did not even allow to them to get fresh. When my mother tested the first bite, she just could not help puking. I was so embarrassed but they cheered me up because at least I have prepared something. We, then, went out for dinner. But one member of my family liked the dish most and that’s my dog. I am still famous for making delicious biryani’.

57. An event made you laugh

My life is surrounded by such people who are living ‘Charlie Chaplins’.  Every member of my family is a kind of caricature if I come to describe then it would really comprise a whole thick-fat novel.

One such event is once we went to vegetable market. At that time lot of stray cows were in our city. They had habit of eating vegetables. My father was just selecting the vegetables and suddenly cow come with intention of eating vegetables it happens so that the cow, in a rush and confusion, picked up my dad on her neck. Everyone, including the cow was bewildered.

The scene was so hilarious because the cow, with dad on her back, started running the whole market. My mother, my sister and I could not help laughing. We laughed heartily and so did the people standing there. People who did not know what has actually happened thought that my dad having a cow ride. That made us laugh more.

When my dad’s ride was over, he was so embarrassed but could not help laughing he asked us to return and we come back laughing without buying anything. On asking that what my favourite pass time is, we all laugh and say that our family enjoys riding on a cow.

58. A letter you received recently

Getting and sending letter have become a thing of past. Due to invention of telephone and mobiles, people have completely forgotten to write letters because it comprises so much of time and efforts. But the trends of email are still in prevalence.

Recently I received an email from my sister living in new-Zealand. She is married and blessed with one baby girl, since we both are so busy with our daily schedules and life that we hardly get time to talk with each other. So her email really made me smile because it was after a long time that I heard from her.

The email brought good news with it. She stated that her daughter has started walking and is able to speak fluently now. Also that she herself has government job in new-Zealand.

They have bought a house of their own, which is really a big achievement because in a foreign country, it is really appreciable to have your own property in just two years.

The email contained few photographs of her new house her baby and of the couple too. It was a very good letter because it brought the news of a success that my sister and her husband achieved.

59. Any product of India

Though India is not among the leading companies in the field of production, but we cannot ignore the abundance of good product it has made. One such product is ‘Himalaya Product’.

Himalaya is not a very old company within few years it has really occurred a good place in the market shelves, the best quality about it that it has not been limited to just one field. Instead its area is much wider circles many products. Himalaya has a good name in the field of medicine. The medicines are made by company are very light, mild and less side effects as compare to other strong medicines. Doctor suggests the medicines made by ‘Himalaya private limited’.

The next field in which Himalaya really done a progress is the field of cosmetics. We find ‘face-wash’, lotions, shampoos etc. of this company. People go for ‘Himalaya’ because they find its product very natural and without any reaction and allergy. The results are also amazing.

Though there are equally popular products in the market made in India but ‘Himalaya’ has really earned a good name and good place. All Indian prefer this natural product rather than international ones.

60. Any skill in English language you like most

English is a language that has opened a window to the whole world. It is believed if you are adept in English, you would not feel alien in any part of the world. You will meet people. Who are good in English anywhere you go.

The skill that I find most interesting in English language is the skill of speaking. If you are good at speaking you can adjust anywhere. Though other skills as writing. Reading and listening are equally important because you cannot be as competent in speaking unless you are skilled in writing, reading and listening.

Still, I am influenced by speaking skill because it is only by speaking that you can impress the other person. It is said that ‘the first impression is last impression’, and the first impression is laid by speaking because no one is going to check your listening, writing or reading in very first meeting.

Moreover your speaking reveals your confidence level. The person who is confident can only speak good and fluent English. Speaking English is moreover, very important these days. Values and status of a person is really enhanced if one is good in English. So this is skill that I like the most.

61. Wildlife

Wildlife is a term that refers to animals that are not normally domesticated. There are living resources that die and replaced by others of their kind. Individual animal cannot be kept beyond their life span but if managed carefully, population of wildlife conserved particularly forever. Wildlife rehabilitation involve caring for injured, ill and orphaned wild animals with the goal of releasing each into its natural habitat. Each animal is examined, diagnosed and treated through veterinary care. In addition to reuniting animals to the wild, they are cooperating to reduce negative human impact on wildlife and the environment. Many are involved in public education, exposing both children and adult to biological facts, ecological concept and a responsible attitude toward all living things.

62. (a)  Internet

On a global scale internet further divides people depending on the country of origin and cultural   background. Global reach research estimated that worldwide internet population was——– million. This is indicated by the number of computers that run those resources. Two-third of the total world’s reserves use English as user language. Internet has a linguistic and cultural barrier which is hard to overcome for the developing country where level of literacy in native language is poor. The internet has allowed individual around the world to become more inter connected. It is an important source of knowledge for the students. Internet has a number of benefits. Internet is clearly a source of useful information for individuals.

63. Education

Education plays the most crucial role in one’s life. In today’s world, no one can stand up in the world without education. Education encompasses teaching and learning specific skills, the imparting of good knowledge, good judgment and wisdom. Education has one of its fundamental goals-the imparting of culture from generation to generation. Education mean ‘to draw out’ facilitating realization of self-potential and talent of an individual .it is an implication of pedagogy and draws on many disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, computer science, linguistics and sociology. The education of an individual human begins at birth and continues throughout the life. For some, the struggle and triumphs of daily life provide far more instructions than formal schooling. Family members have a profound educational effect- though family teaching may function very informally. Schooling occurs when a society or a group or an individual set up a curriculum to educate people, usually the young. Schooling can become systematic and thorough. The passing of knowledge from generation to generation allows student to grow into useful member of society. A central tenet of education typically includes “the imparting of knowledge”.

64. Clothes

Clothing is defined in its broadest sense as covering for the hands, feet and head, as well as torso and limbs people wear clothes for functions as well as for social reasons. Clothing protects the vulnerable nude human body from the extremes of the weather. Every article of the clothing also carries a cultural and social meaning. Human-beings are the only mammals known to wear clothing can protect against many things that might injure the naked human body. We can say that “clothes make the man”. Clothes were not mere aesthetic ornament but emblems of society’s hierarchy and symbols of the spirit. Not only could clothing transform a person’s appearance, it could influence the action and attitudes of the wearer. Dress becomes a kind of personal glossary. It is a study of which it would be madness to neglect.

65. Radio

Radio is the wireless transmission and signals originally radio was called “wireless” telegraphy which was shortened to wireless the prime purpose of radio is to convey information from one place to another through the intervening media without wires. Besides being used for transmitting sound and television signals, radio is used for the transmission of data in coded form. In the form of radar, it is also used for sending out signal and picking up their reflections from objective in their path. The radio is used in many different ways. It is mainly used for communication purposes. Electronic communication is necessary for today’s modern life. Many people use the radio for listening to the music. Soldiers and peoples are also using them in wars because the people have to know what’s going on if they are not watching the television. They also can judge the food restaurants and you can enter the contests to win good prizes like concern tickets, money, cars etc. the radio is used in many different ways.

66. Birds

Birds are bipedal, warm, egg laying vertebrate animals. Birds evolved from the roped dinosaurs during the Jurassic period. They are the most diverse class of terrestrial vertebrates.

Modern birds are characterized by feathers, a beak with no teeth, the laying of hard skill eggs, a high metabolic rate, a four chambered heart, and a light but strong skeleton. Most birds have forelimbs modified as wings and can fly.

Many species of birds cover long distance for annual migration and many more perform short and irregular movements. Birds are social and communicate using visual signals and through calls. Birds sing and participate in social behaviors including cooperative hunting and breeding. Eggs are usually laid in a nest and incubated.

Human makes use of birds in a number of ways: many are important sources of food, acquired either through hunting or farming often commercially. Some birds like songbirds and parrots are popular as pets. Birds figure prominently in all aspects of human culture from religion to poetry and popular music. About 120-130 species have become extinct as result of human.

67. Jewellery

Jewellery is a personal ornament, such as necklace, ring or a bracelet, made from jewels, precious metals or other substance. The word jewellery is derived from the word jewel. Although in earlier times jewellery was created for more practical use, such as wealth storage and pinning clothes together. In the recent times it has been used almost exclusively for decoration. The first piece of jewellery were made from natural materials such as bone animal’s teeth wood and carved stone. Jewellery was often made for people of high importance to show their status and they were buried with it.

Jewellery is made out of almost every material known and has been made to adorn nearly every body part and many more type of jewellery. Jewellery has been used to denote status.

68. Seasons

India has a variety of climates in different part of the country. It is such a vast country; natural changes grave her often every month. There are four seasons in India- the spring, rainy season, autumn season, and winter season.

The summer starts in India from middle of March. It continuous till the middle of comes after spring season. The days are long and nights are short in summer. In day time pitiless heat falls. Only a few hours of early morning are noon atmosphere get heated up. Scorching winds begin to blow. People like to stay indoors. They try to make themselves cool with the help of hand fans, electric fans, air conditioners, coolers, ice in good demand. The scale of cold drinks is at its top. Sharbat and coca cola are sold at a large scale. Cold water is great blessing in summer.

Spring season comes after season of cold in winter. The spring is the most attractive season. It starts from middle of February. it is at its height by the middle of march. It brings moderate atmosphere of joy among plants, birds and animals. New leaves and plants are born. New flowers are bloom spring is a season of flowers. The butterflies move from flower to flower gathering honey. The people feel very happy many migratory birds arrive from cold regions. The songs of birds are the most pleasant. Most of the festivals are celebrated in spring season. Spring is the favourite season of poets. The snow starts melting on the mountains in spring. Spring is also season of harvest.

The rainy season is the most colourful season in India. It brings shower and coolness. It comes the just after summer. It starts from the middle of July and continuous till the middle of September. The rainy season brings a great relief in the hot plains of India. The monsoon winds change the whole atmosphere. They rise from the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. They make the sky dark with dark clouds. They use fountain of water. The fields are covered with carpet of greenery. The Indian farmers mostly depend on rainfall. The children come out of their houses. They splash water on each other.

  1. Which is your favourite season and why?


I like spring season the best. The weather is moderate. It is neither too hot nor too cold. You do not sweat too much or feel lazy as you do in winter or summer. The city looks beautiful because of its green trees. Even the flowers are in full bloom and the whole city is colourful.

Everything seems to be fresh and new. Looking at nature, one feels happy and is refreshed. In this we look forward to the coming winter/summer.

Summer: I like summer because the days are longer and nights are shorter. One can wear comfortable clothes and moreover you can eat many nice things like ice creams, etc. one can enjoy sports like swimming etc.

Disadvantages of summer

It is extremely hot and you tend to sweat a lot. One gets sunburns and too many mosquitoes and lizards. There are too many power cuts in summer.

Winter: winter is my favourite season. I like winter because I don’t sweat in winters. They are always bearable and if it gets too cold we can wear more sweaters to stay warm. There are so many things to eat like, sweets, hot soups and hot dishes etc.

69. Festival-Diwali

Twenty years back, peoples were not very materialistic and neither was this festival a commercial. Instead, it was a personal and scared event. People exchanged sweets and gifts only with near and dear ones but now a days. It has become a social requirement to exchange gift with everyone you know to live up to the social standards of the peoples. Some anti-social activities like drinking and gambling also spoil the spirit of this day.

What is the difference between the ways this celebrated among different age groups?

All age groups enjoy Diwali but the way is celebrated is definitely different. The adult prefer to have dinner and get together at their place with good food and music, whereas children like to burst crackers and play pranks with each other.

What are the things that you don’t like about this festival?

People are careless while bursting crackers. They do not take necessary precautions and get hurt. Some people suffered permanent ailments due to their ignorance. The mood of festivity disappears the moment something bad happens. So people should be more careful and should not let the children burn crackers by themselves or supervise them when they are around dangerous items. There are too much air and noise pollution cause by those crackers, which is harmful.

70. Colours

People usually think that life without colour is dull and meaningless. Our nature is full of monotonous colours. Sky is blue earth is green. Our earth is also called blue planet because earth surface contained 75% of water. The basic colours are red, green and blue. Mixing these colours in proper proportion can make other colours. That is red green, blue, yellow, orange and violet. Colours have different significance in different cultures. Mostly green is symbol of prosperity, white is symbol of peace, and red is symbol of danger and also symbol of love. Red, green and white are symbol of national flag. Today young like to wear bright clothes, but the old people prefer dull colours. Colours preference also changes according to seasons. In winter people like to wear dark coloured clothes, but in summers people like to wear light coloured clothes. Yellow colour is symbol of spring season because in this season flowers grow to maximum and gardens are filled with yellow coloured flowers. In our culture we also celebrate Basant Panchmi as a festival during spring season. During the day people wear yellow clothes, they eat yellow rice and children fly kites of different colours. Goddess Saraswati is worshipped on this day. This festival makes the end of winter. Holi is the most colourful festival because it is specially the festival of colours. In this festival people through colours on each other and give each other gifts.

Which type of colours people want to wear?

Different types of people have different types of preference for colours.

How colours effects personality of people?

In different culture colours symbolize different views. In our society, wearing bright coloured clothes is the symbol of affluence, jubilation and young age and old people prefer to wear dull coloured clothes. It shows that preference for colours changes according to maturity of mind. Widows are wearing white and black coloured clothes. Some people say that Holi is commemorated in honour of lord Krishna who killed a cruel demon on this day are filled the life of people with ecstasy.

Which is your favourite colour?

I like most colours but a few of my favourite colours are red and yellow. They are very bright colours and I like to wear them.

What do they represent?

Red represents passion. It is also symbol of anger whereas yellow represent happiness. It is the colour of sunflower that is a beautiful flower and symbolizes the sun. Yellow is responsible for cheerful mood.

What do you know about colours?

I know that the colour have a direct effect on the mood of people. They are responsible for the energy and motivation level of people in effects. Bright colours have rejuvenating effect on the human mind and dull colours bring lethargy. People are becoming more and more aware of the colours and their results. That is why they keep taking special interest in the colours they use for their walls in the house. Some people also pay special attention to the colours they wear. They think it can affect their luck. I think such notions are baseless.

Does colour have any cultural significance?

Colours have always been associated with culture. The red colour signifies celebrations like marriage and puja ceremonies. White signifies mourning and black considered unlucky. Saffron is an important national colour.

Does the preference of colours change with age?

Yes, I think preference of colours change, as you grow older. As children we always made to wear extremely bright clothes because they look good on children. Young people are not very particular about the colour they wear. As we reach adulthood, we start dressing up according to the requirement of our workplace and gradually we start wearing sober colours. Old people are usually seen in colours like gray, brown and white although there are few exceptions.


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