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IELTS Cue Card 10 : Describe a Software that you use often

Describe a Software that you use often
Software technology has advanced
a lot and nowadays, we can see so many softwares being used in our daily life.
There are thousands of softwares which are important for us especially in a
business and study but here I would like to talk about the software which is
very important for any computer user. It is called MS office. It is default
software in every PC.
This software can do so many
things which are very difficult to do with pen and paper. We can change the
colour, size and style of the text. We can choose many languages to type in. We
can prepare beautifully designed papers and insert images as well as drawings. We
can send and share the documents prepared in this software. We can also take
print outs of documents. Moreover we can save & store our documents
& presentations
in the cloud and we can access it from anywhere. In
schools, this software can help us in making assignments and presentations in a
very short time.
Now new versions of MS office
have become very flexible. We can access it from mobile phones as well as from
The best thing about this
software is that it can do difficult tasks in seconds. For example if you are
making merit list of students in a school, then by few clicks, it automatically
arranges the names of students in ascending order of their marks. So it saves
time as well as efforts.

I use this software for making
presentations in my study and also to improve my typing skills. So this is the
software that I use often.


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