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IELTS Cue Card 9 : Describe a product or an application which is based on artificial intelligence

Describe a product or an application which is based on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the
next generation digital technology. The AI has already been incorporated into
many softwares and electronic gadgets. This is just starting of Artificial
Intelligence era and I am sure, it will grow much more and offer us wonderful
and exciting things.

Already many electronic gadgets
and softwares are coming into the market. Here I would like to talk about the
product which has revolutionized technology industry recently. These are the AI
security cameras, also called CCTV cameras which are being installed in many
sectors like banks, offices streets, homes, Public Places and almost
everywhere. This year, alone in national capital Delhi, approximately 3 lakh
CCTV cameras have been installed.
In the past, security cameras could
record only simple images but with the evolution of AI technology, nowadays,
security cameras are working as a human eye and brain. We can connect them to
the internet. These cameras have sensors & tracking systems, they can
identify the facials of a person. These AI cameras can recognize a specific
person from a huge crowd just by looking at his or her face. They can also take
visuals in the darkness. If there is any movement or theft in the locked house,
it informs the owner of house by buzzing alarm on mobile phone. The owner can
watch the visuals from Camera while sitting anywhere in the world. This is a
great facility.
The CCTV cameras are installed
everywhere by the state to capture the offenders. Now an offender would hesitate
to commit crime in public places because they are constantly being supervised
by security cameras.


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