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Guessed List of Cue Cards For Oct-Dec 2019

Guessed List of Cue
Cards For Oct-Dec 2019     

1. Talk about an interesting Conversation
2. Describe a film you would like to share with your
3. Describe a place where you read and write, apart
from your home
4. Talk about a new public building/place, which you
would like to visit
5. Describe a school you went to in your childhood
6. Describe a product or application, which is based
on Artificial Intelligence
7. A software that you use often
8. A female leader you would like to meet
9. Talk about something that you borrowed from your
10. Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood
11. An important decision you made with help of
12. Describe a long car journey you went on
13. Describe a person who likes to travel by plane
14. Describe a person whose job is important to the
15. When was the first time you admired the sky
16. A park you visited and liked
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17. A Leisure activity that you do with your family
18. Describe a place full of color
19. Describe an important technological product you
20. Describe a time you spent a lot of money on
21. Describe a city you once visited with your family
22. Describe a new skill you want to learn.
23. Describe an experience when you were with people
and you got bored
24. Describe a product made in the region you come
from or a popular product from your
25. Talk about a celebration organized after an
achievement or describe a situation when
you celebrated your achievement
26. Talk about a time when you visited a friend
27. Describe an advice you received on your subjects
or work
28. Describe a time when you first met someone
29. Describe an experience when you taught an older
person something new
30. Describe a special day that made you happy
31. Describe a free day when you did not need to
study or work
32. Describe a good experience of online shopping
33. Describe a picture or photograph in your home
34. Talk about a gift for which you spent long time
to choose
35. Talk about a leisure activity you did with your
family (PAST) or like to do with your
36. Describe an advertisement that you remember
37. Describe an advertisement that you remember well
38. Describe an occasion when the vehicle you were
traveling in broke down
39. Talk about a singer or musical band (favourite
singer/musical band) you enjoy
listening to
40. Describe a water sport that you would like to try
in the future
41. Describe an occasion when you got up extremely
42. Talk about a prize you want to win
43. Talk about a time when you gave advice to
someone. You should say:
44. Describe a time you solved a problem through the
Internet. You should say
45. A person you think has interesting ideas and
46. Describe a practical skill you learned
47. Describe a person who speaks foreign language
well. You should say
48. Talk about a historical building or Describe a
historical building you have been to
49. Describe a person who helps others in his or her
spare time
50. Describe a time you visited a place with friends
or Describe an experience when you
went out with your friends and had a good time. You
should say
51. Describe an unusual vacation you had or Describe
and unusual experience of travelling
52. Describe your favorite clothes
53. Talk about a game show or quiz programme you
watched on Television or online
55. Describe a time that children made you laugh
56. Describe a time when you heard a stranger talking
over the phone
57. Describe an experience when you received a call
from a stranger at a public place
58. Describe an occasion when you received incorrect
59. Describe a time when you were cheated/ when
someone lied to you / someone did not
tell you the complete truth
60. A person you would like to study or work with
61. Talk about a newly built public facility (such as
parks, cinemas etc) that
Improves/influence local life quality in your city
62. Describe a time when you enjoyed free time. You
should say:
63. Describe a famous person that you are interested
Talk about a foreign celebrity you like


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