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Intro Questions List 1-10



for Sep-Dec 2019
1. First
set of questions, asked to almost all students
1. May I
know your full name?
My full
name is ……..
Full name means given name + middle name if any + surname. Mostly students will
speak the
name given in the passport, which may not have the surname. So, you must speak
your full
name in answer to this question)
2. How may
I address you?
You may
address me as …….
(Note 1:
Here you may even speak your nickname. It just means that while asking the next
the examiner will call you by that name.
Note 2:
Many students start speaking their address here. Here, the word ‘address’ has
used as a
verb, which means ‘call’. In other words, the question is – How may I call
3. May I
see your ID?
Here is my
passport. (Note: open the first page of the passport and show it to the examiner.
You don’t
need to say ‘Yes’)
4. Where
do you come from?
I come
from Ludhiana……. It is a small town near ………
2. Work
or Studies
Training students are likely to be asked questions related to their job
could be personal)
1. What
work do you do?
2. Why did
you choose to do that type of work (or that job)?
I chose
that work, because I was interested in it.
3. Do you
like your job?
Yes, I
like my job. It is very interesting.
4. Is it
very interesting?
Yes, it is
very interesting.
5. Do you
miss being a student?
Yes, I
miss being a student. Now, when I look back I realize that they were the
days of my
1. What
subject(s) are you studying?
I’ve just
completed my senior secondary in commerce stream. Now I wish to go abroad
for my
higher education.
2. Why did
you choose to study that subject/those subjects?
I chose
these subjects because I was interested in them.
3. Do you
like your subject? Why/Why not?
Yes, I
like my subjects. I think they’re very interesting.
4. Is it
very interesting?
Yes, my
subjects are very interesting.
5. Are you
looking forward to working?
Yes, I’m
looking forward to a part-time job when I go abroad to study.
6. Do you
prefer to study in the mornings or afternoons?
I prefer
to study in the mornings because at that time I feel very fresh and I can
on my studies.
3. Voice
a. Has
your voice ever changed?
b. Is your
voice similar to your parents?
c. Do you
like your voice?
d. Is your
voice different from when you were young?
e. Do you
like to record your voice?
f. Does
anyone in your family have similar voice?
a. What
languages do you speak?
b. When
did you learn English?
c. Do you
think English is difficult to learn?
d. Would
you like to learn other languages?
5. Smile
a. Do you
always smile?
b. Do you
like smiling?
c. Should
people smile more?
d. Do you
smile while taking photos?
a. What is is your favorite festival?
favorite festival is Diwali. It is also known as the festival of lights and is
b. How do
you celebrate this festival?
I do a lot
of things on Diwali. I buy new clothes, clean my house and decorate it with
festive lights. I also distribute sweets with my friends and exchange gifts. In
evening, I light the candles at the temple and burst firecrackers.
c. What is
the most popular Indian festival?
Diwali is
the most popular festival in our country as people from all walks of life
it with great enthusiasm.
d. Do you
like Western festivals?
Yes, I
like to celebrate Christmas. It is a beautiful festival. I like to wear red
clothes on
day. I also go to the Church and enjoy Christmas cake with my friends.
7. Sky
a. Do you like to see the sky?
Yes I love
to see clear blue sky and appreciate the nature. Looking at the sky reminds
me that
there are no limits and boundaries in life and we can achieve anything we
b. How
about stars?
Yes i also
like to see the stars sometimes. I read about constellations during my
and I like to find them in the sky. My favourite constellation is Orion.
c. Which
is a good place to see the stars?
I think
mountains are the best place to see the stars. There is less pollution in the
so the stars are clearly visible and they also appear more closer.
d. Do you
know something about stars?
There are
millions of stars in our galaxy and our nearest star is sun. It provides us the
that makes life possible on our planet.
e. How
often do you look at the sky?
I do not
often look at the sky during the daytime when it is sunny, but yes I love to
the sky
during the night when there are lot of stars in the sky.
f. Do you
prefer the sky in the morning or the sky at night?
As I
mentioned earlier, I prefer watching the sky during the night because it is
g. Can you
see the moon and stars at night where you live?
Yes I can
see the moon and stars as I live on the top floor of my house and I have a
view of the sky from the rooftop.
h. Is
there a good place to look at the sky where you live?
In our
city, the best place to look at the sky is at the lake. There one can also see
of stars and moon in the lake and it’s a beautiful view.
Crowded place
a. What
places do you think are often crowded?
There are
lot of public places which are mostly crowded like shopping malls, sports
b. When
was the last time you were in a crowded place?
Last time
I went to a crowded place was a concert that I attended on New Years Eve.
A famous
singer had come to perform at a resort and thousands of people had come
to attend
the event.
c. How do
you feel when you are in a crowded place?
It depends
on the place and the occasion. If I am at a shopping mall or a public place
airport then I tend to be very careful about my belongings. If I am at an
event, I try
to enjoy
it as much as I can.
a. Did you
share anything with others recently?
Yes I
shared my bike with a friend. My friend’s bike had gone for repair and he was
finding it
difficult to commute to college so I lent him my bike for few days.
b. Did
your parents teach you to share when you were a child?
Yes my
parents taught me that sharing is caring. They always told me to share my toys
with my
c. What
kind of things do you like to share with others?
I share a
lot of things with my friends like food, my bike etc. When we are playing
cricket I
take along my cricket kit which everyone shares.
d. What
kind of things are not suitable for sharing?
that are personal like clothes are not suitable for sharing. The reason is that
is not
hygenic to share such items.
10. Tea
and Coffee
a. Do
Indian people like to drink tea or coffee?
Yes Indian
people love to drink tea a lot. We drink tea almost 3-4 times in a day. Those
who live
in the city prefer coffee nowadays as compared to tea.
b. Do you
prepare tea or coffee for guests at home?
Yes I have
prepared tea many times for the guests. I have a special recipe for making
tea and
all our guests always appreciate my tea.
c. When
was the last time you drank tea or coffee?
Last time
I drank tea was yesterday evening with my friends. We went to an outlet
Chaayos and had Ginger tea and some sandwiches.



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