IELTS Speaking part 1 questions speaking intro questions

Intro Questions List 11-20

IELTS Speaking part 1 Intro Questions Sep-Dec 2019 List 11-20

for September-December 2019 
a. Were
you patient when you were young?
Well I do
not remember exactly but I guess I was patient. My parents never told me
b. How do
you feel when other people are not patient?
It feel
bad when other people are not patient because if we do something in hurry then
there are
chances that things can go bad.
c. Are you
less or more patient when you are angry?
I normally
do not get angry, but whenever I do its momentary. I also go silent when I
am angry
and try to reason logically with people. So I am more patient when I am
a. Do you have a pair of sunglasses
Yes, I
have Rayban aviator sunglasses. I bought them from Sector 17 in Chandigarh.
They look
really nice on me.
b. How often you wear them?
I wear
them whenever I go out in the sun, sunglasses help in protecting your eyes from
harmful UV rays of the sun
c. Have you ever lost sunglasses?
unfortunately, I have lost my sunglasses couple of times. It feels very bad
you lose
an valuable item but now I try to be careful and always remember where I
have kept
d. Do people in your country wear sunglasses?
Yes people
in my country do wear sunglasses. Some people wear expensive
whereas some buy the lesser expensive one’s as a style accessory
Drinking water
a. Do you think we should drink a lot of water?
Yes we
should definitely drink a lot of water as it is good for our health. Drinking
has lot of
health benefits, it keeps our skin and body hydrated. If we do not drink
water, our body will suffer from dehydration.
b. How often you drink water?
I try to
drink at least 3-4 litres of water everyday, so I normally have water after
2-3 hours
during the day.
c. Do you drink bottled water or water from machines?
I like to
drink water from machines like water purifier because I believe water in
is more pure and safe as compared to water that is packed in plastic bottles
d. What kind of water do you like to drink
Well, I
like to drink water at room temperature because when I drink cold water I get a
14. Maps
1. Do you
often use maps?
Yes, I use
maps for navigation. Nowadays I use maps application on my mobile for
traveling. The app also tells me about the traffic and the time it would take
to reach the
2. Who
taught you how to use a map?
We learn
to use maps in our school but nowadays mobile apps like google maps have made
maps easier.
3. Do you
prefer electronic map or paper maps?
I prefer
electronic maps on my mobile as it is more interactive and it tells me the
information and time to reach my destination.
Being Bored
a. What do
you do when you feel bored
When I
feel bored, I call my friends and talk to them in order to pass time or I
updates on social media. Sometimes I watch videos on youtube when I feel
b. What
kind of things are boring to you ?
there are lot of activities that I find boring like Reading a novel. I find it
boring to wait for someone.
c. Do you
think young people are more likely to get bored?
younger generation gets bored easily when they have nothing to do, the
reason behind this is that the younger generation is very impatient and
immediate results without working hard.
Foreign Food
a. Have
you ever tried foreign food?
Yes, I
have a tried a lot of different cuisines like Italian, Mexican, Japanese
b. Do you
like to try new food?
Yes, I
call myself a foodie, I absolutely love to try new food, especially the local
food of
any new place that I visit.
c. What
kind of new food you have tried recently?
I went on a holiday to Thailand and I tried the street food over there.
I dont
remember the name of the dish, but it had noodles, prawn and
d. What
kind of foreign foods are popular in your country
In my
country most popular cuisines are Italian and Chinese. Most of the people
like to
eat Pizzas and Noodles when they eat outside
Saving Money
a. Did you save money when you were young
Yes, when
i was young I saved some funds from my pocket money and I later
used them
for buying books.
b. Have you ever given money to other children
No, I have
never given money to other children. I believe only parents should
give money
to their children and they should teach them to use it wisely
c. Do you think parents should teach children to save money.
Yes, as I
already mentioned parents should teach children about money
as it is an important skill in life
d. Do parents give pocket money to children in your country
parents in my country do give pocket money to their children.
Physical Exercise
1. What
kind of exercises you do?
I like to
do all kinds of exercise like weight training at the gym, running for cardio
exercise and yoga
stretching and meditation.
2. Do you
think children should play sports regularly?
children should regularly play sports at it helps them in staying active and
healthy. It is also
a good
break from their monotonous study routine.
3. What
was the favourite sport when you were young?
favourite sport was cricket when I was young, it is also my favourite sport
now. I remember
I used to
play cricket continuously for 5 to 6 hours during my holidays. Batting was my
part in
4. Do you
like extreme sports?
Yes I like
extreme and adventure sports such as Formula 1 racing, sky diving and deep sea
diving. It
is thrilling to watch these sports on television. I would also like to try
these sports one
5. What
kind of exercises are popular in your country?
In my
country yoga is the most popular exercise as it has originated from here.
People nowadays
also like
to join gymnasiums for weight training.
Travel (Space Travel)
1. Do you
want to travel in outer space?
Yes, I
would love to travel to moon or any other planet like Mars. I want to see how
our planet, earth,
looks from
2. What would
you do if you had the opportunity?
First of
all, I will be really excited and inform all my friends and family. I will do a
lot of planning for this
trip so
that I cherish it for lifetime.
3. Do you
think it’s necessary to see other planets?
Yes we can
gain a lot of information from other planets. Some of this information might be
helpful in
existing challenges on earth or discovering how life started.
4. When
was the last time you went traveling?
5. Do you
like to travel by air?
Yes I
would like to travel by air, but unfortunately I have not got the opportunity
to travel by air yet.
1. Do you
keep plants at home?
Yes there
are lots of plants at my home. I keep them in the mud pots. They look very
beautiful and
are soothing
to the eyes.
2. What
plant did you grow when you were young?
When I was
young I grew a plant known as money plant. I grew it in a glass bottle. Since
it is called
as money
plant I believed that if this plant grows, I will also become rich.
3. Do you know
anything about growing a plant?
Well I am
not an expert but I know we have to regularly feed water and manure to the
plant and we
keep it in sunlight for it to grow. Sometimes we also have to use insecticides
to prevent it from
4. Do Indian
people give plants as gifts?
nowadays Indian people are gifting plants to each other and I believe it is a
really good gift.
often gift a small variety of bamboo which can be kept inside homes and


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