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IELTS Cue card 4: Describe an interesting conversation

IELTS Cue card 4: Describe an interesting conversation
Describe an
interesting conversation

I like to start conversation with
people whomever I meet because it gives me an opportunity to learn more about
the lives and experiences of other people. I had many interesting conversations
with people in my life. Here I would like to talk about a specific conversation
which I had when I was travelling to Chandigarh. One day, I boarded the bus
from my hometown. On the way a person got into the bus and he sat next to me.
After sometime, we talked casually and he informed me that he was a yoga
trainer and he had a Yoga training centre in Chandigarh. I got curious to know
more about yoga because in those days, i was having bad health.
He told me
that yoga is a very beneficial form of exercise. It reduces the stress and it
helps in maintaining our health. He also Advise me to follow the balanced diet schedule.
Then he gave me a booklet, which he had in his bag. In this booklet there were
various yoga postures well explained along with diet plans. It was a knowledge
giving book. I was impressed with his knowledge in health fitness.
From that
time I spared at least 30 minutes daily in the morning for doing yoga and other
meditation exercises. I also called him many times to get his advice sometimes.
And in this way, I improved my health and focus. Sometimes, some conversations
prove to be very useful to us. This conversation was interesting because It
helped me to learn something new and I Could make exercise a part of my daily
routine and my health improved.
I can say
that it was a life changing conversation for me. So this was the interesting
conversation which I had recently. 


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