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IELTS Cue Card 20 : Describe a time when you spent a lot of money on something

IELTS Cue Card: Describe a time when you spent a lot of money on something

I don’t like to buy expensive
things as I am not earning yet. So it is very difficult for me to buy something
expensive. But sometimes, we are left with no choice but to spend big amounts
on branded items.
I remember, once, my friend
gifted me an expensive g-shock watch, so it was like a pressure on me to buy
something valuable for him/her on his/her birthday. So 4 days before his
birthday, I insisted my parents to give me Rs. 5000. I started to look for
a suitable gift for my friend. I visited many shops but nothing touched my
Then finally, I decided to buy
sports shoes for him because he used to go for walking and jogging daily. This
was a suitable/appropriate gift for him. I went to a shoes shop and I bought
Nike shoes for him for rupees 5000.These shoes were too expensive, because of
international famous brand. But these were beautiful, appealing white shoes
having black shoelace and I got them wrapped in a gift paper. I gifted these
shoes to my friend on his birthday. I was very happy with my purchase because
when he received my gift, he told me that this was the best gift of his
birthday. Now he wears the shoes daily. He also posted pictures of shoes on
Instagram and all our group friends liked the shoes. So this was the time when
I spent a lot of money and bought something expensive for my friend.


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