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IELTS Cue Card 16 : Describe a person who likes to travel by a plane

IELTS Cue Card: Describe a person who likes to travel by a plane

I think, almost everybody loves
to travel by air-plane as it enables us to reach our destination in a very
short time and it is very convenient mean of transport. However, the con of
travelling by plane is the high cost. Still, there are many people who can
afford the air travel and they usually travel by planes for business or
One such person in my life is my
uncle. His name is Baldev Singh and he is in his late thirties. He is an
overseas travel agent so his job demands him to travel amongst the countries.
He makes international tour packs for the tourists and sometimes, he goes with
them so it has become his habit to spend many hours in a plane. He has
developed his work as a hobby. He likes to meet new people and see new tourist
attractions also. Surely, it enables a person to widen networking and contacts
in other countries. Due to multi-countries travel, he knows many foreign
languages so he is very suitable for his job. Many times he travels with his
family, like the last time, when they visited Spain and he bought a cap for me.
Even for travelling within our country, he prefers to use plane as it saves his
Extra Lines to cover more time
Last month, my uncle promised to
take me along in the plane journey to Mumbai in coming days because I was
having a wish to travel by plane someday. So he is the person who loves to
travel by plane.


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